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Material: Plastic+Resin

Size: Custom Size

Certification: CE/EMC,ROHS,etc

Mini MOQ: 500


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Material: Plastic+Resin

Size: Custom Size

Certification: CE/EMC,ROHS,etc

Mini MOQ: 500


Christmas House Shaped Village HYCHP126

Material: Plastic+Resin

Size: Custom Size

Certification: CE/EMC,ROHS,etc

Mini MOQ: 500



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Christmas Village Figurines Wholesale — The Ultimate FAQ Guide

Christmas is all about togetherness and happiness.

It is that time of the year when people gather around and be with their families to spend more time and togetherness with them.

There are a lot of Christmas decorations that they use for decorating their houses.

Of these decorations, Christmas Village and Houses are the special ones.

Children love to have such a Christmas Village Figurines in the house that celebrates the occasion.

Here is an ultimate FAQ guide regarding Christmas Village Figurines, informing you how it’s made and much more.

So, let’s start!

1. Christmas Village Figurines Wholesale | Co-Arts

Co-Arts Innovation is a professional Christmas decoration manufacturer and Christmas village figurines are our traditional and competitive products.

Finding the perfect Christmas Village for you is very convenient.

Christmas Village Figurines Wholesale from China is very convenient.

You can always rely on Co-Arts Innovations as their products have a name in the market.

They have experience of 20 years and still manufacturing Christmas decorations and products with care and efficiency.

They offer you the following advantages:

  • Provide certified products
  • Offer customer care
  • Fast delivery
  • Easy ordering

Also, Xiamen Co-Arts Limited can accpet custom design of Christmas Village.

Co-Arts Innovation delivers fantastic Christmas Village designs, materials, and color combinations straight to you.

All our products are genuine and up to the desired standards.

They are inexpensive, and you can modify them by contacting us and expressing your needs.

Because we have been Christmas Village manufacturers for over 20 years, the lifespan of the Christmas Village and houses we make is excellent.

With a good repute, we are dealing with different brands and successfully making our name even more popular.

From the selection of materials to delivery, the Christmas Village we supply is of the highest quality.

2. What is a Christmas Village?

A Christmas Village, often termed as putz is a mini-village that is frequently built up during the holiday season.

In the early and mid-twentieth century, bulk-produced cardboard Christmas villages emerged popular in the United States.

Whereas porcelain variants proved popular afterward in the same century.

There are varieties of Christmas Village and Houses that are available for decorating the houses.

Figure 1 Christmas village

Figure 1 Christmas village

Well, the beautiful Christmas Village and Houses tradition were introduced at the end of the 18th century by the Protest group of Moravian faith with new colonies.

It was in Salem, Pennsylvania, North Carolina, and Bethlehem where people developed the habit of creating a village around the Christmas trees.

3. What are the Features of Christmas Village and Houses?

Well, there are key characteristics of these Christmas Villages and Houses that make them worth buying for the holiday season.

Some of them are as follows:

  • They are lightweight.
  • Super affordable.
  • Comes in different varieties.
  • Can be customized.

4. How Many Types of Christmas Villages are There?

There are different series and types of Christmas Village.

They are evolved over the years and gained different shapes and appearance.

  • Dicken’s Village Series

With these beautiful houses, stores, and figures, Dickens’ Victorian England’s background, architecture, cultures, and practices come to life.

This fascinating series includes lighted homes, Victorian bird stores, walking couples in historical clothing, and a variety of Victorian enterprises.

The elegance and romance of Dickens’ England will offer a distinctive accent to any house for the holidays season, exquisitely built and decorated by hand.

Figure 2 Dickens Christmas village house

Figure 2 Dickens Christmas village house

  • North Pole Series

With the introduction of the Northern Pole Series towards The Heritage Village Collection in 1990, Santa Claus truly came on the scene.

The North Pole Series is carefully painted and comes to tiny living things including Santa’s North Pole Workshop, elf cottages, toy companies, bakeries, and so much more, all influenced by the marvel and magic of said Christmas mythology.

The joy and amazement that Santa Claus and the North Pole give to Christmas are captured in these magnificent lighted houses and businesses.
Figure 3 North pole house

Figure 3 North pole house

  • Disney Village Series

With houses and ornaments from the Christmas Village Disney Village Series, the enchantment and thrill of Christmas remain.

This vibrant series features Mickey and his entire family and friends, from Minnie through Pluto including Huey, Dewey, even Louie.

You may find pieces like Mickey’s House, Mickey’s Sweet Shop, and amazing Disney sculptures to go along with your set, all designed and handcrafted with all the excitement and energy you’d want from a Disney bundle.

Figure 4 Disney Christmas village house

Figure 4 Disney Christmas village house

Whatever series captivates your attention, the most essential thing is to appreciate your Christmas Village collection and select each product because you adore it and it inspires you.

Create and show your Christmas Village pieces as you would like, and they’ll reflect your individuality and make you grin all season long!

5. How to Collect Christmas Villages?

Here are some steps that you need to follow when you buy or collect a Christmas Village.

  • Decide a Style You Want

Village series come in a variety of architectural styles.

Several of them resemble a traditional English Christmas scene from a Charles Dickens fiction.

Other Christmas villages resemble a sweet land, mountainous villages, or Christmas somewhere at the North Pole alongside Santa and the dwarfs.

Choosing which of these designs to purchase can be difficult.

There is nothing inappropriate with buying multiple varieties; just divide the village into parts so that buildings of comparable styles are clustered together.

  • Choose Your Favorite Brand

Choosing a brand is mostly determined by the amount of money you wish to put into the collection.

Co-Arts Innovation is among the popular Christmas village manufacturers.

Their items may be found in any excellent collectibles store.

Although Co-Arts Innovation items are more valuable, they usually hold their worth well and in certain cases even increase in value.

Even if their prices are greater, you might expect to make a profit if you sold the pieces later.

These items may be found in arts and crafts stores and are far less expensive, making them accessible to practically everyone.

  • Find Village Pieces

Christmas village collectibles are available all year on online marketplaces or Co-Arts Innovation.

Around Thanksgiving as well as Christmas, supply significantly increases, but you can obtain the best deals at other times of the year.

Thrift shops in the spring and early summer are also good places to look for village pieces, and there won’t be many people outbidding you.

  • Buy Early

Start shopping for parts all year long if you wish to build a Christmas Village.

Items from Christmas villages sell out quickly, so do not wait for December to start hunting for what you want.

The nearer Christmas approaches, the more difficult it will be to locate them, and the more costly they will become.

  • Accessorize it

Although each town producer offers a variety of supplies, you can save cash by purchasing additional products.

Look through your nearby arts and crafts shop for anything tiny that you can incorporate into your village.

Add little snowmen, snowflakes, cotton candy, or little wreaths into your village sceneries if you locate them.

To look well in your exhibit, objects don’t have to be created by the Christmas village manufacturers.

  • Display Your Ideas

While many people are capable of creating detailed town snow sceneries on their own, others require assistance.

Look for inspiration on the internet and in display cases.

Keep a running file of photos and pick which ones you’d like to duplicate in your own set.

During the busy holiday season, it would make it a lot easier to rapidly put up the Christmas village.

6. What is the Manufacturing Material of Christmas Village?

The manufacturing material of the Christmas Village are as follows:

  • Plastic

The plastic material is light in weight and reliable for making Christmas Village items.

It provides good insulation along with reduced thermal conductivity.

The coloring of plastic is easy that making the Christmas Village houses very attractive.

There is no oxidation of plastic material so it means there is no chance of rusting and corrosion.

It has brilliant impact resistance as well.

Figure 5 Plastic Christmas village houses

Figure 5 Plastic Christmas village houses

  • Resin

Resin concretes offer excellent mechanical qualities, including strong compression strength.

They have fatigue as well as corrosion resistance.

It has a poor permeability to fluids and has quick curing periods.

Figure 6 resin christmas village houses

Figure 6 resin christmas village houses

7. Where to Place Christmas Village Setup in House?

you are facing a challenge where to place your Christmas Village, here is how to do it.

  • Prepare

Prepare the room in which you believe the Christmas Village will fit best.

Look for vast open spaces where guests are likely to pass by on their way to the Christmas Village.

Ensure there’s enough room for a couple of houses and there may not be too much movement to cause the houses and decorations to be trampled and ruined.

The majority of people start assembling their Christmas Villages in their living area or at their central entrance door.

  • Do a Little Research

Look for spots in each space where these homes could be placed.

While every room will have its own distinct parts, not all chambers will be the same size or style.

You’ll need various locations where you can build a variety of houses – enough so that your entire Christmas Village can be displayed or put together.

  • Set Trains and Streets

Place some of the roads and transportation pieces where they will have the most impact.

Establish bus and train stations at strategic locations.

You can put trees and add sprinkle on them.

There are people who put lights on these items too.

If feasible, lay down some trains and buses for the Christmas Village setup.

  • Put Houses

Place some homes.

Larger houses can fit into larger rooms, while smaller, less-ornate homes can fit into smaller spaces.

Offices, colleges, fire stations, businesses, and banks all function efficiently.

Here is how you can setup your whole Christmas village.

8. How to Order from Christmas Village Manufacturer?

Well, ordering from your favorite Christmas Village manufacturers is not a big deal.

There are different ways of doing this such as:

  • Online order
  • Personal visit
  • Through a source
  • Other options

Online Order
Well, the online ordering is the best way to order your favorite products from Christmas Village manufacturers.

If you cannot come to China directly because of some reasons or visa limitations, no worries as online service is there for you.

To avail the opportunity, you need to fix an appointment with the Christmas Village manufacturers representatives or you can call.

However, these online order services may be different from in-person meetings but the results are same.

We provide quality Christmas Village and houses on online ordering.

Personal Visit

The friendly and helpful Christmas Village manufacturers you should meet in person is a great approach for placing your orders.

One-on-one discussions and hands-on professional experience affect commercial negotiations.

Here are just a handful of the numerous advantages of private meetups:

  • You can negotiate about the pricing, packaging, shipment, dimensions, and much more.
  • Sometimes the online ordering do not provide you that much of options to rely on, so its better to meet personally for your products.
  • Meeting and visiting the Christmas Village manufacturers is a plus as in this way you get to see the site area and production procedures with your eyes.
  • This is how you know that the manufacturing material used is of best quality or not.

Through Source

If you are unable to access the online ordering and also not coming to China, it is best to order your products through a source.

The source could be a relative, a friend, a colleague, or someone that you know within in the Christmas Village manufacturers company.

He/she can visit on your behalf and place order as your representative.

Other Options
You could instead contact the Christmas Village manufacturers in China by phone, email, or sending a detailed letter.

You can rely on a reputable Christmas Village manufacturer such as Co-Arts Innovation to provide high-quality Christmas Village houses, regardless of the type.

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