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  • 20 years of experience in producing Artificial Christmas Trees
  • Certified Christmas tree manufacturer
  • Pre-lit Christmas Tree, Potted Christmas Tree,
  • Variety Sizes, Styles, and Colors of Christmas Trees
  • Wholesale Christmas Tree Suppliers with Custom Design Service
  • bsci certificate
  • cz certificate
  • walmart certificate
  • sedex certificate
  • Disney certificate

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Know more about the Christmas Trees knowledge base at Co-Arts Innovation.

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Artificial Trees Team

Co-Arts Christmas Tree Manufacturing Progress

Raw Material

Raw Material

The artificial Christmas Tree raw materail included: pine needles, pinecones, metal, red fruits and more
Artificial Christmas Tree Manufacturing

Artificial Christmas Tree Manufacturing

The Machine is manufacturing the artificial Christmas pine needles which is the fake Christmas Tree's main material
Artificial Christmas Wreaths Manufacturing

Artificial Christmas Wreaths Manufacturing

The workers fix a round ring with christmas branch to make wreaths and garlands.
Semi-finished Products

Semi-finished Products

The workers bundle the produced pine needles together for subsequent use.
Artificial Trees Package


Our worker is packing the products and use the PP bag+polyfoam+inner box+master box to ensure the safety of products


Co-Arts supply capacity is very strong, the product quality can be guaranteed, and the delivery date is timely.

How to approach a manufacturer with your product idea

Custom Christmas Trees for Your Home

Artificial Christmas Tree for Residential


Create that beautiful holiday display in your home with beautiful Christmas Trees, and the Artificial Christmas trees are ideal if you’d like to re-use your tree year after year and avoid cleaning up needles or remembering to water the tree.

Artificial Christmas Tree for Commercial


Co-Arts can custom the Artificial Christmas Tree for any commercial project, It's not just the square, also included like the office area, mall, and hospital, Co-Arts as a professional wholesale christmas tree supplier can help to create your projects.

Wonderful Christmas Trees Display

Artificial Christmas Tree for Holiday

Potted Artificial Christmas Trees

Decorative Christmas Trees

Wonderful Christmas Trees for Home

Decorative Artificial Christmas Trees


Professional Christmas Tree Manufacturer In China

Co-Arts Innovation is a leading artificial Christmas tree manufacturer from China, we have over 20 years of experience in export artificial Christmas trees worldwide. The potted Christmas trees are our company’s best seller. Co-Arts’ Christmas Trees Sizes and Colors All can be customized by our customer’s requirements. Our market includes Europe, United States, United Kingdom, Africa, Korea, Japanese, Australia, etc. At the same level of quality, Co-Arts Innovation will supply the best price for our clients.

Potted Christmas Trees Image

Potted Christmas Tree & Tabletop Christmas Tree

The potted Christmas Tree is not very tall and suits the table. Co-Arts Tabletop Christmas Tree’s maximum size is 4 ft. And Our Potted Christmas Trees have different stand base, like metal base, ceramic base, resin Base, woven basket stand, barrel pot, etc.

Pre-Lit Christmas Tree Image

Pre-Lit Christmas Tree

Pre-lit Christmas Tree with beautiful lighting, like the clear light, warm white led light, multi-color light, multicolor led light, different lighting for the Christmas Tree give people different feel, and add holiday shine to your gathering space. Furthermore, Wholesale Prelit Christmas Trees have different heights, and the lighting numbers will be different.

Unlit Christmas Tree Image

Unlit Christmas Tree

At Co-Arts, we offer the best Artificial Christmas Tree with various sizes, oversize like 10 ft. and the minimum size is under 6 ft. A strong and impressive tree with a rounded silhouette and a new realistic shape packed full of dense foliage, the unlit Christmas tree is an ideal family tree and never disappoints!

Christmas Tree

Flocked Christmas Tree

Snow-flocked leaves create a new unique wintry feel, creating this Christmas tree an eye-catching addition to any room throughout the holidays. And you can use garlands, lighting, ornaments to decorate the tree. Typically the flocked Christmas Tree is simple assembly and fluffing, put the particular tree together in just 3 steps: simply link the base to the largest section of the tree before attaching the remaining sections and easily fluffing the branches.

Tinsel Christmas Trees for Design

Tinsel Christmas Tree

Our Tinsel Christmas Tree has many colors for selection: Silver, Red, Gold, and More. And the tinsel material is non-flammable and non-allergenic tinsel film contributes to a safe environment and long-lasting use.

Christmas Tree Stands Pic

Christmas Tree Stands

Christmas Tree Stands have various materials: metal, plastic, steel, resin, polypropylene, etc. Different sizes of tree stands can support different heights and sizes of Christmas trees. Co-Arts not only supplied the Christmas Tree but also export the Christmas Tree Stand. You can also purchase any category separately. We will supply high-quality products with the best service.

Christmas Rope Lights Pic

Christmas Light

Christmas Trees decorated with Christmas lights, Co-Arts can supply Christmas Icicle Lights, Christmas Rope Lights, and String Lights.

Christmas Tree Manufacturer and Supplier: A Complete Buyer’s Guide

Christmas is the time of the year where you’ll see city sidewalks filled with exotic Christmas trees and decorations.

But, have you got the time to rummage through all the sidewalks and find the best Christmas tree?

Isn’t it better if you can stay at your home and let your Christmas tree get delivered to your doorstep? It will save you from all that hassle, will it not?

That is why more people are getting drawn towards buying artificial Christmas trees online.

But, what do artificial Christmas trees offer? Why are they being preferred over the real Christmas trees?

In this complete buyer’s guide, we’re going to answer every possible question regarding artificial Christmas trees, how they’re going to make your life a lot easier, and why Co-Arts is the best artificial Christmas tree manufacturers and suppliers out there.

Co-Arts will help our customer improve their business, Not just bricks-and-mortar stores but also online retailers.

Let’s know more about Co-Arts: Christmas Tree Manufacturer

1. About the Christmas Tree Manufacturer(Co-Arts)

As a professional Christmas Tree manufacturer, Co-Arts supply a variety of Christmas Trees, like pre-lit Christmas trees, Unlit Christmas Trees, Potted Christmas Tree, Flocked Christmas trees, Tinsel Christmas Trees, and more.

Whether or not your decorating type is traditional, elaborate, fun, or elegant, we’re your supply for holiday parks.

From living areas and dining rooms to bathrooms in addition to hallways, our collection of indoor Christmas decorations may help every room inside the house sense magical.

Furthermore, you can check out the collection of outdoor Christmas decorations to amaze the whole neighborhood.

Christmas is a unique time of the year full of festive sparkle. Typically the holidays are lighter, happier, and even more affordable when an individual shops at wholesale prices Accessory Market!

Our own unique variety of at wholesale prices Christmas decorations, presents, and accessories usually are sure to brighten up the growing season in a new style that fits your current preference for vacation cheer.

If you want to wholesale artificial Christmas tree from Co-Arts, please feel free to contact us.

Co-Arts Artificial Christmas Tree Showroom

Co-Arts Christmas Tree Showroom

2. Co-Arts’ Client

Our Client can be a family demander, a small batch distributor, or a supermarket because Co-Arts’ supply capacity is very strong, the product quality can be guaranteed, and the delivery date is timely.

See More Artificial Christmas Trees at

Our group is incredibly knowledgeable and extremely skilled as well as will certainly have the ability to lead you towards the ideal color option for your pots.

Once done, the pots will after be crafted out in the shade you have actually picked out. Personalization such as patterns, dimensions, or shades is offered.

Greater than 10 years of OEM experience makes us specialists. You can trust me, Xiamen Co-Arts Limited is your credible artificial Christmas tree manufacturer in China, any kind of query, please call us.

And If you want to start your E-Commerce business, Co-Arts can help you with our best endeavor.

Business feasibility of artificial Christmas Tree

Business feasibility of Christmas Tree

3. Can Co-Arts Innovation customize your Christmas tree?

As real trees become less popular than artificial trees now, people have various options and customization of artificial Christmas trees.

Co-Arts can custom trees with a particular size, color palette, and supply cute ornaments for decor. Xiamen Co-Arts Limited is customized to meet your needs in numerous ways.

Contact us for the best Xmas Decoration Essentials

At Co-Arts, we are known as a professional Christmas Trees Manufacturer for the supplies of all kinds and types of Christmas decoration materials and essentials.

Besides the supply of products for the merry-filled season of Christmas, we also provide professional guidance on how to transform your space into a Christmas heaven.

Kindly contact us to supply you with custom Christmas decorations to create the true ambiance of the Christmas holidays in your space.

Isn’t it better if your artificial Christmas tree manufacturers provide you with a little bit of flexibility?

There can be several things which you wouldn’t want to include in your holiday tree and then there will be some other things that you’d want more.

So, it is better if you choose those artificial Christmas tree manufacturers that can customize your product.

Yes, Co-Arts Innovation provides the services of customization.

This company wants to create customer-oriented products and this can only happen if they do what their customers ask them to do.

4. What is the material used to manufacture artificial Christmas trees?

Two materials are used to manufacture artificial Christmas trees – Polyvinyl Chloride (PVC) and PolyEthylene (PE).

Both of these materials are known to be lightweight and abrasive-resistant. They also provide good mechanical support.

The next time you ask yourself, why are these artificial Christmas trees so lightweight? It’s because of the materials.

Some artificial tree manufacturers such as Co-Arts Innovation use several other raw materials as well. These include pinecones, pine needles, metal red fruits, etc.

PE Christmas Tree VS PVC Christmas Tree

PE Christmas Tree VS PVC Christmas Tree

Co-Arts As a professional Christmas tree manufacturer can custom various Christmas tree styles:

  • PVC Material Style
  • PET Material Style
  • PE Material Style
  • PE&PVC Material Style
  • PVC Pine Material Style
  • PVC & Fiber Material Style
  • Powder Style
  • Flocked Snowy Style
  • Dyed Snowy Style

Artificial Christmas Tree Styles

Artificial Christmas Tree Styles by Co-Arts

5. What do you need to keep in mind before purchasing an artificial Christmas tree?

Purchasing an artificial Christmas tree online can be really tough because you can’t inspect its quality in person.

Therefore, before you buy an artificial Christmas tree, there are four main things you need to keep in your mind.

  • The appropriate size

Artificial Christmas tree manufacturers make artificial Christmas trees in all sizes, from the huge ones that you see in a shopping mall to the ones that are placed on the countertop of a drug store.

If you want to pick the right size, it is better to measure the space where you’ll place the Christmas tree. It will give you a rough idea of how big a Christmas tree you want.

  • The appropriate shape

The second thing that matters is the shape of your Christmas tree. Now, this shape, in turn, depends upon what kind of decoration theme you’re working on.

If you’re done figuring out the theme, you can start choosing the right shape for your artificial Christmas tree, whether you want it small and thinner or big and fluffy.

  • The appropriate branches

Once you’re done with the size and shape of your Christmas, it’s time to find the right branches.

Now, artificial Christmas trees come with two different branches.

They have either hooked or hinged branches.

Hooked branches are the ones that are not permanently attached to the Christmas trees and they are generally hooked to the trunk of the Christmas tree while setting up.

If you want to store them, you’ll have to unhook them first.

Hinged branches are those branches that are permanently attached to the trunk of the Christmas tree. They can be folded when you want to take them down for storage.

Hooked branches are generally fiddlier and take a lot of time to set up. On the other hand, hinged branches are much easier to put up and they are usually present on high-quality trees.

But, hinged branches are more expensive than hooked ones.

  • The finest material

As already mentioned, artificial Christmas tree manufacturers use two kinds of materials – PVC and PE – to manufacture artificial Christmas trees.

Now, both of these materials have their own set of benefits.

The trees made of PVC will be evergreen because their color will not fade. Plus, PVC-manufactured trees will not catch fire.

However, these trees seem quite fake as the PVC needles are wired to the branches of the trees.

On the other hand, if you’re looking for something more realistic, PE-manufactured trees should be your choice.

The PE needles are better sculpted in the artificial Christmas trees to give them a more authentic outlook.

6.Are these artificial Christmas trees better than real Christmas trees?

If you’re tired of cleaning the evergreen mess or if you’re done taking the anti-allergies, you need the comfort of artificial Christmas trees.

Artificial Christmas trees are much better to have than real Christmas trees because:

  • Artificial Christmas trees are highly pocket-fitting
  • They are highly low maintenance
  • It is much easier to transport artificial Christmas trees from one place to another
  • Artificial Christmas trees last longer than the real ones
  • Artificial Christmas trees are free from all kinds of molds and diseases that may cause asthma attacks or cold-like symptoms
  • These trees are easier to decorate
  • Artificial Christmas trees are fire-resistant unlike the real Christmas trees

7.Where can you find the finest artificial Christmas trees?

It can be tough to choose the right vendor to purchase artificial Christmas trees when there are so many out there.

However, Co-Arts Innovations can be your trusted artificial Christmas manufacturer because they are in this business for over 20 years.

This company has won the hearts of millions of people by providing high-quality handicraft products, specifically tailored according to the needs of the customers.

Thus, if you’re having trouble finding the best artificial Christmas tree manufacturers, you should definitely look into Co-Arts Innovation.

Co-Arts Artificial Christmas Trees and Christmas Decoration

Co-Arts Artificial Christmas Trees and Christmas Decoration

8.Does Co-Arts Innovation offer everything you need in an artificial Christmas tree?

Suffice it is to say that Co-Arts Innovation does provide everything you’re looking for.

Over the years, this manufacturing company has accomplished the reputation of providing high-quality products, unswerving service, and out-of-the-box artistry to the customers.

The prime concern of all the people mainly remains about the quality of the product. However, with the experience of over 20 years, Co-Arts has always come up with customer-focus products.

That means you don’t have to worry about quality anymore because Co-Arts Innovation has got you covered.

Popular Artificial Christmas Tree 2021

Co-Arts Innovation: Popular Artificial Christmas Tree 2021

9.How does your artificial Christmas tree manufacturer create your artificial Christmas tree?

Artificial Christmas tree manufacturer creates your artificial Christmas tree in four stages.

  • Firstly, the manufacturers collect all the raw materials that will be needed to construct an artificial Christmas tree.
  • The main material of an artificial Christmas tree – pine needles – is then created using the correct raw materials.
  • The manufacturers take a steel frame in the shape of the required Christmas tree and begin attaching the pine needles onto it.
  • The wreaths and garlands are then fastened onto the tree to give it a complete look.

Once the Christmas tree is ready, it is then bundled into semi-finished products and packed for delivery.

10.Can your artificial Christmas tree manufacturer timely deliver your artificial Christmas trees?

If you’re ordering your Christmas trees at the eleventh hour, a little delay can make your heart leap out of your chest.

Therefore, you need to look for those artificial Christmas tree manufacturers that can timely deliver your goods.

Co-Arts Innovation has a history of delivering goods on time.

Because of this reason, this manufacturing company is among the top artificial Christmas tree manufacturers and it has managed to build quite an extensive portfolio.

11.Can your artificial Christmas tree manufacturer provide artificial Christmas for residential as well as commercial purposes?

You’ve often seen a lot of artificial Christmas tree manufacturers that make artificial Christmas trees for residential purposes but not for commercial ones.

Now, if you’re the one who wants to purchase artificial Christmas trees for commercial purposes such as placing them in a hospital, shopping mall, or office area, you should check out the artificial Christmas trees of Co-Arts Innovation.

Co-Arts provides big artificial Christmas trees to place inside a shopping mall along with some small ones to put inside your homes.

No matter which size and shape you want, Co-Arts Innovation will deliver.

12.What are some creative ways to decorate your artificial Christmas trees?

A well-lit Christmas tree can breathe life into your entire home. But, if you don’t have something concrete in your mind, you’ll end up doing uneven or too many decorations.

There are plenty of ways through which you can creatively decorate your artificial Christmas trees.

You can go with a 200-year-old farmhouse decoration. You can decorate your Christmas tree with paper ephemera and festive balls.

Vintage ribbons have created quite a buzz around town because of how glorious they make your artificial Christmas tree. You can place prize ribbons all around the Christmas tree.

You can give your Christmas tree some classic touches to give it an aesthetic appeal. Throw in some plaid accents and red balls and see how they brighten up your home.

If you’re shooting for a calm and serene atmosphere, you can sparkle some snowflakes, add white balls, drape it with white ribbon, and top it with an ice-skate crown.

Now, if you want a mix of both calm and funky, you can add red as well as white balls, ribbons, garlands, and wreaths to make it vibrant yet classy.

There are several other ways through which you can decorate your house but the aforementioned ones are our favorites.

13.Where can you place your artificial Christmas trees?

Undoubtedly, wherever you place your Christmas tree, it will fill your home with great joy and a sense of warmth.

However, if you’re skeptical and want to know the exact location then we’ll suggest you place your artificial Christmas trees there where it is visible from all the angles.

A very good angel is that of a foyer. You can place a tabletop artificial Christmas tree in your entryway and leave everyone awestruck.

Another area where you can place your holiday tree is by the windows. In this way, your artificial Christmas tree won’t just light up your home but also the streets.

You can also place your artificial Christmas tree in your family room. This is the room where your friends and family sit and laugh around.

If you place your Christmas tree in this room, it will double the cheery and cozy ambiance.

14.Do artificial Christmas trees come in different shapes and sizes?

Yes, artificial Christmas trees come in a large variety of shapes and sizes.

From the ones you see in your local shopping mall to the ones present on your tabletop, there’s a vast variety of artificial Christmas trees.

If you don’t want to purchase that Christmas tree that doesn’t even fit in your home space, it is better to measure the area beforehand.

You can take the lengthwise and widthwise measurements to see how much room you’ve got. Once you’re down crunching the numbers, you can go on buying that artificial holiday tree.

15.How can you clean your artificial Christmas trees?

Unlike real Christmas trees, artificial ones are much easier to clean and take care of.

You can use a soft-bristled brush to clean your holiday tree. Start from the top, reach the insides and gently work your way towards the bottom.

If you don’t have a soft-bristled brush, you can use a dry microfiber cloth or a handheld vacuum to extract all those minute dirt and dust particles.

16.Can you place your artificial Christmas tree outside your home?

Yes, you can place your artificial Christmas tree outside your home, on your porch, or backyard.

Placing the holiday tree outside your home can provide a very welcoming sensation. Plus, it livens up the entire neighborhood.

Don’t worry about the color of these Christmas trees, because, thanks to PVC, its color will never fade. It will be just as vibrant as the day you buy it.

Now, outdoor artificial Christmas trees demand different kinds of decorations as well.

Therefore, before you purchase an outdoor artificial Christmas tree, make sure that your artificial Christmas tree manufacturers provide all the outdoor decorations as well.

Co-Arts Innovation not only provides high-quality outdoor artificial Christmas trees but also provides wonderful outdoor decoration.

17.How can you keep your artificial Christmas trees from blowing over in the wind?

If you’re placing your artificial Christmas trees outside your home, you may fear that they may or may not blow over by strong winds.

But, there’s a way you can prevent this. First of all, you need to choose a heavy-duty and strong stand base to support the artificial Christmas tree.

Second of all, you need to throw in some rocks to make sure that everything stays in place.

Now, you can use multi-colored rocks that can not only keep your trees from blowing over but also make your artificial Christmas tree look fantastic.

18.Does your artificial Christmas tree manufacturer provide pre-lit artificial Christmas trees?

Pre-lit Christmas trees are kind of people’s favorite right now.

If you have a busy routine and can’t take some time out to decorate your Christmas tree, a pre-lit artificial Christmas tree can save you from a lot of trouble.

Pre-lit Christmas trees come with all sorts of decorations such as holiday balls, sparkling lights, garlands, wreaths, and much more.

All you have to do is take it out from the package and set it up wherever you want.

19.Does your artificial Christmas tree manufacturer provide different types of artificial Christmas trees?

There isn’t just one type of artificial Christmas tree out there. There are several types of artificial Christmas trees that your artificial Christmas tree manufacturer must offer.

Co-Arts Innovation offers five different kinds of artificial Christmas trees and these are:

  • Tabletop Christmas tree
  • Pre-lit Christmas tree
  • Unlit Christmas tree
  • Flocked Christmas tree
  • Tinsel Christmas tree

You can choose the shape depending upon how much space you have or what decorations you have in mind. It is better to have a number of options.

20.Can your artificial Christmas tree manufacturer handle a bulk project?

If you need a vendor that can provide you with a boatload of artificial Christmas trees, Co-Arts Innovation can be your ultimate companion.

Co-Arts has experience of over 20 years and this much experience can help you deal with a lot of pressure when you’re handling bulk projects.

However, Co-Arts has always emerged victorious and it has successfully handled all its bulk projects. It has also delivered all the projects on time.

So, if you’re looking for artificial Christmas trees manufacturers that can provide you with a large number of artificial Christmas trees on time, you know where to find them.

21.Is it safe to have artificial Christmas trees?

When you’re looking for something to place inside your home, you must always be cautious. Safety is a must and artificial Christmas trees manufacturers understand that.

So, yes, artificial Christmas trees are entirely safe.

Real trees can catch fire and can be destructive whereas artificial Christmas trees are made of those materials that are highly fire-resistant.

But, you should always remain vigilant. Keep your Christmas tree far away from the naked flames and switch off the lights when they’re not in use.

22.Why can Co-Arts Innovation be your number one choice as an artificial Christmas tree manufacturer?

Christmas isn’t complete without a Christmas tree and this special occasion demands a special tree. Trees are the centerpiece of this entire festive season and everybody wants the best one.

With artificial Christmas trees high in demand, a lot of artificial Christmas tree manufacturers have recently come up on the surface.

But, none of them offers what Co-Arts Innovation offers its customers.

There are a number of reasons to choose Co-Arts Innovation as your artificial Christmas tree manufacturers.

  • Experience matters

Without the right amount of experience, no vendor can create a perfect product.

Co-Arts Innovation has experience of more than 20 years and this experience accounts for all the supreme quality products that Co-Arts has manufactured and that includes artificial Christmas trees.

  • Manufacturing capabilities

Indeed, the beauty of the artificial Christmas trees matter but their quality matters more than their outlook.

Co-Arts Innovation has a very professional and skilled set of manufacturers that strive hard to provide supreme quality to its customers.

Its manufacturing team always wants to innovate for the customers.

This speaks for the abundant kinds of shapes, sizes, and decorations for the artificial Christmas tree that Co-Arts Innovation owns.

  • From China to the rest of the world

There can be a lot of artificial Christmas tree manufacturers out there that don’t deliver nationwide.

Imagine you find a good artificial Christmas tree manufacturer but it doesn’t deliver in your area. It may feel like you’ve hit a bump in the road.

But what if you could find both – the best artificial Christmas tree manufacturers and nationwide delivery?

Co-Arts Innovation has built such a rich portfolio that it delivers from China to all around the world.

From Europe to North America, this manufacturing company has spanned across all the continents.

So, it doesn’t matter from where you’re ordering, you’ll get your artificial Christmas tree just in time.

Looks like you’re at the end of the guide. We hope that you’ve learned everything you needed to know about artificial Christmas trees and artificial Christmas trees manufacturers.

Good luck choosing the best artificial Christmas tree manufacturers!

23.How to Choose Artificial Christmas Trees?

Christmas trees are the significant masterpieces of the season and the most purchased Christmas decoration.

Below are factors that you should consider before buying an artificial Christmas tree:

a.The height of the tree
b.The foliage of the tree
c.The shape of the tree
d.The color of the tree

1.The Height of the Christmas Tree
One of the biggest factors that must be considered is the height of the Christmas tree. Christmas trees come in various heights just so they can fit all the available spaces in different homes.

Christmas Trees Height

•Under 5.5 foot trees
This height of trees takes up little space; they are ideal for people that want a tree that is small enough to fit a small space, but not so small to serve as a table-top tree. They are popularly used in low-ceiling homes.

•6-6.5 foot trees
These are used in homes that gave a little more space to spare; they’re not as big as the popular Christmas trees, but they definitely can pass as ideal Christmas trees.

•7-7.5 foot tress
This is a common Christmas tree height. If you have much more space in your home, you should go for this tree

•8-9 foot trees
This is for homes that have enough ceiling height. They are perfect if you like Christmas to be a little extra.

•9-10 foot trees
This one is commonly used in shopping malls or spaces that have enough ceiling height. Feel free to purchase it for your home as long as you have the capacity. However, always remember that there’s no use having a huge Christmas tree if your guests don’t have enough space to party.

2.The Foliage of the Christmas Tree
As you move forward in the decision-making process of purchasing a Christmas tree, you will realize that there’s more to the decisions to be made apart from the shape, size, and color; you must choose foliage that suits your interests and requirements.

When searching for the tree with the perfect foliage, look out for the following:

Christmas Tree Needle Types

• Polyvinyl Chloride (PVC) Needles

A huge advantage of artificial Christmas trees is that they can come in different shades; there are even Christmas trees that come in rainbow colors.

Christmas trees like these are made from PVC needles. They may look like real trees, but it is only because of the different colors and patterns that PVC needles come in.

• Polyethylene (PE) Needles

Do you want a Christmas tree that looks like it was cut from a tree farm? This foliage is perfect for you!

Trees of this foliage are usually green; they are made from Polyethylene (PE) with just a little percentage of Polyvinyl Chloride (PVC).

Many people are fooled by trees with this impressive foliage and they will be a great choice for your Christmas decoration

• Tinsel Needles

On a scale of 1-10, tinsel needles trees will score 10 for their radiant shine. They often give off vintage vibes and are even flame retardant.

3.The Shape of the Christmas Tree:
The shape of a Christmas tree is just as important as its height or its foliage. It refers to the overall width of the tree.

There are five common Christmas tree shapes:

Christmas Trees Shapes

• Full Christmas tree

These are the most popular of all the tree shapes. They have full leaves and are characterized by their traditional wide base.

These types of trees require a lot of floor space, so ensure you have floor space to spare before making a purchase.

• Slim Christmas tree

This type of tree is perfect for folks that want something similar to full Christmas trees but lack the space in their homes

• Pencil Christmas tree

This is a unique Christmas tree profile and it is a great option whether the space in your home is small or huge.

• Flatback and corner trees

This is said to be the space-saving 8th wonder of the Christmas tree world. They are specially designed to fit into corners and sometimes, they are made into just half a tree so they can rest on walls. They are perfect for tiny flats or dorm rooms.

• The upside-down tree

Just as the name indicates, the upside-down tree is hung upside down.

4.The Color of the Christmas Tree
Many of us know Christmas trees to be green because we grew up seeing only traditional green trees. These days, Christmas trees come in a variety of colors to match whatever decoration plans you may have. Here is a guide to some of the colors of Christmas trees that are popularly available:
Christmas Trees Colors for Selection

• Green
Of course, this is a Christmas staple. Green Christmas trees are the most popular and the most readily available trees you can find to purchase.

• Pink
These days, pink-colored Christmas trees don’t just mean “girl power”, they have become fun, fresh ways to decorate for all occasions. A pink tree can be used to symbolize the good things in life, such as affectionate and harmonious relationships that matter.

• White
White trees are the ultimate Christmas dream trees especially if you’re a minimalist. They are very classy and chic, and slowly becoming a Christmas trend.

It is a clean-looking choice and the ornaments placed on the trees pop because of the white background.

• Silver
If you’re going for a space-age vibe or a retro vibe, a silver-colored tree is perfect for you! They always pop in areas with grey and white colored palettes, and whether they are decorated or left bare, they are still stunners!

• Gold
Gold Christmas trees are often used for the New Year. They are mostly replacements for green or white Christmas trees when Christmas is over.

• Black
Yes, black Christmas trees happen to be very elegant Christmas trees. They are the opposite of white trees but are they very versatile and striking.

People often use it for Halloween and then exchange it with a white or green tree during Christmas There are many more Christmas tree colors such as red, blue, rainbow colors, purple and orange which can be used depending on individual preferences.

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