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Co-Arts, as one of the professional Ceramic Christmas Trees manufacturer and supplier in China, we can provide a one-stop solution for your requirements. Co-Arts Service is in charge of Ceramic Christmas Trees manufacturing and delivery, from production to inquiry, packaging to shipping. Various Ceramic Christmas Tree Wholesale.


How to Make Ceramic Christmas Trees?

Mould Making
Drill Hole
Spray Paint

Ceramic Christmas Tree Feature

Effective FAQ Guidelines: Ceramic Christmas Tree

Here is a complete guide about Ceramic Christmas Tree.

How it is made, what is its cost, what are its advantages over other Christmas trees.

From where you can have these trees in bulk and what business option do you have with Ceramic Christmas Tree.

This guide has every possible query you have about Ceramic Christmas Tree is answered in this guide.

What is Ceramic Christmas Tree?

Ceramic Christmas tree is an artificial decorated tree made up of ceramic which is used as a Christmas holiday decoration piece.

Ceramic Christmas trees are smaller in size compared to the traditional Christmas trees which are large and need a lot of effort for decoration.
This makes it easy to manage, you won’t have a hard time finding the perfect spot for yours as you decorate your home.

ceramic christmas trees
Ceramic Christmas Tree

What are the specifications and features of your Green Ceramic Christmas tree and why it is liked the most?

  • Green ceramic Christmas tree: This features a light that will make it bright and beautiful. There is also a star on the top which adds magical attraction.
    It is 15in (38cm) in height and 9.4in(25cm) in diameter.
    It is available in three different colors: yellow, white, and green.
  • Glossy finished: size 15” including star topper and multi-colored bulbs is perfect for your dining hall or kitchen.
  • Multi-colored bulbs: multi-colored bulbs and point star topper that will create a magical effect.
  • You can put 3AA batteries and can enjoy multi-color lights.
    These bulbs create rainbow lights.
  • Holiday decorations/gift: this vintage tree has bright lights for Christmas holidays decorations which will be loved by your friends and family.
    It is a special gift for family and friends.
  • Batteries required: No.
  • Item weight: 3.52 pounds.
  • This is liked the most because it is cute, came with extra lights.
    It was packaged great and delivered in perfect condition.
    As it is 15.5 inches and of good quality.

How do you light a Ceramic Christmas Tree?

Steps to light Ceramic Christmas light:

Step 1: Lift the Tree Top Off and Remove the Incandescent Bulb.
Simply lift off the ceramic tree part, unscrew the 7W incandescent bulb inside the tree base

Step 2: Replace the Incandescent Bulb with the LED Bulb. Then screw in

Step 3: Add Some Additional Lighting Effects by using different colors of the incandescent bulb.

Are ceramic Christmas trees worth money?

Yes, Ceramic Christmas Trees are Making Holiday Decor very easy.

Old fashion always comes back and those tabletop trees in storage could be worth way more than you think.

Ceramic Christmas trees can go anywhere from $40 to over $100 on home decor sites.
Even the good quality and more decorated Ceramic Christmas trees worth more than $100.

What are the advantages of a Ceramic Christmas tree over a normal Christmas tree?

In general, ceramic Christmas trees are smaller in size compared to the traditional Christmas tree.

This makes them easy to manage, you won’t have a hard time finding the perfect spot for

your Ceramic Christmas trees as you decorate your home.

Furthermore, cleaning this ceramic Christmas tree is easy as well. It is less expensive than a normal huge Christmas tree.

As they are fire-resistant so, this is easy to light them on and keep them anywhere without any fear of been caught by fire.

Ceramic Christmas tree lasts for many years and you can keep them in any place without any harm.

What factors can enhance the quality of a Ceramic Christmas tree decoration?

The most important thing is material finishing how smooth its surface is made.

Secondly, the quality of paint used plays a great role to make the tree look good in quality. and, quality depends on how perfectly it has been painted.

Thirdly all matters are how the lights are placed and the color combination is selected.

Further, the star on the top adds more attractions with few other quality décor items.

How do you paint a Ceramic Christmas Tree?

Painting a ceramic Christmas tree is very easy.

Get some paints of your own choice and paint it using small paintbrushes as it is done in the video below.

How to paint Ceramic Christmas Tree

How much a Vintage Ceramic Christmas tree worth?

Vintage ceramic trees could make a few hundred dollars, depending on the type and condition around the holidays.

Recently, it has been observed that selling multiple vintage ceramic trees cost between $100 and $200 each.

Musical trees tend to be more valuable, he says, as well as very large very small ones.

What business options do you have for Ceramic Christmas Tree?

You can start your own business on the following E-commerce Platforms:


Also, you can have stalls in different public places e.g. shopping malls, museums and outside of parks.

Further Facebook and Instagram play a vital role in an advertisement for your business and for earning better.

Co-Arts Innovation Relying on the global supermarket supply chain system to serve your BUSINESS AND BRANDS. If you have any interest, please contact us. Co-Arts is your best partner and supplier.

Business options for Ceramic Christmas Tree
Business options for Ceramic Christmas Tree

How do you store a Ceramic Christmas Tree?

Store your ceramic Christmas tree on a shelf with a plastic bag or cloth over it to keep dust off or wrap each piece individually with bubble wrap or kraft paper and gently place in a box.

Be mindful of extreme temperature changes if storing in an attic.

Be careful not to place your tree somewhere that it can easily tip over or be knocked over.

Ideally, you should store your Christmas tree horizontally along a wall in an out of the way location.

If you are storing your tree vertically, try tucking it into a corner and make sure it’s placed in its a designated stand.

Finally, store your bag in a cool, dry place as heat can cause artificial trees to become discolored or even melt if you have used bad quality of color, so depending on your location, the attic or garage may not be your best option.

What is the lifespan of a Ceramic Christmas Tree?

The ceramic Christmas tree will last for a long time and almost becomes a family heirloom.

You put a few free extra lights in the bag for this heirloom.

As the years pass go and buy new lights if they are needed.

Most Americans plan to keep their artificial trees for ten years; however, the average usable lifespan is six years.

It’s really a good idea to buy a Ceramic Christmas tree for once and keep it for a lifetime.

Ceramic Christmas trees can last for years and even come with 1-10-year warranties too.

What are the dimensions of three sizes: Small, Medium, and large of Ceramic Christmas Tree?

Dimensions of three different sizes of ceramic Christmas tree:

1.Large Ceramic Christmas Tree: (15.5″ H including the star X 9″ Dia.)
2.Medium Ceramic Christmas Tree: (11.5″ H including the star X 6.5″ Dia.)
3.Small Ceramic Christmas Tree: (6.75″ H including the star X 3.5″ Dia.).

Each tree comes with a 5′ plug-in light chord and extra Christmas light bulbs for the tree. Lights are glued in place and are non-removable and one incandescent bulb is put in the middle so that it can lighten up the different colored small led lights.

What are your product development stages for a ceramic Christmas Tree?

It follows a dynamic development timeline to you; we begin it by acquiring the ceramic Christmas tree requirement datasheet from you.

With the analysis of the datasheet, our sales team will approach you to further clarify the company’s policies, guidelines, and understanding your needs and requirements.

After it, you will provide us with the design and specifications you want or will tell us just the requirements you needed in the product so that our professionals will make it accordingly.

Now our professionals’ team will need a communication protocol specification from you; if you don’t have one then our professionals will develop the most feasible protocol for every one of you.

Our professionals’ team will provide you with the best practical design of a ceramic Christmas tree.

With this, our professionals’ team will provide you with the timeline for all the development processes and will assist you with regular development reports to keep you updated for every step.

Our professionals’ team then works to develop a sample of your ceramic Christmas tree with different materials.

We will then provide you with a detailed report of your proposed sample. Once you are completely satisfied with the design and look of the sample then we will proceed with the production stage.

You can also request custom products and we can also provide you with customized packaging.

The process is followed by efficient shipping and transport to your desired address.

Product development stage
Product development stage

How would you send a ceramic Christmas tree freight to our desired address?

We have our E-store on Alibaba and our website: coartsinnovation.com.

You can get in touch through the world’s safest online store. We offer FOB, EXW, DDP shipping rates to you.

We have global certifications for the transport of the ceramic Christmas tree.

You must discuss shipping options with us, and if you want your freight forwarder to deal with it, then we can give you EXW rates.

If you wish transportation to the nearest port, then we can offer FOB rates.

If you are interested in getting delivers on your doorsteps, then opt for the DDP rate.

If you are looking for any other shipping plan, then do contact us, we are 24/7 available for our customers.

What would be our incentive if we choose you as a Ceramic Christmas Tree supplier?

The incentives which are provided to the customers are higher quality products, improved planning that everything will be provided on time according to schedule, improved product development that ends users will get satisfied, greater supplier support and value that best resources will be allocated, and lower cost will be charged per piece, some staff will be required to serve the relationship and reduced working capital cost will be there.

Incentives as a customer
Incentives as a customer

What is your production time for ceramic Christmas trees?

It usually takes 10 to 20 days to deliver your products.

It also depends on the number of products you have ordered as if you ordered products in bulk then it will take more days to get prepared compare to a smaller number of products.

The number of days depends on the number of products that have been ordered.

Do you have ready to ship ceramic Christmas trees?

Yes, we have items that are ready to be dispatched within 1 day of order placement.

The additional days required to deliver the item to your doorstep is around 4 – 6 business days depending on your delivery location and prevailing import norms.

If you live in the same city, then it will take fewer days to get delivered.

What is the difference between a Glass Christmas Tree and a Ceramic Christmas Tree and why ceramic Christmas tree is more preferred?

Many people confuse the ceramic Christmas tree with a glass Christmas tree.

It is clear from the name that the glass Christmas tree is made up of glass and the ceramic Christmas tree is made up of ceramic.

There is a visible difference in their look and texture as well.

Ceramic Christmas tree is preferred over glass Christmas tree due to many reasons:

Firstly, it is less expensive than a glass Christmas tree.

Secondly, it is durable than a glass Christmas tree.

Thirdly it can be painted in different colors easily.

lastly lightening led lights on the outside by one incandescent light in the middle becomes easy for decoration.

ceramic Christmas Tree Ceramic Christmas Tree

Glass Christmas Tree
Glass Christmas Tree

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