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Wholesale Nutcracker – The Ultimate FAQ Guide

Do you like Wholesale Nutcracker as a gift for your loved ones?

Nutcrackers are very popular, especially during the Christmas season.

So, do you know nutcrackers have a fascinating history behind them?

There are so many varieties of Wholesale Nutcrackers that are available to you easily.

Here is a complete FAQ guide that will make you aware of what they are made, what are their types, and much more.

So, let’s start!

1. Christmas Nutcracker | Co-Arts

Xiamen Co-Arts Limited is a professional Christmas Decoration Supplier from China, supply various Christmas ornaments.

The Christmas Nutcracker is also our exporting product for the north American, Europe, etc.

Wholesale Nutcracker from a reliable supplier should consider more factors.

Co-Arts adhering to the principle of public transparency, give customers the most affordable quotation.

2. What is a Nutcracker?

A nutcracker is a gadget that cracks the shells of nuts to open them.

Levers, screws, as well as ratchets are among the various designs available.

Lobster and crab shells are cracked using the lever variant.

A decorative variation depicts a human whose mouth is shaped like the nutcracker’s jaws.
Figure 1 Wholesale Nutcracker

Figure 1 Wholesale Nutcracker

Following the first US performance of The Nutcracker ballet in the year 1940.

With the introduction of US military men to the dolls during the war, ornamental nutcrackers became famous in the United States after World War II.

Few ornamental nutcrackers are currently available in the United States; however pricey working versions are still available.

In some Southeastern regions, these are placed near children’s pillows for repelling bad spirits.

A nutcracker, as per legend, represents strength and leadership and serves as a devoted watchdog, guarding your household from evil spirits but also danger.

The nutcracker is a strong guardian who reveals its teeth to bad forces and is the traditional herald of lots of luck and goodwill.

3. Why is the Nutcracker Called Nutcracker Doll?

Nutcracker dolls, often referred to as Christmas nutcrackers, seem to be decorative nutcracker figures shaped like toy soldiers.

These dolls are good luck emblems in German folklore, driving away evil spirits.

The Wholesale Nutcrackers are already a part of German tradition, and they serve as house defenders.

4. What are the Characteristics of Christmas Nutcracker?

Every Wholesale Nutcracker has a unique set of characters that make them distinct from each other.

These characters are as such:

  • Their size and layout/design may be customized.
  • Solid, high-quality wooden manufacturing material.
  • Strong base for the figurine.
  • Hand-painted designs with a beautiful color scheme.
  • These nutcrackers come in safe packaging.

5. Why is Soldier Nutcracker Popular Christmas Decoration?

The soldier figurine Wholesale Nutcrackers are an important part of Christmas decorations.

That is why they are widely used all over the world at Christmas time on trees and other ornaments.

Nutcrackers make a popular Christmas decoration because of their goodwill and their courageous history of them.

People believe they are fighters against the bad spirits and keep them away from the houses.

6. What are the Types of Wholesale Nutcracker?

Well, there are three basic types of Wholesale Nutcrackers.

These types are as follows:

  • Wooden Nutcracker

The wooden nutcrackers pay respect to the picture that has become associated with Christmas.

These wooden ornaments, which are often still carved and hand painted, add a sense of heritage, elegance, as well as history to every home.

They are frequently regarded as collectibles and could be passed down through the generations.

They are realistic, gorgeous pieces of art that have been carved and painted one at a time to represent a wide range of characters, not just the typical soldier.

They can often be painted to look like royalty, snowman, Santa Claus, and more!

These can also be found in a variety of sizes, ranging from 2 inches high to four feet tall.

  • Novelty Nutcracker

Novelty nutcrackers give a bit of a traditional feel with fresh and strange characters and styles for those looking for a little bit of extra fun and humor.

A novelty item might be made out of plastic and function as a nightlight!

It could be painted to depict a favorite person or group for a fan of the sport.

Popular Christmas or literary figures can also be represented for children!

  • Ornamental Nutcracker

Hanging these traditional soldiers hanging on the Christmas tree has been by far among the best techniques to display them over the festivities!

Nutcracker ornaments are quite a terrific way to add the charm of nutcrackers into your home without filling up a lot of room.

Made of wood, glass, or plastic and available in a variety of styles, everyone may find the perfect fit for their family.

7. What is the Manufacturing Material of Wholesale Nutcracker?

There are different fine quality manufacturing materials used for the making of Wholesale Nutcrackers.

These materials are obtained from authentic sources that is why the quality of the products is fine and excellent.

Here are some of the most common and popular manufacturing materials for the manufacturing of Wholesale Nutcrackers:

  • Wood

Most importantly, wood material is biodegradable.

It means it is non-toxic to human beings, animals, and also the environment.

The wood is very safe for children as well.

It can be molded and shaped into different designs of Wholesale Nutcrackers.

The wood can be easily processed to use for various purposes.

Figure 3 Wooden Wholesale Nutcracker
Figure 3 Wooden Wholesale Nutcracker

  • Glass

The Wholesale Nutcracker made of glass is delicate.

Glass material is hard and brittle.

It has insulation and water-resistant properties.

The glass materials have a variety of colors and textures.

Figure 4 glass nutcrackers

Figure 4 glass nutcrackers

  • Resin

The resin Nutcracker is reliable and durable.

They are quite user-friendly and do not break when falling.

Resin Christmas Nutcracker is in demand by the customers because of its fine quality.

Xiamen Co-Arts Limited main materials of Christmas nutcrackers are used the resin.

Figure 5 resin christmas nutcracker

Figure 5 resin christmas nutcracker

8. How Much Should be the Height of Wholesale Nutcracker?

The size of the Wholesale Nutcracker varies.

As there are customized nutcrackers also made, they can be of different sizes as per the demand of the customers.

On the whole, most of the regular Wholesale Nutcrackers have a height or length of 20 cm-24 cm.

The type of nutcracker that you hang on Christmas trees is shorter.

They have a height less than the regular ones.

Figure 6 Different Sizes of Wholesale Nutcrackers

9. How to Make a Full-Sized Nutcracker?

Making a Nutcracker can be tricky, but manufacturers like Co-Arts Innovation make the process easier for you.

Now you don’t have to make it yourself.

Instead, you can buy them from them and enjoy the Nutcracker experience.

Figure 7 Under Processed Wholesale Nutcrackers

Figure 7 Under Processed Wholesale Nutcrackers

Here is how the Wholesale Nutcracker is made:

  • The operating lever has to be inserted into the head part of a nutcracker in order for it to function.
  • To do so, it required to be sliced in straight lines, with square teeth as well as a square mouth hole.
  • Rather than a smiling mouth, this results in a harsh expression.
  • From the wood cutting to the final packaging, a Wholesale Nutcracker requires over 130 separate steps.
  • The trees must be chosen from a specific height for the growth rings to be exactly right…not too near as in top of a mountain trees, yet not too broad as in trees growing in milder areas.
  • The wood was cut to specific thicknesses and allowed to dry for several years outside and even longer inside.
  • It must then be sliced into smaller sizes before being processed on lathes to form circular shapes.
  • Several of the items will be formed on extremely costly automatic lathes that must be configured by professionals each time a new shape is created.
  • For the various shapes of bodies, forearms, legs, as well as accessories, various cutting blades must be utilized.
  • Some items are manually turned by hand.
  • Such professionals must be well experienced and have spent several years at school learning how to do carpentry.
  • The parts are sanded, and just a layer of shellac is poured as a base coat.
  • This protects the wood, ensuring that the final finish is smooth and does not soak into it.
  • The parts are then sanded once more before the brighter coating is applied.
  • To build the nutcracker, the components must be combined after a day of setting.
  • The eyes, mustache, and hair are then added.
  • Finally, any other items like headgear and weaponry are included.

Today, there are several distinct styles, and the manufacturers are all trying to come up with something new to delight the collectors.

There are classic monarchs and soldiers, as well as figures from stories like the Cowardly Lion, Bambi, Peter Pan, even Mr. Toad.

Figures from the Nutcracker Ballet could be found, as well as firemen, shooters, drummers, as well as skiers.

10. Why are the Collectible Nutcrackers Generally Expensive?

The nutcracker’s worth is determined by its company, material, uniqueness, and craftsmanship, much like any other collectible item.

Furthermore, creating a high-quality nutcracker is not a thing that is accomplished in a single day.

Manufacturers claim that producing a single nutcracker may take up to130 distinct procedures as well as up to 4 years.

It is due to the fact that each nutcracker produced by a firm like Co-Arts Innovation undergoes a number of procedures, including cutting, molding, hand turning, lathing, cleaning, drilling,
coating, priming, sculpting, painting, and customizing.

Making a fantastic nutcracker is an incredibly time-consuming process.

11. Can You Buy a Customized Wholesale Nutcracker?

Yes, now it is very easy to purchase customized Wholesale Nutcrackers.

Christmas Wholesale Nutcracker styles, reliability, and color combinations from Co-Arts Innovation are delivered with care.

Our things aren’t constantly current, but they’re also rather easy to come by.

They are inexpensive, and you can modify them by contacting us and expressing your needs.

Because we have been manufacturing Wholesale Nutcrackers for over 20 years, the longevity of the Wholesale Nutcracker we make is excellent.

We’ve partnered with a number of well-known brands and companies, and we’ve always received favorable feedback.

Again, from handling of materials to shipment, the Wholesale Nutcracker we supply is of the highest quality.

12. Is Buying Wholesale Nutcracker Worth the Money?

They are, indeed!

They made wonderful gifts for family members who reside far away or even inside your state.

Because of their stunning miniature settings, they provide worth to your interiors, dining rooms, and sometimes even workplaces in which you feel connected to nature.

The wholesalers of Christmas nutcrackers guarantee that the designs are elegant and innovative, trying to make your time even more memorable.

Also, as you feel a bond to the particular figurines and shades you chose for your Wholesale Nutcracker, they meant a great deal to you.

They transport you to a joyful recollection or a location you’ve been or intend to visit in the future.

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