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Know more about the Christmas decoration products’ knowledge base at Co-Arts Innovation.

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Christmas Tree Manufacturing Team

Co-Arts Christmas Decoration Manufacturing


Development Mold

The Ceramic Christmas Tree need development mold first, the worker pour the material into the mold and let it stand to solidify and shape.
Product stereotypes

Product Stereotypes

When the model is formed, the worker gently removes the model from the mold.
spray painting

Spray Painting

After the model was fixed and punched, the workers began to paint it to fix the white background.
Product coloring

Product Coloring

When the model is spray-painted and dried, the workers start to paint it, like green, red, etc.
Product Decoration

Product Decoration

After the product was colored and fixed, the workers began to install lights on the reserved holes.
Product Package

Product Package

After the product is qualified and accepted, the workers begin to pack, wrap a layer of plastic film, the carton is fixed with foam, and then the carton is sealed for plastic sealing.

How to approach a manufacturer with your product idea

Custom Christmas Decoration for Your Home

Choose from our wide selection of Christmas decorations, including designs for kids, couples, families, and loving memorials, or select by material to find the perfect match for your Christmas decor. We have a custom engraved artificial Christmas tree,
ceramic Christmas Tree, driftwood Christmas Tree for the whole family!
Personalize Your Christmas Ornaments from Co-Arts Innovation Today!

Outdoor Christmas Decoration


Outdoor Christmas Decorations with light at night will give a wonderful feeling. Christmas Urn Filler along with Christmas Garlands decorate the gate of the home. Co-Arts Innovation, as a wonderful Christmas decoration supplier, will help your business.

Indoor Christmas Decoration


Indoor Christmas Decorations are always traditional by Christmas Tree, Christmas Wreaths and Garlands. Wanting to keep the greedy in the home is easy but hard to choose. Co-Arts will help you design your home space with the best Christmas decorations products.

Wonderful Christmas Decoration Display

Christmas Trees & Garlands for Home Decor

Christmas Ornaments for Decorative Trees

Wonderful Christmas Ornaments

Christmas Bottle Brush Trees

Christmas Nutcracker Soldier As a Good Gift


Professional Christmas Decoration Manufacturer In China

Co-Arts is a China-based professional Christmas decoration manufacturer and Christmas wholesale supplier.
We specialize in Christmas trees, Christmas wreaths & garlands, Christmas potted trees, and more Christmas decorations products.
If you want to find a professional Christmas decoration manufacturer and supplier, Co-Arts is your best choice.
We ship to Europe, North America, and elsewhere. Our Service is in charge of Christmas decoration manufacturing and delivery, from production to inquiry, packaging to shipping.
If you want to wholesale Christmas Decorations, Co-Arts is a professional Christmas Decoration Manufacturer for you.


Ceramic Christmas Tree

Ceramic Christmas Tree

At Co-Arts, we offer the best Christmas Christmas Tree in various sizes for decoration. Like most home decorations, Christmas trees come in a wide variety of available features and styles. And Every ceramic Christmas tree is hand-painted and set with a smooth, glossy finish to add a one-of-a-kind personal quality to your holiday display. A Tabletop Christmas tree is a glamorous decor that is small enough to fit any narrow places well. You can put it at home and enjoy Christmas with your family pleasantly. Or perhaps it can be put in office, classroom, shop to add the festivities of the vacations.

Christmas Wreath & Garland

Christmas Wreaths

Even though the Christmas tree may be the centerpiece of vacation festivities, greenery will be the thread that distributes the holiday brighten through the entire home. Decorating With Wreaths and Garlands for Your Home is always people’s choice every year, but how to find the satisfied wreaths & garlands, Co-Arts will answer you. Co-Arts Innovation supplies small, medium, large, extra-large Christmas wreaths, and more styles.

Christmas Garlands Pic

Chrsitmas Garlands

Co-Arts Innovation supply various Christmas garlands, the durable Christmas garlands are always widely used season after season. Our Garlands have many sizes, the small is under 7-foot, the medium is 7-9 ft. and the large is Over 9-foot. And we can custom the Christmas garlands in different sizes and colors.

Christmas Urn Filler

Christmas Urn Filler & Christmas Planters

Christmas Urn Filler is a faux Christmas tree that Looks great displayed as is or with added embellishments. An attractive collection of pre-lit greenery bedecked along with pine and cypress tips, fluted decorations in red, green or gold, magnolia blooms, red fruits, and bows. Designed from durable supplies regarding use in outside spaces, the whole collection is electric battery operated for the simple and easy, yet festive, holiday display.

Artificial Driftwood Christmas Tree

Driftwood Christmas Tree

Hand-made Driftwood Christmas Tree made completely from wood. Our Driftwood Tree measures 12-14 inches tall from the bottom of the base to the top of the star, Furthermore, you can tell us your requirement, Co-Arts Innovation can custom the sizes and styles as your need.

Christmas Snow Globe

Christmas Snow Globe

Discover the best Christmas Snow Globes at Co-Arts Innovation, the beautiful snowman with Christmas tree add the Home more holiday joy, and you will enjoy the sounds of the season while your snowglobe plays “we wish you a Merry Christmas”. If you want the customized styles of Christmas snow globe, view and inquiry, then will get a fast quote.

Christmas Ornament

Christmas Balls

Shop all Christmas Tree Ornaments at Co-Arts. The Christmas Ornaments are made of eco-friendly PVC. Soft and durable. Designed with a ribbon loop for easy hanging on Christmas Tree or window. Co-Arts can accept the customers’ custom projects with various sizes, shapes, and colors.

Christmas Branch

Christmas Branches for Decor

Christmas Branches is a wonderful Christmas Ornaments for Decoration. The artificial branches are now to be able to enhance your Christmas decor. It gives bliss to your own vase arrangements wedding ceremonies, and centerpieces, and so on. Co-Arts offer various Christmas Branches with different styles and colors. Top 40+ Christmas Branches for decor from Co-Arts.

Christmas Nutcracker Soldier

Christmas Nutcracker Soldier

Give you a holiday decor the nostalgic touch using this charming old-fashioned nutcracker soldier. The wonderful nutcracker soldier is a good Christmas decoration for your home and the best gift for children.

Christmas House

Christmas House & Village

Co-Arts Christmas House & Village made from high-quality plastic and resin material and is hand-crafted and hand-painted. Christmas Village & houses usually are indispensable decorations when you need to capture the particular seasonal spirit inside your home. A new seasonal village show perfectly recreates the particular spirit and brighten of the holidays and it is, therefore, a great important part of the year’s Christmas decoration.

outdoor christmas decoration pic

Outdoor Christmas Decor

Co-Arts Innovation as a professional Christmas decoration manufacturer in China, also supply outdoor Christmas decor, like the Twinkling LED Tinsel Wreath Yard Sculpture, Lighted Christmas Deer Set, Outdoor Christmas Ornaments, etc.

Christmas Music Box

Christmas Music Box

Co-Arts Wholesale Custom Xmas Decorative Led Light Battery Operated Christmas Music Box, a cute music box is the best gift for your friends, kids, and family at the festival. The Decorative Christmas Music Box has these features: 1)Can open or close the box automatically after installing the battery. 2)Designed with led light, making it more attractive. 3)Sweet and beautiful music and Santa Claus or Snowman can dance with music.

Christmas Trains

Christmas Train

The Christmas Train is decor for Holiday Decoration & a Gift for kids. Co-Arts Christmas Train made of resin which is eco-friendly. And various colors, designs, and sizes are available. We have a strong R&D team with our own designers & sculptors, customizing products as per customer’s ideas or drawings.

Christmas Lights

Christmas Snow Lanterns

The Christmas Snow Lanterns suitable for your dining table, fireplace, Christmas tree addition, or centerpieces decor lights. The rotating flashes are fascinating at night, and the warm lighting creates a festive atmosphere. Full of sparkling sparkle effect, it will produce a beautiful, rotating snowflake effect, you can’t look away. The lighted moving snow effect and the Christmas scene are just stunning. It is an excellent gift choice for family, neighbors, and friends on the Christmas holidays, and the exquisite Christmas lantern decoration will bring you happy Christmas memories!

Christmas Stocking for Design

Christmas Stocking

Christmas Stocking is the best Christmas gift, Considerate design, large enough space for stuffing small gifts, chocolates, candies, lollipop, gift cards, toys, etc. Christmas Stockings are great gifts for your child to enjoy the Christmas atmosphere. Set off the atmosphere of the Christmas holiday.

Christmas Decoration Manufacturer: A Complete Buyer’s and Importer’s Guide

With Christmas just around the corner, here is a complete guide that will provide you all the powers to your queries.

The guide entirely covers all aspects of Christmas decorations.

If you’re looking for a Christmas decoration manufacturer, the guide aims to provide all the information ranging from storing, packaging, and organizing Christmas decorations.

Christmas themes and decorations keep changing each year. Hence the guide is designed with information that can help you choose what items are trendy and what are some things people no longer use.

1. What is Christmas Decoration?

A Christmas decoration is any of several types of ornamentation used at Christmastime and the greater holiday season.

The traditional colors of Christmas are pine green (evergreen), snow-white, and heart red. Blue, pink, and white are often used to represent winter, or sometimes Hanukkah, which occurs around the same time.

Gold and silver are also very common, as are other metallic colors. Typical images of Christmas decorations include Baby Jesus, Father Christmas, Santa Claus, and the star of Bethlehem. (from Wikipedia)

2. About the Christmas Decoration Manufacturer in China(Co-Arts)

As a professional Christmas decoration manufacturer, Co-Arts supply a variety of Christmas decorations and ornaments, like Christmas trees, Christmas Wreaths & garlands, swags, ceramic Christmas trees, Christmas Village Figurines and more.

Whether or not your decorating type is traditional, elaborate, fun, or elegant, we’re your supply for holiday parks. From living areas and dining rooms to bathrooms in addition to hallways, our collection of indoor Christmas decorations may help every room inside the house sense magical.

Furthermore, you can check out the collection of outdoor Christmas decorations to amaze the whole neighborhood.

Christmas is a unique time of the year full of festive sparkle. Typically the holidays are lighter, happier, and even more affordable when an individual shops at wholesale prices Accessory Market!

Our own unique variety of at wholesale prices Christmas decorations, presents, and accessories usually are sure to brighten up the growing season in a new style that fits your current preference for vacation cheer.

3. Co-Arts’ Christmas Decoration Client

Our Client can be a family demander, a small batch distributor, or a supermarket because Co-Arts’ supply capacity is very strong, the product quality can be guaranteed, and the delivery date is timely.

See more China Christmas Decorations at Not Only the Christmas Balls, Christmas House & Village, and more ornaments.

Co-Arts Exhibition

4. Custom Christmas Decorations

Xiamen Co-Arts Limited has considerable knowledge in designing and creating custom Christmas Decorations, especially Christmas trees, Co-Arts Christmas Trees have artificial Christmas Trees, Ceramic Christmas Trees, Driftwood Christmas Trees, Tabletop Christmas Tree, Tinsel Christmas Tree.

Furthermore, supply custom Christmas wreaths, garlands & swags for home decor and holiday design.

Co-Arts Innovation: A Leading Christmas Decoration Manufacturer In China! If you have any requirements, Co-Arts will help you build your custom projects.

What factors can enhance the quality of Christmas decorations?


  • Quality of the materials

The quality of anything is dependent upon the materials used to make them.

Similarly, the choice of materials used to make the Christmas decorations should be grand.

  • Use of glass/ ceramics

You can use glass and metals instead of cheap plastic to construct decorations.

  • Color scheme

The colors that you chose can also make or break your Christmas decorations.
Use darker colors and create decorations with a monochromatic theme that will truly make the room look royal.

  • Specialized Christmas stores

Make sure to purchase your items from a Christmas store that has specifically specialized in Christmas decorations and they know everything about their work.

  • Read labels carefully

Do not forget to read the information that is written on packaged goods.

  • Eco-friendly items

Keep in mind that it is always beneficial to use sustainable and eco-friendly products.

What is the best way to package all the Christmas decorations?

The packaging should be both safe and still made elegant.

If your decorations include glass items, you want to make sure that you securely wrap them in bubble wrap and then place them in a beautifully decorated box.

This is a whole deal that attracts many customers.

People usually do not have to worry about gift wrapping the item, as it is already a full package that is available to them.

Co-Arts Christmas Decoration Package

Co-Arts Christmas Decoration Package

What is a smart way to store Christmas decorations?

The best way to store the items is to make the utmost use of reusable bags.

You can wrap the Christmas lights around the cartons that you use for the storage of other items.

The tree can be shrink-wrapped.

Your wardrobe can be used to store wreaths.

You can also consider sewing for your faux trees.

Your ornaments can be hanged.

This proves to be an effective storage plan.

What kind of Christmas tree makes Christmas decorations attractive?

In terms of trees, the best out of all of them is the Fraser fir tree. The Fraser fir tree is not just limited to its beauty, but it has short silver-green needles that are soft to the touch.

1. Fraser fir tree
This is a great tree to put, especially if you have kids and pets around the house.

Other trees that have been top-rated by people are:

2. Noble Fir
If you want to consider purchasing a durable tree then the noble for is the perfect fit in this case.

This tree is strong yet lightweight.

Another interesting fact about this tree is that the spruce used for its formation is so strong that back in the day, it was used for building ladders and world war II planes.

Yes, it is that firm!

3. Colorado blue spruce
You never know how windy it can get during Christmas.

No one wants their Christmas trees falling apart due to heavy wind.

Consider putting up this tree as it possesses superb abilities to withstand wind.

4. Grand fir
Everyone wants their homes to smell nice during the Christmas holidays.

If strong smells are something that interests you.

Why not try putting up the grand fir tree this time as its specialty is to give off a strong, nice smell.

5. White Pine
The white pine tree is yet again another excellent choice for Christmas.

It has a light green color which is extremely refreshing for the eyes.

In addition to the Fraser Fir tree, this tree is also known for its soft appearance. Making it a fit if you have children around the house.

The trees come in all sizes, shapes, and colors. You can see which one matches your theme perfectly and then choose the best one.

What is the best way to store Christmas decorations in an apartment?

Make use of clear plastic boxes, shoe boxes, and bags that have an enormous zip top.

This can make searching for the items easier. Precious ornaments can be stored in archival storage boxes.

Tissue paper and bubble wrapping can always be beneficial to store delicate items safely.

What harm can improper Christmas packaging cause?

Improper packaging can result in the breakage of glass items.

It can also lead to the fading of the ornaments in some cases.

If the decorations are not correctly packaged, they can distort the shape of the item as well.

If the Christmas lights are improperly packaged, they result not only in frustrating tangles but can be a major cause of damaged bulbs and warped wirings.

If ceramic items are not properly packaged they can chip off very easily.

It is integral to save the box of the Christmas tree that it comes in, so you can store it back into the same box, or otherwise, it can completely damage the tree making it useless.

Artificial garlands need to be placed separately and properly in a packet to avoid destruction.

So, it is necessary to make sure that the packaging is designed in accordance with the item.

What are some packaging mistakes that I should avoid making in Christmas decorations?

1. Right size
Make sure that your packaging is a fit for the product.
Make sure that you do not use the packaging of another product; this may damage the item.

2. Special care of boxes
Do not overuse the boxes; make sure that the internal protection is secure, and the sealing should be proper all around the box and not just in some areas.

3. Proper labeling
You don’t want to mislabel your cartons and be very vigilant in this case.

4. Secure packaging
Make sure that your tinsels are securely packed.

Improper packaging of tinsels can lead to loss of shine which doesn’t look very flattering.

Make sure to separate out the glass and ceramic items.

Do not place them with regular Christmas decorations.

properly packaged decorations

properly packaged decorations

What are Christmas decorations safe with toddlers in the house?

When you have toddlers around the house, you want to be careful with sharp items.

Make sure that you don’t use any pointed or sharp decorations.

Another thing you don’t want to ignore is the decorations on your tree.

Keep in mind that they are not very heavy or brittle.

Make sure to not put very tiny decorations that your toddler may swallow accidentally.

What is the first Christmas decoration that goes up on the Christmas trees?

If we go back to ancient times, they reveal that apples, candies, and pastries were given different shapes, and they were hanged on the Christmas trees.

Glass baubles and pearl garlands are also famous decorations to decorate the Christmas tree.

Your favorite ornaments can be placed on the Christmas tree first.

List of decorations that are hanged on the Christmas trees?

The list is vast.

The Christmas tree includes a string of fairy lights of different colors.

Fresh garlands of flowers or maybe pearls. Garlands could be fresh or artificial.

Tinsel and ornaments can also be hanged on the Christmas tree.

Christmas Ornaments for Decorative Trees

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