Natural Gas Fire Pit

  • Stunning Modern Design
  • Material: Fiber Glass; Fuel: Natural Gas
  • Custom Shapes and Sizes
  • Should for Garden/Patio/Home
  • The gas system produced by automated machines
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Firepit CAGF3518-18

Material: Fiber Glass

Size: 88*88*30cm

Fuel Type: Natural Gas

Heat Output: 50000BTU


Firepit CAGF4217-18

Material: Fiber Glass

Size: 107*52*38cm

Fuel Type: Natural Gas

Heat Output: 50000BTU



Fire Pits Design Solutions

Bring your design ideas to life
Experience absolute design flexibility and the freedom to choose the system that’s right for you and your project. From hand crafted freestanding pieces of “fire” furniture, to grates for traditional fireplace conversion, through to fireplace inserts compatible with any design and burner kits for bespoke settings – Co-Arts Innovation offers a complete collection of versatile and award winning fireplace solutions that make having an open flame incredibly easy – whatever the setting.

firepits shapes

Custom Shapes

Fire Pit Shapes Option: Round, Square, Rectangular or Custom Shapes, If you have any idea, tell us and Co-Arts will help you

Firepit Available Colors

Available Colors

Co-Arts offer more than 8 colors options for fire pit surface: natural white, ash, beige, light grey, brown, black, cafe, etc

firepit styles

Interior Styles

Co-Arts fire pits material is fiber glass, but fire pit surface have variety styles, like wood, stone, sandstone, smooth surface, and more

Fire Pit Gallery

Establish your outdoor room using
the clean design and style of a Natural Gas Fire Pit.

Outdoor Natural Gas Fire Pit

Rectangular Natural Gas Fire Pit

Best Natural Gas Fire Pit

Natural Gas Patio Fire Pit

Relying on the global supermarket supply chain system to serve your


Natural Gas Fire Pits | Co-Arts

Natural gas fire pit is a best choice for your backyard and the natural gas patio fire pit can add warm and make the family harmony. But if you choose a outdoor natural gas fire pit, you should be care the safe. Furthermore, Installation for gas fire pits should be more careful, and the installtion varies depending on the size of the model and the type of fuel used. If you are using natural gas, you will need to run a gas line to the desired location for your fire pit. Electric models also require the proper electrical source and wiring.Co-Arts Innovation is a professional fire pits manufacturer, variety backyard fire pits can be chosed.

  • Fire Pit Material:Fiber Glass
  • Gas Fire Pit Heat Output: 40000BTU/50000BTU/60000BTU
  • Fire Pit Shape: Round/Square/Rectangular/Table Top
  • Color: Grey, Silver, Black, etc
  • Custom Service: The fire pit surface can use the special paint which made the fire pit like the wood or stone surface
  • The gas system of the fire pits is produced by automated machines, the mechanized welding system ensure the precision and safety of the pipeline of fire pits.

Fire Pit FAQ

Q: Do you fire pits burn gas?
A: Yes. Our fire pits use the fuel: the Liquid Propane Gas (LPG) or Natural Gas (NG)

Q: What safety standards are your fire pits certified to?
A: All of our gas fire pits are certified to CSA/ANSI standards in North America and listed by ETL. In Europe they bear the CE marking and are third-party tested and certified to the European Gas Appliance Directive 2009/142/EC.

Q: Do you creat custom design of fire pit?
A: Yes. Co-Arts Innovation supply the custom design, you should give us your fire pit project requirement or details first, then We will give you an exact quote when the design has been agreed upon by both parties.

Q: Can I cook on my gas firepit?
A: No. Cooking on a gas firepit is not recommended.

Q: How should I position my fire pit?
A: When positioning your outdoor firepit, be sure to clear it of any brush and vegetation. Never place your outdoor firepit under trees or hanging branches as they can catch fire by stray sparks and embers and be sure that the firepit is placed on a non-combustible surface.

Q: What are the standards of your quality? How can we trust them?
A: Co-Arts will take full responsibility for every detail starting from the manufacturing of the product to the import process. This will cover all the tasks that include, customs clearance, delivery duties, delivery charges, ocean freight, insurance formalities, etc. We ensure our customers that we will not settle with anything less than the best with zero tolerance concerning any quality problem. Our customers reserve the right to not pay for any product that is nonconformist. We welcome your feedback and aim to use it to our benefit in order to implement new production and inspection rules and procedures that have zero error.

Q: What are the measures you take in order to make sure my product is protected? Do you protect intellectual property?
A: Our company has confidentiality agreements with several factories along with experienced lawyers in China who handle all the legal agreements. Our company also has strong ties with DHS and CBP which will make sure there is no importation of trademarked counterfeit products. However, we always recommend our clients to certify their intellectual property protection which will secure their product the most. Having a patent for your work will reserve all your rights concerning copyrights, trademarks, and industrial design. This will make sure no one in the world is able to knock off your product or try to copy it.

Q: What is the minimum order size that I have to follow? Are there are conditions that follow the order size of overseas contract manufacturing?
A: In order to have a competent and cooperating factory in China, you can place orders in the minimum range less than 200pcs. The quantity and size of your production will primarily determine whether your product will be successful or not. The minimum range mentioned above is true for several products such as medical equipment and instruments. We welcome you to consult with our trained staff regarding these demanding product categories concerning any query that you have.

Q: Can you tell the amount of time it takes for my order to be completed and dispatched?
A: It takes about 2-4 days to list down the factory for you and wait for your approval to get the GO signal. Once we get your approval regarding the certain manufacturer, your order is placed. The first delivery after the order placement is done between 1-3 months. There are several factors that might alter this time duration depending upon the complexity of the product. Moreover, special attention is given to all the factors that determine the delivery date of your product. These include, tool creation, approving samples, ordering raw materials, run production and shipping the order later. After the first order is made, the rest of the process takes lesser time. There is roughly a timetable of 60-90 days which include the tasks concerning raw material, production, etc.

Q: What co-arts can help for your business?
A: Outsourcing your product to China has several advantages that you should not overlook. Low Costs The rates of labor in China are less which cuts down the total cost to a fair value. You can also save from fewer production expenses. Timely shipments China provides timely transportation of the designated goods all around the globe. More materials China has a large variety of raw materials available. You do not have to import the raw material to the factory which saves costs and time. Scalable Capacity You have the freedom to increase your production value in a short period of time. This way your customer demand can be easily met. Manufacturing capability There are numerous manufacturing process and machines available in China which will meet your needs. Production Quality Availability of skilled labor and high-end equipment makes sure the product delivered is up to your standards.

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