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  • like the natural pampas grass
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Potted Artificial Pampas Grass

Material: PVC, Clay


Application: Home, Garden, etc


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Material: PVC, Clay

Size: 37.4 inch x 6.3 inch x 6.3 inch

Application: For home, garden decor



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Artificial Pampas Grass – The FAQ Guide

Tall, grassy, and fluffy, artificial potted pampas grass are the new craze these days and can be found in almost every household for interior decoration purposes.

Their authentic appearance, along with little to no maintenance, is probably why artificial pampas grass wholesale purchases are being made by homeowners worldwide.

Given their rising popularity, Co-Arts supply faux potted pampas grass to customers all over the world, with both the artificial plant as well as the pot being manufactured out of the highest quality materials.

This FAQ guide possesses almost all the information that one needs to know about artificial pampas grass.

Here, you will find responses to several queries you might have about artificial pampas grass.

1.What is Artificial Pampas Grass?

Artificial pampas grass is in full bloom this season. Quickly grab some scissors and get yourself ready to chop down some feathery and fluffy grass to decorate your home.

Faux pampas grass is rapidly taking over Instagram. You will see it in almost every fall floral wedding arrangement.

Have you ever come across tall grass that is able to reach a height of at least three meters? Well, that is what Pampas grass looks like in reality.

The tall stems have snowy white panicles bearing on them. Usually, people cultivate it like an ornamental plant. When the grass dries, the silky flowering plumes get used for decoration or flower arrangements.

Some people do not want allergens and a mess inside their house. Therefore, they opt for artificial pampas grass. It is the fake version of natural grass.

Often, manufacturers use silk, paper, and wire to simulate realistic pampas. The faux stems are versatile. That allows you to bend them to any height you want.

Also, they are inexpensive as compared to original pampas grass.

2.About Co-Arts Innovation(Artificial Pampas Grass Supplier)

Co-Arts Innovation is a professional artificial plants supplier in China, now artificial pampas grass is very popular in marketing, and many customers ask for a quote for faux pampas grass.

High-quality artificial pampas grass wholesale for all over the world and offer fast delivery.

Beautifully textured artificial pampas grass products are supplied by Co-Arts to our respective clients.

And Co-Arts depend on the demands of marketing need, we not only supply the decorative colorful faux pampas grass for weeding but also supply the faux potted pampas grass.

These artificial potted pampas grass products are layered in such a manner that they appear light, fluffy, and soft to touch.

Despite being made out of artificial materials, the artificial pampas grass wholesale products are designed and manufactured in such a manner that they give off a natural look, adding countryside charm to whatever area they might be placed in.

Our artificial potted pampas grass products are multi-purpose, and can be utilized for special occasions and events, or to just brighten up your portside area.

If you have any interest, please feel free to contact us.

3.What are some features of artificial pampas grass?

Tall in height:

Usually, artificial pampas grass is available in 100-120 centimeters tall branches.

That is because the real pampas grass is also tall, so to imitate a similar look, manufacturers make artificial ones with stems of fluffy and gall trees.

However, you will always find smaller or taller dimensions to suit your landscape or decor.

Premium and high-quality materials:

To keep the textures and colors hyper-realistic, the tip of the pampas is silk. Also, to ensure validity and reliability, the stems get processed in paper-wrapped iron.
Silk The Artificial Pampas Grass Material

Silk: The Artificial Pampas Grass Material

High-quality artificial pampas grass wholesale from Co-Arts Innovation, If you have a new business plan for home decor or wedding decor, the faux pampas grass is a good product to start the E-commerce。

Rich, vibrant colors:

Often there is a variety of eye-catching colors available that symbolize each of the four seasons. It depends on you which color you think would best suit your decor.

Usually, a lovely pink color represents lush spring while yellow represents autumn. For other diverse occasions, many colors are available. Like the primary color, white color, pink color, etc.

Artificial Pampas Grass Colors Selection

Artificial Pampas Grass Colors Selection

No shedding:

There will be no shedding! Making a pampas grass flower arrangement has never been simpler! There will be no more fluffing or spraying.

This artificial pampas grass decoration will last a long time! While dried flowers are common, faux pampas grass is a best friend of a decorator because it requires no preparation and creates no mess!

For Example of Co-Arts Artificial Pampas Grass CA18YLB-6800

Artificial Pampas Grass Feature

Artificial Pampas Grass CA18YLB-6800 Feature

4.Why You Should Choose Co-Arts For Potted Pampas Grass Products?

Co-Arts Innovation has more than 20+ years of experience in manufacturing artificial plant products for home decor purposes, including artificial potted pampas grass products.

Our company has a reputation for providing premium quality services during as well as after the purchase.

Co-Arts mainly focuses on customer experience and satisfaction, aiming to provide them with the highest quality artificial pampas grass wholesale products.

The staff here at Co-Arts is well trained, well-spoken, and friendly. As an artificial pampas grass wholesaler, Co-Arts will your trustworthy friendship.

If you as a client of Co-Arts are stuck in how many potted pampas grass products you should purchase, or what style and design you should purchase them in, there’s no need to worry.

Our staff will be able to help guide you throughout the entire process, making sure that you select those potted pampas grass products that match well with the theme of your event, or occasion.

All of our potted pampas grass products are manufactured with great care and are up to the manufacturing standards in the industry.

Not only are our potted pampas grass products UV and fire-resistant, which makes them safe to use, but they are also free of heavy metals.

This means that our potted pampas grass products can be kept indoors as well, without any risk of them being hazardous for your health.

If you’d like to know more about potted pampas grass products and how you can incorporate them into your design, please send us

Email at         Call us at +86 592 5293209.

Artificial Pampas Grass in Showroom

Artificial Pampas Grass in Showroom

5.What are some uses of artificial pampas grass?

Try these artificial pampas if you are planning an interior-themed event or building an outdoor landscape.

Faux pampas grass adds elegance to any scene, and they also last for a long time with no maintenance costs.

Colorful pampas bunches, for example, will blend in perfectly with other plants in homes, patios, restaurants, and boutique shops.

As a result, people include roses, faux pampas, and hanging plants in ornamental plant arrangements for various property spaces.

Artificial pampas grass may also decorate festivals and weddings. It is the newest and hottest trend that everyone is following nowadays for their special events.

Pampas can sway with the wind if left outside, and it is this swaying demeanor making them so appealing.

faux potted pampas grass for outdoor

faux potted pampas grass for outdoor

6.Co-Arts Artificial Grasses and Reeds with Pot

Co-Arts also supply potted artificial reed grass, the faux reed grass is very beautiful and the newest trend like the artificial pampas grass.

Bring the texture of springtime to your coastal cottage all year long with this faux grass and planter set.

It features layers of green faux grass and white daisies for a natural look, and they are made up of a mix of plastic and silk.

The artificial reed grass is displayed inside a little, rounded resin or clay planter Which is a good decoration for home.

And its freestanding design is great for freshening up any corner on your porch or patio. Plus, we love that this grass looks great all year round with none of the upkeep.

  • Decorative home décor accent
  • Maintenance-free
  • Works with all kinds of décor
  • The product comes double boxed for better storage
  • PVC and daisies in a pot

artificial reed grass with pots

artificial reed grass with pots

7.What are some decorative ideas using artificial pampas grass?

The newest (and most shocking) sensation is faux Pampas grass this year, also known by its scientific name, Cortaderia selloana.

Who would have guessed we would all fall in love with grass, of all things?

These lovely waving wheat-toned grasses evoke vintage gardens and pastoral meadows.

A single stalk of pampas grass complements modern décor perfectly: white walls appear even better with a stem of pampas grass.

This rich floral, combined with millennial pink, feels like it could last another decade.

There is no doubt that pampas grass will elevate even the most ordinary home decor.

Adding a touch of pampas to any decor style, whether glam, rustic, contemporary, or boho, will work perfectly.

Due to the versatility and durability of the faux Pampas grass, you can use it in many ways.

That means you will not run out of options no matter what look you desire. When you change up your decor (for example, by giving it a new vase), you can repurpose it, and it will still fit right in.

So, if you want to transform your home into a work of art, follow these tricks and tips on ways faux pampas grass for decoration.

  • 1.Pair the artificial pampas grass with a dark background:

Usually, in online photographs, you will find pampas shown in neutral and bright rooms with light-colored walls. Well, sometimes you can pair these pretty plumes with dark tones, too!

When you display pampas grass against a black backdrop, it will add a lot of dramatic contrast to your space. Nowadays, dark walls are trending.

Therefore, combining them with a fluffy and light, the feather-like plant will create a more moody atmosphere.

  • 2.An all year round centerpiece solution:

Fresh flowers have the disadvantage of easily withering and dying, particularly in the winter and fall. You can use artificial pampas grass instead of flowers if you are tired of changing your table centerpiece all the time.

Pampas also adds warmth and texture to any space, which is essential for a centerpiece. Even a few stalks of this grass will improve the overall appearance of your room.

  • 3.You can create your holiday wreath:

If you assume wreaths are only for Christmas, you are wrong! You may make a faux pampas grass wreath on your own to hang on your door or use inside as a wall hanging. It is a great way to ring at the start of autumn and the end of summer.

A pampas grass wreath may also make a customized gift for others. Maybe you only want to show off your inventiveness! In any case, a pampas grass wreath made at home will add a touch of elegance to any entryway or interior.

  • 4.Enhance your neutral color palettes:

Pampas grass is modern beauty at its best when paired with neutral color palettes. When you combine artificial pampas grass with soft neutral tones in the interior, you cannot go wrong. To add a gentle texture to your space, place a few grassy stalks in a white or light brown vase.

  • 5.You can use faux pampas grass to fill a statement case:

A vase full of faux pampas grass will add an appealing flair. It will work even if you are adding a finishing touch to your living room. You can also fill up some space on your dining table. It will create a striking feature as well as a cozy-chic vibe for a relaxing atmosphere.

  • 6.Try creating faux pampas grass Christmas tree

Most people use Christmas trees as a home decor option during the holiday season. However, were you aware that you can use faux pampas grass to create a Christmas tree? You can usually make them as tabletop Christmas trees, but if you are willing to put in the extra effort (and vacuuming! ), you can make full-size ones as well.

  • 7.Make a cloud of hanging pampas:

Making hanging pampas cloud is a must if you were into the Christmas tree pampas grass concept but preferred hanging plants. Such a decoration will leave your visitors amazed, and it will stay safe from children and pets. That is because it stays afloat.

  • 8.You can combine the faux pampas grass with dried foliage:

Pampas grass is already enthralling on its own. However, this does not rule out the possibility of pairing it with other dried foliage. You may combine it with others to make it stand out even more, depending on the theme of your home or living room.

  • 9.You can use it to flank your wedding aisle:

Pampas grass seems like a perfect option for flanking the aisle if you want your wedding to have a country feel. Be sure to have some stylish oversized items in your collection.

  • 10.Make an arch:

If you want to put in a little more effort, you might make a pampas grass arch. That can get accented with other flowers.

  • 11.Make a chandelier out of it:

This idea helps you take advantage of the natural warmth of the grass by creating a fluffy chandelier that will be the center of attention at any wedding.

8.What are the benefits of using artificial pampas grass as decoration?

It acts as the perfect accent piece:

You can enhance the general look of any modern setting, whether it is the bedroom or the dining room, with the aid of a single stalk of faux pampas grass.

This grass works well as an accent piece because of its natural texture. It blends in well with other elements and the fluff, which adds a nice touch.

The key strength of pampas grass is its texture. It is not only fluffy to the touch but also translates visually for a fantastic architectural effect.

That means you will not need a large quantity of pampas grass; in most instances, only one or two stalks will suffice.

You have different colors of grass to play with:

Pampas grass comes in a variety of colors, though they are typically neutral in tone. That is advantageous since the grass is adaptable, and you can use it in different environments.

A light beige tone goes well with boho and rustic design trends.

Though neutral colors are the most common, you can find pampas grass in brighter hues such as pink and purple.

That means that when paired with a neutral space, you can use the grass to make a point. You will not have to think about replacing the faux pampas grass because it retains its fresh appearance for a long time.

It is enough to stand out on its own:

When it comes to decorating with faux pampas grass, it is advisable to keep things plain. Three or five stems in a vase make a simple yet striking visual statement.

There is no need to mix several colors and keep the crafty flourishes to a minimum.

Pampas grass has a fluffy beauty that works well on its own, which is why it is best to let its simple warmth engulf a room.

Without the assistance of other decorations, the grass will surely stand out on its own.

It looks goes well with natural textures:

Pairing the pampas grass with similar textures is a good idea to try. If you want to build a more welcoming environment, go for natural ones.

A simple bouquet of pampas grass can accent a variety of natural elements in your home. The pampas grass décor is likely to appeal to minimalists.

It will emphasize your neutral color palette:

The decorating ability of pampas grass will support neutral color palettes. Any neutral color goes well with artificial pampas grass, so the possibilities are practically endless.

A fun idea to try is to place a vase with grass against a warmly colored wall to create a delicate contrast. Pampas grass is a subtle accent piece that works well with every neutral color scheme.

It will go well with any case:

Pampas grass can become a highly memorable piece that enhances the décor of any room with the right vase. Big, oversized vases are preferred because they provide a balancing effect for the tall pampas grass.

Clear vases are best for allowing the natural beauty of the stems to shine through. However, depending on the decor of the room, a glass vase might not be appropriate.

Therefore, ceramic vases, such as the one shown above, are a pleasant alternative.

Rustic terracotta vases may also complement the striking beauty of the pampas grass.

There are a variety of vase options available to assist you in achieving the desired effect. It is just a matter of personal taste and choice.

You can use it to decorate your wedding in a budget-friendly way:

If you keep up with wedding trends, you have probably heard about the popularity of pampas grass to enhance the appearance of this special occasion.

This faux pampas grass has a look that is very versatile and goes well with weddings. It can offer bouquets and backdrops a more pleasing texture.

Because of its distinctive appearance and feel, this dry grass has appeal as a wedding decoration. You can use it in a variety of imaginative ways.

It even looks beautiful in an urn:

There is no more effective way to draw attention to yourself. That is a fantastic design option, whether you place the grass in an urn or make a more intricate floral arrangement.

It allows you to create a massive backdrop:

If you want to make a more powerful point, a big backdrop made entirely of pampas grass is the way to go.

Although this is a bold effect, the texture of the grass gives the whole arrangement a more subtle texture.

It allows you to give a quick and trendy makeover to any room:

With a textural and tall faux pampas tree, you can give any space a trendy makeover.

This plume-topped feathery artificial grass is available in dusty pink or natural wheat-toned shades, and it lends wild beauty to mantel scapes and floor vases.

9.What does artificial pampas grass look like now?

You can identify pampas grass by its white feathery flowers, which are its most striking characteristic.

Its tall, green leaves seem elegant, swaying gracefully in the slightest breeze. This tall grass species can reach a height of 5-15 feet in only a few years.

10.What makes designers fall in love with artificial pampas grass?

Even though green houseplants have always been trending, artificial pampas grass has begun to steal the spotlight.

Decorators and homeowners love this artificial grass. That is because of its eye-catching cloud-like stalks and also its characteristics and unique features.

Here are a few reasons why designers pick faux pampas grass for bouquet arrangements, centerpieces, and home decor:

  • Low maintenance:

Since the pampas grass is an artificial one, there is less maintenance for it. You can enjoy the elegant plumes for a long time because they do not shed. You will not have to clean up the mess or water the plants.

  • Textural quality:

Pampas grass adds a pleasant touch of relaxed drama while still creating a sculptural appearance. But, most importantly, it brings your living room to life, providing you with a rare tactile experience.

  • Create an outdoor vibe:

Who says grass has to get restricted to your backyard, farm, or the wild? Pampas grass has proved us wrong by infusing your home with a captivating outdoor vibe.

  • Neutral colors:

Designers adore the infinite possibilities that faux pampas grass provides, thanks to the neutral colors that go with everything. It produces a lovely neutral palette with lots of texture that goes with every decor.

Faux Pampas Grass Decor Types

Faux Pampas Grass Decor Types

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