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Professional Photography for E-Commerce

When you shop online, how much do you rely on the text descriptions of the products versus the photos? When you give it some thought, the importance of high-quality photography for e-commerce becomes apparent. Aesthetically pleasing images are an essential component of a high performing e-commerce store, bolstering the success of the entirety of your e-commerce career. Great photos can make your product stand out from those of your competitors, serving as a demonstrative point of why your product is the ideal choice. These photos portray not only the quality of your product but are also useful for demonstrating the uses and unique features of them as well.

Still, this is not something that can be done by just anyone. To achieve the desired effects of photography on your e-commerce platform, you must get professional help. A professional photography and editing service will mean the difference between a sharp, professional aesthetic on your company website or a drab, thrown-together appearance. This difference is often an essential aspect of building rapport with your customers, so investing in professional help is critical to your success.

Why Is Professional Photography So Important to E-Commerce?
Research has shown that people have a much easier time retaining information when it is communicated visually, instead of with text or audio alone. People only remember about 20% of the text they consume online, whereas, on the other hand, they remember 80% visual graphics they come across. The power of beautiful photography is unquestionable and will play a central role in boosting your customer experience and revenue.

Not only is photography essential to communication, but it is also a necessary facet of marketing. Seventy-five percent of shoppers have agreed that they depend very much on viewing a photo when deciding whether they will purchase a product. The necessity of a picture makes sense, as it builds greater trust between the seller and the buyer. With the photo, the seller can prove that the product has all the features and applications claimed in the ad text.
Good visual content is 40% likelier to be shared on social media as well. It can help tremendously to build your brand by organically expanding your consumer base. It is also crucial to building rapport and community with both new and existing customers since high-quality photos are also a representation of your professionalism.
Featuring poor quality photos on your e-commerce platform can be just as damaging as having none at all. Twenty-two percent of product returns happen because the consumer feels that the product looks different in person. Bad lighting, poor staging, and other faulty photography techniques can cause a product to be inaccurately represented in a photo, which may lead to these returns.

This possibility is one of the BIGGEST reasons why you need a professional photography service. Our expert photographers and web designers will make sure that your products are accurately depicted in the photo. Our expertise will ensure that no rookie photography mistakes occur, such as poor staging that misrepresents the size of the product or using bad lighting that distorts the color. We also understand that you have a wide range of consumers, all of using various devices that may display your photos at different tints. We will ensure that your photo is viewed with the best light and the highest quality no matter the screen it’s shown on.

What Our Experts Have to Offer
Our professional photographers will work with both you and your supplier to create the best, most beautiful photos for your e-commerce store. Our work is intended to suit your convenience, providing you sharp, vibrant images at only a fraction of the mainstream prices. Our three main pillars of service are:

Working with our professional photographers and graphic designers is your best option for amplifying your e-commerce business. With our help, you are sure to see your sales skyrocket. Contact us today, and we can get started on beautifying your website.

Co-Arts Design & Manufacturing Capabilities


Product Photography:

  1. Basic: With this service, we’ll provide a plain, white background to showcase your product in its full glory. This is the most basic professional e-commerce photo, keeping the image simple while making your product shine. The clean background allows for all focus to remain on your product with no distractions whatsoever.
  2. Premium: We’ll make a simple modification to the product in the Basic photo. For instance, the product might be positioned in a way that demonstrates its use or application. This makes the image more textured and engaging.
  3. Lifestyle: Other providers make lifestyle photos extremely expensive. Instead, we make this service much more accessible, without the need for renting locations for scenes or hiring models. Using cutting-edge photo editing software, we can make your product shine as if it were out being used in the real world.

Manufacturing Capabilities

Driven by innovation and customer-focus Co-Arts have built an unprecedented product base that ranges:

  • Home Decor
  • Christmas Decor
  • Lighting Decor
  • Gifts & Crafts
  • Toys
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Graphic Design Service:

  1. Product description image: This option continues building from the Basic photo. Our designers will add a few more graphics and characters from the manufacturer to the Basic photo to highlight key features of the product. This provides your customers with a better understanding of its advantages and applications.
  2. Label & manual design: This is where you can allow your creativity to fly free. If you have a specific idea for the imagery you wish to use for product marketing, contact one of our designers. Remember that you know your customers and market best. With your direct input, our designers will make the perfect graphic for your product.

3D Print Packaging Design:

  1. Packaging template: Whether you have your own packaging designer or not, our experts will provide you with a template for these graphics. We can also create customized templates according to your product and your ideas of visualization.
  2. Lifestyle product photography: When packaging your product, the design is of great importance. Studies have shown that innovative packaging styles will influence consumers to view the product as if it were of higher value. To make your product stand out, give us the copywriting you want to see on the packaging, and we’ll realize your vision from there.

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