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Greenery fake or real can add beauty to the home, making your living room, kitchen, and other spaces look stunning and lively. A house beautifully decorated with greenery creates a great impression in visitors’ minds, making them feel welcomed. However, as you are eager to decorate your home, the difficulty in getting and maintaining real flowers could discourage you. Still, you don’t have to be frustrated because artificial plants are here to make your décor dream come true without limitations.

Yes, you aren’t limited to a few scarce choices because there are several artificial plants you can use in decorating your home or office, all depending on the style and theme you want. When curating flowers in the home, some prefer housing them in a vase while others prefer closer to the wall. You can also hang artificial plants, and this is an excellent idea. One of the main reasons for using hanging plants is that they don’t require much space, making them suitable for small spaces.  

You can get creative by using artificial hanging basket plants, which makes it possible to hang your flowers and plants instead of just placing them on the floor near a wall or on the table. However, not all flowers are suitable for this, as there are specific hanging plants that would add more beauty to your home.

Further, fake plants are practical, easy to care for and, nowadays, plenty realistic. Here are some important reasons artificial plants are right to use for home decor.

You’ve probably noticed how we’ve had several posts about the value and benefits of green plants, from a closer relationship to nature to better air. Plants add organic beauty and make us happier, healthier and more productive.

But sometimes, there’s just no way we can have real plants. Sometimes it’s having pets and not wanting to risk making them sick. Sometimes it does not have enough light or humidity to make the plants thrive. Sometimes it’s not at home often enough to take proper care of them. Sometimes it just has a black thumb.

What if you want the look of plants, but somehow can’t manage to keep actual plants alive? Here is the solution for your all problems.

As technology advanced, so did the realism of fake plants,

Artificial plants have gotten quite realistic

Fake plants now come with nicely textured trunks, stems, leaves, and flowers. If you’ve been to a market lately, you may have noticed the artificial plants, which have excellent imitations of popular trees and indoor plants. The potted bamboo and fig tree are especially realistic and cost a fraction of the real thing.

Even at your local craft store, you’ll find a variety of excellent artificial greenery and flowers so you can make your own fake bouquet—no need to water.

Sometimes you don’t have the right conditions

With artificial plants having no specific requirement, it can be placed anywhere one wants. Moreover, you can pick up any size and type according to the place you wish to keep it. Although you can always choose plants that fit your current climate and light situation, sometimes we want a plant that could not survive, either because of lack of light or any other condition that’s out of your control.

Similarly, artificial outdoor plants are designed with tougher materials that can withstand ultraviolet rays and harsh weather conditions. Do you want flowers that are small and portable? Do you prefer large artificial plants, especially for outdoor usage? Whatever type you want for your home and office decor, there are several artificial choices to choose.

When you decorate a space with real flowers and plants, it is impossible to bend or twist it to give you different shapes. In fact, if you try bending or tweaking a real plant, just say goodbye to that plant because it is going to suffer damages and might die. But with artificial plants, it’s a different story. Artificial plants, especially the artificial snake plant and these special ones made from high-quality materials, are highly flexible. You can bend them and make necessary adjustments to meet the style, idea, shape, and size you want.

There is No waiting time

Using artificial plants does not require an individual to wait. Instead, plants can be purchased and directly installed. However, before installation, it is strictly recommended to soak them in warm water, such that a more realistic look can be given to the plant.

They are Maintenance free

When it comes to the maintenance of plants, it is totally simple and easy to do. All you have to do is remove and rinse. These plants can also be placed in a plastic plant cleaner, and rinsed before placing them to the original place.

They are Safe to use

As these artificial plants have not been removed from bodies of water, placing them in offices or houses does not expose you to parasites, pests, or other foreign elements. Hence it is completely safe to use in any environment or place.

They are Durable

As these artificial plants do not need any care or specific environment, they last for a long time without getting affected. Such durable plants can be easily hired from Plant Hire Melbourne and placed as per the requirement of an individual or place.

Well, if you really want that plant, you can probably find a fake version of it that doesn’t need light or water. Sure, it won’t grow, but it’ll still look great in your decor. The beauty of fake plants is that you can have dry-weather species in your bathroom or sunlight-hungry flowers in the darkest corner of your basement living room. 

Not all plants are pet-friendly, and many pet owners have had to give up on having their favorite plants because it could make their furry friend very sick or even kill them. Sure, there are plenty of pet-friendly, non-toxic plants out there, but again, sometimes there’s a plant we really like and can’t have it because of our pets.

With a fake version of that plant, even if your pet is an inveterate chewer, there’s no risk of making them sick. The only risk here is that if your pet does like to chew on everything and anything, you’ll end up with mangled leaves and stems that you can’t just clip off and wait to regrow. So maybe keep the plant at a height your pet can’t reach or use pet repellents to keep them away.

You are a black thumb

Every plant you’ve ever tried to grow has died. Well, no worries. Fake plants don’t need your thumb at all. They’ll do just fine on their own

Caring for fake plants

Fake plants are easy to care for. Just dust them along with your regular vacuum and dusting routine, or take them in the shower with you.

You don’t need to water them or feed them or clip them, ever.

Here are the few tips while you are buying an Artificial Plant:

  1. First of all, the flowers’ quality dramatically reflects on the price. If you want something that feels and appears so real, then you should know that the price will be a bit higher and different from others. 
  2. When shopping for artificial plants (or anything artificial), your goal is to find products that mimic nature as closely as possible. If you’re strict on budget, then polyester and plastic is your best bet. If you’re looking for high-quality artificial plants, then any combination of fibers like rayon, silk, and cotton will do the trick.
  3. Mix them with natural fresh flowers if you are a producer, not the consumer. Consider this an industry secret. This little trick will scheme all of your house guests, even the experienced florists into believing your floral collection is the real deal. You can combine fresh and fake flowers in the same vase to achieve this. Another great idea is paring artificial flowers in one vase, and fresh flowers in another, but using the same vignette for them.
  4. Use odd numbers using odd numbers. Make use of odd numbers of stems to make the floral arrangement more interesting, and full of character. Using odd numbers like 3, 5, 7, and 9, among others, also helps you achieve a defining height and scale.
  5. Make use of fake stems with parts that can be twisted or bent. With this, it would be easy to modify the blooms and stems into your desired position. Ensure that you bend your stems at different lengths. Doing so will ensure that all your stems don’t end up having the same height in your vase. As you make some areas higher than others, your flowers appear full and properly scaled. This will make it very attractive and also create a great impression. Word of caution, make sure the stems are made from high grade materials. This is because cheaper branches can easily break, and it’s very hard to decorate with broken stems.
  6. For bouquets, make sure you start with an inspiration flower, use other flowers and greenery you love as complementary to that inspiration flower, and build around it until you get an awesome design. Even though it’s a good idea to not deviate from a particular design, sometimes it can be very rewarding to let your creativity flow in abstract ways, such as mixing a variety of flowers with two or more design styles.

Designing Tips

Artificial flowers’ beauty is more than the material used in designing it, just like the product development methodologies used to create them, where you place it also matters. With that being said, let’s take a look at the best places to use faux flowers to bring out the beauty in your home, office, and other living areas.

Amongst the many places to use fake flowers, the kitchen window stands out. Fake flowers look good when placed outside the kitchen window. They will also go well outside the bedroom window, so when you are buying these realistic designed flowers, ensure that you consider your kitchen and bedroom windows. Also, remember, there are several styles to choose from, and they also add to the beauty of your front porch, patio, and other outdoor spaces.

Artificial flowers for your Wedding

No matter whatever is your budget, lifestyle, wedding date, or location, fake flowers for a wedding are a lifesaver. Their ease of use, year-round availability, and affordability can take any wedding to the next level. With the endless options for floral arrangements out there, you have a big decision to make. But with the right artificial flowers, you can create the wedding you’ve envisioned since you were a kid. Even if the flowers you want aren’t in season, taking the faux route allows for the ultimate creative freedom and access to exotic flowers all year. With the proper care and nurturing, they can last as long as you love a lifetime.

Indoor vs Outdoor

While you might love that Fiddle Leaf Fig, make sure it is safe for outdoor use. Some large indoor artificial plants may not be suitable for the outdoors and can lose their color from the natural elements. This is why it’s essential to look out for plants that say UV resistant or indoor/outdoor on the title. Artificial outdoor landscape plants can prove to be more economical in the long run as you’ll save from gardening costs. Maybe you wish to transform your garden but lack the time; large fake outdoor plants can make your dream garden a reality. Outdoor plants are safe for indoor use.

Size depends on how large you want your indoor/outdoor artificial plant. As a rule of thumb, we recommend measuring your space and adding a little more just if you decide to change the planter. For example, you might be looking to add a large artificial plant in pots to your living room if your ceiling is eight as most traditional homes are, we recommend going with a 7.5 maximum. This allows you more leeway if you wish to change the planter one day. We recommend using a measuring tape when calculating the size. Nearly Natural measures products from the widest or tallest reference point. We start at the bottom, then measure to the highest leaf, flower, or branch.

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