Christmas Wreaths

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Beautiful christmas wreaths CAX0189

Material: PVC, PE

Color: Green, Red

Size: D: 24 inch

Application: Christmas Decor


Christmas Wreath CAX0580

Material: PVC, PE

Color: Green, White, Blue, etc

Size: D: 26 inch

Application: Christmas Decor


Christmas Wreath CAX20024

Material: PVC, PE

Color: Green, Red

Size: D: 26 inch

Application: Christmas Decor



Custom Christmas Wreaths

Find wonderful wreaths at Co-Arts, You can spread more joy indoors, Furthermore, We certainly have a good amount of options to fit your home and lifestyle.

Christmas Wreaths Size

Small – Under 30 in. | Medium – 30-35 in. | Large 36-48 in. | Extra Large – Over 48 in.

Christmas Wreaths Size

Christmas Wreaths Size

Christmas Garland Size

Christmas Garland Size

Christmas Swag

Variety Christmas Swags

Christmas Wreaths & Garland Gallery

Take the elegance of characteristics
to your home with enchanting Christmas greenery.

Christmas Decorations

Christmas Wreath & Garland for Decor

Stylish Christmas Wreath for Decoration

Window Christmas Wreaths

Relying on the global supermarket supply chain system to serve your


Christmas Wreath & Garland | Co-Arts

If Christmas trees were the main characters of a popular Christmas movie, Christmas wreaths and garlands will be the supporting characters. Wreath and garlands add festive touches to the interior décor of every home and complete the holiday outlook.

While wreaths and garlands are used year-long for other festivities, they are mostly used during Christmas. They come in various colors and sizes just to suit your specific taste.

Shop individual parts adorned with enchanting decorations and shining lights, and discover complete wreath and garland sets to generate your own winter wonderland.

Christmas Wreath & Garland Material

•Realistic Polyethylene (PE)

Polyethylene is the material that is used for greenery. It can perfectly mimic the form, hues, and texture of real trees.
It is injection molded to have these special characteristics. The most realistic looking trees are made from polyethylene and supported by PVC.

•Classic Polyvinyl Chloride (PVC)

These are especially known for producing wreaths and garlands that are green. Wreaths and garlands made from PVC are preferred because of their affordability and ability to last long.


Tinsel wreaths and garlands are also made from PVC, just that they are of a sparkly variety.
The main difference between the two is that tinsel wreaths and garlands have needles that are quoted in shiny film, hence their metallic look.

Wreaths Size

Average-sized wreaths are often recommended since they usually hung above kitchen shelves, dining rooms, and fireplace mantels. An average-sized wreath will measure about 24-30 diameter inches.

A decorated wreath can also be placed on the dining table top ensuring that the remaining space is enough to set the table for meals. Two identical wreaths can be used for mirroring areas in the home such as double doors.

Garlands Length

Garlands usually average about 9-10 feet in length and will be perfect on staircases, entryways, and ledges of the fireplace mantel.

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