MgO Fire Pit

  • High Quality Material for Fire Pit
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MgO Fire Pit CAGF5611-18

Material: MgO


Fuel Type: Propane

Heat Output:



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MgO Fire Pits-The Ultimate FAQ Guide

This FAQ guide possesses almost all the information that one needs to know about Magnesium Oxide Fire Pit.
Here, you will find responses to several queries you might have about MaO Fire Pit.
Have a look!

Let’s know more about Co-Arts MgO Fire Pit

About the fire pit:

1.What is the MgO Fire Pit?

The Magnesium Oxide Firepit consists of a MgO board that is a type of mineral cement that is very beneficial and is widely used.
They have the attributes of endurance, intensity, to be molded, and power to stand outdoor Elements.
It is very convenient and easy to use, no difficulties are faced as it comes assembled Nd just ready to use!

2.What are the types of MgO Firepits?

Co-Arts Innovation is a professional fire pit manufacturer in China, and the MgO fire pit is our company’s main product. MgO fire pit

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