Ceramic Christmas Tree Showroom
Ceramic Christmas Tree Showroom

Holiday decoration, especially the Christmas holiday, never fails to bring out a sense of affection, reminiscence, or in one word, nostalgia. For those who grew up in families where decorations are not complete without vintage Christmas decorations, you get this feeling when you bring out and go through ornaments you have had for years. Each holding a special memory you remember as you hang them on the tree.

Over the years there have been new trends, for new decorations that come up every holiday season. Ranging from new colors of trees, the latest style of stocking, new design of bells, reindeer, snow globe, and even candy cane.  But sometimes nothing comes close to that old ornament that holds dear memories and when these old decorations are used alone or with a new trendy design, it brings out a unique touch making decorating your tree more exciting. This leads to us talking about Ceramics Christmas trees.

You remember, those little tabletop Christmas trees, yes!! Tabletop ceramic Christmas trees play an important role in Christmas decorations back in the `60s and `70s.

Now, those “old school” decorations are back in style, are you looking to give your holiday decor a little change like a fun, retro or back in the day feel, then ceramic Christmas trees are just what you need.

The ceramic Christmas trees became a popular trend back in the late ’60s and early ’70s, then went out of style in the ’80s. So if you just happen to have an original from back in the day, you should know you have something valuable and they might get you an extra penny if you want to sell.

If you want that dated and nostalgic feel for your holiday décor but you can’t afford it or get your hands on a vintage piece, you don’t have to worry. There have been new designs of ceramic Christmas trees in various shops after they became trending again and at affordable prices.    

A brief history of the Ceramic Christmas Tree

Most times, holiday décor holds more sentimental value than monetary value. But if you have a box of Christmas decorations collection, gathering dust in your attic, there must be at least one item worth searching for.

In recent times, vintage ceramic Christmas trees have shot up in value especially around the holiday season, and you might have one gathering dust in the attic which could be worth hundreds of dollars, good value huh!!.

According to history, ceramic Christmas Trees became a very popular trend back in the late 1960s to 1970s. So as technology kept improving in the production of clay and mods, making them in ways that could now hold new shapes, correct shapes, and be created in a larger size.

Ceramic trees became a very popular and lucrative project in ceramic shops around the USA, from the 1970s to the 1980s and even to the early 1990s. Far back as the 1960s to 1970s, women (mostly moms and grandmas) wanted to design their gift, dinner wares, pots, and so on. So they had to learn how to paint their ceramics at local shops, which in turn led to holiday decoration designs and you know, ceramic trees.

In the Midwest, different ceramic mould companies started producing their design of the now antique ceramic Christmas tree. The earliest design of ceramic trees had tiny electrical bulbs that lit up separately.

And as technology also develops in other parts like plastics and lighting, the old design of tiny separately lit bulbs was replaced by trees that lights up from within, this is done by using only one light bulb to light up the entire tree that is decorated with small, colourful plastic bulbs as seen in the picture above.

Ceramic vintage trees from this period are colourful as they are painted and come in different styles, colours and textures. These trees can even be glazed in form, some are finished in acrylic paint while some are even made with snow but many without snow.

One thing delightful and clear is that people still love these handmade ceramic Christmas Trees. With these trees made from fired clay, little care is required to make them ready perfect for holiday decoration and gifts that can last for many years to come.

The 10+ best ceramic Christmas trees

1.Green Home Ceramic Tree

These absolutely adorable back in trend trees have been gone from home décor for a while now but they are back and even in a grand way.

They have recently grown in popularity and there are unlimited options available everywhere even online.

So, a push of a button can get you your taste but this type of ceramic trees are not cheap, the more “adorable” or bigger the more expensive.

But if you are looking for that holiday reminiscing feeling, a small-sized green home ceramic tree will go a long way and better yet, it can be placed anywhere.

Green Home Ceramic Tree for Table
2.Nostalgic Green Ceramic Christmas Tree

Just the name will tell you what this ceramic tree is about. This Ceramic Christmas tree brings up memories from your childhood.

But the thing about these ceramic trees is the hassle with the visible cords and most times burnt out lights.

Putting that aside or putting up the hassle of long power cords or searching for the perfect light bulbs to fit with this cordless tree, this ceramic classic combined with a battery-operated ceramic vintage can give you a perfect fantasy this holiday.

Nostalgic Green Ceramic Christmas Tree
3.The Ceramic Bisque Tree

This green tree is designed with multicoloured lights and it is by far the most iconic and symbolic ceramic tree design.

You can also try to get an all-white bisque ceramic tree for a more quiet taste, which you can also paint or design to suit your taste or you can just leave it as it is.

This tree comes with removable bulbs that are removed when you want to paint or design the tree as you like.

You can also replace the bulbs with rainbow-coloured lights for a festive design.

The Ceramic Bisque Tree
4.Santa Ceramic Christmas Tree

This ceramic Christmas tree is a very good festive figurine in daylight and at night it comes alive with a lively cheery Christmas glow.

This ceramic Christmas tree comes with a snowing winter scene featuring Santa decorated tree.

This vintage ornament is light up from a central bulb at the base of the figuring and lit any room with an array of gossamer tree lights.

9.Santa Ceramic Christmas Tree
5.The Pre Lit Ceramic Tree

This particular 15inch antique ceramic tree is always in a gold color that suit or goes well with the traditional green and red Christmas colour scheme.

As we love how ceramic trees look on festive clock or on displayed in front of the Christmas tree, it can also be fun to add them on modern decorative displays.

Having a modern holiday decoration added with a ceramic Christmas tree that has multicolor bulbs will give your home that festive touch of fanciness.

pre-lit ceramic christmas tree
6.The Classic Green Ceramic Christmas Tree

Nothing match a handmade piece of art in adding a classy look or touch to any place or home.

This particular ceramic Christmas tree brightens up your home for the festive period on a whole new level with its intricate pattern light design.

This tree has little openings that give a warm glow instead of typical coloured plastic lights, making it one cosy looking decorations in your display.

classic green ceramic christmas tree

Simple tips on how To take care of your ceramic Christmas trees

Theseare few tips that can help in taking care and maintaining your ceramic Christmas tree.

01 First and foremost cleaning

the ceramic Christmas tree “heirloom” cannot and should not be washed in a dishwasher.

Ceramic trees often have electrical parts meaning that the electrical wired bases or part should not be put in a sink or dishwasher.

So if the lights are in your tree, all you have to do is dust it gently by brushing it in a downward stroke with a soft paintbrush or duster.

If just brushing it is not working, then place it in a dry sink and run water gently over the pieces and gently rub around the lights but in cases like this, some of the lights might come loose.

In cases where the lights become loose, wait till the tree get dry because in some cases the glue on the lights might stick back or become firm once it dried up.

If it does not become firm back, all you have to do is redecorate and glue the lights back.

Note, do not use a super strong glue like super glue or something stronger because it might cause difficulty if the light breaks and the stem is still in the tree.

White glue is best for cases like this as it will hold the light with enough glue and still allow the light to come out perfectly and intact even if the glue ages or the light get bumped.

Also, it is important to not glue together the star with the tress and well we all know wet trees and electrical wire plugin don’t end well.

02 Lastly storage

To storing ornament in an attic, note that there can be extreme temperature change which can change the thermal shock from really high heat to very cold which will in turn possibly spoil or damage it.

Keeping this in mind, you can store your ceramic trees in a wrapped plastic bag or box which should then be placed on a shelf, wrapping will help keep dust off.

You can also wrap each glass-like piece separately with bubble wrap and carefully put it in a box.

To store light bulbs, make sure you are using the right light bulb that matches the size of your tree.

You have to do this to ensure that the bulbs do not get too hot and melt which might end up burning you or spoiling the lights.

Also do not dispose of the protective cardboard sleeve and do not remove or tamper the light fixture wire unless you are an electrician.

03 Partner with us for high quality ceramic Christmas tress

We have a global reputation as a leading brand and supplier of high-quality ceramic Christmas trees that are designed to last long and stand the test of time.

In case you need some beautiful ceramic Christmas trees to spice up your décor and give your home a facelift during the Xmas season, you can contact us if you want to get these vintage beauties at a price that won’t break the bank.

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