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Christmas Branch CA07091

Material: Plastic and Wire

Color: Green

Size: L: 31cm

Application: Christmas Decor


Christmas Branch CA07225

Material: Plastic and Wire

Color: Silver

Size: L: 24cm

Application: Christmas Decor


Christmas Branch CA13090

Material: Plastic and Wire

Color: Green, Red

Size: L: 28cm

Application: Christmas Decor


Christmas Branch CA77066

Material: Plastic and Wire

Color: Green, White

Size: L: 52cm

Application: Christmas Decor


Christmas Branch CA77134

Material: Plastic and Wire

Color: Green, Red

Size: L: 56cm

Application: Christmas Decor



You should know about Christmas Branch

Best Christmas Tree Branch for Selection with Various Sizes and Styles at Co-Arts Innovation, like Christmas Glitter Berries Stems, Red Berries Stems, Artificial Pine Needles Branches, Christmas Natural Pine Cones, etc. The Branches can suit for Christmas Tree and Decor your vase in your home. Over 100+ Christmas Branches for Selection.

Christmas Red Berries

Christmas Berries Stems

14Pcs individual glitter berries stem for Christmas tree and Xmas wreath decorations, holiday.

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Artificial Pine Needles Branches

Christmas Pine Gones

Christmas Natural Pine Cones

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Wholesale Christmas Picks – A Complete Buyers Guide

It’s about that time of the year again to get all of your Christmas décors out and updated. Since Christmas is the time to create new traditions whether it be family-focused or decorative.

2022 is definitely the year to decide that wholesale Christmas picks are the way to go for the best Christmas decorations.

If you are trying to make your Christmas décor a little extra special this year then we have got you covered.

One of our suggested ways outside of ornaments to lift up the look of a tree or a garland is using wholesale Christmas picks and sprays.

With a bunch of picks and clips, you can transform the interior of the house as per your desire.

Christmas Picks are an inexpensive and attractive addition to any decoration.

They can be included in a variety of settings such as a floral display, placed as a centerpiece of the table, decorating the entire lackluster shelf, or used as a gift wrapping decoration.

Some of these wonderful-looking picks can be placed on the top of the table and used as a part of the tablescape design. They add thickness, texture, and color to your Christmas Décor.

There is a range available under wholesale Christmas picks to choose from that get nestled in your tree, garland, or exterior decor with long stems easily.

There are icy-looking, red berries, leafy, and beaded ones to arrange them in layers and bouquet style.

You can have them all when you know a good wholesale Christmas picks retailer is right next to you.

1. Wholesale Christmas Picks from Co-Arts Innovation

Co-Arts Innovation offers an exciting range of Christmas Décor as a notable wholesaler functioning in China.

Having a reputation of 20 years providing quality artificial Christmas trees and Christmas decorations in China and now worldwide, we are committed to our values.

One thing you will be sure of is our premium quality standards maintained while making and manufacturing Christmas décor of all kinds.

We use premium quality glass, metal, plastic, and wood along with fine fabrics to create an amazing piece of design.

The Co-Art Innovation has a vast variety of Christmas picks for the holiday season.

If you are prone towards traditional esthetics then we have picks that have an evergreen attire with natural red berries while some have frosty look.

Many even have classic and elegant poinsettias. If your taste is a bit modern, there are picks with metallic trinkets, coated in metallic gold and even some with tiny gift boxes at branch edges.

Whatever your style and taste is, Co Arts Innovation has something to suit you.

Wholesale Christmas Picks - Co-Arts

Wholesale Christmas Picks and Sprays

2. Bulk up Christmas Tree Look with Wholesale Christmas Picks

When you are ready to deck up your Christmas tree, these wholesale Christmas picks and sprays come in handy to give it a professionally decorative look.

They offer a variety of decoration styles from all-natural to partial contemporary.

Choose from pine needles, red berries, poinsettia, pine cones, and more with a bunch of sprays containing glitter that gives the effect of shining snow on the tree.

The variety of Christmas picks allows you to fill out the gaps and spaces in the Christmas tree with glamour.

Long stems of picks give the liberty to nest them well in the tree giving it a volume and heftier look. A small spray of picks at the top of the tree will be perfect as a tree topper.

One of our notable traits is; we produce and design products by means of our expert workers and designers and then get them customized as per the client demand.

3. Types of Christmas Picks and Sprays

Red Berries with Stems

Made out of fine plastic steel wire stem and brown wrapping, this spray is just perfect for decorating a natural rich Christmas tree or a garland.

These artificial Christmas Berries are best when you want to add volume to your Christmas tree as a faux holy element.

Artificial Pine Needles Branches

Having a rich natural green accent, these artificial Pine Needles Branches are a must-have for interior as well as exterior Christmas decorations.

You can pair them up with other ornaments at a garland to bring up true traditional appeal on your doorstep.

Natural Pine Cones

DIY with our fine-quality natural pine cones for your upcoming Christmas decor project.

They are nifty and look adorable in any setting, whether it be a Christmas tree or in a floral vase.

Glitter Covered Branches

These finely crafted glitter branches give a touch of artificial ornament hanging with a sturdy stem.

Ideal to add a contemporary feel to your Christmas ambiance.

4. Choosing Color Schemes for Christmas Picks and Sprays

Most people prefer a traditional theme for their Christmas decorations.

Some picks include a combination of red and green, blue and silver, and gold and red.

However, if you’re considering something a bit more exclusive, there are plenty of unusual Christmas picks options that are great to decorate even a fireplace mantel and other places around your house.

5. Why Choose Christmas picks through an online Wholesaler?

One-Stop Solution

Usually, people tend to buy Christmas decor from different stores.

Trees from one place and other decorative items from another.

It is due to the lack of variety and standards available in one place. When you choose to buy from a wholesaler you enjoy an infinite variety at affordable prices.

The more you add to the cart the more you save on budget. While you buy in bulk and pay in less, you truly enjoy this festive season.

Ease of Buying

As a matter of fact, in traditional shopping, choosing Christmas decoration essentials is an overwhelming affair and that is what we are saving you from.

You can choose from our infinite range of decorative items with the ease of sitting on your couch.

We as an extensive wholesaler have our trusted customers from across the globe enjoying our products for years.

Shop Safe

With the inception of Covid-19 online shopping has become an everyday habit of people around the world and that is why it is a preferable option to buy Christmas essentials.

Put aside the danger of being crowded by infection.


As a large-scale producer of decorative items, we possess a variety of wholesale Christmas picks like no other.

Whatever your taste and style are, we would definitely have something to satisfy you.

Save on Commute

Buying online from a wholesaler will not only save your commuting time but also the hassle of holding large quantity items bringing them home.

Your bulk items will be delivered to your doorstep without the worry of being damaged or gone lost.

6. What you should consider before buying Wholesale Christmas Picks?


Christmas picks are supposed to glorify the outlook of a space or object so their quality matters a lot.

High-quality picks will last long and give an up-class appeal to the whole ambiance.

We as a reputed wholesaler always make sure to maintain quality standards of a product that you will rejoice to have cheered for years to come.


Most of the Christmas picks are made of a combination of materials including wood, plastic, glass, rubber, and even ceramic.

You need to decide what goes well with your demand decoration.

Normally, plastic tends to wear out faster so choose something between less plastic and more durable materials.


It is highly recommended to sync your decoration with your home interior and then choose the color scheme of Christmas picks.

Small tiny, multicolor picks are good for a spread-out decoration but when it is intended to create a theme-based decoration choosing Christmas-themed colors i.e. red, bright green, white and black are preferable.


Before putting your hands on any fancy-looking Christmas picks, consider the space they are intended for.

Also, take a note of the quantity you will need, though you can have them in bulk minding their use will drastically save your pocket.

Environment safety:

Make sure to choose a wholesaler that guarantees environmental safety while using its products. Low-quality products can not only ruin your decoration but also create a mess.

7. Where To Buy wholesale Christmas Picks?

Mass-produced regular Christmas picks are available at most of the retailer outlets.

Normally, there are devoted sections and aisles at home improvement centers, department stores, discount stores, and supermarkets featuring Christmas picks along with trees, lights, and other decorations.

If you are interested in One-of-a-kind handmade ornaments which are popular items at seasonal markets and street fairs then you can check out famous wholesalers too who produce such customized decoration pieces on customer demands.

It may be harder to get out and shop for Christmas decorations for many, but there are plenty of online options for Wholesale Christmas picks.

That includes crafty retailers like Co Arts Innovations.

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