A fire hole or fire pit can differ from the soil pit to an advanced mortar, brick, and metal gas system.

The general characteristic of fire pits is that they are built to contain the fire and avoid spreading.

In essence, only a hole is required to allow a fire pit to hold a fire securely. It can be either as simple as digging a pit in the earth or as tricky as digging a brick or a rock pillar out.

The most popular type of fire pit is pre-made fire pits which can be obtained from a shop. There are usually pre-molded concrete or aluminum, or metal table and stone combinations.

Typically, they are natural gas, propane, or bio-ethanol.

Today fire pits are available in a wide range of sizes, designs, and shapes. Fire pits are super safe when used with care. 

Nowadays, there are many alternatives to traditional fire pits. Ethanol Fireplaces are one of them as they are more efficient, eco-friendly, affordable, easy to install and maintain. 

Ethanol Fire Pits

ethanol fire pit
ethanol tabletop fire pit

Ethanol Fire Pits, as the name says, use ethanol fuel which is a natural heat substitute to the gas or log.

Ethanol fuel is renewable, ethanol-driven, and is hence much more environmentally sustainable than conventional burning combustible fuels.

Ethanol is a liquid biofuel formed by the fermentation of various plants, such as corn or soya.An ethanol fireplace often referred to as an alcohol fire pit uses ethanol as a fuel source.

Ethanol fire pits run by only pouring and lighting ethanol fuel into the burner, so it’s much easier than you would have imagined.

Ethanol burns for 4-5 hours, or before it extinguishes, by shutting the deck and starving the oxygen flame.

The fire can be burned for a longer period by adding more ethanol before getting cooled.

Ethanol is a purified burning agent. It does not generate dangerous gas and radioactive wastes. Thus, chimneys or flues are not required for ethanol fire pits.

Ethanol fire pits can be placed in a tiny apartment without any danger to the inhabitants. The free-standing ethanol chimney is unbelievably flexible because of these features.

It is possible to relocate it indoors and outdoors. 

Standing fires of ethanol or wall-mounted ethanol fire pits have sleek styles that are aesthetically appealing.

They are 100% efficient in providing clean-burning claiming ethanol to be Green or Eco-friendly. 

Co-Arts Innovation manufactures high-quality ethanol fireplaces with various styles and accepts custom designs.

Because Xiamen Co-Arts Limited is a professional fire pit manufacturer from China for over 20 years.

Ethanol Fire Pits Vs. Traditional Fire Pits

Ethanol Fire Pits carry a great number of benefits over traditional fire pits.

The apparent beneficial feature of ethanol fire pits is that they utilize eco-friendly, renewable energy sources with clean-burning.

Ethanol does not emit any harmful and toxic substances. The fumes are odorless with zero smoke.

Traditional fire pits are environmental hazards, releasing carbon monoxide, emitting black smoke with a suffocating smell.

So, traditional fire pits are not considered safe indoors.

In contrast, ethanol fire pits are safe indoors as well as outdoors.

Ethanol fire pits can be installed quickly and easily compared to traditional fire pits, which need much work.

Traditional fire pits demand professional installation.

Ethanol fire pits do not have chimneys or flues as they do not emit smoke. They are vent-free and not fixed like traditional fire pits.

Moreover, ethanol fireplaces are easy to clean with minimal maintenance in contrast to traditional fire pits, requiring gas and electric line care.

Ethanol fire pits are moveable with stunning design and versatility. They are a perfect addition to your home, enhancing beauty and eagerness. 

Ethanol Fire Pits VS Ethanol fireplace

The ethanol fire pit is a new type of fire pit, and the ethanol fire pit is small in size and is easy to put on the table, so the fire pit is also called the tabletop fire pit, but the ethanol fireplace is a type of fireplace which burns ethanol fuel. They are often installed without a chimney. Ethanol for these fires is often marketed as bioethanol (ethanol produced from biomass).

ethanol fireplace design
ethanol fireplace

Working of Ethanol Fire Pits

The working of Ethanol Fire Pits is straightforward and safe. It’s not complicated like other traditional fire pits.

They do not require any electrical or gas connection. All they use is ethanol as fuel.  

Working of Ethanol Fire Pits depends on two main sections, a frame, and a burner. 

  • The frame is made of tempered glass and stainless steel, which holds the burner in place. It also determines the sleek style and elegance of the pit.
  • Burner is a steel fire pit containing ethanol fuel. 

The flame dances wondrously in the tempered glass frame windows as it is still safe in the burner.

Ethanol Fire Pits work by simply pouring the ethanol into the steel burner and igniting the fuel with the appropriate lightning device.

The ethanol burns and produces heat with a small amount of carbon dioxide and steam in the burner.

The heat released by the burner is unmatched, creating a comfortable environment immediately.

The fire burning is clean from hazardous substances. 

Features of Ethanol Fire Pits

Ethanol fire pits produce real-burning flames, making them a fantastic and alternate source of heat over traditional gas or log-burning fire pits for heating homes and gardens.

The following are the significant features of ethanol fire pits:

Stylish and Contemporary

Ethanol fire pits come in a huge range of stylish, sleek, and contemporary designs.

Ethanol fire pits are available in different finishes, sizes, and shapes to fit anywhere.

Ethanol fire pits are perfect for anyone looking for something amazing for their garden or home.

A warm and cozy ethanol fire pit will perfectly complement your contemporary outdoor or indoor place.

The contemporary styling and unique design of ethanol fire pits make them a perfect addition to enhance the interior design of your home and give a modern look.

They are not fixed to one position. They are portable; you can freely move them from your room to the lounge or your garden.

You can create a social gathering point with an ethanol fire pit and enjoy your evening with its warmth.   

They come in a variety of finishes, such as shiny steel, transparent glass, or matte black – it is up to you to select the finishing style of your choice.

Ethanol fire pits are equipped with core accessories necessary for their safety and maintenance – including a firelighter, protective covers, lightning rod, and ethanol jerry can. 

Ethanol fire pits are simply beautiful, warming your place and adding value to your room, lounge, or garden.

Ease of Installation

Ethanol fireplaces are the simplest fire pits to install.

Ethanol fire pits do not require a pipe connection, flue, any construction or renovations.

There is no need for in-wall work, electric lines, or gas lines while installing ethanol fire pits.

Alcohol fireplaces run purely on ethanol fuel.

There is no need for any further fuel or power sources from electricity and gas, which helps cut costs and keep everything simple.

Ethanol fire pits are vent-free, and since they run on the fuel that you pour directly into the fire pits.

There is no need for a licensed professional for fire pit installation; unpack the fire pit, put it into position, and enjoy the warmth of these fire pits.

They can be placed anywhere in the house or on the outside.

Ethanol fire pits come in a variety of models, ranging from small to large models.

Many models are designed to function as freestanding fire pits, wall installations, outside models, and inside models.

Smaller models are available to fit in the middle of the room or at corners.

While larger models of alcohol fireplaces are available for outdoor use with versatile designs.

The simple installation of an ethanol fire pit enables you to move it from room to room or from room to outside.

You can install it indoors as well as outdoor according to your requirement.

On the other hand, the installation of gas fire pits is expensive and difficult. 

Gas fire pits require a proper electrical and gas line connection during their installation.

There is a need for a chimney or flue for proper ventilation.

A licensed professional must monitor the natural gas supply and meet the requirements mentioned earlier.

You cannot move your fire pits easily as they are fixed. So, such type of installation is time-consuming and permanent.    

Environment and Eco-friendly

The obvious benefit of using ethanol fireplaces is that they are eco-friendly.

Ethanol fire pits use plant-based fuel, so they do not emit harmful substances in the environment.

They work on the clean-burning principle without impacting air quality.  

Eco-friendly is a key feature of ethanol fire pits.

Ethanol fire pits emit fewer toxic substances compared to other traditional fire pits.

They can be used for controlling and minimizing the risk of air pollution by maintaining air quality. 

These fire pits are easy to use and maintain.

They do not emit any harmful particles or gasses, thus maintain air quality.

They do not leave any ash and soot behind, which is otherwise difficult to clean up, corroding and discoloring the fire pits.

Ethanol is produced from plants such as corn, sugar cane, rice, grapes, etc.

Ethanol is an environment-friendly and clean natural fuel – a renewable source of energy to produce heat.

It contributes to a significant reduction in greenhouse emissions, including nitrogen oxides and carbon monoxide.

Ethanol burning doesn’t produce harmful substances, thus protect our environment.

On the other hand, wood fire pits or natural gas fire pits are not eco-friendly and are involved in significant greenhouse emissions.

Wood or natural gas is not a clean source of fuel – a non-renewable source of energy to produce heat.

According to the Environmental Protection Agency (EPA), they emit harmful gases and toxins.

They possess a negative impact on the environment and contribute to many respiratory infections.

If these fire pits are used regularly, they can cause serious health problems due to the toxins they release into the air.

Instead of emitting dangerous fumes, ethanol tabletop fire pits emit a minimum of carbon dioxide and steam vapor with no toxic smoke, which can be harmful to health.  

These eco-friendly ethanol fire pits should be a consideration in any home, particularly in those homes where a vent or flue is not available. 

Portable and Adjustable Output

portable ethanol fire pit
portable ethanol fire pit

Ethanol fire pits are light weight and 100% portable. Ethanol tabletop fire pits are easy to move.

You can move these stylish, contemporary ethanol fireplaces from inside to the outside areas or from one room to another room.  

Ethanol fire pits give you freedom and ambiance.

Ethanol fireplaces are durable.

The features such as light weight and portability of ethanol fireplaces do not let them compromise their strength and durability.

Many of the ethanol fireplaces come with wheels making it easier to move them around.

Ethanol fire pits are designed to limit heat output with varying heat output capacities.

This feature enables you to adjust the output of the ethanol fireplaces according to location.

Ethanol fire pits can heat open and large areas efficiently and effectively by adjusting the heat output.

Similarly, the heat output can be adjusted while using ethanol fireplaces indoors.

You can move ethanol fire pits in the backyard when you want to enjoy the warm glow of fire in the evening and adjust the output accordingly.

You can easily bring them back inside, adjust the output according to a smaller place and warm up your room or lounge.

On the other hand, gas fire pits are not portable.

They are properly installed at one location and cannot be relocated easily.

If you want to warm up an outdoor space or another room, you have to purchase another fire pit.

Safe to Use

Ethanol Fire Pits are completely safe for your health.

Ethanol is a clean biofuel that does not produce smoke and is much better for air quality than gas or wood fire pits. 

Ethanol fire pits produce only a small amount of carbon dioxide along with heat and water vapors.

Carbon dioxide is a natural by-product of any real fire.

The amount of carbon dioxide (CO2) produced by burning ethanol fire pits for 3 hours is equivalent to the amount of carbon dioxide (CO2) produced by burning two average candles.

Ethanol is a smoke-free fuel.

The combustion of ethanol fuel in ethanol fire pits does not impact the quality of air.

Ethanol fire pits do not produce any harmful by-products such as ash, odors, or dangerous fumes.

Wood smoke interferes with air quality by emitting harmful products and by-products (ashes and fumes).

According to the Environmental Protection Agency (EPA), wood smoke contains fine particles – hazardous components of wood smoke from a health perspective. 

These fine particles can affect your eyes and respiratory system, causing serious health problems such as runny nose, burning eyes, asthma, bronchitis, and other respiratory infections.

According to EPA, wood smoke contains toxic substances, including formaldehyde, benzene, polycyclic aromatic hydrocarbons (PAHs), and acrolein.

These toxins have an adverse impact on air quality, and inhaling these toxins increases the risk of emphysema, lung disease, and chronic obstructive pulmonary disease (COPD).

There is an increased risk for people already suffering from chronic respiratory conditions.

Thus, Ethanol fire pits are far safer to use outdoors and indoors than traditional fire pits because they don’t produce any carcinogenic substances, soot, ash, or smoke. 

Inexpensive and Affordable

The installation of wood or gas fire pits requires gas line connection, electrical connection, construction, and reconstruction.

You have to spend money for each step during installation.

The installation of a wood or gas fire pit is a time-consuming process and requires a licensed professional for installation – making the installation of such fire pits expensive.

On the other hand, ethanol fire pits do not require any gas/electrical connection during installation.

One can purchase an ethanol fire pit, unpack it, place it at a particular position, and enjoy its warmth.

It is a quick process, and you can install an ethanol fire pit without hiring a licensed professional.

Thus, the installation of an ethanol fire pit is inexpensive and affordable.

Ethanol fire pits do not require any professional maintenance.

They can be washed at home with a mixture of warm water and soap.

On the other hand, gas fire pits require proper maintenance every 12-18 months by a licensed professional.

Ethanol fire pits are not expensive to run compared to wood or gas fire pits.

The cost of running an ethanol fire pit can vary depending on the quality of the fuel you use.

On average, ethanol fuel costs around £2.50 per litre. These prices vary according to brands and sources from where you purchase.

The quality of the fuel can affect efficiency and cost.

The low-quality fuels are cheaper, more flammable, and burn out quickly.

In contrast, good-quality fuels are a bit costly and burn out slowly.


All the features mentioned above combine to show how versatile the Ethanol Fire Pit is. They are available for all kinds of areas and spaces. 

Keeping you warm is just one of the ethanol fire pits characteristics.

It can also shine your room with the glitter of its elegance and warm your spirit.

Ethanol fire pits are just lovely addition, increase the versatility of your room, and even boost the value of your home.

Ethanol fire pits are available in all sizes and shapes.

They are available in a different range of sizes, from small to large.

They all provide a varying amount of heat and are lightweight. It means that they can be move from one place to another.

You can get a variety of comfortable products with great elegance and style, which will give you both heat output and a luxurious view. 

Ethanol fire pits are available with different finishing, including stainless steel, transparent glass, and shiny steel.

These various finishing forms highlight the versatility of ethanol fire pits.

Some ethanol fire pits are provided with optional protective fire screen glass and beautiful steel covers that provide both safety and elegance. 

Advantages of Ethanol Fire Pits

The main advantage of Ethanol Fire Pit is that they undergo clean burning.

During burning, a minimal amount of carbon dioxide and water vapors are the results of ethanol combustion.

They can be burnt indoors and can be placed anywhere to provide flammable material, maintaining air quality, and air can be sufficiently exchanged with the surroundings.

Ethanol fire pits are often termed ‘green’ or ‘eco’ due to their renewable ethanol sources and clean burning.

Ethanol fire pits are essential burning pots of fuel.

The top-quality ethanol fire pits manufacturers produce high-quality burning units that are expected to last long. 

Ethanol fire pits generate a significant amount of heat.

They are of different categories which produce heat of varying intensity.

The burn time of most ethanol fire pits is 5 to 7 hours with a thermal output of 3.5KW/hour. 

Always use the right alcohol fuel to burn ethanol fire pits. It maximizes its thermal output.

Ethanol fuel with an alcohol reading of 95% is suitable for optimal combustion.

Lower alcohol content will bring down the thermal production leading to the inefficiency of ethanol fire pits. 

Ethanol fire pits create a soothing environment both indoors and outdoors.

It produces efficient, long-lasting heat that keeps you warm and relaxed.

It comes with fascinating designs that enhance the beauty of your house. They are easy to handle and are safe as well. 

Let’s sum up some of Ethanol Fire Pits main advantages;

  • No gas or electricity supply lines are required
  • No installation is expected professionally, expensively, and timely
  • Excellent solution for all rooms
  • No ongoing specialist maintenance is required
  • Highly compact, easy to move about
  • More eco-friendly, sustainable, renewable

Handling Ethanol Fire Pits

Handling and operating ethanol fire pits is very simple, involving the following steps;

  • Inspect the burner to ensure that it is clean from foreign particles and is not wet/hot.
  • Fill the burner to the required level, without reaching its maximum limit, with the proper safety feeder equipment. 
  • Place the jerry can at least 1500 meters away from the burner before ignition.
  • Fire the burner safely by using the correct lighting device according to the operating manual.
  • Blaze is dim and mostly blue at first. Gradually, it will start to hit optimal inflammation in about 20 minutes.
  • You can change the flame according to your need after the initial time.
  • Your area of fuel storage should not be at a dangerous distance from the burner!
  • In order to avoid any accidental combustion, it is essential to store your fuel far away. It must be 1500mm away from the burner.

Please note that these measures are a reference always following the manufacturing instructions.

The beauty of ethanol fireplaces lies in the fact that you can save your fuel by extinguishing the flame.

It preserves the fuel for later use, and you can initiate the fire with the same process mentioned above. 

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