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Co-Arts Artificial Christmas Tree Manufacturing Progress

Raw Material

Raw Material

The artificial Christmas Tree raw materail included: pine needles, pinecones, metal, red fruits and more
Artificial Christmas Tree Manufacturing

Artificial Christmas Tree Manufacturing

The Machine is manufacturing the artificial Christmas pine needles which is the fake Christmas Tree's main material
Artificial Christmas Wreaths Manufacturing

Artificial Christmas Wreaths Manufacturing

The workers fix a round ring with christmas branch to make wreaths and garlands.
Semi-finished Products

Semi-finished Products

The workers bundle the produced pine needles together for subsequent use.
Artificial Trees Package


Our worker is packing the products and use the PP bag+polyfoam+inner box+master box to ensure the safety of products


Co-Arts supply capacity is very strong, the product quality can be guaranteed, and the delivery date is timely.

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Custom Artificial Christmas Trees for Your Home

Artificial Christmas Tree for Residential


Create that beautiful holiday display in your home with beautiful Christmas Trees, and the Artificial Christmas trees are ideal if you’d like to re-use your tree year after year and avoid cleaning up needles or remembering to water the tree.

Artificial Christmas Tree for Commercial


Co-Arts can custom the Artificial Christmas Tree for any commercial project, It's not just the square, also included like the office area, mall, and hospital, Co-Arts can help to create your projects.

Wonderful Artificial Christmas Trees Display

Artificial Christmas Tree for Holiday

Potted Artificial Christmas Trees

Decorative Christmas Trees

Wonderful Christmas Trees for Home

Decorative Artificial Christmas Trees


Professional Artificial Christmas Trees Manufacturer In China

Potted Christmas Trees Image

Potted Christmas Tree & Tabletop Christmas Tree

The potted Christmas Tree is not very tall and suits the table. Co-Arts Tabletop Christmas Tree’s maximum size is 4 ft. And Our Potted Christmas Trees have different stand base, like metal base, ceramic base, resin Base, woven basket stand, barrel pot, etc.

Pre-Lit Christmas Tree Image

Pre-Lit Christmas Tree

Pre-lit Christmas Tree with beautiful lighting, like the clear light, warm white led light, multi-color light, multicolor led light, different lighting for the Christmas Tree give people different feel, and add holiday shine to your gathering space. Furthermore, Prelit Christmas Tree has a different height, and the lighting numbers will be different.

Unlit Christmas Tree Image

Unlit Christmas Tree

At Co-Arts, we offer the best Artificial Christmas Tree with various sizes, oversize like 10 ft. and the minimum size is under 6 ft. A strong and impressive tree with a rounded silhouette and a new realistic shape packed full of dense foliage, the unlit Christmas tree is an ideal family tree and never disappoints!

Christmas Tree

Flocked Christmas Tree

Snow-flocked leaves create a new unique wintry feel, creating this Christmas tree an eye-catching addition to any room throughout the holidays. And you can use garlands, lighting, ornaments to decorate the tree. Typically the flocked Christmas Tree is simple assembly and fluffing, put the particular tree together in just 3 steps: simply link the base to the largest section of the tree before attaching the remaining sections and easily fluffing the branches.

Tinsel Christmas Trees for Design

Tinsel Christmas Tree

Our Tinsel Christmas Tree has many colors for selection: Silver, Red, Gold, and More. And the tinsel material is non-flammable and non-allergenic tinsel film contributes to a safe environment and long-lasting use.

Christmas Tree: A Complete Buyer’s Guide

About the Christmas Decoration Manufacturer(Co-Arts)

As a professional Artificial Christmas Tree manufacturer, Co-Arts supply a variety of Christmas Trees, like pre-lit Christmas trees, Unlit Christmas Trees, Potted Christmas Tree, Flocked Christmas Tree, Tinsel Christmas Tree, and more. Whether or not your decorating type is traditional, elaborate, fun, or elegant, we’re your supply for holiday perk. From living areas and dining rooms to bathrooms in addition to hallways, our collection of indoor Christmas decorations may help every room inside the house sense magical. Furthermore, you can check out the collection of outdoor Christmas decorations to amaze the whole neighborhood.
Christmas is a unique time of the year full of festive sparkle. Typically the holidays are lighter, happier, and even more affordable when an individual shop at wholesale prices Accessory Market! Our own unique variety of at wholesale prices Christmas decorations, presents, and accessories usually are sure to brighten up the growing season in a new style that fits your current preference for vacation cheer.

Co-Arts’ Client

Our Client can be a family demander, a small batch distributor, or a supermarket because Co-Arts’ supply capacity is very strong, the product quality can be guaranteed, and the delivery date is timely. See More Artificial Christmas Trees at

Custom Christmas Tree

As real trees become less popular than artificial trees now, people have various options and customization of artificial Christmas trees. Co-Arts can custom trees with a particular size, color palette, and supply cute ornaments for decor. Xiamen Co-Arts Limited customized to meet your needs in numerous ways.

Contact us for the best Xmas Decoration Essentials

At Co-Arts, we are known as a professional Christmas Trees Manufacturer for the supplies of all kinds and types of Christmas decoration materials and essentials.

Besides the supply of products for the merry-filled season of Christmas, we also provide professional guidance on how to transform your space into a Christmas heaven.

Kindly contact us to supply you with custom Christmas decorations to create the true ambiance of the Christmas holidays in your space.

Co-Arts Showroom for Christmas Trees 1

Co-Arts Showroom

How to Choose Artificial Christmas Trees?

Christmas trees are the significant masterpieces of the season and the most purchased Christmas decoration.

Below are factors that you should consider before buying an artificial Christmas tree:

a.The height of the tree
b.The foliage of the tree
c.The shape of the tree
d.The color of the tree

1.The Height of the Christmas Tree
One of the biggest factors that must be considered is the height of the Christmas tree. Christmas trees come in various heights just so they can fit all the available spaces in different homes.

Christmas Trees Height

•Under 5.5 foot trees
This height of trees takes up little space; they are ideal for people that want a tree that is small enough to fit a small space, but not so small to serve as a table-top tree. They are popularly used in low-ceiling homes.

•6-6.5 foot trees
These are used in homes that gave a little more space to spare; they’re not as big as the popular Christmas trees, but they definitely can pass as ideal Christmas trees.

•7-7.5 foot tress
This is a common Christmas tree height. If you have much more space in your home, you should go for this tree

•8-9 foot trees
This is for homes that have enough ceiling height. They are perfect if you like Christmas to be a little extra.

•9-10 foot trees
This one is commonly used in shopping malls or spaces that have enough ceiling height. Feel free to purchase it for your home as long as you have the capacity. However, always remember that there’s no use having a huge Christmas tree is your guests don’t have enough space to party.

2.The Foliage of the Christmas Tree
As you move forward in the decision-making process of purchasing a Christmas tree, you will realize that there’s more to the decisions to be made apart from the shape, size, and color; you must choose foliage that suits your interests and requirements.

When searching for the tree with the perfect foliage, look out for the following:

Christmas Tree Needle Types

• Polyvinyl Chloride (PVC) Needles

A huge advantage of artificial Christmas trees is that they can come in different shades; there are even Christmas trees that come in rainbow colors.

Christmas trees like these are made from PVC needles. They may look like real trees, but it is only because of the different colors and patterns that PVC needles come in.

• Polyethylene (PE) Needles

Do you want a Christmas tree that looks like it was cut from a tree farm? This foliage is perfect for you!

Trees of this foliage are usually green; they are made from Polyethylene (PE) with just a little percentage of Polyvinyl Chloride (PVC).

Many people are fooled by trees with this impressive foliage and they will be a great choice for your Christmas decoration

• Tinsel Needles

On a scale of 1-10, tinsel needles trees will score 10 for their radiant shine. They often give off vintage vibes and are even flame retardant.

3.The Shape of the Christmas Tree:
The shape of a Christmas tree is just as important as its height or its foliage. It refers to the overall width of the tree.

There are five common Christmas tree shapes:

Christmas Trees Shapes

• Full Christmas tree

These are the most popular of all the tree shapes. They have full leaves and are characterized by their traditional wide base.

These types of trees require a lot of floor space, so ensure you have floor space to spare before making a purchase.

• Slim Christmas tree

This type of trees are perfect for folks that want something similar to full Christmas trees but lack the space in their homes

• Pencil Christmas tree

This is a unique Christmas tree profile and it is a great option whether the space in your home is small or huge.

• Flatback and corner trees

This is said to be the space-saving 8th wonder of the Christmas tree world. They are specially designed to fit into corners and sometimes, they are made into just half a tree so they can rest on walls. They are perfect for tiny flats or dorm rooms.

• The upside-down tree

Just as the name indicates, the upside-down tree is hung upside down.

4.The Color of the Christmas Tree
Many of us know Christmas trees to be green because we grew up seeing only traditional green trees. These days, Christmas trees come in a variety of colors to match whatever decoration plans you may have. Here is a guide to some of the colors of Christmas trees that are popularly available:
Christmas Trees Colors for Selection

• Green
Of course, this is a Christmas staple. Green Christmas trees are the most popular and the most readily available trees you can find to purchase.

• Pink
These days, pink-colored Christmas trees don’t just mean “girl power”, they have become fun, fresh ways to decorate for all occasions. A pink tree can be used to symbolize the good things in life, such as affectionate and harmonious relationships that matter.

• White
White trees are the ultimate Christmas dream trees especially if you’re a minimalist. They are very classy and chic, and slowly becoming a Christmas trend.

It is a clean-looking choice and the ornaments placed on the trees pop because of the white background.

• Silver
If you’re going for a space-age vibe or a retro vibe, a silver-colored tree is perfect for you! They always pop in areas with grey and white colored palettes, and whether they are decorated or left bare, they are still stunners!

• Gold
Gold Christmas trees are often used for the New Year. They are mostly replacements for green or white Christmas trees when Christmas is over.

• Black
Yes, black Christmas trees happen to be very elegant Christmas trees. They are the opposite of white trees but are they very versatile and striking.

People often use it for Halloween and then exchange it with a white or green tree during Christmas There are many more Christmas tree colors such as red, blue, rainbow colors, purple and orange which can be used depending on individual preferences.

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