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Material: Resin, Glass


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Material: Metal, Glass



Ethanol Tabletop Fireplace – The Ultimate Guide

Traditional wood-burning fireplaces have always been the essence of the entire home.

However, due to the mess these fireplaces make, people are opting for their alternatives.

Ethanol fireplaces are the new talk of the town. They are considered more eco-friendly, much easier to handle, and a lot more convenient than the traditional wood-burning fireplaces.

Co-Arts Innovation uses the blend of the finest materials to provide the best ethanol fireplaces to its customers.

In this ultimate guide, we will tell you all about the ethanol tabletop fireplaces, how they work, and which ethanol fire suppliers are the best to get them from.

1. Ethanol Fireplace Supplier | Co-Arts Innovation

Co-Arts Innovation has been supplying top-notch quality goods to people for over 20 years and this much experience certainly accounts for itself.

Co-Arts manufactures customer-focused products and fulfills every need of its customers in every possible way.

That is the reason why this company manages to build such a rich and sturdy portfolio.

Co-Arts will supply you with all your essentials, no matter what your location is.

From China to Europe to North America, it covers every country, state, or region.

A well-trained team of fireplace manufacturers is doing double duty to provide you with the best quality goods and that includes ethanol fireplaces as well.

We focus on offering high-quality, chic designs, customization, low MOQ, timely delivery, cooperation, and every other thing that you can possibly need.

Therefore, if you need an ethanol tabletop fireplace supplier, make sure to check out Co-Arts Innovation. You won’t regret it.

That’s the end of this guide, people. We’re sure that once you finish reading this guide, you’ll be wanting to buy an ethanol fireplace and, now, you know where you can get them from!

2. What are ethanol tabletop fireplaces?

Ethanol tabletop fireplaces, also known as ethanol fireplaces which are suitable for tabletop, are those fireplaces that use alcohol to make the fire.

There are no vents in these fireplaces, so there will be no smoke coming out of them.

Due to the presence of alcohol, ethanol tabletop fireplaces make real flames but they emit no toxic chemicals that can be harmful to your health.

They are highly convenient and can be placed on any desktop and tabletop.

3. What is the material used to make ethanol fireplaces?

Two important things are needed to make ethanol fireplaces – non-flammable materials and ethanol burners.

Non-flammable materials can be wonder boards, marble, stainless steel, concrete, stone, etc.

The size of your ethanol fireplace solely depends upon your measurements or where you want to place it.

From your diminutive coffee table to your exclusive lounge area, ethanol fireplaces can be placed anywhere.

Co-Arts Ethanol Tabletop Fireplace uses concrete and stainless steel material to keep it safe.

4. Which fuel is used to make ethanol fire?

As the name indicates, ethanol fireplaces use alcohol to light up your fireplace.

This alcohol is known as bio-ethanol and it is the core of the ethanol fireplaces.

Bioethanol provides the required flame and heat in your home space.

The fuel used to make ethanol fire is highly efficient.

It requires no chimney because it doesn’t produce any kind of smoke. Plus, it doesn’t produce soot or dust.

5. What are the benefits of ethanol fireplaces?

If you want to enhance the aesthetic appeal of your home, an ethanol fireplace is a necessity.

Ethanol fireplace suppliers manufacture ethanol fireplaces in such a way that it offers a myriad of benefits that are detailed out as follows:

  • They are simple to use
  • There are three main components of ethanol fireplaces – body, accessories (rocks, glasswork, etc., to make it more elegant), and the burner-pot.
    Once your ethanol fireplace is all ready to use, you will only need something to pour the fuel into the burner-pot and ignite the burner, and voila! It’s all ready to make an appearance.

  • They are highly easy to install
  • Ethanol fireplaces need no extra construction or fitting of the gas lines to adjust into your home space.

    You just have to fit the fireplace or slide the burner-pot in the required area and you’ll be good to go.

    It can not only be placed inside your home but it also works perfectly well outdoors.

    However, before you install your ethanol fireplace, make sure you have enough room for it to fit perfectly.

  • They are easy to move
  • Ethanol fireplaces are extremely easy to move from one place to another.

    You can easily lift it up and take it someplace else.
    Plus, some ethanol fireplace suppliers add wheels to their ethanol fireplaces that make them easier to transfer from one room to another.

    But, before you move your ethanol fireplace, make sure it is not ignited and, if it is, give it a rest for at least 15 minutes.

  • They are a great source of heat
  • All of us know how much traditional wood-burning fireplaces have kept us warm.

    But, wouldn’t it be better if you could get the same supply of heat but with lesser health hazards?

    An ethanol fireplace is a much better alternative and a great supplier of heat to keep us warm.

  • They are highly eco-friendly
  • If you’re using ethanol fireplaces over the wood-burning ones, you’re immensely contributing to preserving the environment.

    Ethanol fireplaces are operated by using bio-ethanol that produces almost zero-to-none carbon dioxide.

    It produces the same amount of carbon dioxide that is normally breathed in by human beings.

    Thus, it is totally harmless to both the environment and humans.

    6. Can you open your ethanol fireplace e-commerce business online?

    The ethanol fireplace business is booming, and with the winter season just around the corner, it will be the right time to start your ethanol fireplace business.

    So, yes, you can definitely start your ethanol fireplace e-commerce business when the market is still hot.

    There are a lot of ethanol fireplace suppliers that can supply you with the highest quality ethanol fireplaces, and Co-Arts Innovation is one of them.

    Co-Arts can supply high-quality ethanol tabletop fireplaces for our clients.

    7. What should you keep in mind before contacting ethanol fireplace suppliers?

    Purchasing and installing an ethanol fireplace isn’t a tricky business, but you need to get some facts straight before contacting your ethanol fireplace suppliers.

    The first thing you need to do is to provide accurate measurements to your ethanol fireplace suppliers.

    The area you want to put it in must be perfectly examined to make the installation process hassle-free.

    The second thing you need to focus on is the material of your ethanol fireplace. A lot of non-flammable materials are used to manufacture ethanol supplies.

    Choose the one that goes according to your setup. Once you’re sure about these things, you can approach your ethanol fireplace suppliers.

    8. How long does the ethanol fireplace burn?

    Generally, if you’re putting one liter of bio-ethanol fuel in the ethanol fireplace, it will last up to 8 hours on a minimum setting and at least 4 hours on maximum setting.

    If you’re not using the fireplace, you must close the lid unless you want all your fuel to evaporate.

    Therefore, make sure to put a lid on it after you turn it down to save yourself some fuel for the future.

    If your ethanol fireplace runs out of fuel shortly after it was lit, we suggest you wait for 15-20 minutes to let the fireplace cool down.

    It’s important because if you pour bio-ethanol fuel on a hot fireplace, it can catch huge flames and can cause a potential health hazard.

    9. Are ethanol tabletop fireplaces safe?

    Having an alcohol-fueled fireplace in your home can raise some concerns regarding its safety.

    However, you’ll be pleased to know that ethanol tabletop fireplaces are extremely safe to have in your home space.

    Various studies have been done on ethanol fireplaces to check if they can raise safety questions.

    According to these studies, an ethanol fireplace doesn’t even come close to what traditional wood-burning fireplaces can do.

    The reason for that is, the burning of bio-ethanol fuel doesn’t combust as other fuels do.

    Ethanol fireplaces only create heat, a little bit of steam, and a very minute amount of carbon dioxide.

    They don’t emit toxic fumes, ash, soot, or odors that can become a health hazard.

    But the ethanol tabletop fireplace should be carefully put on the tabletop or desk.

    Therefore, ethanol fireplaces are extremely safe.

    10. How much do ethanol fireplace suppliers cost?

    Every ethanol fireplace supplier has its own cost of the ethanol fireplaces.

    It all depends upon the material and design of the fireplaces.

    If the design is more intricate and the materials are of the highest quality, your pocket may take a dip and vice versa.

    However, Co-Arts Innovation manufactures customer-oriented products, and that is why it has reasonable prices.

    So, if you want high-quality ethanol fireplaces that are also pocket-fitting, you can contact Co-Arts Innovation.

    11. Why are ethanol fireplaces better than gas fireplaces?

    Where fuel-based fireplaces are taking over the world, there is a heated debate going on whether ethanol fireplaces are better or gas fireplaces.

    Our favorite is an ethanol fireplace because of two main reasons.

    First, ethanol fireplaces are more eco-friendly and sustainable than gas fireplaces as they don’t emit anything that can endanger your health.

    Second, an ethanol fireplace doesn’t need a whole setup for installation whereas gas fireplaces require a proper setting of the gas lines, vents, and leaks.

    A prolonged and beforehand construction is required before you set up a gas fireplace. On the other hand, an ethanol fireplace doesn’t require this kind of effort.

    12. Can your ethanol fireplace suppliers provide ethanol fireplaces in different shapes and sizes?

    When it comes to setting an ethanol fireplace in the home space, everyone has different opinions and choices.

    Some want to set it up indoors, while others want to set it up outdoors for a garden party.

    No matter what your choice is, every location demands a different shape and size of the fireplaces.

    There aren’t many ethanol fireplace suppliers that can make ethanol fireplaces in different sizes and shapes;

    however, there is still one ethanol fireplace supplier that is one step ahead, the Co-Arts Innovation.

    From large and broad ones to small and narrow ones, Co-Arts Innovation manufactures all kinds of ethanol fireplaces.

    However, the ethanol tabletop fireplace is the hot series of ethanol fireplaces in Co-Arts.

    If you have any inquiries about ethanol fireplaces, Co-Arts can custom the ethanol fireplace.

    13. How can you operate your ethanol fireplace?

    It is very stress-free to operate ethanol fireplaces. For your convenience, we have divided this process into steps.

    • Firstly, you need to choose the right fuel, i.e., bio-ethanol fuel. We recommend you use one-liter bottles of bio-ethanol fuel.
    • Secondly, pour the fuel into the burner-pot as recommended by the instructions manual with the help of a funnel. Make sure you pour the fuel till it is visible.
    • Thirdly, use a long match or a long lighter to ignite the burner.
    • Fourthly, with the help of the regulator, adjust the intensity of the flames as per your likings.

    14. Co-Arts can customize your ethanol fireplace

    You know what they say, you don’t always get what you wish for. Similarly, there can be some ethanol fireplaces that you’d want and some you won’t or some people are just perfection freaks.

    In such situations, you must find those ethanol fireplace suppliers that can customize your ethanol fireplace.

    Co-Arts Innovation can customize your ethanol fireplaces because it keeps its customers at top priority. Whatever they want, this company will provide.

    If you don’t like the shape of your ethanol fireplace or you just want to make it more appealing, show your designs to Co-Arts’ designing team and it will handle the rest.

    15. Can an ethanol fireplace keep you warm?

    Yes, ethanol fireplaces do keep you warm.

    They are not only artistically appealing to the eyes but also provide a sufficient amount of heat to keep you warm and cozy.

    However, the intensity of the heat depends upon the model of the burner.

    Some burners may give off smaller flames while others can light up your entire home space.

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