Fire Pit Burner & Kits

  • The gas burning system produced by automated machines
  • gas fire pit burner have variety shapes and size
  • custom shapes and sizes
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Fire Pit Burner Kits CAGM-WW001-01

Material: 304 Stainless

Size: 495*50

Heat Output: 50000BTU


Fire Pit Burner Kits CAGM-WW006-01

Material: 304 Stainless

Size: 515*515*30

Heat Output: 55000BTU


Rectangular Fire Pit Kits CAGM-WW010-01

Material: 304 Stainless


Heat Output: 55000BTU



Fire Pits Burner & Kits

Select fire pit rings & burners from Co-Arts for all shapes and sizes of gas fire pits

Co-Arts Innovation’s burners is effective, and supplies a premium 304 Stainless fire pit kit with burner in addition to drop-in bowl type pan. With Natural Gas or Propane options, this superior quality linear fire fire bowl system is created along with precision and long lasting durability in brain. The included open fire pit pan will certainly help reduce the typically the quantity of media required to fill your current fire pit. Pick from sizes ranging through 36 to 72-inches long to match your design specifications.

Fire Pit Burner

200 Round Burner | 250 Round Burner | 500 Linear Burner | 580 Linear Burner | 700 Linear Burner | 730 Linear Burner

Fire Pit Burner Kits Shape

Rectangle Fire Pit Burner Kits | Round Fire Pit Burner Kits | Square Fire Pit Kits Burner

Fire Pit Components

Burner Pan | Ignition Pin | Thermocouple | Corrugated Pipe | Injector | Gas Valve |
Control Knob | Pulse Ignition | Regulator | Ignition Screen | Grounding Wire | Battery

Variety Fire Pit Burner

Variety Fire Pit Burner

Fire Pit Burner Kits

Variety Burner Kits Shapes

Fire Pit Components

Fire Pit Components

Fire Pit Burner Manufacturing Progress

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Fire Pit Burners – The FAQ Guide

This FAQ guide will tell you about the fire pit burner and more information, know how to import fire pit burner from professional fire pit burner manufacturer.

What is fire pit burner? Which is the better material for the fire pit burner? and Tell you how to select a better fire pit burners manufactuer and supplier.

1. Fire Pit Burners Manufacturer | Co-Arts

The gas system of the fire pits is produced by automated machines, the mechanized welding system ensures the precision and safety of the pipeline of fire pits.

High BTU ratings from the stainless steel burners ensure a beautiful flame. Durable #304 stainless steel guarantees a quality product.

Co-Arts Innovation is a professional fire pit burners manufacturer from China, supply high-quality fire pit burners and kits.

Xiamen Co-Arts Limited was founded 10 years ago and in this decade it has accomplished a standard of a reputation for its good quality and amazing services.

Buyers from all over the world trust Co-Arts and choose them for their valuable purchases.

You should get your fire pit burners from Co-Arts due to their promising quality and suitability.

They offer a wide variety of shapes and sizes in burners from which you may choose.

Fire Pit Burners Factory

Fire Pit Burners Factory

2. What is a Fire Pit Burners?

A fire pit burner is used to produce a flame by using gas or fuel in the fire pit. The source of the gas may be natural gas or liquid propane.

In most households, propane is selected due to its addition to the already existing backyard.

Adding a new pipe in the gas line from the kitchen is not good for plenty of reasons such as underground plowing.

The fire pit burner comes in various shapes that include rings and squares etc.

The circular or squared burners may consist of double or triple rings of the burner.

The additional rings help create more flame in your fire pit.

3. Which Material is used for Making Fire Pit Burners?

The Fire Pit Burner and Kits use the grade 304 stainless steel, quality 304 stainless steel is usually regarded as the most common austenitic stainless steel.

It contains higher nickel content that may be typically between 10 and 10. 5% by weight along with a high amount of chromium at around 18 to 20 percent by excess weight.

Other major alloying elements include manganese, silicon, and carbon dioxide. The remainder of the chemical composition is usually primarily iron.

The high amounts of chromium and nickel provide 304 stainless steel excellent corrosion opposition. Common applications of 304 stainless steel contain:

  • Appliances such since refrigerators and dishwashers
  • Commercial food digesting products
  • Fasteners
  • Pipes
  • Heat exchangers
  • Constructions in environments that will corrode common carbon steel.

4. Do fire pit burners come in a lot of different shapes?

Yes, fire pit burners nowadays come in various shapes and sizes.

A fire pit may be found according to anyone’s consideration but an appropriate and suitable burner is what is required.

No matter what shape of fire pit you require, without the burner it is nothing.

You may consider the burner as the heart of your fire pit and it comes in shapes such as circular, square, star, etc.

fig 5 fire pit burners shape

fire pit burners shape

5. How does a fire pit burner work?

A fire pit burner is used to produce flaming fuel in the fire pit.

The source of flame may be propane or natural gas however mostly propane is used as it is easy to add up in the backyards, unlike natural gas lines.

The working of a burner occurs due to a burner that resembles a metal tube and through which propane escapes and creates a flame.

Beneath the fire pit is located a base plate to keep the propane from sinking. The plate may be attached or separate.

The pan holds the burner and comes in various shapes such as squares, circles, troughs, etc.

The pans with v-shaped bottoms are encouraged as they are more useful. Along with this, the burner has a control valve to manage the fuel flow to the burner.

How does a fire pit burner work

How does a fire pit burner work

6. How can you install a fire pit burner?

Adding fire pits to your backyards or gardens adds beauty and warmth to your house in general.

But the correct selection of the fire pit burner and its correct installation are of utmost importance while adding it into your yard.

Make sure the construction of the fire pit is inspected and permitted before installing it and follow all the specifications described in the user manual of the fire pit burner.

Have a certified plumber or worker install the gas pipeline whether natural gas or propane, for safe installation.

The gas pipeline should be ensured properly for the volume and pressure of the unit so the flame height and pattern are as desired.

For safety concerns and ease, locate a shutoff valve of gas near the fire pit to turn it off immediately if required.

If your fire pit burner is electric, proper voltage is very important.

Have a trained electrician to set up the electrical circuit as if the circuit is not correctly managed it may result in a short circuit and affect the fire pit.

While installing the fire pit burner ensure a proper ventilation system. Vents keep the electronics cool and undamaged.

7. How can you choose the best fire pit burner?

Choosing the best fire pit burner can be a big task. The fire pit that fulfills all its purposes should be selected depending on several different aspects.

  • Select the appropriate shape and size of the fire pit that will adjust in your space
  • Choose the fuel type for your fire pit burner either liquid propane or natural gas
  • The easy and safe ignition system should be considered
  • The heat output required and flame size

Make sure the fire pit burner you choose is safe and secure to use. The burner should be in proper control to avoid any unwanted situations.

Make sure you select the correct burner size and pan to fit your fire pit and serve its purpose.

8. How can you choose the finest fire pit burner manufacturers?

There are plenty of fire pit burner manufacturers around the globe.

Opting for the correct manufacturer may be a task but along with that, it proves to be very advantageous.

The manufacturer of superior quality fir pit burners who are tried and tested and provide the beat produced should be selected.

Co arts is the finest fire pit manufacturer as they keep in mind the preferences of their customers and their demands before producing a product.

The company matches the standard of international trading which is a plus for selecting them. The fire pit burners are traded on the wholesale and professional levels.

There is a wide range of burners to replace, change, or upgrade for your fire pits.

Select the fire pit burner of your choice that fulfills all your needs at handsome prices and enjoy a long-lasting service.

Co-Arts Innovation is a professional fire pit burner supplier and wholesaler from China, and can help our clients to solve their problem and improve their business.

9. What are the advantages of fire pit burners?

The fire pit burners have plenty of advantages as well as fulfill the purpose of fire pits.

  • The fire pit burners make them very easy to use without any prolonged hassle. Before the burners, people used to burn wood to create a fire that requires a lot of effort and time.
  • It is eco-friendly to some extent as compared to wood-burning because it creates a lot of toxic smoke that affects the environment as well as human beings’ health.
  • You can get the flame according to your desire due to the excellent variety of burners now available. The double and triple ring burners create an extra flame.
  • The valve for shut down of gas or propane to the burner makes it safe to use it can b shut off anytime required.
  • The burner creates enough flame to create an ambiance in the surroundings making the environment warm and cozy on cold nights in gatherings.
  • Burners are made of stainless steel that is anti-corrosive and works for a longer interval of time.

10. What are the disadvantages of fire pit burners?

As everything has its advantages, it has disadvantages too. Following are a few downsides of fire pit burners.

  • The burners if leak the gas or propane may lead to unwanted conditions.
  • If the fire pit burner is kept on for a while before igniting, it may be dangerous.
  • The burners are made of corrosion-resistant steel but prolonged interaction with water may affect them.

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