Best Materials For Different Types Of Glass Terrarium

different types of glass terrarium

Have you ever considered transforming your space into an asylum of beauty with a touch of nature’s effect? If yes, then, all you need is just some terrarium delivered in an array of contemporary designs. Sure, these little pockets of vibrant and living plants can create a dazzling aura of beauty, and they can help you to maximize the ecstatic capacity of even the smallest space with some fresh greenery here and there. Well, choosing the best of material for your glass terrarium can be a bit tricky, especially when you are yet to see some jaw-dropping designs that will perfectly match your space. Want to see the top-ranking material for different types of glass terrarium? Read on as I walk you through the best of the bests.

Large Bowl Succulent Kit

Large Bowl Succulent Kit

Source: Ferrisland

Large Bowl Succulent Kit is another top-ranking glass material for a terrarium kit that serves as a good complement for large spaces. With the large and luxurious design of the large bowl succulent terrarium kit, you can fit as many terrarium plants into the bowl just to suit your taste for varieties and beautification. Although the large bowl succulent kit is open to minor tweaks that will suit your terrarium garden needs, the complete kit comes with two 2-inches rosette succulents, deer moss, peat moss, lava rocks, two 4-inches ground cover succulents together with the large bowl glass vase. Well, succulents are generally known to be very adaptive to dry environment – a reason in part why they are a good choice for both indoor and outdoor terrarium, but depending on their availability, you may choose to add different or other terrarium plants to your large bowl succulent glass terrarium kit.

Ivolador 3 Types Shape Hanging Planter Set

Ivolador Terrarium Container Flower Planter Hanging Glass Home Garden Decor 3 Types

Source: Pinterest

The Ivolador 3 Types Shape Hanging Planter Set is an exquisite terrarium made of borosilicate glass to give a crisp appearance of your greenery as they hang off from wherever you choose to peg them in your space. This superior terrarium comes in a set of 3 shapes; Diamond (3.5 x 3.9 inch), Triangle (3.7 x 4.3 inch) and Water Drop (3.5 x 5.1 inch), and each having a hole size of about 0.4 inches where the strong twines which are about 3.3 feet each, can easily be attached to support the weight of the Ivolador sets.

Short Glass Tera With Cork Lid

Short Glass tera with cork lid crate and barrel

Source: Crate and Barrel

The Short Glass Tera with Cork Terrarium kit is another superior glass terrarium that offers you an endless way to create your own special miniature wonderland of terrarium plant using this handcrafted terrarium. This handmade of recycled glass is capped with a natural cork lid that helps to retain moisture within your terrarium as well as creating a comfortable miniature ecosystem for your terrarium plants, ferns and succulents. In order to give you a hassle-free entrance into this miniature short glass, terrarium ecosystem is a circular cutout by the side, and this makes it pretty easy for you to water your plants or even reposition their faux basement. Most outstanding and amazing about the short glass Tera with cork lid terrarium is its subtle sea glass hue that allows you to appreciate the ecstatic effect of the well-arranged rocks and terrarium plant community.

Large Cloche Terrarium Kit

Large Cloche Terrarium Kit

Source:Eastern Leaf

If you have a soft spot for a wide variety of plants in your glass terrarium, the best material to look out for should be the large cloche terrarium kit. Why you may cut in? This large cloche terrarium kit comes with a wide base that gives you a large space within your terrarium for different terrarium plants. The large cloche terrarium kit also comes complete with the glass cloche as well as a 4 inches premium terrarium plant. Well, since you have a large space within this terrarium to explore, you can accessorize it with other terrarium plants to complement the one that comes with this kit. Need some fresh air into your cloche terrarium kit? Carefully pull up the cloche lid to expose the glass base of your large cloche terrarium.

Tall Desk Succulent Kit

Tall Desk Suculent Kit

Source:Eastern leaf

Straight from the stable of Eastern leaf is this taller terrarium which comes with all the needed components that you need to create your own beautiful succulent terrarium garden within your home. Accompanying this kit is a 4 inches rosette succulent, deer moss, a 2 inches grass succulent, river rocks, peat moss, white gravel, lava rocks as well as the superior glass vase. To give your succulent terrarium plant a tall environment to grow and flourish, the glass vase measures 5 inches in diameter by 8 inches in height. So, if you have a pretty busy schedule with little or no time to water your terrarium, that’s never a problem with this succulent terrarium plants. Intrigued to know why? Succulents are very powerful water retaining plants, and they have the innate ability to adapt to a harsh or dry environment. More so, their variety of shapes, colour and sizes will definitely add an icing of beautiful ambience to your home.

Canopy Closed Garden Terrarium

Canopy Closed Terrarium

Source: Garden Illustrated

Canopy Closed Garden Terrarium is another beautiful glass terrarium manufactured by LSA International which you should look out for. With the 100% clear and handmade recycled glass which is used in the design of this special glass terrarium, you will agree that the crisp and clear appearance it gives to your terrarium was part of the design plan. This exquisite Canopy Closed Garden Terrarium comes in different sizes ranging from 16.5cm in width by 24cm in height to 22cm X 31cm, and each of this sizes comes with a super sturdy cord lid that keeps your terrarium away from invading insects and other foreign materials. Frankly speaking, the overall design of this classic glass terrarium makes to fit in perfectly into any part of your space and you can use it as a finishing touch for indoor décor.

Apothecary Jar Air Plant Terrarium Kit

Apothecary Jar AIr Plant Terrarium Kit

Source: Eastern Leaf

If you need a glass terrarium that gives your space a look of royalty, then this Apothecary Jar Air Plant Terrarium Kit will be the perfect choice for you. within the apothecary, glass jar terrarium is natural river stones that provide a solid basement for your terrarium plants. With its 6×16 inches in diameter and height design, the apothecary glass jar terrarium comes complete with three air plants; TIllandsia Fuchsii, TIllandsia Stricta and TIllandsia Juncea. This beautiful combination of some wispy foliage together with a deer moss which serves as a soft background within the terrarium fulfils the ecstatic promise of the apothecary glass jar terrarium.

Cube Succulent Terrarium Kit

Cube succulent terrarium kit Eastern leaf

Source: Eastern Leaf

Without much rhetoric in design, the Cube Succulent Terrarium Kit is yet another beautiful glass terrarium with a very simplistic design that speaks volume when it comes to bringing nature’s beauty into your space. This sleek glass terrarium comes complete with all the needed accessories that will give your home a succulent terrarium garden. Contained within the kit is a 4-inch ground cover succulent, a 4-inch rosette succulent, river rocks, a 2-inch grass succulent, peat moss, lava rocks, white gravel together with the elegant glass cube vase. Just like you would already know, succulents are water retaining terrarium plants that can survive a harsh and dry environment, and this makes the cube glass terrarium vase a perfect ornament for both indoor and outdoor use.

Succulent Dish Terrarium Kit

Succulent dish tera eastern leaf

Source: Eastern Leaf

This succulent dish terrarium kit is another elegant glass terrarium that brings to mind the classic view and design of a balcony garden. With a touch of a contemporary design using glass material, the succulent dish terrarium garden provides a controlled environment to grow your terrarium lives. Contained within this succulent dish terrarium kit are a 2-inch rosette succulent, a 4-inch ground cover succulent, a 4-inch rosette succulent, deer moss, peat moss, lava rocks and the high quality and crisp glass vase, which measures 8inches x 4 inches in diameter and height respectively. Although your dish terrarium succulents are known for their rugged nature, especially in a water-scarce environment, the rich soil component within the dish terrarium gives them a more favourable environment to thrive and radiate your space with nature’s beauty.

Large Slant Terrarium with Wood Base

Large Slant Terrarium with Wood Base

Source: Crate and Barrel Exclusive

When it comes to furnishing your space with the embellishing effect of a glass terrarium, the array of designs seems endless. Among the best glass materials for your terrarium is the large slant bowl with a wood base which is a favourite design for most homeowners whenever they hit the stores for a contemporary organic terrarium. The eye-catching effect of this slant terrarium in part is due to its off-kilter, wide and slanted opening which makes it very easy for you to rearrange the air plants, stones and water ferns that are all thriving beautifully within your terrarium. The wide and sleek design of this large slant bowl with wood base glass terrarium gives you the opportunity to wake up every morning into the dazzling ambience of your flourishing ecosystem as well as nature’s splendour right within your home.

Anything You Can Imagine

Anything You Can Imagine 1 backyard boss

Source: Backyard Boss

Without reaching too far towards some high-end glass terrarium, your old candy jars, canisters, and even fish bowls are also an awesome way to give your space a facelift with these wonder array of terrarium jars. Their unique and dazzling shapes and sizes makes them pretty awesome for any type of terrarium plant you would want to nurture into an arsenal of irresistible beauty. In order to appreciate what beauty in diversity represents, place these jars side-by-side, and allow them to bless your space with an awesome view of freshness.

Unique Uses

Home Decor with Glass Terrarium

Source: Backyard Boss

While some glass terrarium tries so hard to create an impression of beauty and elegance, these delicate and unique design of terrarium vase gives you a world of space to express your love for nature’s beauty with different aquatic terrarium plants as you would love to add to the vase. With the wood base, you can easily lift and reposition the globe vase into a different angle that will give your space a different touch of style with some brightly colored aquatic plants within your glass terrarium.

Sungrow 3 Hanging Glass Terrariums

Sungrow 3 Hanging Glass

Source: Dodomy

These 3 sets of SunGrow hanging terrarium globes are another rare breed of glass terrarium that is specially designed to give you a feel of nature’s beauty even in the hottest environment. The rugged and sturdy design of these hanging terrarium globes adapts them to withstand hot and environments of extreme temperature with your favorite terrarium plant growing exponentially in them. Also spectacular about these handing terrarium globes is the fact that they can fit into almost any part of your space; kitchen, living room, lobby, or even your bedroom. More so, their easy-to-maintain design, as well as their greenhouse effect, makes them pretty perfect as an embellishment to your space.

Hanging Succulent Terrarium Kit

hanging succulent eastern leaf

Source: Eastern Leaf

From the stable of Eastern Leaf is the hanging succulent glass terrarium kit that is well-designed to deliver absolute natural beauty and to your home. This succulent glass terrarium kit comes complete with one 4″ ground cover succulent, one 2inch rosette succulents, lava rocks, white gravel, burlap wire, decorative natural stone, peat moss, and premium glass hanging vase which serves as the home of your indoor beauty garden. Amazing about the hanging succulent glass terrarium is the fact that it is not a choosy beauty garden with stiff choices of where it can be placed. You can hang it in any part of your space, you will still be sure of giving your space a touch of elegance with its greenery backdrop.

Air Garden Vessel

Air Garden Vessels backyard bos

Source: Backyard Boss

Just as the name suggests, these air gardens deliver a beautiful glass terrarium of aquatic plants to your space. The different sizes and shapes of this delicate glass terrarium create an easy way of attracting, attention, love, admiration, and interest to your space as they beautifully send a message of nature’s love and brilliance throughout your space. To say the least, you can tell that the reflecting light coupled with a touch of vegetation from this swaying air garden is a good way to create a relaxing environment in your home. Wrap Up Terrarium decors create a good way to express your soft spot for natural beauty with the attractive sight of flourishing plants within a natural-artificial ecosystem in your home. In case you have been finding it difficult to make the perfect choice of the best material for different types of a glass terrarium, sure you must have had a handful to choose from in this post. If you are ready to make a glass terrarium for your own, check this YouTube here to learn how to make it.


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