Artificial Flocked Christmas Tree

  • Tree with White Snow-Flocked
  • Branches are easily fluffed to create a beautiful look
  • Different Height of tree have different numbers of tips
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Flocked Christmas Tree CAYF-T1427-6

Material: PVC, PE

Color: Green with White Flocked

Size: 6,7,7.5 Foot or Customized Sizes

Application: Christmas Decor/Home Decor


Flocked Christmas Tree CAJC20003-180700

Material: PVC, PE

Color: Green with White Flocked

Size: 6,7,7.5 Foot or Customized Sizes

Application: Christmas Decor/Home Decor



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beautiful christmas tree for christmas decoration, Co-Arts Innovation supply quality christmas trees with variety sizes, shapes and colors.

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Artificial Flocked Christmas Tree – The Ultimate Guide

1. Artificial Flocked Christmas Tree | Co-Arts

Co-Arts Innovation is a professional Christmas Trees supplier for over 20 years in China.

Looking regarding a tree an individual can enjoy year after every single year?

Artificial Christmas trees and shrubs are the solutions. They’re an easy task to established up and retail store when not used.

Plus, since artificial Christmas trees usually are hypo-allergenic and seldom shed needles, they earn an excellent option regarding families with domestic pets or small youngsters.

If space is usually at a superior, small (3 foot to 6 foot ) artificial trees help to make sense.

Maybe you are thinking big. Fortunately, we have a good amount of trees available inside heights all the particular way up 12 feet, plus several even taller choices.

Whether you just like traditional-looking trees and shrubs, colorful trees (available in pink, dark-colored, blue or went up gold), welcoming patio Christmas trees, or perhaps any of the} other unique designs, Co-Arts Innovation is positive to have your current perfect match.

We all even give you an amount of eye-catching benefit.

Co-Arts has steadily built a reputation for outstanding quality, dedicated service, and exceptional craftsmanship in artificial flocked Christmas trees wholesale.

Also, we’ve established an unrivaled product portfolio thanks to our commitment to innovation and client service.

We supply potted Christmas trees, pre-lit Christmas trees, unlit Christmas trees, tinsel Christmas trees, flocked Christmas trees, and more.

Co-Arts Innovation is a professional Artificial Christmas Manufacturer from China.

For our artificial trees, we make sure that the PVC and PE material is all environmentally friendly.

Artificial flocked Christmas trees wholesale are also our best seller for our client’s marketing in the United States and the United Kingdom.

Our assortment of wholesale Christmas decorations, gifts, and accessories is sure to brighten up the holiday season in a new way that reflects your current taste in festive cheer.

We are OEM experts with over ten years of experience.

You may trust us when we state that Xiamen Co-Arts Limited is China’s most dependable planter supplier.

Quickly contact us if you have any questions.

2. What is an artificial flocked Christmas tree?

Artificial flocked Christmas trees wholesale are artificial Christmas trees made to look like they got coated with newly fallen snow.

Flocking is a technique for creating a soft texture by gluing synthetic threads to a surface.

It is an older technique that dates back to the 1800s and uses materials such as flour or cotton.

It gained popularity in the 1950s (with the addition of new artificial ingredients).

This method isn’t just for Christmas trees; it also gets utilized in fashion, home design, and crafts.

People spray flocking substances on top of tree branches to make an artificial Christmas tree look like it got blanketed with snow.

The appearance of a flocked Christmas tree can range from softly frosted branches to thickly laden boughs.

3. Why choose Co-Arts As your artificial flocked Christmas trees supplier?

Co-Arts can supply pre-decorated and artificial flocked Christmas trees wholesale, which are highly popular for marketing.

Even though you can buy a real Christmas tree and flock it using DIY methods, the process is quite long and challenging.

You would look for China’s artificial Christmas tree manufacturer and supplier if you want to expand your online Christmas tree business and want to buy high-quality and low-cost artificial Christmas trees.

You can find many manufacturers and distributors on Alibaba, but Co-Arts Innovation is a better choice because we accept low MOQs and customize Christmas trees.

We now supply many artificial Christmas trees, including pre-lit Christmas trees, unlit Christmas trees, artificial flocked Christmas trees wholesale, tabletop Christmas trees, decorated Christmas trees, tinsel Christmas trees, and more.

Our wholesale prices will enable you to increase your profit margins.

Buying from our store is the finest choice for your business.

4. What is the average size and shape of an artificial flocked Christmas tree?

While buying a Christmas tree, you already have an image of the tree you want in your mind.

You will begin your selection by choosing the size of your artificial tree.

That isn’t a difficult task: you already know the dimensions of the available space, and there are so many sizes to pick from that you’ll always be able to choose a tree that will fit.

  • Showstopping tall trees

Artificial flocked trees can reach ten, twelve, or even fourteen feet in height if used in a business setting.

That includes places like a hotel or a theatre, or a high-ceilinged store or restaurant.

Your tree will stand out among the other trees in the mall, and all credit will go to the artificial snow.

Some of these magnificent trees are also equipped with lights, easing the logistical challenges of cutting at a height.

Tall trees, on the other hand, aren’t simply for business.

If you have a feature stairwell or a double-height area, you may go big this Christmas with a nine, ten, or even twelve-foot tree.

These beautiful artificial trees will last you for years and pay for themselves quickly, as the cost of a new real tree each Christmas quickly adds up.

  • Pencil trees

If you’re short on room, a stylish pencil Christmas tree is the way to go.

You don’t have to choose a micro-sized tabletop tree just because you have a small space.

It’s uncommon that a room doesn’t have enough headroom for a six-foot or seven-foot tree; in cramped quarters, the spread of the branches is the problem.

Try a pencil tree if you live in an apartment or need to fit a tree into a small space.

You could use them in stores and restaurants where you don’t want customers bumping into Christmas decorations as they walk around.

This tidy, space-saving solution is one of our favorites.

Artificial pencil trees, like standard-spread trees, are available in several finishes, including flocked types.

The snow effect brightens up any environment with its gorgeous, fresh white, and look for trendy contemporary lime and white variants.

Unlit or pre-lit pencil Christmas trees are also available, and some have sparkly finishes for added holiday glamour.

If you want a truly contemporary design, opt for pole pine trees, which look especially attractive when planted in pairs to flank doorways, steps, and stairwells. Flocked pencil trees reach a height of nine and a half feet, making them ideal for stairways.

  • Flocked tabletop trees

Tabletop Christmas trees are a joy to behold. You can use them to add festive cheer to bedrooms (especially children’s bedrooms) and corridors.

Also, you can use them to create very magnificent dinner table centerpieces.

When it comes to these adorable little trees, less is more! They’re the perfect complete Christmas decoration, either in elegant pots or rustic burlap bases.

Place a potted flocked tree in the center of your festive dining table if you’re short on decoration ideas, and voila – you have an easy and lovely Christmas feast décor.

The tiniest flocked tabletop trees stand only 12 inches tall.

These are great for crafting nativity or winter scenes.

They will simply brighten up your office desk! A two-foot or three-foot tree in a gorgeous pot offers a lovely ready-made decoration for a counter or reception desk, and the flocked effect distinguishes them from other fake trees.

They’re especially popular as holiday gifts because they’re so well-presented.

5. What are Co-Arts custom flocking capabilities?

In China, Xiamen Co-Arts Ltd is a competent designer and supplier of a wide range of home and garden decorations.

We’ve been in the business for more than two decades.

Our products have a captivating design and development capacity. We develop 400-500 varieties of Christmas trees and Christmas decorations each year, based on our ideas and those of our clients.

We may use a variety of materials to create distinctive and eye-catching characteristics in our products.

PE, PVC, metal, ceramic, resin, plastic, and other materials are the ones we work with nowadays.

Light flocking, where more foliage can get seen, is one of our specialized flocking capabilities.

We also offer medium flocking, with less greenery and more flock. Also, we supply trees with heavy flocking.

You won’t see any green part of the tree, and all of it will have the flock.

We may also customize the flock’s colors to match your preferences.

Co-Arts can custom-make trees in any size or color scheme. We also supply appealing decorations.

Xiamen Co-Arts Limited offers customization in several ways to meet your individual needs.

We provide professional advice on how to transform your home into a Christmas heaven.

There may be some objects on your holiday tree that you do not want to add and others that you do.

As a result, finding artificial Christmas tree manufacturers who can customize your order is best.

Co-Arts Innovation does provide customization services. Our company aims to supply products that fulfill our customers’ demands.

6. What are some tips for buying the perfect flocked Christmas tree online?

When picking which tree to buy, there are a few simple strategies to keep in mind.

The first and most important tip is to read the reviews. Many reviewers will add photos of their Christmas trees.

That will give you a better idea of how they look in person. Look closely at the branches, tree shape, and flocking in those photos.

Check the trees you’re interested in against each other.

If you like a tree on one website, browse it on others to compare prices, reviews, and additional photographs.

Visit the manufacturer’s website for further information.

If a manufacturer is named, you may always go to their website to see any additional images available.

Similarly, if you’re thinking of buying a tree from a manufacturer’s website, look around for the same tree on other sites.

Other sites are frequently less expensive, provide free shipping, and so on.

When purchasing artificial flocked Christmas trees wholesale, always look for free shipping.

They’re big and bulky, and many shops offer free two-day shipping! It’s fast, and it’s free, so it’s a win-win situation!

7. How many lights should you have on your flocked Christmas tree?

It’s also crucial to think about the type, style, and amount of lights.

They completely transform the look and feel of a room.

They can make a place feel more special and full of Christmas joy if done correctly.

Some individuals prefer flocked trees filled with lights because they like the gentle glow they get from them.

Prelit trees usually have 75 to 100 lights per foot of a tree.

Another thing to consider when it comes to lighting is LED vs. Incandescent.

In comparison to incandescent LEDs have more energy and come in a variety of colors.

8. What are some factors to consider while choosing a flocked Christmas tree?

  • Lights

Some people are fussy when it comes to lighting.

The color of the lights can alter the appearance of a tree.

White lights can emit a variety of hues.

Although you might think that white means white, there are two fundamental types of lights.

Some people prefer a yellow glow to a blue one. So, as you might have suspected, when it comes to lighting, you have two options.

  • Incandescent

Traditional lights, often known as classic lights, are incandescent lights.

People appreciate its color because it emits a clear glow.

  • LED

LED lights used to emit a bluish light, but now they give a little warmer light.

If you don’t want the blue tinge, make sure you get the Warm LED lights when you buy a tree.

  • Needles

There are a few different artificial needles to pick from, and it might be tough to know what you’re getting when shopping online.

The advantage of choosing a flocked tree is that the needles are covered, making the shape of the treeless critical.

  • Realistic needles

These needles have the appearance and feel of real pine needles.

They have the same structure, texture, and color as a real needle.

Polyethylene plastic (PE) gets injected into a mold to create realistic pine needles.

They have a three-dimensional form.

  • PVC Needles/Classic Needles

PVC (Polyvinyl Chloride) needles are thin and flat, looking more like a paper needle.

To add fullness to the tree: these needles get placed towards the trunk.

  • Flocking

Companies flock in many different ways. Some trees get lightly dusted, while others get heavily dusted.

Some individuals prefer heavily flocked trees because the ornaments stand out more against the white background.

  • Shape

Faux trees come in a variety of shapes, just like real trees.

Determine where you want to place your tree to choose which form will work best.

We get convinced that there is a tree out there that will complement your property and style.

9. What are the benefits of buying a flocked Christmas tree?

There are numerous benefits to purchasing an artificial Christmas tree, whether for your house or place of business.

There’s no need to vacuum up dropped needles every day, and the branches won’t droop or turn brown.

People frequently overlook the fact that a natural tree needs water or it will droop — it’s similar to cut flowers in this regard.

An artificial Christmas tree may easily be decorated, then put back in its box or Christmas tree bag at the end of the holiday season and stored safely in your attic or basement until next year.

What are the benefits of choosing a flocked artificial tree over a non-flocked one?

It’s primarily a matter of taste. As compared to a natural plain green or dazzling tinsel design, the charming white adornment offers the tree a very different look.

It doesn’t require much decoration to appear attractive; if you choose a pre-lit version, you won’t need to add anything at all.

Colors can appear stunning against the white of fake snow.

Not to mention the fact that you can’t utilize real snow for indoor decorations at all!

You won’t have to use snow spray or other nasty techniques of simulating snow if you buy a tree that comes pre-decorated with artificial snow.

10. How can you make your artificial flocked Christmas tree look real?

Flocking will make your tree look white and snow-covered.

Flocking the tops of the branches if you end up with an artificial tree with fake-looking needles is a terrific method to soften the impact.

You may either buy a pre-flocked Christmas tree or make your fake snow with a can of actual snow.

Concentrate on spraying areas where snow would genuinely strike the tree, such as the tops of each branch, for a more natural look.

Pine cones and berries, for example, are natural-looking features that can help spruce up an artificial tree for the holidays.

Place these decorations in strategic locations to hide bare places and make your tree appear lusher.

You can even choose a Christmas tree that has pine cones and berries already incorporated into its appearance.

Ribbon, garland, tinsel, and sprays can get used to hiding unsightly gaps between branches.

Place ribbon amid the branches to add volume to an artfully decorated tree.

Tinsel and sprays flow down between the branches. That gives them the perfect ornament to hide a meager tree.

Large, eye-catching ornaments are a brilliant method to fill in holes in your tree and hide them.

To provide depth and symmetry, hang the large decorations first, then fill them with small ornaments.

Most artificial flocked Christmas trees wholesale have a natural appearance.

That means that they feature lifelike branches and needles that seem like actual evergreens.

Flocked trees get designed to appear as though they’ve just emerged from the winter woods.

So you may keep the rustic, natural aesthetic.

11. How can you decorate a flocked Christmas tree?

Decorating is a big part of getting into the holiday spirit.

Without wreaths, mistletoe, and garlands, what would Christmas be like now?

It’s time to think about your tree after you’ve adorned the halls.

It’s entirely up to you how you decorate your flocked Christmas tree.

You may either leave it natural and let the flocking speak for itself or utilize the wintery colors as a neutral backdrop to contrast your favorite brightly colored ornaments.

12. What are the lighting types available in artificial flocked Christmas trees?

A snow-covered tree with lights looks extra gorgeous since the frosting softens the light and reflects its distinct glow, whether you trim the tree with your strings of lights or choose a pre-lit flocked tree.

Unlit Flocked Christmas Trees: If you’re looking for a low-cost choice, unlit artificial flocked Christmas trees wholesale is an option.

Because these trees lack built-in lighting, you have two decoration options: leave the tree unlit or string your own Christmas lights to achieve the desired effect.

Pre-Lit Flocked Christmas Trees: If you don’t want to put up your own Christmas lights, pre-lit artificial flocked Christmas trees wholesale are a convenient way to add a festive touch to your home.

To light up these pre-lit trees, all you have to do is: put in the cord that comes with them.

You can use clear and white lights for simple illumination or multicolored lights to foster a joyful atmosphere.

Even a combination of both lights for a truly festive sensation is all available on pre-lit flocked Christmas trees.

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