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Everyone wants to adore his/her home space with beautiful and aesthetic flowers, plants, ferns, etc. But the main issue arises where can you find the best artificial greenery at a reasonable price?
There are tons of artificial greenery wholesale available all over the world but the artificial greenery manufactured by the artificial greenery wholesalers in China is nothing like you’ve seen anywhere.
China is filled with professional manufacturers who are experts in making high-quality, captivating, and long-lasting artificial greenery.
But a very important question arises here. Who are the finest manufacturers in China that you should go for? Let’s see who can help you in the best possible way.

Artificial Greenery Wholesale - artificial boxwood panel

Artificial Boxwood Panel

Artificial Wall Wholesale

Fake Greenery Boxwood Hedge

Lawn Boxwood Green Hedges

Lawn Boxwood Green Hedges

artificial greenery material 1

Material 1: PE

artificial greenery wall material 2

Material 2: PU

artificial greenery wall material 3

Material 3: PU

Co-Arts Innovation
Professional Artificial Greenery Wholesale Supplier in China

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Co-Arts Artificial Greenery Wholesale Supplier Manufacturing Progress

Artificial Plant Raw Material

Raw Materials Section

Piles of synthetic materials like plastic pellets, fabrics, and dyes, with workers unloading and sorting them.
Artificial Plant Worker

Mixing and Molding Area

Machines mixing the synthetic materials, shaping them into leaves, branches, and various greenery forms, with workers operating and monitoring the machinery
Artificial Plant Assembly Line

Assembly Line

Workers assembling the molded parts into finished artificial plants and trees. Conveyor belts with various stages of assembly, including attaching leaves to stems and arranging them into pots.
artificial plants factory Quality Control

Quality Control

Workers inspecting the finished products for quality, ensuring they look realistic and are free from defects.
artificial greenery being packaged into boxes

Packaging Area

Finished artificial greenery being packaged into boxes, labeled, and prepared for shipping. Workers carefully placing items into boxes and sealing them.
artificial plant warehouse


Stacks of packaged boxes ready for distribution, forklifts moving pallets, and trucks being loaded for delivery.

How Co-Arts help your Artificial Greenery Wholesale Business?

Artificial greenery business is one of the most popular businesses in the world right now. But it can be made successful if your products are of top-notch quality.
Co-Arts Innovation is one of the best artificial greenery wholesale providers that you can get your hands on. With over 20 years of experience, Co-Arts Innovation has the capability of providing high-quality artificial greenery to expand your business.
Co-Arts Innovation has earned the trust of over 500 companies with their high-quality artificial greenery products.
We offer a wide range of artificial greenery products. From small ferns to big artificial trees that you see in malls, outside offices, our expert team of engineers will supply everything.
All you have to do is voice out your thoughts and we will turn into reality.
Thus, if you want your artificial greenery business to pave the way to success, Co-Arts Innovation is the one that you choose.

Artificial Greenery Wall for Office

Installing an artificial greenery wall in an office adds vibrant aesthetics, boosts well-being, and reduces noise.

artificial greenery wall project 1
artificial greenery wall for home

Home Dining Room Artificial Greenery Wall Project

Enhance your dining room with an artificial greenery wall, adding vibrant beauty and a relaxing ambiance.

Artificial Greenery Wall Decor Ideas For The Staircase

Transform your staircase with artificial greenery walls, bringing vibrant beauty and a touch of nature indoors.

Artificial Greenery Wall Decor Ideas For The Staircase

Artificial Greenery Wholesale – A Complete Buyer’s Guide

1. What does artificial greenery make of?

Whether for commercial or residential purposes, artificial greenery can reshape your entire space and give it a new appeal.

In general, artificial greenery is made up of two materials – Plastic and Silk. However, some other materials can be used to manufacture artificial greenery.

Some companies also use polyester and nylon to manufacture artificial greenery.

The main purpose of using these materials is to make artificial greenery as realistic as possible. Also, these materials are quite long-lasting.

Figure 1 Artificial Greenery

Figure 1 Artificial Greenery

2. How does Co-Arts Innovation make your artificial greenery?

Our expert team of manufacturers and experts strive hard to provide the finest artificial greenery to its clients.

The manufacturing process starts when the team of engineers puts the materials into the artificial leaf-making machine.

These engineers have years of experience in using this machine and they make sure that they leave no room for mistakes.

The leaves are then assembled manually in the finest patterns inside the branches. The manufacturers then trim the branches to a fine length.

The assembled leaves and branches are then polished and given a specific shape, patterns, size, etc.

These semi-finished products are then put inside pots, ready to be packaged and delivered.

3. Does Co-Arts Innovation provide all kinds of artificial greenery wholesale to its customers?

If you want to add some green to your life, you need different kinds of artificial greenery because only one kind won’t do the trick.

Plus, different types of artificial greenery can attract a lot more customers than just one. More variety means more customers and this can only aid in making your business successful.

Co-Arts Innovation provides a range of artificial greenery to its customers.

This range includes:

  • Faux plants
  • Artificial topiary trees
  • Artificial flowers
  • Artificial wreaths and wall-hanging decorations
  • Artificial hanging basket flowers
  • Artificial palm trees
  • Artificial pampas grass
  • Artificial reed grass
  • Potted trailing plants
  • Artificial hedges
  • Dried pampas grass
  • Face planter with artificial plants
  • Potted plants with iron framesets

You can order any of the above artificial greenery from Co-Arts Innovation and make your brand successful.

Figure 2 Different kinds of Artificial Greenery

Figure 2 Different kinds of Artificial Greenery

4. Does Co-Arts Innovation offer customization to its customers?

Sometimes you don’t like the entire product that your manufacturers are delivering and you want to alter some of the things.

It may be a change in color, shape, or the size of the artificial greenery.

Now, some manufacturers don’t offer customization but Co-Arts Innovation can customize your product without any consideration.

All you have to do is tell your concerns to our design team and we will deliver.

You will also receive a 3D design of your product before the manufacturing process is put into action.

In this way, we make sure that you get everything you wish for.

5. Can Co-Arts Innovation handle a bulk project?

When you order for a commercial project, you generally need artificial greenery in a larger quantity.

But when you order things in bulk, some manufacturers fail to provide high-quality products.

But, with 20+ experience in making handicraft products, Co-Arts Innovation can perfectly handle a bulk project.

No matter how many artificial plants, flowers, trees, and grass you want, Co-Arts Innovation will not only provide the finest quality products but deliver them on time as well.

6. How does Co-Arts Innovation inspect your artificial greenery?

The inspection process of a company is done to test that everything stays in order till the products are packaged and dispatched.

That is why you need to go with those artificial greenery wholesalers who have a thorough inspection process.

In this way, you’ll know that all your products are of high quality.

Co-Arts Innovation has a very comprehensive inspection process that is divided into six parts.

  • Pre-production check

Before the production process begins, all the raw materials are inspected to test whether these materials meet the quality specifications or not.

A pre-production check can help in cutting down the material costs, wasted time, and delayed shipment.

  • During production check

This stage is divided into two parts of the inspection.

The first inspection occurs when 10% of the raw materials are consumed.

This inspection is done to review the quality of the raw materials before they are put into mass production.

The second part of inspection occurs when 80-90% of the raw materials are consumed.

This accounts for the validation of the first part of the inspection along with meeting all the quality standards.

  • Pre-shipment Inspection

This inspection occurs when 100% of the production is finished and the product is ready to be shipped.

It allows the engineers to see that all the quality specifications have been met and the product will be shipped without delay.

  • Production Monitoring Inspection

In this inspection, the inspector looks over the entire production process, from start to finish, to gather a penetrating sight into it.

The inspector supervises the entire process with a keen eye to detect any potential problems.

  • Container loading supervision

This inspection occurs at the time when the cartons are being loaded into the containers.

It makes sure that the right quantity of the products are being shipped and all the cartons are in a good condition.

A lot of people want to put their artificial greenery outside their homes or offices to enhance their aesthetic appeal from the outside.
But when you put artificial plants outside your homes or offices, the biggest concern of most people is whether the plants will survive the harsh weather conditions or not.
This is something that you don’t need to worry about when you’re working with Co-Arts Innovation.
The artificial greenery manufactured by Co-Arts Innovation can not only withstand the most drastic weather conditions but also appear much more captivating.
No matter if it’s a heavy rainfall day, eye-piercing sunlight day, or snow coming down from above, the artificial greenery manufactured by Co-Arts Innovation will survive and appear more beautiful than ever.

Artificial Plants for Package

Artificial Plants for Package

7. Does Co-Arts Innovation deliver artificial greenery nationwide?

Yes, Co-Arts Innovation delivers artificial greenery wholesale from China to all over the world.

It is quite a letdown when you really like something but those manufacturers or retailers don’t deliver in your area.

We don’t want our customers to suffer from such a thing. That is why we provide our finest quality products nationwide.

No matter where you live, Co-Arts Innovation will deliver your products to your doorstep.

8. Why should you choose Co-Arts Innovation as your artificial greenery partner?

Co-Arts Innovation is a company that has been around for over 20 years and gathered the utmost amount of experience in this span.

We have polished every skill that is needed to make the best products for our customers.

The reason for choosing Co-Arts Innovation lies in the fact that all of our products are customer-oriented.

We make things according to the requirements of our customers and we never leave a client unhappy with our services.

Our customers are our priority and because of that, we are able to construct such a rich portfolio that extends from China to all over the world. Plus, we deliver nationwide as well.

Co-Arts Innovation not only provides the highest quality products but also various kinds and types of artificial greenery. Did you know that we offer customization as well?

Lastly, our support team remains present 24/7 for our clients in case of any query and issue.

That’s it, fellows! I hope this guide helps you in selecting the best artificial greenery wholesale manufacturers. Good luck!

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