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Even though many people prefer the natural beauty of real Christmas trees, artificial Christmas trees have recently become more prevalent. This is because modern artificial Christmas trees are simpler to assemble and require minimum to no upkeep.
You may find artificial Christmas trees being produced primarily in factories in China, that too in a large quantity.
Purchasing Artificial Christmas trees wholesale is perhaps the most convenient alternative for you due to its cost-effectiveness and diverse designs.
Through this guide, you may get all of your answers regarding wholesale artificial Christmas trees and what makes Co-Arts the most reliable manufacturer that can live up to your requirements.

Prelit Artificial Christmas Tree with Base

Prelit Artificial Christmas Tree with Base

Potted Decorative Artificial Christmas Tree Wholesale

Potted Decorative Artificial Christmas Tree

Flocked Artificial Christmas Tree

Flocked Artificial Christmas Tree Wholesale

Unlit Tabletop Green Artificial Christmas Tree with Pine Cone

Unlit Tabletop Green Artificial Christmas Tree with Pine Cone

Tabletop Christmas Tree with Gold Pots

Tabletop Christmas Tree with Gold Pots

Potted Faux Christmas Tree with Lights

Potted Faux Christmas Tree with Lights

How Co-Arts help your Artificial Christmas Tree Wholesale Business?

Our objective is the most reliable artificial Christmas tree wholesale deal for your business; therefore, Co-Arts provide a broad range of choices to meet your specific requirements.
Co-Arts artificial Christmas Tree wholesale selection includes pre-lit Christmas trees, unlit Christmas trees, potted Christmas trees, Flocked Christmas trees, and Tinsel Christmas trees, among other options.
Co-Arts Innovation provides a service that none of its competitors can match. It consists of several characteristics that may assist you in expanding your business’s output. Some of them are as follows:


Co-Arts Innovation has experience of more than two decades. Because of this, its expert staff is responsible for all of the superior-quality products that Co-Arts Innovation is manufacturing, including artificial Christmas trees. It has more than ten years of OEM experience, which distinguishes it as an expert in the manufacturing industry. Co-Arts Innovation employs a highly qualified and experienced team of manufacturers who work tirelessly to ensure that your products are up to your satisfaction and can also meet your wholesale purchases.

Artificial Christmas Tree Manufacturing Experience
Artificial Christmas Tree Product quality

Product quality

The quality of the product is the most critical consideration for most consumers. You can either select the materials you seem fit or leave the choice to your manufacturer for a quality product. The reputation of this manufacturing firm has grown over the years as a result of its commitment to offering a high-quality product, consistent service, and a unique artistic vision for its clients.


Artificial Christmas trees wholesale are available in various styles and colors, and you may also customize them further to reach your purpose better. Co-Arts Innovation allows you to customize and fully design your artificial Christmas tree according to your specific needs. This firm aspires to develop items built on the needs of its customers. In addition to customizing artificial trees with a specific size and color palette, Co-Arts may also provide adorable accessories for decoration purposes.

Custom Artificial Christmas Tree
Artificial Christmas Tree Package and Delivery


Co-Arts Innovation has such a diverse customer portfolio that it is possible to ship from China to different locations all over the globe. Therefore, it provides you the benefit of delivering your artificial Christmas tree on time. It also offers its clients the option of selecting the delivery service of their choice, like delivery by air or sea. It also provides them with a tracking ID that may allow them to monitor their delivery at their own leisure simply.

Co-Arts Innovation
Professional Artificial Christmas Tree Wholesale Supplier in China

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Artificial Christmas Tree Wholesale – A complete buyer’s guide

How to wholesale high-quality artificial Christmas trees from China, you can see the guide.

The buyer’s guide will tell you how to cooperated with China Artificial Christmas Tree Supplier.

1. How to wholesale artificial Christmas trees from China?

It is beneficial to purchase your products wholesale if you want to take advantage of the most pocket-friendly prices available in the market and generate significant profits when reselling these items to your customers.

Moreover, it is best to opt for manufacturing companies in China that operate on a larger scale and can meet your high-end demands for wholesale artificial Christmas trees.

Many of the overseas buyers visit the vast market of China for wholesale purchases, which they subsequently resell back home.

However, Co-Arts Innovation gives you the option to make instant purchases without compromising on the quality from the comforts of your home or workplace.

As a result, if you want to save money while still increasing your profit margins, you must purchase your artificial Christmas trees wholesale from Xiamen Co-Arts Limited.

It is one of the most professional wholesale factories in China, with over 20 years of experience in manufacturing wholesale artificial Christmas trees.

They may offer you reasonable rates and follow up with the manufacturing process, execute quality checks, and deliver your products door-to-door.

It also provides online services to customers all over the globe, so if you are interested in obtaining online purchasing capabilities, you may contact us to begin your stress-free purchasing procedure from China.

You may acquire all of the information you need of your wholesale artificial Christmas tree from the factory’s single site.

Artificial Christmas Trees Factory

Figure1 Artificial Christmas Trees Factory

2. How to choose perfect artificial Christmas tree wholesale suppliers from China?

It is possible for you to draw attention to your product by associating with a well-known Chinese supplier, and as a result, you may have items that are very modest in price.

As soon as you obtain the appropriate goods from suitable suppliers in China, your firm can get up and running.

It is crucial to choose the perfect artificial Christmas tree wholesale supplier for your company. Here are some tips that may help you in selecting suppliers from China.

  • Web search
  • Factory network
  • Trade fairs
  • Sourcing agent

Many professionals in the sourcing industry may also propose that you go to China to view the factories before finalizing a supplier.

It is customary for buyers to combine such travels with a visit to one or two trade fairs.

You may also delegate this China factory verification to a reliable sourcing agent who may take care of it for you.

In any case, you may rely upon your artificial Christmas tree wholesale supplier from Xiamen Co-Arts Limited.

The criteria required to determine a reliable Artificial Christmas Tree Wholesale supplier include relevant experience, product quality, certifications, consumer brands, delivery period, after-sales service, etc.

3. What is the Minimum Order Quantity for Wholesale Artificial Christmas Trees?

The minimum order quantity may be less than 200 pcs for artificial Christmas tree wholesale, which is sufficient for you to establish a successful business.

It is vital to have skilled staff and high-quality material available to ensure that the product meets your expectations and is delivered right on time without any hassle.

As the visual appeal is the most significant contributor to the demand for the artificial Christmas tree, it would be beneficial to invest in the exterior packaging.

It may benefit you in increasing buyers’ likelihood of purchasing it.

Xiamen Co-Arts Limited ensures that you get the best of both worlds: quality and quantity, without compromising on either.

OEM and ODM can be accepted:

1) Customized LOGO: Acceptable

2) Changing on material, color, shape: Acceptable

3) Develop on artwork and sketch: Acceptable

New Artificial Christmas Trees Order for Package

Figure2 New Artificial Christmas Trees Order for Package

4. How to identify artificial Christmas tree quality?

It is ideal for you to choose a high-quality tree made of durable materials if you desire to acquire an artificial Christmas tree that may endure for years.

It may get difficult to tell the quality of an artificial tree since there are so many varieties.

When selecting an artificial Christmas tree, it is essential to take into consideration that it is appropriate for your requirements and available space.

The following are a few things to consider while selecting artificial trees that may serve you helpful.

  • Right shape and size

Artificial Christmas trees are available in a variety of shapes and sizes.

Christmas Trees Shapes

Figure3 Christmas Trees Shapes

You may find some trees large and narrow in appearance while others are slim and spiral-shaped.

It varies in size, starting at the tabletop size and growing in height in half-foot steps up to around 12 feet.

When it comes to size, width along with height is equally essential. A full, slender, or pencil-shaped are the standard widths available.

You must also consider if you have enough room to transfer the artificial Christmas tree to your preferred location without experiencing any difficulties.

  • Foliage

A high-quality artificial Christmas tree will have foliage similar to that of a real Christmas tree, which is frequently distinguished by the number of branch tips and the sorts of needles.

The greater the number of branch tips on your artificial tree, the fuller it will appear. It will become easy to identify an artificial Christmas tree if it has fewer tips.

  • Material

There are two types of plastics that are used in the production of artificial trees, PVC or PE.

PVC needles are wired to the artificial tree branches.

PE artificial trees are created in such a way that both the needles and the branches more closely mimic those of a real tree than other types of fake trees.

It depends on you which type of material you want to select for your artificial tree.

Some trees may also employ both materials to give their needles an even more realistic and variegated appearance.

PE Christmas Tree VS PVC Christmas Tree

Figure4 PE Christmas Tree VS PVC Christmas Tree

  • Attached Stands

A variety of stands are often provided by manufacturers; however, plastic stands are less sturdy than metal stands.

The quality of a stand has a significant impact on the quality of the tree as well as the length of its lifetime.

Metal stands are preferable for high-quality trees that are strong and long-lasting. A sturdy stand will prevent your Christmas tree from toppling over or tilting to one side.

5. 2022 New Artificial Christmas tree trend

Many artificial Christmas trees are evergreen and never go out of style.

It is up to you to decorate your artificial tree in a traditional style or use the same old decorations every year. But it is high time for you to have a change.

Here are some of the major trends you should know about for artificial Christmas trees in 2022.

  • Colors

The traditional Christmas tree colors are red and green, and people still often use them today.

However, artificial Christmas trees wholesale are available in a range of hues to complement any decorating scheme you have in mind.

As the year changes, both color professionals and the web community starts to speculate about which hue becomes the next trend color.

You may anticipate seeing artificial Christmas trees in the shade periwinkle in 2022.

This shade constitutes a periwinkle blue with violet-red undertones and is a newly curated color that reflects the richness of a color palette.

Described as “a new Pantone color whose courageous presence encourages personal inventiveness and creativity,” this shade is perfect for reflecting your artistic spirit into your design.

  • Small and Intimate

Because of the continued existence of social distancing standards, many individuals are celebrating small parties with fewer guests.

You may consider placing personal ornaments on or around your Christmas tree.

Unique ornaments, stockings, personal mementos, or elaborate gift tags with each person’s name on them are all examples of what you may do.

  • Throwback

Due to covid, many people prefer to stay at home to celebrate and reminisce about their previous Christmas holidays.

That is why nostalgic and vintage decor is the new trend for artificial Christmas trees for 2022.

  • Boho Vibes

The boho style is a prominent trend in wholesale artificial Christmas trees right now.

It is a popular choice that is embraced by plants and greenery, natural wood tones, and woven textures.

You may consider utilizing raw wood for decorations and accessories or using your handwoven abilities to make weaved garlands and ornaments for wholesale purchase of your artificial Christmas tree.

Popular Artificial Christmas Tree 2022

Figure5 Popular Artificial Christmas Tree 2022

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