Wholesale Prelit Christmas Trees

  • Material:PVC,PE,etc
  • green, red, white Christmas trees
  • Various Shapes:
  • Best Decorations for the Christmas Day
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Pre-Lit Christmas Tree CAJC20004-180750

Material: PVC, PE

Color: Green with Multi Colors Lights

Size: 6,7,7.5 Foot or Customized Sizes

Application: Christmas Decor/Home Decor


Pre-Lit Christmas Tree with Light CAJC20004-180750

Material: PVC, PE

Color: Green with Yellow Light

Size: 6,7,7.5 Foot or Customized Sizes

Application: Christmas Decor/Home Decor



You should know about Christmas Tree

beautiful christmas tree for christmas decoration, Co-Arts Innovation supply quality christmas trees with variety sizes, shapes and colors.

Christmas Tree Size

Under 6 ft. | 6 to 6.5 ft. | 7 to 7.5 ft. | 8 to 9 ft. | Over 9 ft.

Christmas Tree Style

Artificial Christmas Tree | Ceramic Christmas Tree | Driftwood Christmas Tree | Tabletop Christmas Tree | Tinsel Christmas Tree

Christmas Tree Accessories

Christmas Tree Stands | Christmas Tree Skirts & Collars | Christmas Tree Storage

high-quality branches

High-quality Branches

Pre-strung Lights

Pre-strung Lights

Sturdy Metal Stand

Sturdy Metal Stand

Pre-lit Christmas Tree Gallery

Bring home the wonder and joy
of the seasonwith a tree so realistic it’s magical.

Artificial Prelit Christmas Trees for Home Decor

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Pre-Lit Artificial Christmas Trees

Tabletop Christmas Tree

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Wholesale Prelit Christmas Trees – A Complete Guide

Co-Arts Innovation is professional artificial Christmas trees manufacturer from China, Supply prelit artificial Christmas trees, unlit Christmas trees, flocked Christmas trees, tabletop artificial Christmas trees, Let’s know more about Co-Arts Prelit Christmas Trees.

1. Prelit Christmas Tree | Co-Arts

Co-Arts Innovation is a professional Artificial Christmas Tree Manufacturer.

Co-Arts is a company from China with more than 20 years of experience in artificial Christmas tree manufacturing.

Co-Arts, as a professional Artificial Christmas Tree producer, offers a wide range of Christmas Trees, including wholesale pre-lit Christmas trees, unlit Christmas trees, potted Christmas trees, flocked Christmas trees, and tinsel Christmas trees, among others.

Looking regarding a tree an individual can enjoy year after every single year?

Artificial Christmas trees and shrubs are the solutions. They’re an easy task to established up and retail stores when not used.

Plus, since artificial Christmas trees usually are hypo-allergenic and seldom shed needles, they earn an excellent option regarding families with domestic pets or small youngsters.

If space is usually at a superior, small (3 foot to 6 foot ) artificial trees help to make sense. Maybe you are thinking big.

Fortunately, we have a good amount of trees available inside heights all the particular way up 12 feet, plus several even taller choices.

Whether you just like traditional-looking trees and shrubs, colorful trees (available in pink, dark-colored, blue or went up gold), welcoming patio Christmas trees, or perhaps any of the} other unique designs, Co-Arts Innovation is positive to have your current perfect match. We all even give you an amount of eye-catching benefit.

Our one-of-a-kind selection of Christmas decorations, gifts, and accessories at wholesale prices is certain to light up the holiday season in a new manner that matches your current taste in holiday happiness.

We are specialists with over ten years of OEM expertise.

You can believe us when we say that Xiamen Co-Arts Limited is your reliable planters supplier in China. If you have any questions, please contact us.

2. How Co-Arts help your Christmas online store and improve your business of Christmas?

If you wish to build your own E-Commerce company, Co-Arts can assist you with our best efforts.

Co-Arts’ supply capacity is very high, quality of the product can be guaranteed, and delivery dates are on time, thus our Client can be a small batch distributor or a supermarket.

Purchasing your trees in quantity may reduce the cost of your order. Spirited entrepreneurs may make a lot of money by buying and selling trees throughout the holiday season.

Our wholesale prices will allow you to generate more profit. Purchasing from our store is the best option for your company.

Business feasibility of prelit Christmas trees

Business feasibility of prelit Christmas trees

3. What type of tree lights do pre-lit Christmas trees have?

The time and energy saved by not having to unwrap and wrap led strings all around the branches of a tree are one of the main advantages of wholesale pre-lit Christmas trees.

Clear or multicolored bulbs are available in Wholesale pre-lit Christmas trees, and if one bulb goes out, the remainder will stay lit. There are several lighting solutions available:

  • Incandescent Bulbs – Clear or Multicolor – for a classic glow
  • Mini LED Bulbs in Warm White or Multicolor – energy-saving, long-lasting, and designed to radiate warmth and elegance.

The number of lights varies depending on the size, shape, and collection of the tree. Some trees have extremely high light counts, and all pre-lit trees are attractively illuminated for the best visual effect.

4. What is the Average Size and shape of pre-lit Christmas trees?

Wholesale pre-lit Christmas trees are available in heights ranging from 4 inches to 12 inches, with widths ranging from pencil-thin for small spaces to full for bigger rooms.

Measure the area where you want to put your holiday tree to ensure a great fit.

The height of the tree is measured from the ground to the top of the tree, and a tree topper should be placed 6 inches to 12 inches and above that.

Consider a type with ample room under the tree, such as our wholesale pre-lit Christmas trees.

5. What is the tip count and Construction of the pre-lit Christmas trees like?

The higher the tip count, the fuller the tree and the more ornament hanging points there are.

PE/PVC molded tips with several color pigments are included with Wholesale pre-lit Christmas trees with a TruTip design for the most authentic natural look.

The number of tips on an artificial Christmas tree and the way it’s built makes a difference in how long it lasts and how realistic it looks.

All of our pre-lit Christmas trees have durable hinged structures and expandable branches for maximum fluffing.

Metal bases hold trunks firmly in place and will not bend or buckle even after years of use.

6. How to Shape Your Christmas Tree?

  • STEP 1
    Every tree is loaded with the branch tips compressed. After positioning, each branch should be unfolded for use} one at a new time.

    step1- set position

  • STEP 2
    Start at typically the bottom row and pull the wings away from the center at a new 45-degree angle

    step2-peel back branches

  • STEP 3
    When you} unfold the particular wings, spread out the smaller tips separately. Arrange tips to the left, right, and upwards

    step3-pull tips aparts

  • STEP 4
    Retain working your way up until almost all branches are properly shaped, and the tree is in full form

    step4-full shape

7. How can you decorate your pre-lit Christmas trees?

Pre-lit trees are available in clear and multicolor incandescent and LED light variations.

So, if you don’t need a particularly light color and want to get your tree decorated quickly, a pre-lit tree can be the perfect option for you!

Wrap several strands of green and red string lights around your tree if it’s pre-lit with white or clear lights to add a splash of color that matches your motif.

Place these specialty lights in the same manner as you would an attractive garland.

Some individuals decorate their Christmas tree with a certain theme in mind, such as rustic/lodge, animals, snowflakes, all crystal ornaments, and so on.

Choosing a theme allows you to decorate and incorporate additional objects into your collection in a variety of ways.

If you already collect ornaments with a specific theme, this could be a fun way to add to your collection while also decorating your tree.

After your lights are in place, you can wrap your tree in whatever you like beneath the ornaments.

What you utilize will be determined by your personal preferences as well as the theme or color scheme you have chosen.

If you want to make a ribbon garland, use a robust mesh or wire-bordered ribbon that won’t flop over.

To finish your design, add a huge ribbon bow to the top of the tree for a cohesive look. For a garland, begin around 8″ down from the tree’s crown.

To connect the garland to the tree, use florist wire or twist the branches together. When finished, run at an angle around the tree, forming a corkscrew pattern.

artificial prelit christmas trees sample

Co-Arts Artificial Prelit Christmas Tree Sample

8. What are the benefits of buying a pre-lit Christmas tree?

A pre-lit Christmas tree may be the way to go if you don’t want to deal with the headache of untangling lights.

Prelit Christmas trees are practically ready to use right away; all you have to do now is fluff its branches and plug them in.

When compared to buying a tree and lights individually, a pre-lit tree can save you a lot of money.

With a pre-lit tree, you not only save time by not having to add lights before you can decorate properly, but you also save time by not having to take them down; simply disconnect and return them to its box.

A pre-lit artificial Christmas tree makes a lot of sense for people who have hectic lives.

The tree doesn’t need to be watered or maintained once it’s up and adorned, and it won’t drop needles everywhere floor.

You won’t have to clean those needles up, and you won’t have to pick those out of the rugs till spring!

9.Can Co-Arts customize your pre-lit Christmas tree?

People now have a variety of options and customizations for pre-lit artificial Christmas trees as real trees become less popular.

Co-Arts can make trees to order in any size or color scheme, as well as provide charming decorations for decoration.

Xiamen Co-Arts Limited can be tailored to fit your specific requirements in a variety of ways.

Co-Arts is well-known as a professional Christmas Trees Manufacturer, supplying a wide range of Christmas decoration materials and accessories.

We provide professional advice on how to change your area into a Christmas heaven in addition to providing products for the joyous season of Christmas.

There may be some items that you do not want to include in your holiday tree and others that you do.

As a result, it is preferable to find artificial Christmas tree manufacturers who can tailor your order.

Indeed, Co-Arts Innovation offers customization services.

This corporation wants to make items that are tailored to the needs of their clients, and they can only do so if they follow through on their requests.

10. How does a pre-lit Christmas tree work?

This is a string and pre-wired artificial fir tree with lights that are usually implanted inside the artificial limbs and cannot get removed.

The product can be sold as a kit, in which the customer assembles the tree and plugs it into an outlet, or it can be pre-assembled by the merchant before being sold.

11. How long do pre-lit Christmas trees last?

Artificial trees can last for years and are occasionally backed by guarantees of one to ten years. Some warranties are more thorough than others, so ask the vendor what is covered.

12. Can you hang glass ornaments on a pre-lit Christmas tree?

Yes, but do not place them directly on the light’s wires.

Start with your favorite Christmas ornaments and work your way up. To add depth, tuck heavy ornaments into the inner branches.

Then, on the outer branches, add smaller ornaments. For texture and variation, group two to three different Christmas ornaments together.

Take a step back and look to see if your ornaments are evenly dispersed.

13. Can you Change the bulbs of the pre-lit Christmas tree?

Replace burnt-out bulbs as rapidly as feasible with the new bulbs that arrived with your tree or a similar bulb with the same kind of connector while the remaining bulbs on the pre-lit tree continue to light.

14. How can you store your pre-lit Christmas tree?

Step 1: Examine the Tree
Examine the tree carefully to ensure that all ornaments have already been removed. If the tree is pre-lit, plug it in and double-check that all of the lights are functioning properly. To save time next Christmas, replace any burned-out bulbs.

Step 2: Take the Tree Apart
If your tree is divided into sections, begin at the top and work your way down, lifting each portion of the one below it until the tree gets entirely disassembled. If you’re using a pre-lit tree, make sure to unplug each section of lights as you go. Gently push the branches up and in toward the center of the tree to flatten each portion for easier storage. If your tree’s branches come off one by one, tie each color-coded portion together with a length of string to make reassembly easier.

Step 3: Bagging and boxing 
Fill a tree storage bag with each section of the tree. To avoid ripping a hole in the bottom of the bag, insert the center pole, making sure the pointed end that goes into the tree stand is capped or facing the center of the bag. The stand should then be placed in the bag, followed by the branches. To keep dust, debris, and vermin out, seal the bag and place it in the tree’s original box or a plastic tote. That will prevent the tree from squishing and losing its shape during storage.

Step 4: Put the Tree Away
Keep your tree cool, between 40 and 90 degrees Fahrenheit, and out of direct sunshine. Temperature and humidity are sensitive to white, frosted, and flocked trees. Keep them dry and at the same temperature throughout the year, such as a finished basement.

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