Artificial Trees

  • Material: Plastic, Silk, etc
  • Temperature resistance
  • No need Water
  • Extra Realistic and Durability
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Turtle Plants CAY8453-4-1PS

Material: PU/Plastic

Size: 75cm

Color: Green

Application: Interior Decor


Banyan Tree Bonsai CAY8515-12-1S

Material: PU

Size: 45cm

Color: Green

Application: Interior Decor



Custom Artificial Trees

Co-Arts is a leading artificial plants supplier from China for commercial and residential, artificial plants and trees,
faux flowers, preserved palms, custom artificial trees landscapes for your requirement.

Artificial Plants Service

1.Faux Trees for Wedding /Birthday Party

2.Artificial Christmas Trees and holiday decorations

3.Exact size wood boxes for table arrangements

4.Lighted custom fake trees

5.Worldwide Shipping

6.Artificial Tree have realistic-looking

Artificial Plants Colors

Multi Colors

Artificial Plants Material

Material Option

Artificial Trees Styles Selection

Styles Selection

Artificial Trees Gallery

Artificial Plants for Interior Design

Artificial Topiary Tree for Home

Decorative Artificial Trees on Tabletop

Tabletop Artificial Trees for Decor

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Artificial Trees – A Complete Buyer’s Guide

Sprucing up your living space or your workstation is an important step in increasing productivity. Designers recommend adding a personal touch to your space to make it seem more lively, and what could possibly be more lively than a plant?

However, not everyone has a green thumb. Some people find it hard to maintain an actual plant and give it everything it needs to survive. Make no mistake, a dead plant on your desk is not a pretty sight. This dilemma of keeping a plant alive comes with one having something green in your space.

The solution: artificial plants. Artificial plants are synthetic alternatives to the real thing. These require low to no maintenance and give you the look and feel of the real thing. However, there are several considerations that have to be made before you shop for faux plants.

Here’s everything you need to know about buying, decorating with, and maintaining artificial trees.

Let’s know more about Co-Arts Artificial Trees

Artificial Trees| Co-Arts

Artificial plants and trees liven up and boost the mood of a room. They lighten up the interiors, and one good thing about them is that they are eternal- they do not die. So no need to take care of it.

Xiamen Co-Arts Limited is a commercial supplier of artificial plants and trees, faux flowers, artificial grass, custom landscapes to the planning trade.

If you’re unsure which Artificial Trees are right for you, contact us for a consultation. We’re happy to debate your project and find the simplest ways to help you in creating your vision.

5 Benefits of artificial plants

  1. The level of maintenance to make sure your offices and residential look attractive and alive is greatly reduced.
  2. With artificial plants, you’ll get different sorts of decorative elements for various purposes e.g. for birthdays, holidays, or themes.
  3. Artificial plants require little energy and lesser time to stay them glowing and searching vibrant. All it requires is simply dusting and keeping them in a dirt-free environment.
  4. Another important advantage of artificial trees is that they are doing not attract insects, bugs, or pests to your homes. So you do not need to be bothered by that anymore.
  5. Artificial trees unlike natural plants don’t require a special sort of soil or a specific level of sunshine and temperature to grow.

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