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GRC Fire Pits – The Ultimate FAQ Guide

Are you looking for ideas that might benefit your customers by elevating the scenery of their garden and allowing them to host warm gatherings under the moonlit sky without any safety hazards?

Then you need to continue reading this guide and familiarize yourself with GRC fire pits as they are capable of offering you all the mentioned characteristics.

A GRC fire pit is your solution for an effective source of heat while soaking the beauty of nature and providing you an aesthetic appeal.

Hence, you should continue reading this guide to get familiar with the pros and cons of a GRC fire pit so that your decision might become easier whether to opt for a GRC fire pit or not.

1.What is a GRC Fire Pit?

GRC fire pits are mainly used to add warmth to your outdoor area and illuminate the environment along with adding an aesthetic appeal to the set-up.

A GRC fire pit is made up of cement and glass fiber composite and displays a smooth surface that consists of a light concrete patina.

The GRC base can be made up of stone or concrete and can also come with a steel grill on top that allows you to cook while enjoying quality time with your loved ones.

A GRC fire pit requires you to install a proper gas connection along with an advanced ventilation system to get rid of the smoke and to have a stable flame.

There are also many forms of a GRC fire pit available for you such as tables, bowls, burners, wall-installed fireplaces, etc.

2.Why is Glass Reinforced Concrete a Better Alternative for a Fire Pit?

Glass-reinforced concrete (GRC) is a highly adaptable construction medium and is considered to be one of the best alternatives for fire pits due to the following features that they offer you:

  • Glass-reinforced concrete possesses anti-corrosive elements that protect the GRC fire pit and make them suitable to be kept in all environments.
  • Glass-reinforced concrete is extremely resistant to the toxic elements that might be released due to the flames and smoke and ensures that the GRC fire pit is not harmed in any case.
  • Glass-reinforced concrete is a fairly lightweight material and is also very easy to use which makes it user-friendly and acts as an advantage for a GRC fire pit as you would be able to easily relocate it and start the fire whenever you require.
  • The durability of glass-reinforced concrete makes it ideal for fire pits as not only does it allow the flames to burn for a long period, instead, it also ensures that the GRC fire pit itself remains long-lasting and does not lose its aesthetic appeal.
  • Condensation does not impact glass-reinforced concrete, rendering it highly weatherproof and user-friendly; hence, they are ideal to be kept outdoors all year round.

3.What are the Characteristics of a GRC Fire Pit?

GRC fire pits offer an adjustable thermostat through which you can control the flame according to the heat that you require.

They are extremely lightweight and can be relocated easily without much hassle. They are also fairly portable and can be placed anywhere without seeming overwhelming.

GRC fire pits are also easy to store in summer and do not take up too much space; hence, they can also be used in small houses.

GRC is formed in a mold, allowing you to make it into whatever shape you like; hence, it offers variety for different models of GRC fire pits.

4.What are the Advantages of a GRC Fire Pit?

GRC fire pits are in great demand due to the following advantages that they offer you:

  • No installation required

GRC fire pits do not require any lengthy process of installation or any confusion regarding which parts are supposed to fit where.

They are usually pre-set before delivery or the manufacturers would set up the fire pit themselves if required so you do not have to struggle.

Since they are lightweight and also usually come with handles on the side, you can easily drag or carry them around the house to set them up according to the occasion.

  • Burn time

GRC fire pits provide you with a vibrant and stable flame that has the ability to withstand wind and other opposing factors and function for a long period.

Their flame remains unaffected by external factors and will only die down if you turn it off yourself.

GRC material is highly resistant to fire and can withstand fire for about one to one and a half hours.

  • No threat of overheating or ringing fire alarms

GRC fire pits maintain a stable flame and moderate amount of room temperature so as to neither overheat the space nor underheat it.

It is sure to provide you with adequate warmth without making you feel lightheaded because of the intensity of the flames.

GRC fire pits are also designed to remain cautious of fire alarms.

They will never produce fumes that might set off your fire alarm or cause any sort of inconvenience.

The image below displays a panel through which you can control the flame of your GRC fire pit.

  • Usage in summer

GRC fire pits are not only applicable in winters to provide heat.

Some GRC fire pits come with a steel fire bowl which is responsible for creating flames by adding stones or necessary fire equipment.

However, in summers, you can also use this bowl to add huge blocks of ice so that your drinks remain cold and turn your GRC fire pit into a drink bucket for gatherings.

Hence, they provide added benefits and can be used all year round.

5.What are the Disadvantages of a GRC Fire Pit?

Despite all their beneficial traits, GRC fire pits are not exempt from certain disadvantages that somewhat reduce their reliability and urges people to look for other alternatives. Some of these disadvantages include:

  • Even though GRC fire pits are pocket-friendly and a cheaper alternative as compared to others, they still require investing in extensive ventilation systems and gas connections to make them applicable for use.
  • GRC fire pits produce smoke which affects the environment and causes pollution.
  • They also produce strong odors upon burning and leave remnants of the burnt fire behind making them messy and hard to clean.
  • Glass-reinforced concrete is a fairly sensitive and fragile material and requires care; hence, extra attention needs to be paid to GRC fire pits during delivery and installation.

6.What is the Price Range of a GRC Fire Pit?

GRC fire pits are comparatively more pocket-friendly as compared to other alternatives and are also worth their cost as they possess even more features compared to what you pay for.

You can adjust your GRC fire pit according to your own budget as they come in different variations, such as a more affordable set of a GRC fire pit might not provide you with an extraordinary visual appeal, however, it will provide you with the same warmth and illumination.

Similarly, if your budget is high, you can get a GRC fire pit that will increase your backyard’s radiance ten folds.

You can get your desired set of GRC fire pit in as less of an amount as $200 reaching to the amount of as high as $2000.

We suggest that you set your budget plan first before looking for a supplier for GRC fire pits.

7.What is the Minimum Order Quantity for GRC Fire Pits?

Manufacturers usually deal with B2B business which implies that they will only sell their product to other business holders for the purpose of reselling and usually requires purchasing a bulk amount of products.

Different manufacturers have different requirements regarding their minimum order quantity depending on their rate of production and whether they cater to high-end business holders or small-end business holders as well.

The standard minimum order quantity for GRC fire pits ranges from about 20 to 100 sets.

8.What Makes a GRC Fire Pit the Right Choice for You?

A GRC fire pit is an ideal choice for you as they are a modern source of heat and also consists of several advanced features that elevate the standard of your living.

They are efficient in performing for extended periods of time and have a long burning time. On a 5kg gas bottle, the gas-operated GRC fire pits can achieve about 20-30 hours of continuous use.

GRC fire pits do not rust over time and maintain their appearance even after years of usage. They also come fully assembled so you would not have to invest your time in installing them.

9.Can You Customize GRC Fire Pits?

One of the many advantages that GRC fire pits offer you is that they are easily customizable and are capable of displaying variety in their collection.

Co-Arts Innovation is a professional fire pit manufacturer and supplier in China, offer Propane Fire Pit, Wood Burning Fire Pit, GRC Fire Pit, MgO Fire Pits, etc.

You can customize the size, color, and features of your GRC fire pit and add your own artistic touch to it in order to increase its aesthetic appeal and also stand out amongst the competition.

Customizations will allow your consumer to have the option of selecting the product that fits their taste and to have a unique combination of safety and aesthetics along with heat.

You can also customize your GRC fire pit on the basis of what form or model you require your GRC fire pit to be displayed in.

For instance, you can customize your GRC fire pit in the form of a table or even as a wall-installed fireplace.

We advise you to customize your order of GRC fire pits and keep the demands of your consumer in your mind while making the customizations.

10.Are GRC Fire Pits Eco-friendly?

Compared to wooden fire pits, GRC fire pits are much more environmentally friendly as they do not contribute as much to greenhouse emissions and also do not produce a suffocating amount of smoke.

Glass-reinforced concrete can use recycled aggregates which makes them eco-friendly.

Glass-reinforced concrete is made from raw materials that are found in nature.

Natural earth oxides are included in the composite and are commonly deemed good for the atmosphere.

Wash water used in the construction of glass-reinforced concrete is alkaline as well, and it is normally treated in settlement tanks rather than being discharged as waste.

GRC has a smaller environmental impact as compared to other materials due to its lightweight, which also ensures that it uses fewer resources during transportation and lowers the overall price.

Glass fibers in concrete also do not possess any health risks which is why there is no such threat of it not being appropriate for inhaling.

It also depends on the material that you use in the burner of a GRC fire pit to determine whether they are harmful to the environment or not.

For instance, if you add wood to the burner of the GRC fire pit, it will cause the most environmental hazards.

11.Can You Only Use GRC Fire Pits Outdoors?

It is advised to set up your GRC fire pit outdoors in your garden if you are hosting a large gathering as in this case, the flames need to be high and with the crowd, the smoke might become uncomfortable.

However, there have been many instances of people who live alone in small apartments installing a GRC fire pit inside their apartment with a proper ventilation system and making the most of this wonderful source of heat and illumination.

GRC fire pits come with support handles on the side and can be transferred to any place in your house and do not require any installation;

hence, you are free to decide where to place your GRC fire pit and can even move it around the house depending on your mood.

Outdoor GRC Fire Pits

Outdoor GRC Fire Pits

12.Do GRC Fire Pits Provide You Enough Heat?

Unlike other alternatives such as ethanol fire pits, GRC fire pits are actually efficient in providing an abundance of heat and are capable of making you feel warm and cozy even on harsh winter nights.

You would not require expensive built-in heating systems for your homes if you opt for GRC fire pits as they are one of the vital sources of heat.

Hence, GRC fire pits are a much cheaper source of obtaining heat and warmth in winter and also much more long-lasting.

13.Do GRC Fire Pits Offer You Real Flames?

GRC fire pits do offer you real flames that add to its allure and almost traps you in a trance-like state.

Real flames are better at producing warmth, which is why they are preferred for fire pits, unlike fake flames from electric fireplaces.

Real flames also have the advantage of illumination and you do not need any extra lights when you are surrounded by a GRC fire pit.

You can also roast marshmallows with your loved ones with a GRC fire pit due to its real flames or even cook with a grill on top of it.

Their real flames add to one of the many reasons for their massive demand.

14.What Sizes are Available for GRC Fire Pits?

The sizes for GRC fire pits vary amongst different manufacturers and can also be customized according to the ideal fit for your backyard or any place that you want to put your GRC fire pit in.

We recommend using a variety of sizes in your Glass-reinforced concrete fire pit collection such that your reach and target area expands and you are able to cater to people with different preferences.

The size of Glass-reinforced concrete fire pits takes into consideration their length, width, and height altogether.

Below is an example of arguably the shortest GRC fire pit whose size specifications are as follows:

15.What is the Estimated Warranty Period for GRC Fire Pits?

The warranty period of the fire pits differs amongst different manufacturers depending on the material that they use and their company’s policy.

The average warranty span for GRC modern fire pits lasts between 1 to 5 years.

It is better for you to opt for products with the longest warranty period as it instills a healthy relationship between the supplier and the client.

All defects found in the production of GRC fire pits within the warranty period will be compensated by the manufacturer either free of cost or at a very low cost.

Manufacturers would repair any product that fails due to a manufacturing defect, regardless though it has been used extensively.

Regular wear and tear, accidental injury, poor maintenance, incompetence, or the inevitable breakdown of colors and products over time and usage are not covered by this warranty.

16.How can GRC Fire Pits Elevate the Set-up of Your House?

GRC fire pits are well known for their cozy and soothing aura and are bound to produce a warm environment along with warm sentiments in your gatherings.

The smoke emitted from GRC fire pits is not as harmful as wooden fire pits, which is why it is not uncomfortable for you to be surrounded by smoke created by a GRC fire pit, instead the smoke adds to the overall appeal and creates a foggy atmosphere that is pleasant to be around.

Even without hosting gatherings, if you are fond of some alone time, being in your garden with a GRC fire pit creating a peaceful environment while doing your favorite activity is also bound to inspire you a lot.

GRC fire pits display an elegant appearance as the surface of the fire pit appears within a 30mm distance from the ground due to the shadow gap so your GRC fire pit would appear as if it is floating.

Everyone deserves a special place in the house where they can be themselves and express themselves and GRC fire pits help in creating that special place for them.

Take a look at this GRC fire pit and you will automatically know how they possess the ability to elevate your set-up.

17.What are Some of the Features to Look for While Buying GRC Fire Pits from a Manufacturer or Supplier?

You need to ensure that the GRC fire pits that you are buying from your supplier possess the following features as they will determine the longevity and effectiveness of your GRC fire pits.

  • Maintenance-free
  • Has the ability to withstand all sorts of weathers
  • Offers resistance against corrosion
  • Offers protection from ultraviolet radiation
  • Sturdy enough to handle the weight
  • Has the ability to withstand high temperatures
  • Offers resistance against fading of color or function
  • Has the ability to repel water and not let the flames get affected
  • Offers resistance against molds and rotting

18.How can GRC Fire Pits Upgrade Your Business?

GRC fire pits offer you a step forward to success if you are able to manage them properly and succeed in adding extra features that make you stand out amongst the heavy competition in the marketplace.

Due to the extreme demand for outdoor decorations and a preference for hosting parties in one’s own house, GRC fire tables are widely in demand and are bound to bring in more profit for you.

Since they have a sleek design and perform an efficient job in providing warmth and a cozy atmosphere, they are much preferred by people.

As a supplier, it is your job to cater to the needs of the people and offer them trending products, which is why GRC fire pits are an ideal investment for you.

We hope this guide uncovered various unknown facts about GRC fire pits to you and that we have succeeded in introducing a new and better alternative for you.

You can get back to us regarding any added queries that you have or you can also ask us for assistance in choosing which kind of fire pit would suit best under your requirements.

Hope to hear from you. Thank you!

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