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Xiamen Co-Arts Limited have manufacturing chiminea with various material, like the normal clay chiminea, and the metal chiminea, cast iron chiminea. Co-Arts Innovation is professional chiminea manufacturers from China.

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Co-Arts Innovation, as professional chiminea manufacturers,

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Professional Chiminea Manufacturers in China

To be professional chiminea manufacturers, Not only need good quality products, but also considerate service. Co-Arts Innovation, as a China chiminea manufacturer and supplier, supplies high-quality chimineas products for customers with excellent after-sale service.

Clay Chiminea -Coarts

Clay Chiminea

Clay chimineas are the oldest traditional construction type of Chiminea.

Cast Iron Chiminea- Coarts

Cast Iron Chiminea

Best Chimineas for Your Backyard/Patio/Garden

Chiminea – The FAQ Guide

This FAQ guide possesses almost all the information that one needs to know about Chiminea.

Here, you will find responses to several queries you might have about Chiminea.

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How many types of chimineas are manufactured?

Clay Chimineas:
Clay chimineas are the oldest traditional construction type and are most used. They have been serving people for a long while now.
Clay chimineas provide more safety than metal ones.
As Clay is itself an insulator, its body does not heat up that may burn if anything touches it. Clay chimineas are cheaper and work longer.
They are easy to carry and require less care.

Figure 1 A Clay Chiminea
Figure 1 A Clay Chiminea

They serve their purpose that is to heat and beautifies its surrounding. It can be kept in your patio for beautification as well as warming up in winters.
The body of clay is a plus, but proper safety measures should be taken while using it. Not being careful while using it can cause damage such as cracks.

Cast Iron Chimineas
Cast iron chimineas are durable as well as have a classical design.
These are heavier in weight and sizes can go up to very big ones but are the most durable ones and can outlive any other type.
Cast iron chimineas should be used very carefully in wooden circumstances as their heated body can burn the wood.
Their body heats up easily and extra safety measures should be taken while being around it.

Figure 2 A Cast Iron Chiminea
Figure 2 A Cast Iron Chiminea

They do not easily tip over because of their heavy structure.
Cast iron chimineas are the best one could buy for both the style and durability!

Copper Chimineas
Copper fire pits last for the long run. They add Attraction to your backyard.
They can be used on the deck as they do not rust or corrode so won’t leave any marks and can be kept outdoors without covering ignoring the weather conditions.
Copper chimeneas are lighter in weight and can burn any kind of wood.
Do not require much care.

Figure 3 A Copper Chiminea
Figure 3 A Copper Chiminea

Stainless Steel Chimineas

Figure 4 Steel Chiminea
Figure 4 Steel Chiminea

The matte Grey steel chimineas provide a unique addition to your backyard.
Its decent yet stylish-looking body can fit in any environment and serve its purpose.
They heat up quite quickly and warm their surroundings and the fire does not go out quickly so you can light it once with several logs and sit back to enjoy for a long time!

Cast-Aluminum Chimineas
A chiminea that is both lightweight and requires less maintenance is the everyone needs. It can put life in any boring-looking backyard.
These are molded with pressure so their durability cannot be doubted at any chance!
Aluminum chimineas come in different sizes and shapes so you can always choose the ones that fit your space.

Figure 5 Cast Aluminum Chiminea
Figure 5 Cast Aluminum Chiminea

What are the pros/cons of a metal chiminea, clay chiminea, cast iron chiminea?

Each product has its own pros and cons depending on its characteristics and functionality. The type of chiminea depends a lot on its advantages and Disadvantages.

Clay Chiminea:


  • Old traditional styled chimineas.
  • As clay is an insulator, it does not heat up.
  • Each chiminea has its own individuality.
  • Is beautifully carved and painted.
  • Provides an enchanting effect to your backyard.


  • If not taken good care of, it can crack or break ruining it to function.
  • A remedial process is supposed to be carried out when a clay chimenea is bought.
  • They do not last longer than cast iron chimineas.

Figure 6 A painted and carved clay chiminea
Figure 6 A painted and carved clay chiminea

Metal Chiminea:


  • Metal-made chimineas are light in weight.
  • Easy to be carried from one place to another.
  • It demands the least amount of maintenance.
  • They burn at higher temperatures than clay chiminea.
  • Have a unique style that can fit into any atmosphere.
  • More place to burn fire


  • The body structure of a steel chiminea heats up and can burn if touched.
  • It can rust easily so avoid any moisture to enter it.

Figure 7 Steel Chiminea
Figure 7 Steel Chiminea

Cast Iron Chiminea:


  • Longer life span than any other chiminea.
  • Have very affordable shipping cost
  • More durable than clay
  • It is heavier in weight which prevents most damage to occur
  • It cannot tip over easily.
  • Gives out very high intensities of heat.


  • They give out high intensities of heat and are very dangerous to touch.
  • They rust even if the slightest moisture enters them.
  • Due to the heavyweight, it is very difficult to move them.
  • Assembly for this type of chiminea is quite time-consuming.

Figure 8 Cast Iron Chiminea
Figure 8 Cast Iron Chiminea

What makes a chiminea work?

A chiminea has a bulb-like structure made in several types such as clay, steel, copper, etc.
It is made to provide heat. A chiminea is either filled with sand or a grill is kept about 3 inches above its surface to protect any direct contact or wood with the base of the structure.
Logs of wood are put to burn inside the chimenea which makes it work and carry out the heating process. Its structural design makes it easy to carry out its task even in rain because water cannot enter it.
It has a mouth-like opening on its side through which heat is given out.

Figure 9 A chiminea
Figure 9 A chiminea

Some chimeneas can also run on fuel instead of wood depending on their type.

Is manufacturing of chiminea a dangerous process?

The process through which a clay chiminea is made is not dangerous However requires so much care.
Different types of clay are got together to get the right steadiness for a good quality chiminea.
It is then molded into the shape required and left for the clay to get dry and then heated.
The heating process can be dangerous but not if taken proper care of while doing it.
Overall the process is not dangerous. Steel, copper, and other chimineas are manufactured in factories with heavy machinery.

Does a metal chiminea heat up?

A chiminea is designed to give out heat and warms its surroundings so when the wood is burned inside of it, its body heats up too as it gives out heat.
Clay chiminea does not heat up as clay is an insulator so there is no danger of it. Although the temperature of metal chiminea rises and becomes hot. Avoid direct contact with its structure just so you don’t hurt yourself I!

Do chimineas contain a grill?

Yes, most of the chimineas do contain a grill inside them as they are also used for cooking a few things like bread, barbeque.
Also, a grill protects the base of the chiminea to come in direct contact with the flames.
Some Chimineas that do not contain grill, are filled with sand before lighting the fire protecting the lower side of it.

Figure 10 A Grill in a Chiminea
Figure 10 A Grill in a Chiminea

How many hours straight can a chiminea work for?

Once it catches fire, and wood is burned inside of it, it reaches the full burn in 15-20 minutes giving out excessive heat.
Once burned, gives out heat for 12-15 hours straight.
The fire can be controlled easily.
While the working of the appliance can vary from three to six months, depending on the usage and care. Foul usage can cut down its life to a lesser time span, Whereas good care can make it last longer and carry out its function well.

Are chimineas dangerous to keep indoors?

It is extremely prohibited to keep chimineas indoors! It can burn your house as it gives out excessive heat.
It can burn wood etc. It is recommended to keep a chiminea about 20-30 feet away from any greenery, tree, or house.
So, Using the chimeneas indoors? You would not want it!

Do chimineas come with a stand?

A stand does not come with a chiminea but can be brought separately.

Figure 11 A Chiminea Stand
Figure 11 A Chiminea Stand

It is recommended to use a stand with all the chimineas that do not have a built-in stand.
It is done so the base or pot doesn’t come in direct contact with the floor as it can catch fire or make the floor very hot. Any flammable thing should be kept at a distance from the chiminea.

Figure 12 A chiminea with a built-in stand
Figure 12 A chiminea with a built-in stand

What are the advantages of using a chiminea?

There are several advantages of using a chiminea:

  • It beautifies your boring backyard
  • Occupies less space
  • Is a handy product mostly
  • Provides best heat coverage
  • Keeps giving out heat for hours when burnt
  • It is an enclosed fireplace
  • Uses less wood
  • Makes a lesser amount of smoke
  • Chimineas are safe to use
  • It has a controlled burner
  • Requires minimal cleanup
  • The sparks from the chiminea do not bother a lot.

How to choose a chiminea?

The following factors should be kept in mind while choosing a chiminea,
Material- The type of chiminea should be analyzed, the one that provides you the better heat, safety, and works for longer is the best for your use!
Size- The size that fits in your space should be the one selected, otherwise, a bigger chiminea should be chosen as it will have more space for wood, coal, etc. to burn am direct will give out heat for a longer time!
Durability- A chiminea that is durable and less vulnerable to damage triggered by high temperature, tipping over, weather circumstances, and burning over a long time.
Safety- Safety measures are considered for the highly heated body structure, that may cause damage to its surroundings, preventing the chimenea from tip over in any circumstances, or the explosion of a chiminea.

Is the smoke given out by a chiminea dangerous for health?

Although chimineas and other fireplaces provide a romantic yet warm effect nut, fire emits specific harmful air contaminants which are injurious to health.
Constant wood smoke can affect the lung functionality of chronic diseases.
The microscopic particles coming out of fire can enter your eyes and respiratory system while you breathe which can cause illness such as bronchitis.
It can also cause headaches, irritation in the eyes and increases the risk of a heart attack.
Constantly breathing in smoke can cause very alarming situations to your health.

Can chimineas work outdoors in winter?

The structure of the chiminea is designed in a bulb form that has an opening at its side, that gives out heat when the wood is burned.
In winters, you will have to keep it covered, preventing any moisture from entering the chiminea. Although the seal of the chiminea is quite protective which prevents water from entering.
It can work completely fine in winter too as it has an opening on its side, through which heat is given out. Make sure to cover your chiminea when not in use to extend its life and working quality.
A chiminea provides a beautiful warming and cozy atmosphere in winters which will never make you miss an evening outdoor!

Do chimineas work in rain or snowy weather?

A chiminea, as it has a side opening that gives out heat at burning and preventing the water to get into it causes it to work well in rain without extinguishing its flame.
Although if a chiminea is sealed, a clay can absorb water which may get inside too. This water will later, when the temperature rises, cause the clay to crack.
It can work while it is raining as the water cannot enter to extinguish the fire because of the side opening, so its fireworks completely fine in rain providing cozy surroundings.
Make sure you put a cover on only if the chimenea is COOL. Do not cover it while it is burning or hot.

Through what process is a chiminea manufactured?

A traditional old-styled clay chiminea is manufactured after a process in which different types of clays are combined to achieve the perfect consistency for a clay chiminea.
It is then molded into the required shape that is thick at the bottom and thin at the top.
Larger chimineas are made in two parts, the top and bottom, and joined. The joint can be fragile so NEVER hold a chiminea from its neck.

Figure 13 Steps to mold clay
Figure 13 Steps to mold clay

Through this process, the shape required is achieved and left out so the clay dries.
After drying, it is heated at certain temperatures to saturate it.
However, the metal, steel chimineas are made in factories through heavy machinery.

How to set up a chiminea?

A chiminea is very easy to set up. When you buy a chiminea, you must make sure it has a built-in stand or legs.
This is required for safety purposes, keeping it above ground so it will not damage the floor or heat it too.
Otherwise buy a stand separately according to your chiminea.
Then place your chiminea on the stand. If it has a grill that is great but if it doesn’t, fill the chiminea with sand so that burning wood in it would not cause damage to the base of the chiminea.
Choose the wood you want to burn, put a few longs inside the chiminea and light them. In a few minutes, the chiminea will start giving out excessive heat warming its surroundings.
To maintain its temperature, put more logs in when you feel the heat fading away.
Keep the chiminea sealed when not in use preventing any moisture and dirt from getting into it.
The video explains setting up a chiminea, which you can see on youtube.

How to use a chimney?

A chiminea can be used easily just by following a few elementary steps.
They add a lot of beauty and life to your backyard and plea beautifully providing an attraction when light is fired.
The lasting of a chiminea also depends on the correct usage of the chiminea, no matter what material it is made of and what function it provides you, either beautifies your patio or is kept giving out heat.
Start with low flames and less fire, gradually increasing it.
Make sure to put your chimineas inside in strict weather conditions for it to last longer and keep serving you!

Which are the top chiminea manufacturers?

There are several manufacturers of chiminea depending on the type, style, etc.
The most popular chiminea manufacturer is The Blue Rooster Co.
They have a wide range of outdoor fireplaces.
They have been providing high-quality chimeneas for over two decades!
They make their chimineas withstand vast weather conditions and are highly safe to even be used on decks. They promise the cleanest outdoor fireplaces and quality.
Cast aluminum and cast iron chimineas they produce are their best sellers.

What is the best material for chiminea manufacturing?

The chiminea that lasts longer than any other is the one made of cast iron.
Cast iron chimineas are the most durable and safe, also can withstand most extreme weather conditions. They can withstand a lot more heat than clay chimineas which enables them to give out more heat keeping your backyard warm and cozy by making a large fire!
These are quite heavier in weight and so are difficult to move. Which makes it almost impossible for chimineas to tip over or crack and makes them undamageable, extending their durability.

About the Chiminea Manufacturers(Co-Arts)

As a professional chiminea manufacture company, Co-Arts is an expert in manufacturing high-end chimineas for outdoor space. From clay chiminea to metal chiminea, cast iron chiminea.

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