Fire Pit Burner & Kits

  • The gas burning system produced by automated machines
  • gas fire pit burner have variety shapes and size
  • custom shapes and sizes
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Fire Pit Burner Kits CAGM-WW001-01

Material: 304 Stainless

Size: 495*50

Heat Output: 50000BTU


Fire Pit Burner Kits CAGM-WW006-01

Material: 304 Stainless

Size: 515*515*30

Heat Output: 55000BTU


Rectangular Fire Pit Kits CAGM-WW010-01

Material: 304 Stainless


Heat Output: 55000BTU



Fire Pits Burner & Kits

Select fire pit rings & burners from Co-Arts for all shapes and sizes of gas fire pits

Co-Arts Innovation’s burners is effective, and supplies a premium 304 Stainless fire pit kit with burner in addition to drop-in bowl type pan. With Natural Gas or Propane options, this superior quality linear fire fire bowl system is created along with precision and long lasting durability in brain. The included open fire pit pan will certainly help reduce the typically the quantity of media required to fill your current fire pit. Pick from sizes ranging through 36 to 72-inches long to match your design specifications.

Fire Pit Burner

200 Round Burner | 250 Round Burner | 500 Linear Burner | 580 Linear Burner | 700 Linear Burner | 730 Linear Burner

Fire Pit Burner Kits Shape

Rectangle Fire Pit Burner Kits | Round Fire Pit Burner Kits | Square Fire Pit Kits Burner

Fire Pit Components

Burner Pan | Ignition Pin | Thermocouple | Corrugated Pipe | Injector | Gas Valve |
Control Knob | Pulse Ignition | Regulator | Ignition Screen | Grounding Wire | Battery

Variety Fire Pit Burner

Variety Fire Pit Burner

Fire Pit Burner Kits

Variety Burner Kits Shapes

Fire Pit Components

Fire Pit Components

Fire Pit Burner Manufacturing Progress

1: Fire Pit Burner Manufacturing

2: Fire Pit Burner Manufacturing

3: Fire Pit Burner Manufacturing

4: Fire Pit Burner Manufacturing

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Fire Pit Burners & Kits | Co-Arts

The gas system of the fire pits is produced by automated machines, the mechanized welding system ensures the precision and safety of the pipeline of fire pits. High BTU ratings from the stainless steel burners ensure a beautiful flame. Durable #304 stainless steel guarantees a quality product.

Fire Pit Burner Material

The Fire Pit Burner and Kits use the grade 304 stainless steel, quality 304 stainless steel is usually regarded as the most common austenitic stainless steel. It contains higher nickel content that may be typically between 10 and 10. 5% by weight along with a high amount of| chromium at around 18 to 20 percent by excess weight. Other major alloying elements include manganese, silicon, and carbon dioxide. The remainder of the chemical composition is usually primarily iron.

The high amounts of chromium and nickel provide 304 stainless steel excellent corrosion opposition. Common applications of 304 stainless steel contain:

  • Appliances such since refrigerators and dishwashers
  • Commercial food digesting products
  • Fasteners
  • Pipes
  • Heat exchangers
  • Constructions in environments that will corrode common carbon steel.

Flame Sensing Kits

The flame sensing ignition kit offers the particular comfort of a press button spark ignition with the added safety of the automatic fire sensor. This product can detect whether or not or not a new pilot flame exists. If the preliminary flame is put out, the gas control device on these units will automatically close up to prevent fuel build-up.

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