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Co-Arts: Your Handicraft Developer Manufacturing

Co-Arts Innovation, one of the over 20+ years’ experience company that are manufacturing lighting and home decor in china. Driven by innovation and customer-focus, we have built an unprecedented product base that ranges from exquisite home decor solutions (gift and crafts) to toys and garden accessories. Co-Arts Innovation, deal in product materials including poly resin, ceramic, metal, plush, plastic and glass.

Co-Arts Innovation, take huge pride in our rich customer portfolio that spans across continents from Europe to North America. Co-Arts, business philosophy defines the true spirit of our success and growing customer confidence all over the world. Our robust business approach depicts high standards for service quality, innovation and customer-orientation. An in-house team of artists, designers and experts from diverse backgrounds enables us to meet customer demand for innovative, unique, exquisite and customized designed products.

Co-Arts Innovation, bilingual sales team is well-trained, experienced and committed to service excellence. Co-Arts Innovation, strive to exceed customer expectations through timely and hassle-free personalized support at every step of the way. From product enquiry to delivery, our sales team ensures smooth and efficient order processing by constantly bridging the communication gap, to avoid any order discrepancies or complaints. Co-Arts Innovation, seek long-term collaboration and partnerships, and hence, Co-Arts Innovation, do not compromise on product and service quality. Co-Arts Innovation, quality control staff strictly adheres to international trading standards for all orders and consignments. Based on our supply-chain expertise and vast international exposure, Co-Arts Innovation, constantly seeking global partnerships to share our value-driven services and products. Co-Arts Innovation, hope to be your most trusted, valued and loyal partners in China.

Co-Arts Design & Manufacturing Capabilities


Design Capabilities

Co-Arts has their own design and R&D house. We can design new products every year as per following the future trend. Also Co-arts develop the customers design also.

Manufacturing Capabilities

Driven by innovation and customer-focus Co-Arts have built an unprecedented product base that ranges:

  • Home Decor
  • Christmas Decor
  • Lighting Decor
  • Gifts & Crafts
  • Toys
About Factory

Quality Inspection

Co-Arts Innovation, value our customer. Co-Arts Innovation, maintain 100% products quality from top to bottom part of production.

Shipment & Delivery

Co-Arts Innovation, are committed for in time shipment and delivery to our customer


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