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Strict Products Inspection Standard

When you shop online, How can you choose to buy products with confidence? Co-Arts Innovation can give a strict product testing process to dispel your worries. Co-Arts’s comprehensive inspections are evaluating that the product’s safety, functions, workmanship, style/color, packing/packaging/marking/labeling, structure, size measurements, and quantity are matched with your specifications and requirements. Furthermore, Our quality control staff strictly adheres to international trading standards for all orders and consignments. Our QA/QC team consists of raw material inspectors, online inspectors for each progress, inspectors for the finished product, final random inspection by supervisors. Good quality enables us to have good and long-term cooperation with some respectful and famous customers in the industry, such as Lidl, QVC, Sam’s Lowes, etc. Co-Arts implement the most stringent product inspection standards below:

  1. Pre-Production Check
  2. Initial Production Check
  3. During Production Check
  4. Pre-shipment Inspection
  5. Production Monitoring Inspection
  6. Container Loading Supervision

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Pre-Production Check

Pre-Production Check:

Pre-Production Check is an inspection of raw materials or components prior to production to verify that the quality specifications for materials or components are being met. Early in the production process, this inspection can help minimize wasted time, material costs, and delayed shipment if specifications are not being met.

Initial Production Check:

Initial Production Check is performed at the stage of about 10% of products finished, to allow the review of product quality requirements before mass production begins. Permit timely corrections of any non-conformities detected, and improvements action to be made prior to the commencement of mass production.


During Production Check:

During Production Check is performed at the stage of 20%- 80% goods finished and over 20% packed into export cartons This inspection validates the initial production process has been maintained and that goods being produced continue to meet quality requirements. In the case of new raw materials, new operators, production lines, or specification changes, this service can assess if requirements are being met during production.

Pre-shipment Inspection:

Pre-Shipment Inspection takes place prior to shipment (100% production finished, at least 80% packed into cartons), assesses whether final product meets all quality specifications (i.e., color, workmanship, size measurement, label, function, fit, packaging of the product, etc.), and can be shipped without delay. The objective of this inspection is to identify any quality defects that would prevent the shipment of inadequate product.
Pre-shipment Inspection
Production Monitoring Inspection

Production Monitoring Inspection:

Production Monitoring Inspection offers a penetrating insight into the whole production process in your factory from the raw material to final products. The inspector monitors closely the whole process according to the factory’s producing schedule and detects the existed and potential problems. Based on our daily quality and production status reporting, you can make corrective decisions and adjust the production schedule timely, to ensure the goods meet your specification and delivery time.

Container Loading Supervision:

Container Loading Supervision provides witness to the loading process, to make sure the correct quantity and good condition cartons are loaded into good condition containers.

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