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Gold and Silver Plastic Christmas Ball Unit CA-B1001

Material: Plastic

Size: 4cm, 6cm, 8cm

Color: Silver, Golden

Shape: Round; Star, Customized Available


Red and White Plastic Christmas Ball Unit CA-B1002

Material: Plastic

Size: 4cm, 6cm, 8cm

Color: Red, White

Shape: Round; Star, Customized Available


Blue Plastic Christmas Ball Unit CA-B1003

Material: Plastic

Size: 4cm, 6cm, 8cm

Color: Light Blue, Blue, White

Shape: Round; Star, Customized Available


Red and Green Plastic Christmas Ball Unit CA-B1004

Material: Plastic

Size: 4cm, 6cm, 8cm

Color: Red, Green, White

Shape: Round; Star, Customized Available



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Christmas Ball Wholesale — The Ultimate FAQ Guide

The happy season of December calls for Christmas celebrations.

And for that, you need a lot of decorations.

You need Christmas Balls as a priority because, without them, the decoration is incomplete.

But do you know where they are made and which material is used in their manufacturing?

To know all this, keep reading till the end.

Here is an Christmas Ball Wholesale FAQ guide that will tell you very interesting information you always want to know.

So, let’s begin!

1. Christmas Ball Wholesale | Co-Arts

Xiamen Co-Arts Limited is a professional Christmas Decoration manufacturer and supplier in China for over 20 years, also supply traditional Christmas ball ornaments, and our Christmas balls have many styles and accept custom design.

And our customer not only traditional Local Store, but also the amazon, walmart, wayfair online seller.

Co-Arts Christmas balls select plastic, polyresin material to make.

We can accept OEM/ODM with low MOQ to help our customer and we can star business with a sample order.

Figure 1 Christmas Ball Wholesale by Co-Arts

Figure 1 Christmas Ball Wholesale by Co-Arts

2. What is a Christmas Ball?

The Christmas Ball is a type of ornament or you can say an object of decoration having the shape of a ball.

These balls are of different beautiful colors, sizes, and forms.

They are mostly produced for the Christmas tree’s decoration.

Some other names of the Christmas Ball Wholesale are Christmas baubles, Christmas bubbles, and also Christmas bulbs.

Various manufacturers make these beautiful ornaments for you to enhance your happy moments.

The Christmas Balls can be customized as per your demands and specific dimensions.

3. What are the Key Features of Christmas Ball Wholesale?

There are certain key features in Christmas Ball that make it unique and wonderful.

The following are some of the characteristic features of Christmas Ball, such:

  • They have a hook for hanging.
  • In case, there is no hook good quality strings come with Christmas Balls.
  • These balls have different forms like they can be transparent, hand-painted, printed, customized, and other varieties.
  • The Christmas Ball is available for you as a separate piece as well as in the form of clusters.
  • They are made with high-quality manufacturing materials.
  • Such Christmas Balls can be reused.

4. What is the Standard Size of Christmas Ball?

Well, the standard size of the most available Christmas Balls is between 3 inches and 4 inches.

On average you can say that the size of a Christmas Ball is 3.5 inches.
Figure 2 Sizes of Christmas balls

Figure 2 Sizes of Christmas balls

However, several factors determine the size of the Christmas Ball Wholesale.

Firstly, the size of the Christmas bauble depends on the Christmas tree.

You can get different sizes of Christmas Balls that are according to the height of your tree.

Secondly, various manufacturing companies are producing and supplying Christmas Ball Wholesale.

Every company has its own features and dimensions.

Finally, it depends on the raw material used for the manufacturing of the Christmas Ball.

5. What is the Manufacturing Material of Christmas Ball?

The manufacturing material is the material used for the making of the Christmas Ball.

There are various materials used for the making of Christmas Balls such as metals, plastic, and glass.

Metallic Christmas Ball
Figure 3 Metal Christmas ball

Figure 3 Metal Christmas ball

The Christmas Balls made from metallic compounds are called metal Christmas Balls.

They are hard, solid, and comparatively heavy than the rest of Christmas ornaments.

In metals, tin, copper, etc. are most commonly used.

Tin, a silvery metal, is highly used as it is very soft and easily molded into various shapes.

It is non-corrosive that keeps the ball from getting rust.

Copper, on the other hand, has its characteristic beautiful color.

It is also anti-corrosive to keep the Christmas Ball Wholesale from getting oxidized.

Plastic Christmas Ball
Figure 4 Plastic Christmas ball

Figure 4 Plastic Christmas ball

Plastic Christmas Balls are so reliable as they are light in weight and very safe for children.

Their handling is quite easy and you can maintain them very easily.

Plastic balls come in different colors and types.

They can be hand-painted, printed, floral, and other types of plastic Christmas Balls.

Glass Christmas Ball
Figure 5 Glass Christmas ball

Figure 5 Glass Christmas ball

Well, glass Christmas Balls are the most intricate and delicate ones.

They are made of fine-quality glass.

Such a Christmas Ball is transparent and very clear.

There can be different designs in them.

You can see a Santa Clause in them or a reindeer or fluid-filled with glitters.

Apart from those, other designs and varieties of glass Christmas Balls are also available.

6. How to Hang Christmas Ball on Tree?

Once you’ve arranged and ignited the lights, hang Christmas Ball Wholesale on the tree to test spacing as well as effect.

Install 10 to 12 baubles per foot of the height of the tree, according to one rule of thumb.

For a modern aesthetic, use fewer, but for a joyous overflow, use more.

Finally, arrange them in such a way that the tree appears balanced.

Begin by hanging decorations at random, covering gaps, and correcting as necessary.

You wouldn’t want a bunch of Christmas Balls that are all a similar size or color.

Place heavier balls on lower, stronger branches preferably relatively close to the trunk of the tree if you have a live tree.

Figure 6 Christmas balls on tree

Figure 6 Christmas balls on tree

As a result, the branches will be able to provide them with additional support.

When trimming the tree, get yourself a favor and store a pack of fresh Christmas Ball hooks on hand.

Throw away any old, bent, or unattractive hooks, as well as any garbage bag ties that are being used as decoration hangers.

Such green metal hangers are one of our favorites since they exist in two different sizes and fit well with the tree’s hue.

These more complex hook hangers offer a splash of color while also making ornaments less likely to slip off.

Here’s a video for Christmas ball decoration ideas.

7. How Many Types of Christmas Ball Available?

Well, as far as the Christmas Ball Wholesale types are concerned, there are three types.

These types are based on the manufacturing material namely, plastic, glass, and metallic.

  • Plastic balls
  • Glass balls
  • Metal balls

8. Can You Get Customized Christmas Balls?

Yes, you can, fortunately!

Co-Arts Innovation brings you incredible Christmas Ball Wholesale designs, quality, and colors right to your door.

Figure 7 Customized Christmas ball

Figure 7 Customized Christmas ball

Our items are not always up to date, but they are also quite easy to obtain.

They are reasonably priced, and you can even customize them by reaching us and describing your requirements.

Because we have experience of over 12 years of manufacturing Christmas Ball, the durability of the Christmas Ball we produce is exceptional.

We’ve worked with several well-known brands and businesses, and we’ve always received positive feedback from them.

The Christmas Ball we give is of the greatest quality, from a selection of materials to delivery.

9. How to Keep the Christmas Ball Safe During Storage and Shipping?

The following are some safety measures for you who want to use Christmas baubles in houses:
Up, up, up
Put valuable and delicate Christmas Balls at the tree top, to keep them out of reach of small paws and hands.
Don’t touch
For Christmas Ball Wholesale protection as well as the tree’s, teach small children the rule of “see but don’t touch” around the tree.
Sweep up
Frequently inspect the underside of the tree for Christmas Balls that may have damaged or dropped when the tree was knocked down.

During storage and shipment, try to keep the balls wrapped up in plastic and then place them into boxes.

For larger distances, keep them in wooden boxes.

10. Why Importing Christmas Ball Wholesale from China a Good Idea?

The Chinese Christmas Ball Wholesale manufacturers may help you in a variety of ways, which include:

Versatility of ordering

You could make use of the attribute of freedom in ordering. You can set the size of your order according to your requirements and budget.

The Christmas Ball Wholesale factory in China does not have any restrictions on larger orders or smaller ones.

Attractive characteristics

A solid reason for locating a licensed Christmas Ball Wholesale manufacturing in a specific location must exist.

The visual components that a reputable Christmas Ball Wholesale manufacturer delivers to Christmas balls are one of the compelling factors.

China High Resolution Import Concept
Figure 8 Importing from China

Price reduction

Christmas ornaments from a Christmas Ball Wholesale factory can be purchased for a very low price.

You might get high quality, prolonged life, and higher lumen efficiency of some Christmas Balls, besides other things, at a less price.

After-sales service
Every Christmas Ball Wholesale manufacturer in China offers after-sales customer care services.
You can register a request and get a substitute new Christmas Ball if you find a faulty ball.
Personalized designs
A Chinese Christmas Ball Wholesale manufacturer can create unique and innovative designs for you.

A committed research and development team is constantly bringing innovative products to market.

Co-Arts Innovation, a certified Christmas Ball Wholesale manufacturer and supplier, will manufacture it for you if it’s a minor change or a fully new design.

11. Why Choose Co-Arts as Your Christmas Ball Wholesaler?

The company offers so many benefits that you will always want to look for them in every other wholesaler of Christmas Ball.

These advantages distinguish Co-Arts Innovation from the competition, including:

  • The quickest responses and email responses to our customers.
  • Great client care and after-sales solutions.
  • Products that are certified.
  • Have at least 12+ experience years.
  • Small to large orders are accepted.
  • Excellent packing quality.
  • Orders suited to your specifications.

You should always select the company based on how professional they are and how well they are dealing with you along with offering reliable products.

And we are the ones offering you the whole package.

12. What are the Different Methods of Ordering Christmas Ball?

Ordering something for yourself can be tricky.

But with the right technique, you can get your order within a few days.

Here are some of the genuine methods or ways to place an order from your favorite Christmas Ball Wholesale supplier and manufacturer:

  • Online ordering
  • In-person meeting
  • Through a source/friend/relative
  • Other methods

Online ordering

Unless you are not available or affordable to visit China due to visa bans or some other issue, you can contact officials over the online services.

You can set an appointment with a person from the Christmas Ball Wholesale company to engage in conversation and ask for relevant details you have in mind when finalizing the agreement.

Holding an internet business session is another clever way to communicate your needs to the specific provider.

Please note, however, that business encounters are not as similar as personal meetings.

In-person meeting

Behind the screens of laptops are the pleasant and helping human beings you should encounter in person.

Commercial negotiations are influenced by one-on-one interactions and hands-on production experience.

The following are just a few of the countless benefits of private meetups:

You get the option of debating the layouts, costs, and timetable for delivery.

On the other side, online purchases do not provide you with much the same freedom of flexibility.

For purchasing Christmas Ball, you simply travel to China and communicate directly with a Christmas Ball Wholesale manufacturer.

Through a source/friend/relative

Another great option is to send a representative.

You may link a family member, acquaintance, or coworker from your workplace to the platform.

As a consequence, the provider will be informed of your needs, and your friend will be available to assist you to work.

Other methods

Instead, you can approach the Christmas Ball Wholesale manufacturing company in China over the telephone, messaging, or sending a thorough mail.

Anyone can rely on an authentic Christmas Ball Wholesale provider like Co-Arts Innovation to supply valuable Christmas Ball no matter which type you choose.

13. Can You Order Christmas Ball Wholesale in Bulk?

Yes, most of the Christmas Ball Wholesale dealers and manufacturers give you the option of bulk ordering.

At Co-Arts Innovations, you will find no particular criteria for bulk orders because we offer simple terms of the agreement.

Just contact us and request your size; if you require wholesale customized snow globes, we can also assist you.

You may place your request according to your specifications, and we will send it to you safely during a few days.

Large orders have always been welcome, and we guarantee that you will receive each piece in the best possible condition, free of breaking.

14. What is the Price of Christmas Ball Wholesale?

The Christmas Balls are always available in the form of packs of 24, 36, and so on.

That is why the price is variable for these packs.

You cannot assign any fixed price for the Christmas Balls Wholesale.

It also depends on the quality of the product and the manufacturer that made the item.

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