Co-Arts Supply Chain based in China Co-Arts Supply Chain is Working
with Brands and Retailers
Partnership by experienced supply chain based in China, Co-Arts originate
customer-focused products and brands, tailored to our cutomer's
requirments with in customized label, packing and licensed brands issues.
20 years+ handicrafts products expert 20 Years+ Handicrafts Products Expert Co-Arts convenes the China handicrafts manufacturing supply chain by providing
brands and retailers customized, end-to-end supply chain and logistics solutions.
Our unmatched flexibility and scalability distinguish us from others in the industry,
ensuring the best possible service to your business in China.
Co-Arts supplya vast range of handicrafts Co-Arts works covering a vast range
of handicrafts products including:
●Toys                                                     ●Home & Garden
●Fireworks                                            ●Electronics
●Health care                                         ●Promotional items
●Home and hard goods                      ●Fast-moving consumer goods
●Seasonal celebration products        ●Fashion for women, men, and children

Your Trusted Handicraft Manufacturer in China

Founded in 2009, Co-Arts Innovation, one of the over 20+ years’ experience companies that are manufacturing handicraft products in china. Co-Arts valued by our customers with great quality, prompt delivery, and excellent customer service. Co-Arts have our process down to a science and it is proven effective each time a satisfied client receives delivery of their high-quality China Made Handicraft home and garden products.


HOME & GARDEN Decor by Co-Arts Innovation

Explore Co-Arts Handicrafts Products.

Co-Arts provide the incomparable business assistance to our customers worldwide, specifically by enhancing profit margins and encouraging innovation in China handicrafts manufacturing supply chains. We have progressing to accomplish a reputation. For superior quality, committed service, and exceptional artistry in the international home and garden industry. Driven by innovation and customer-focus Co-Arts have built an unprecedented handicraft products base that ranges.

How Co-Arts Innovation Help Your Business

From Co-Arts for early stage planning to our Manufacturing Solutions as you move into production, we can help every step of the way as you bring your product to life. Co-Arts Gain a Decent Margin Developing and Manufacturing Products in China. Co-Arts grow Your Profit Margin by Manufacturing and Developing New Products in China.From sourcing to inspection to find shipment and delivery. Co-Arts stays on top of every detail in the handicraft manufacturing process, Co-Arts can help by:
Costing Calculation
Costing Calculation
Work on competitive pricing through creative supply chain solutions on sourcing, manufacturing and logistics.
Co-Arts Product Monitoring
Product Monitoring
Connect all parts of the supply chain and monitor pre-production milestones.
Sample Creation
Sample Creation
Offer technical expertise and work with suppliers to ensure samples meet the required design features and quality.
Co-Arts Supplier Compliance
Supplier Compliance
Guided by our Supplier Code of Conduct that outlines our standards in labor practices, ethical conduct, safety, environmental protection, responsibility, transparency and accountability.
Co-Arts Material Souring
Material Sourcing
Ensure quality products by setting quality standards, systems and procedures in factory sourcing, lab testing, pre-production and finally through on-site quality control inspections.
Co-Arts Quality Control
Quality Assurance
Select and source raw materials and components from suppliers around the globe for the best quality and price.
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Why Choose us

Master of Handicrafts Manufacturing in China
Leading in Home and Garden Manufacturing in China more than 20 years, Co-Arts Innovation has large ranges of varies experienced handicraft manufacturers.
Co-Arts Innovation is the handicrafts manufacturers completely with a professional team, Service from production, financing, inspections, insurance, shipping, customs clearance and delivery.
Co-Arts Innovation
Delivery Time
Customized products are ready in 35 days-faster than most other handicraft manufacturers in China. Business Strategy To deliver goods made to the high standards.
Co-Arts live the values of achievement, integrity, growth, advancement and competition, revolutionizing the concept of value for all customers through innovation design.

Co-Arts Service

Professional Graphic & 3D Service
Working with our professional photographers and graphic designers is your best option for amplifying your e-commerce business. With our help, you are sure to see your sales skyrocket. Contact us today, and we can get started on beautifying your website.
Professional Graphic & 3D Service
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One Stop Solution For China Sourcing
Co-Arts Innovation, one of the over 20+ years’ experience company that is manufacturing home and garden in china. Driven by innovation and customer-focus, we have built an unprecedented product base that ranges from exquisite home decor solutions (gift and crafts) to toys and garden accessories. Co-Arts Innovation, deal in product materials including poly resin, ceramic, metal, plush, plastic and glass.
Quality Handicrafts Manufacturing
  • Step 1: Product Sourcing Service (Free)
  • Step 2: Sample Confirming (Start from Free)
  • Step 3: Production Follow-up (Start from 3%)
  • Step 4: Quality Inspection (Start from Free)
  • Step 5: Shipping (Express, Air, Sea)
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Full Certification for Product and Factory Audit

We Are Here for Your Brand

Frequently Ask Question
Can you do the designs for us?
Yes. We have professionals’ team with rich experience in handicrafts packaging box design and manufacturing. We can manufacture the products as per your requirement. We have a strong R&D team with our own designer and sculptors. Customizing products as per customers ideas or drawings.
When can I get the price? Are your sample free or need cost?
We usually quote within 24 hours after we get your inquiry. If you are very urgent to get the price. Please call us by 0086-592-5283203 For the sample cost, Actually, its depends on the products. For low value products. We will provide free samples, freight collect. But for some high value samples, it needs sample cost and freight collect. Please informed that all sample cost and freight cost can be return back to you after order placed. You are welcome to e-mail us for checking.
How long can I expect to get the sample? What about lead time for mass production?
It will ready for delivery in 7-15 days. The sample will be sent you by express. You can use your own express account or prepay if you do not have an account. Frankly speaking, It depends on the order quantity and season you place the order. Generally, We suggest that you start inquiry 30-60 days before the date you would like to get the products at your country.
What are the standards of your quality? How can we trust them?
Co-Arts will take full responsibility for every detail starting from the manufacturing of the product to the import process. This will cover all the tasks that include, customs clearance, delivery duties, delivery charges, ocean freight, insurance formalities, etc. We ensure our customers that we will not settle with anything less than the best with zero tolerance concerning any quality problem. Our customers reserve the right to not pay for any product that is nonconformist. We welcome your feedback and aim to use it to our benefit in order to implement new production and inspection rules and procedures that have zero error.
What are the measures you take in order to make sure my product is protected? Do you protect intellectual property?
Our company has confidentiality agreements with several factories along with experienced lawyers in China who handle all the legal agreements. Our company also has strong ties with DHS and CBP which will make sure there is no importation of trademarked counterfeit products. However, we always recommend our clients to certify their intellectual property protection which will secure their product the most. Having a patent for your work will reserve all your rights concerning copyrights, trademarks, and industrial design. This will make sure no one in the world is able to knock off your product or try to copy it.
What is the minimum order size that I have to follow? Are there are conditions that follow the order size of overseas contract manufacturing?
In order to have a competent and cooperating factory in China, you can place orders in the minimum range less than 200pcs. The quantity and size of your production will primarily determine whether your product will be successful or not. The minimum range mentioned above is true for several products such as medical equipment and instruments. We welcome you to consult with our trained staff regarding these demanding product categories concerning any query that you have.
Can you tell the amount of time it takes for my order to be completed and dispatched?
It takes about 2-4 days to list down the factory for you and wait for your approval to get the GO signal. Once we get your approval regarding the certain manufacturer, your order is placed. The first delivery after the order placement is done between 1-3 months. There are several factors that might alter this time duration depending upon the complexity of the product. Moreover, special attention is given to all the factors that determine the delivery date of your product. These include, tool creation, approving samples, ordering raw materials, run production and shipping the order later. After the first order is made, the rest of the process takes lesser time. There is roughly a timetable of 60-90 days which include the tasks concerning raw material, production, etc.
What co-arts can help me for my business?
Outsourcing your product to China has several advantages that you should not overlook. Low Costs The rates of labor in China are less which cuts down the total cost to a fair value. You can also save from fewer production expenses. Timely shipments China provides timely transportation of the designated goods all around the globe. More materials China has a large variety of raw materials available. You do not have to import the raw material to the factory which saves costs and time. Scalable Capacity You have the freedom to increase your production value in a short period of time. This way your customer demand can be easily met. Manufacturing capability There are numerous manufacturing process and machines available in China which will meet your needs. Production Quality Availability of skilled labor and high-end equipment makes sure the product delivered is up to your standards.

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