MgO Fire Pit

  • High Quality Material for Fire Pit
  • Use Propane Gas
  • Weather condition- and heat-resistant surface appropriates for exterior usage
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Round MgO Fire Pit CAGF2403-20

Material: MgO

Size: 61cm*61cm*36cm

Fuel Type: Propane

Heat Output: 50000BTU


MgO Fire Pit CAGF5611-18

Material: MgO

Size: 142cm*71cm*30cm

Fuel Type: Propane

Heat Output: 50000BTU


MgO Fire Pit CAGF4217-18

Material: MgO

Size: 107cm*52cm*38cm

Fuel Type: Propane

Heat Output: 50000BTU



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MgO Fire Pits-The Ultimate FAQ Guide

This FAQ guide possesses almost all the information that one needs to know about Magnesium Oxide Fire Pit.
Here, you will find responses to several queries you might have about MaO Fire Pit.
Have a look!

About the fire pit:

1.What is the MgO Fire Pit?

The Magnesium Oxide Firepit consists of a MgO board that is a type of mineral cement that is very beneficial and is widely used.
They have the attributes of endurance, intensity, to be molded, and power to stand outdoor Elements.
It is very convenient and easy to use, no difficulties are faced as it comes assembled Nd just ready to use!

2.What are the types of MgO Firepits?

Co-Arts Innovation is a professional fire pit manufacturer in China, and the MgO fire pit is our company’s main product. MgO fire pit has many types for selecting.
Some of the top ones are as follows.

MgO Column Gas Fire Pit
Limor column MgO fire pit is 32 inches in circumference with a blacktop.
The body is made of sturdy MgO.
It gives out the heat of 50,000 BTU warming its surroundings.
This is a very chic-styled centerpiece and shaped to beautify any backyard for a gathering, providing the heat to enjoy chilly good evenings.

MgO Square Gas Fire Pit

MgO Square Gas Fire Pit

Rectangular MgO Fire Pit Table
This MgO fire pit table has 50,000 BTU of power.
It consists of a concrete tank holder. It is very easy to assemble.
It also consists of an electric ignition button, which ignites a spark for the flame to start. The base of this fire pit is filled with lava rock.
The tank attached is on 20 Lbs which can work for 5-6 hours easily providing enough warmth!
Rectangular MgO Fire Pit Table

Rectangular MgO Fire Pit Table

3.What materials are MgO fire pits made of?

MgO fire pits are made of Magnesium Oxide and Steel.
Their body can range to different materials like stone, steel, etc. They consist of a MgO board.
It consists of a grill which makes it multipurpose.
This fire pit can also be used for cooking purposes as it contains a grill as well as provide heat to keep you and your atmosphere warm.


4.What are the pros of the MGO Fire Pit?

All products have different functions and characteristics that they carry out and advantages depending on them.
Some of the advantages of Magnesium Oxide Fire pits are as follows.

  • They are very less hazardous
  • The Magnesium Oxide fire pits are Environment friendly
  • They Light up easily, mostly have a push spark button for ignition of the flame
  • You can use these continuously without stopping for a long time
  • They provide smokeless and clean-burning

5.What are the cons of the MGO Fire Pit?

As every product has its advantages, it also has disadvantages.

  • The Gas lines that attach the fuel tank to the fire pit can be dangerous
  • They have large fuel tanks and take a longer time to install
  • Are very Expensive
  • The gas pipes require extra care and maintenance

6.Are MgO Fire Pits useful?

Magnesium oxide fire pits are useful as they are portable and handy.
Due to being lighter in weight, these fire pits can be moved easily.
MgO fire pits are reliable, resistant, and powerful and provide clean burning.
A fire pit creates a cozy atmosphere and makes your backyard twinkle.
A fire pit can be used in the backyard the whole year, to provide heat in winters and as a beautifying object that catches everyone’s eye even when not in use.
They are ideal for creating a warm and cozy environment for you to sit and socialize as well as providing a focal point to your outdoors.

7.On what fuel type do MgO fire pits work?

Magnesium Oxide fire pits must like the others work on Natural Gas, Ethanol, or Liquid propane.
Clean burning and less explosive fuel type should be considered to use for a safe and healthy environment.
Smokeless and Clean burning makes it easier to sit outdoors preventing irritation in the eyes and throat.

Heating capacity:

8.At what amounts of BTU MgO Firepits run?

The gas fire pit’s heating capacity is measured in British Thermal Units.
The higher the BTUs, the more heat it provides.
Fire pits with BTU output range from 15,000 to 100,000 BTU depending on the fire pit’s size but the average BTU found are between 30,000 to 60,000.
50000 BTU’s give out enough heat to warm up any outdoors and create a cozy environment!

9.How much heat does a MgO fire pit give out?

The heat a fire pit gives out depends on the BTU amount and size of the firepit.
A small-sized fire pit can give heat around 30,000 to 40,000 Btu’s while larger ones give out 50,000 BTUs and more.
These amounts of BTU generate enough heat to warm up the outdoors or backyards on chilly winter nights.

10. Around how much area this fire pits warm-up?

The fire pits require around 10 feet of space between them and any other structure such as your house or trees etc.
This space will allow plenty of room for people to be around and to keep the furniture.
A fire pit will warm this area enough to keep the cold away.
The inner 4-5 feet will be warmer than the outer space.


11. Is the MgO fire pit hazardous?

Any kind of fire pits can be hazardous if not properly used or taken care of.
The user manual should be followed and the fire pit should be used accordingly.
Fire pits can be very dangerous depending on the usage, they should be kept away from any flammable objects that may catch fire such as trees, Bushes, clothes, etc.
Any flammable liquid should not be added to the fire as it may cause an explosion.
If the gas pipes are not installed correctly, that may cause an emergency situation.
The correct material used to build the fire pit reduces the risk of any danger or explosion.

12.Is it dangerous to use a MgO fire pit?

Fire pits can be dangerous if not used correctly as described in the user manual.
They should not be placed directly on the surface as due to being hot, can cause dangerous circumstances.
Fire pits should not be placed directly on grass or wooden decks.
If not installed correctly, it may not work properly.
It should be kept away from trees, bushes, and any flammable objects as they may catch fire and cause an alarming situation.

13.Do MgO fire pits create smokes?

As MgO fire pits burn on propane or natural gas, they do not create smoke.
They burn clean and have no smoke and the heat regulates from the tank.
The heat given out by propane or natural gas burning fire pits is less than wood burning fire pits but the advantage is that no smoke or sparky flames are created which makes these fire pits less dangerous.

14.Are MgO fire pits environment-friendly?

Many cities have banned wood burning fire pits as they create so much smoke which results in pollution. Whereas clean-burning fire pits are considered to be used.
Propane burning and natural gas MgO fire pits are eco-friendly and unique at the same time. These fire fits are easier to operate than wood-burning fire pits and mostly have a spark ignition button that makes it very easy to light a fire pit.

15.Are MgO fire pits safe to use?

Magnesium oxide fire pits are safe to use if they are used properly according to the user manual and call the manufacturer if you face any problem.
They should be placed at a distance from the house, trees, or any objects so that they may not catch fire.
Use an extinguisher or enough water to emit fire once it is used.
A safe distance should be maintained between the people and the fire pit to avoid any danger.
As MgO fire pits are small in size, there is no danger of it tipping over as long as the surface is balanced and sturdy.
Do not cover the fire pit while it is hot.
MgO fire pits should be cleaned properly and taken care of for long-term safe use.


16.Can MgO fire pits directly be placed on grass?

MgO fire pits can directly be placed on grass but without following proper precautions or else it will cause great damage to both your fire pit and the grass.
Due to burning and giving out heat, the fire pit heats up the body too much to be placed on the grass.
The extremely high pressures destroy the grass beneath them completely and with time may end up killing it.
As well as if you do place it on grass and then remove it later, the prints will remain on the grass of the fire pit for a long time indeed!
The grass can be set on fire if a highly heated object is placed directly on it.
You can place your fire pit on grass safely by placing something beneath it that is heat resistant and prevents heat from reaching the surface level.
You can also you concrete or marble as the base beneath the fire pit.

Patio Gas Fire Pit

Patio Gas Fire Pit

17.Do MgO fire pits work on a wooden deck?

A MgO fire pit should never be put directly on a wooden deck as the body is very heated due to burning flame in the fire pit.
Fire pits are made out of metal or cast iron with magnesium plates and are supported by sturdy legs.
If you have a fire pit that has built-in legs, you can place it on the deck but if there are no legs at the base then you should place a fire pit with a stand.

18.Can MgO fire pits be kept indoors?

MgO fire pits cannot be used inside in an enclosed space if it is not properly ventilated. Although they burn clean but still give out certain gases which can enter the human body and cause several problems.
A MgO fire out should be used in an open, ventilated area.

19.What should you put under a MgO fire pit?

No matter where you plan to keep the fire pit it will not cause any damage on your grass or precious wooden deck as long as you have a heat-resistant shield.
A MgO fire pit comes assembled, so you just have to place a heat-resistant object beneath the fire pit and you are good to go!
You can easily put a cement block or any heat-resistant pad and place your deck anywhere you desire.

20.What is the best base to put under a MgO fire pit?

Cover the fire put with nonflammable material of your choice such as rock, granite, marble as they are dense and less likely to absorb water and explode when coming in contact with heat. Concrete blocks can also be used underneath a fire pit.
You can also use a fire pit stand to keep your surface and floor safe.


21.Are MgO fire pits portable?

Yes, Magnesium Oxide fire pits are portable.
As MgO fire pits are lighter in weight, they are easy to carry from one place to another.
They can be placed and taken anywhere but should be placed about 10 feet away from the house or any branches, bushes, etc to prevent any explosion or flame.

22.Are portable MgO fire pits worth buying?

Fire pits are the focal point of any backyard and provide a hypnotic effect on people sitting around it.
Portable MgO fire pits make it very easy to shift from one place to another.
It can fit into any other place wherever you desire.
The fire pit being lighter in weight and portable increases its life and prevents to worn out.
When the MgO fire pit is not in use, it can be stored in any place till it is to be used.

General information:

23.Are MgO fire pits worth buying?

Magnesium Oxide fire pits are lightweight and easy to move.
Their unique design and easy-to-fit size adjust this fire pit in any atmosphere.
MgO fire pits are easy to ignite and warm up your outdoors in chilly cold winter evenings.

24.What factors should be considered while buying an MGO fire pit?

The firepits are getting popular day by day.
Different factors are considered by different people just according to how they want appliances to work out for them and to find the desired fire pit.

It the perfect place for a firepit is which beautifies the yard as well as improves the functionality.
Safety is the first priority while using fire appliances so it should be placed somewhere away from flammable things that may catch fire and cause problems.
Fire pits should be placed in an open space away from tree bushes.
Avoid using in windy weather conditions.
The surface where you put the fire pit should be flat surface and fire-resistant.
As the base of the fire pit may heat up, it can burn if placed directly on grass or decks.

Firepits may be permanent or portable depending on their function, size, and capability.
An immovable fire pit is heavy in weight and size may vary which needs a lot of manpower and effort for anything to be done with it.
All the measurements are taken and it is made right where it needs to lay.
However, if for a portable fire pit, it should be lighter in weight and size and easy to carry from one place to another so you can always store it when not being used and also you can carry it anywhere with you!

The firepits differ from each other in the market depending on the price varying due to its functions.
You should do proper research for your choices according to your considerations and all the functions you require a fire pit to carry out.

Some people want fire pits just to beautify their yards, some require them for heating purposes while some require firepits for cooking processes such as bar b q.
Whatever purpose is in your mind, you should check for the appliances that should be required for it.
As for cooking, a grill should be available for cooking purposes.

Fire-resistant material is the most important factor which elongates the service life of the fire pit.
The fire pit should be fireproofed for a long time working without rusting or getting out of order.
All these factors depend on the material of which the fire pit is made.
Normally, fire pits are made from aluminum, steel, copper, iron.
These are sturdy material which makes the fire pit to live longer.

25.Does the MgO fire pit bowl rust?

The outer fire pit bowl is made of Magnesium Oxide which is a compound.
It is used in fireboard panels and is like a solid concrete compound.
It is very light in weight and easily moveable and does not rust.
The inner side of the fire pit is made of still and thus can rust if not cleaned or maintained properly.

26.Is MgO Fire Pit heavy?

The Magnesium Oxide fire pit is made of MgO which is a solid concrete compound and therefore is lightweight and can be moved easily.
But it is lighter in weight does not cause it to tip over and is balanced when put on the ground.

27.What is the standard size of a MgO fire pit?

The ideal size of the fire pit ranges around 36 and 44 inches and 12 to 14 inches in height.
This provides enough space to create enough fire but will still keep people around it close enough to have a chat!

28.Are propane MgO fire pits better than wood-burning fire pits?

You can get more heat from the wood-burning fire pits than propane fire pits as it burns better than both propane and natural gas.
Wood burns and gives out sparkles of flame which are dangerous and can set any flammable objects around on fire.
The smoke enters the eyes and throat causing irritations.
However, propane provides smoke-free and clean-burning causing no irritation and enough heat to warm up on a cold evening!

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