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Material: Resin & Glass

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Material: Resin & Glass

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Co-Arts Innovation can custom snow globe according to customer’s requirement

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Wholesale Snow Globes – A Complete Buyer’s Guide

Snow globes do make a wonderful gift for different occasions.

They are so delicate and pretty that people love them and buy them for their loved ones.

But do you know how they are made and what you can do to protect them from breaking?

Everything is covered in this FAQ guide regarding wholesale snow globes.

Let’s get started!

1. Christmas Snow Globe | Co-Arts

Co-Arts Innovation is a professional Christmas decorating company from China with over 20 years of experience. The Snow Globes Can be made according to the customer’s requirements.

Wholesale Snow Globes from China is easy, China has a lot of great Christmas suppliers and Christmas decoration factories.

When you have wholesale snow globes procurement requirements, you can inquiry and contact us.

And we can accept free samples when you have confirmed purchase intention.

And the shipping of orders have many ways to select:

  1. Sea Shipment
  2. Air Shipment
  3. International Express:DHL,OCS,FedEx,UPS, TNT

Co-Arts also focus on product quality and ensure the safety of transportation to adopt rigorous packaging.

Snow Globes Package of Co-Arts

Snow Globes Package of Co-Arts

2. What Do Custom Snow Globes Wholesale Symbolize?

A snow globe sometimes referred to as a snowdome is a translucent or transparent sphere.

Generally made of glass or sometimes plastic, that contains a miniature scene, frequently with a miniature of a town, scenery, or figure.

The circle also includes the water inside it, which acts as a medium for the “snow” to fall over.

The sphere is shaken to stir up the white granules, which activates the snowfall.

The globe can then be returned to its original position so that the flakes slowly descend into the water inside it.

A built-in musical box that produces a song is sometimes seen in snow globes.

As decoration, many snow globes include a pattern around the outside base.

Snow globes are frequently used as collectibles.

3. Why purchase wholesale snow globes from China?

China has huge wholesale Christmas decorations suppliers. wholesale snow globe from China is a good choice for most buyers of Christmas Company.

China not only has the advantage of the supply chain but now also has the advantage of advanced product design and development.

So purchase and importing wholesale snow globes from China, it’s the trend.

But China has so many Christmas decoration manufacturers and suppliers, how to choose the right Christmas decoration vendor is important now.

Xiamen Co-Arts Limited is a Christmas decoration manufacturer from Xiamen, China.

They sell item materials including polyresin, ceramic, steel, plush, plastic as well as glass.

Co-Arts take huge pride in our abundant customer portfolio that extends across continents from Europe to The United States And Canada.

Their organizational viewpoint specifies the real spirit of our success and also expands client self-confidence around the world.

Their durable company approach portrays high criteria for service high quality, innovation, and also customer-orientation.

An internal group of musicians, developers as well as professionals from diverse histories allows us to meet customer needs for innovative, special, splendid, and also tailored-made products.

4. What is Wholesale Custom Snow Globes Made of?

The manufacturers of the custom snow globes wholesale keep the “snow” within the dome a well-guarded secret.

The snow is composed of ceramic fragments, grit, sawdust, processed wax, and sometimes even rice was used in early snow globes.

These materials have become a thing of the past now.

But they are not completely disappeared.

Today’s snow globe’s snow seems to be comprised of either small plastic particles or ground-up natural mineral components.

So many people are trying to experiment with other materials as well that are gaining popularity day by day.

Figure 2 Components of snow globe

Figure 2 Components of a snow globe

These materials have become a thing of the past now.

But they are not completely disappeared.

Today’s snow globe’s snow seems to be comprised of either small plastic particles or ground-up natural mineral components.

So many people are trying to experiment with other materials as well that are gaining popularity day by day.

5. In Which Sizes Christmas Snow Globes Wholesale Available?

There are so many options you can get as far as the size of the snow globe is concerned.

Different manufacturers offer different dimensions and many times the Christmas snow globes wholesale are made in customized sizes by them.

However, the average size of snow globes is 4 to 5 inches.
Figure 3 Christmas snow globe

Figure 3 Christmas snow globe

They are not supposed to be very big as they are mostly placed on shelves and tables in your homes.

Also, if you want to take them with you on traveling, you can because of their small sizes.

But you need to be careful taking your wholesale custom snow globes with you as they might break or get leaked.

So, care is needed in this regard.

6. What Should Be the Base Material of Wholesale Snow Globes?

The base of the snow globes is just as vital as the scenario and paint quality of its figurine.

Simple bases, such as those constructed of wood, are used in certain snow globes.

Some, on the other hand, may be quite detailed and depict a scene.

You’ll want to think about how the base contributes to the overall design of the snow globe, in addition to the sculpting and paint qualities.

We always double-check that the foundation and globe of the snow globes are securely attached, and also that the base gives a solid grip for shaking the snow globe.

7. Where to Place Wholesale Custom Snow Globes in Houses?

Figure 4 Beautiful snow globes on table

Figure 4 Beautiful snow globes on table

Snow globes are quite delicate, and some of the newer models may carry antifreeze, so put them away from youngsters and pets.

There must be steps taken to keep it away from extremes of temperature since snow globes may freeze and the inside water can vaporize with extra heat.

For two reasons, you should keep them away from bright sunlight.

  • You don’t want the shade and color of the paintwork to fade.
  • In extreme situations, water can behave as a magnifying lens, turning the sun’s beams into a spot of light capable of igniting a fire.

It means you should place them at a safe and secure corner of your workplace or home where the temperature is moderate; neither too cold nor too hot.

8. What is the Advantage of Buying Christmas Snow Globes Wholesale from Co-Arts Innovation?

Co-Arts Innovation as Christmas decorating company has so many advantages that you want to seek in every other Christmas snow globes wholesale supplier.
These benefits make us the best in the market, such as:

  • Fastest replies and email answering to our customers.
  • After-sales services and excellent customer service.
  • Certified products.
  • Have experience of 20+ years in the manufacturing industry.
  • Can take small to bulk orders.
  • Excellent quality packaging.
  • Customized orders as per your requirements.

9. How to Maintain Plastic Wholesale Custom Snow Globes?

Plastic wholesale custom snow globes are pretty but we believe glass ones are the prettiest.

However, if you have kids in your house, getting a plastic snow globe is perfect as it will not break and harm the children.

The plastic snow globes need maintenance too when they get old or put to a place where dust falls on them.

Figure 5 Plastic snow globes

Figure 5 Plastic snow globes

For that, you need to clean it with a wet cloth to remove the blemishes and marks on the plastic dome as well as the base.

Moreover, you can get a plastic polish that will make your old plastic snow globe newer than ever.

Just apply it to the surface of the dome and the job will be done.

With a brush or piece of cloth, clean the stains for even better results.

The plastic snow globe will not only look clean but also brand new, just out of the box.

10. What are the Necessary Measures to Keep the Snow Globes Safe in Storage?

There are various steps you can follow to protect your snow globes from getting damaged and cracked, including:

  • Protective boxes with padding

Put it in a box that the snow globe will not move anywhere.

If you use the original box that comes with your snow globe, it will be the ideal size for it.

Particularly if the original fillers, which are usually composed of plastic and otherwise Styrofoam, are kept.

If the original packing is not available, select a box that’s nearly equal in size to the snowdome’s original box and use bubble wrap to strengthen your snow globes.

You should be able to accommodate your snow globe inside the box without putting too much pressure on it.

There must be some additional room all-around snow globe so that you can wrap this in a soft cloth, plastic wrap, or packaging paper to safeguard it from any potential damage.

Continue hunting for a better-fitting product if the box seems tight in either way or if there isn’t enough area for padding.

  • Seal the box

If you want to keep your snow globe safe, don’t move it around while it’s in storage. Only half of the job is done by the cushioning in the box.

Close the top of the box using tape to keep it from sliding.

Tape all of the exposed parts and corners of the box to ensure that it maintains its strong shape.

Wrap the container in plastic film and place it in a huge plastic bag if need to be extra cautious.

This will secure the box from moisture and act as an additional bug deterrent.

If you’re concerned about gnawing intruders like mice, place the sealed box inside a large plastic container with a lockable cover to make the situation even more secure.

  • Moderate temperature space

Snow globes must be preserved in temperature-controlled locations because of their one-of-a-kind solution.

A medium room temperature of 60 to 70 degrees is preferable.

If you intend to place your snow globe at residence, avoid storing it in the cellar or attic because temperatures can be extremely cold or hot at different times.

It also shouldn’t be installed in a room where the air conditioner isn’t turned on all the time.

11. What are the Requirements of Bulk Ordering Wholesale Snow Globes?

There are no special requirements for bulk ordering at Co-Arts Innovations as we have easy terms and conditions.

Simply contact us, ask for your dimensions and if you want to have wholesale custom snow globes, we supply that too.

You can place your order as per your requirements and we will deliver it to you within a few days safe and sound.

Bulk orders are always welcomed and we assure that you get each piece with maximum security without any breakage.

Co-Arts as a professional Christmas decoration manufacturer with more than 20 years of experience can wholesale snow globes.

If you want to import more china Christmas decorations, please contact Co-Arts.

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