Propane Fire Pit Table

  • Modern Style
  • Material: Fiber Glass; Fuel: Propane Gas
  • Custom Shapes and Sizes
  • Should for Garden/Patio/Home
  • The gas system produced by automated machine
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Propane Gas Fire Pit CAGF4224-20

Material: Fiber Glass

Size: 106*61*62.5cm

Fuel Type: Propane

Heat Output: 50000BTU


Propane Firepit CAGF2806-20

Material: Fiber Glass

Size: 71*71*62.5cm

Fuel Type: Propane

Heat Output: 40000BTU


Propane Fire Pits Table CAGF3523-18

Material: Fiber Glass

Size: 88*88*60cm

Fuel Type: Propane

Heat Output: 50000BTU


Propane Gas Fire Pit CAGF3126-18

Material: Fiber Glass

Size: 80*80*60cm

Fuel Type: Propane

Heat Output: 50000BTU



Fire Pits Design Solutions

Bring your design ideas to life
With unstoppable designs and cutting-edge technology, it’s now easy to add a beautiful fire feature where it was once not possible or cost-effective. choose from two fuel types – Propane and Natural Gas. Co-Arts Innovation supply the best plan to commit your fire pit design.

Heat Output: 40000BTU | 50000BTU | 60000BTU
Fire Pit Shape: Round, Square, Rectangle
Wood-look tile tabletop offers an on-trend, stylish design
The tile top is weather-resistant, protecting the complete from fading or losing its original appearance

firepits shapes

Custom Shapes

Fire Pit Shapes Option: Round, Square, Rectangular, or Custom Shapes, If you have any idea, tell us and Co-Arts will help you

Firepit Available Colors

Available Colors

Co-Arts offer more than 8 colors options for fire pit surface: natural white, ash, beige, light grey, brown, black, cafe, etc

firepit styles

Interior Styles

Co-Arts fire pits material is fiberglass, but fire pit surface have various of styles, like wood, stone, sandstone, smooth surface, and more

Fire Pit Gallery

Enjoy a warm and cozy time
with your family or friend around the fire pit

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Propane Fire Pit Table – The FAQ Guide

This FAQ guide possesses almost all the information that one needs to know about Propane Fire Pit Tables.
Here, you will find responses to several queries you might have about Propane Fire Pit Table.

Propane Fire Pit Table | Co-Arts

Co-Arts propane fire table has a traditional yet modern look and feel. The versatile design and look mean it is equally at home in traditional settings, as it is in more contemporary surroundings. An outdoor propane fire pit table is the best prop to add a warm atmosphere to your party. There are several different types of propane fire pit tables depending on their sizes, shapes, and material. Some are mentioned below:

Fire Pits For Shapes

Round Patio Fire Pit Table
Require a fire table but don’t want it to consider your complete patio? Take a look at our selection of rounded fire tables in a variety of heights. With a tiny footprint, a hassle-free unit installation, and an attractive appearance, you’re positive to love your purchase.

Round Patio Fire Pit Table
Figure 1 Round Patio Fire Pit Table

Rectangular Fire Pit Table
Whether most likely buying a coffee table and fire bowl combination or an eating table with a little more surface, these rectangular shape fire tables offer the perfect marital life of form and performance.

Rectangular Fire Pit Table
Figure 2 Rectangular Fire Pit Table

Square Propane Patio Fire Pit Table
Like our round fire tables, these square fire dining tables feature a smaller footprint to take up less room on your outdoor patio but still offer a remarkable output. Select models also feature built-in lp tank storage for even more convenience.

Square Propane Patio Fire Pit Table
Figure 3 Square Propane Patio Fire Pit Table

Hexagon Fire Pit Table

Where can we keep Propane fire pit tables?

Propane fire pit tables are approved for both indoors and outdoors. You can keep these tables outdoor in your patios or even indoors in sittings areas.
They are completely safe for indoor use as these fireplaces do not require any ventilation while working.
As propane is considered a clean fuel, so there is no danger to breathe in its surroundings.
Although constantly breathing in the atmosphere, certain particles get into your lungs which can affect the working of the lungs.

Which is the best Propane fire pit table?

The model is considered right depending on the size and style to fit perfectly in the atmosphere whether indoors or outdoors. The one that carries out its purpose as well as fits in the environment, is going to be the best selection.
The material it is made from should be durable and safe.
A propane fire pit table should work abiding by all the safety instructions avoiding facing any bad situation.
Consider all the aspects, the size, texture, material, and environmental space while selecting the best propane fire pit table for yourself which is worth spending on!
Furthermore, If you want to buy a high-quality propane fire pit table, you can choose a professional fire pit manufacturer.

Do propane fire pit tables cause any danger?

Propane fire pits are safe and sound to use as they do not generate any sparks Like wood fires.
Premade fire pits are safe to use on composite or wood decks too, as the risk of accidental eruption Is very low.
To keep yourself safe from unusual circumstances, follow the user manual’s instructions carefully. Propane fire pit tables provide you the cleanest burning with maximum warmth.
Get all the gas connections to leak tested while installing the table also, all safety precautions should be followed properly to avoid facing a harmful situation.

Do propane fire tables work on decks?

Yes. Propane fire pits tables are very safe as they do not generate Any flame particles, unlike wood burning.
Due to this, there is a very low chance of unintentional ignition of the fire.
Propane fire pit tables can be kept on wooden or metal decks without any trouble.
You must make sure your deck has enough space for a fire pit to have sufficient area.

Propane Fire Pit Table on a Deck
Propane Fire Pit Table on a Deck

Use a non-combustible pad or sheet beneath the fire pit for extra safety.
You should be following all the safety guidelines provided in the user manual for harmless and Safe use even on decks.

How much space does a propane fire pit table require?

At least 6-8 feet distance should be maintained from all the edges of the fire pit table. This will provide a lot of room for other things to keep.
It is always better to keep much space than too little as a cautionary measure.
The placing of a fire pit table will also affect its usage. Do not keep any combustible material near the table.
The surface area should be leveled so the balancing is not disturbed.
While keeping space around it, make sure that there is enough space cleared providing a pathway for people to pass.

Can we keep propane fire pit tables indoors?

You can use fire pit tables indoors if the CSA guidelines provided in the user manual are fulfilled.
The manual should be checked off the appliance for the required distance.
Wood-burning fire can be dangerous to keep indoors as flame particles rise out of it.

 Indoor Propane Fire Pit Table
Indoor Propane Fire Pit Table

Propane or gas fire pits do not generate smoke or particles which makes them safe to use indoor.
Fire pits to be used indoors should be durable, safe, mobile, and approved for indoor use.

What do propane fire pit tables require for working?

A strong and reliable gas or propane is required for the effective working of a propane fire pit. The lava rock should be dried and Checked.
The fire pit needs to be covered enough to work so; one to two inches of sand should be poured on the bottom of the fire pit to avoid any inconvenience at the base.
Stone will look more luxurious, but it can be costly.
Place the lava rocks around the fire pit so the burner is covered and lights up and is also important as it absorbs heat and radiates warmth evenly.
Proper capping should be provided so the table can be used too.

20 lb Propane tank
20 lb Propane tank

What safety measures should be taken while using a propane fire pit table?

The general safety measures provided on the user manual of the appliance should be followed strictly for safe use.
Although propane firepits do not emit sparks and are quite safer from soon-burning fire pits, safety should still be before everything else.

  • Maintain a proper 6-8 feet distance from the fire pit table.
  • Do not sit too close.
  • Take care of the product for long-term and safe use.
  • The place to keep the propane fire pit table should be selected wisely.
  • Any flammable objects should be kept away.
  • Keep the fire small while lighting, you can adjust it accordingly later.
  • Avoid Windy Conditions
  • Keep kids away
  • Use a non-combustible surface
  • To extinguish the fire, take the ashes and spread them over a large surface area to let them cool and pour water.
  • Do not pour any flammable liquid in the fire pit as it may twitch an explosion.

Do propane fire pit tables vary in size? And What is the ideal size of a propane fire pit table?

Yes, propane fire pit tables vary in size and shape.
Different shapes and sizes are available in the market to fulfill everyone’s requirements. The area and environment are considered for selecting the right size.
They are available from 20-inch models to larger and broader models measuring 50 inches. 20-25 inches are considered ideal for patios, backyards, or decks.
The 40-50 inches fire pit tables make a complimenting centerpiece in large seating areas such as farmhouses etc.
24 to 30 inches in diameter and 18 to 20 inches in height of a fire pit table is the ideal size for a backyard.
It provides enough area for a fire pit and space to be used as a table and fits well adjusted into space.

Which propane fire pit tables are good?

If you have a backyard with a sitting area and you are looking for a heating appliance, you should get a fire table.
It serves two purposes, the fire pit and as the table.
The best ones will add warmth and the environment to your backyard.
The top picks are as follows:
Ferrisland Wood Effect Gas Fire Pit Table
The Gas Fire Table is a square-shaped table, with great benefits. It produces 50,000 BTUs of heat.
Made of durable steel and glass fiber, our firepits can guarantee you long-term use. The fire pit uses liquid propane fuel, which can provide stable and clean combustion, so there is not any ash or smoke to plague you or pollute the environment.
It consists of a side door, which opens into space for the propane tank. The door makes it easier to set or change the tank when needed.

Ferrisland Propane Fire Pit Table
Ferrisland Propane Fire Pit Table

Outdoor Living Propane Fire Table
A properly large-sized propane fire pit table that gives out 50,000 BTUs of heat.
It is made from weather-resistant material to keep it safe from wild weather conditions.
This fire pit table has a thick glass on top and has enough space to keep two propane tanks saved and concealed.
It can be used as a dining table if needed.

Figure 14 Outdoor Living Propane Fire Table
Outdoor Living Propane Fire Table

To how many square feet area these tables keep warm?

A propane fire pit table that gives out around 50,000 BTUs of heat will cover a radius of approximately 10 to 12 feet. The inner area of 4 to5 feet will be the warmest.

Is there any danger of explosion while its use?

Yes, a fire pit may explode if wrong materials were used while it is manufacturing so when the fire pit heats up, it may explode tearing the fire pit.
Concrete fire pits made of poor materials may explode. Pouring flammable or hazardous material in the fire pit can also cause an explosion.
If the built is correct it is safe to use.
Metal fire pits are the finest as there is a lesser chance of an explosion. Good fire safety should be practiced for a safer environment.
Correct guidelines should be followed according to the user manual for a harmless experience.

Are propane fire pit tables suitable for backyards?

Compared to wood-burning fire pits, propane fire pits are finer and safer.
A propane fire pit table will add great ambiance to your backyard, serving as a table as well as giving out heat.
Propane fire pits do not give out smoke and are a supreme solution. They serve as a great centerpiece to your backyard as well as a unique idea.

Figure 17 Fire pit table in a backyard
Firepit table in a backyard

Perfect for your outdoor areas and providing a space for a warm evening with friends!

Do these work well outdoors in winter?

Being smoke-free, propane fire pit tables work great outdoors in winters.
They produce heat without giving out heavy smoke and are safe and comfortable for people having smoke allergies and sensitivities.
Smoke enters the eyes causing irritation, even that factor is eliminated if you use a propane fire pit table making your winter evening wonderful, cozy, and smoke-free!

Can propane fire pit tables give out heat in rain?

No, it cannot work in rain as water will extinguish the fire. Although a propane fire pit table can withstand rain for a long period of time without proper care and cleaning it will begin to rust and the burner will malfunction due to moisture.
Although most burners are designed to exhibit water entry still moisture can enter them. Use a thick vinyl covering to cover the fire pit table when not in use, to preserve its usage for a longer run without malfunctioning or errors.

What factors should be considered while buying a propane table?

The following factors should be considered while buying a propane fire pit table.
Patios and backyards are designed to relax and provide a calming atmosphere.
The perfect propane table will be the one fitting there correctly.

Figure 18 Rectangular Propane Fire Pit Table
Rectangular Propane Fire Pit Table

1)Fuel type:

The most important consideration is the fuel type the fire pit table works on.
Wood burning tables are for the natural, traditional settings and larger areas.
For Easy and controlled use, propane.
Butane or gas fire pit tables are well-thought of.
Propane fire pit table burns cleanly without giving out smoke or flames of fire.


A wide range of materials is found in propane fire pit tables, the one that fulfills your requirements should be selected.
An effective work should be done about all the materials tables available.
Stone, fiberglass, copper, cast iron, etc are available in the market but should be selected keeping in mind other factors too such as price, durability, Portability, and care.


It is very important to spend on a model that fits your space while following other safety guidelines.
A too-small fire pit will not look well adjusted and give out poor heat according to space.
A large fire pit table will make the area look overcrowded and untidy also increasing the possibility of fire.
The size of a propane fire pit table is the utmost aspect to be looked at while buying. If it is too large or too small for the available space it will be useless and appear messy ruining the atmosphere.


We always set up a budget whenever we tend to buy a product.
You should look upon the options available that fit your budget and select the most appropriate one.
Crossing the boundaries of the set budget will create many problems and well a disturbance in your monthly budget.
If you do not have a budget, then you could easily look for impressive high-quality pieces and spend a handful amount of money without compromising.


The fire pit table should be durable as well as decorative and beautiful but along with this, as moving towards the cooler weather conditions, the fire pit table providing more heat will be appreciated and useful.
A fire pit table that can be used as a regular table is great for everyday use.
Different models provide different advantages that consider them more adaptable and worth spending on.
By considering these factors, you can easily buy effective and useful fire pit tables to sit back and enjoy in the cold weather, while hosting a social gathering!

Safety Information of Co-Arts Fire Pit


  • The gas pressure regulator provided with the propane fire bowl must be used.
  • Do not attempt to disconnect the gas regulator or any gas fitting while your fire bowl is in operation.
  • An advanced or rusty propane cylinder may be hazardous and should be checked by your gas supplier prior to use.
  • Do not use a propane cylinder with a damaged valve and any other worn-out parts.
  • Transit and store the empty gas cylinders carefully and properly.
  • If you see, smell, or hear the hiss of escaping gas from the propane cylinder:

*Turn off the gas supply and get away from the gas cylinder and the fire bowl at once.
*Don’t attempt to correct the problem yourself.

Children and adults should be alerted to the hazards of high surface temperatures and should stay away to avoid burns or clothing ignition.

  • Young children should be carefully supervised when they are in the area of the appliance at all times.
  • Children should never operate this unit. Children must be supervised while near this unit.
  • Clothing or other flammable materials should not be hung from the appliance or placed on or near the appliance.
  • Any guard or other protective device removed for servicing the appliance must be replaced prior to operating the appliance. Installation and repair should be done by a qualified service person. The appliance should be inspected before use and at least annually by a qualified service person. More frequent cleaning may be required as necessary. It is imperative that the control compartment, burners, and circulating air passageways of the appliance be kept clean.
  • Installation and repair should be done by a qualified service person. The appliance should be inspected before use and inspected and cleaned by a qualified service person regularly.
  • Immediately call a qualified service technician to inspect the appliance and to replace any part of the control system and any gas control which has been underwater.
    Use only the specific size and capacity of the cylinder noted.
  • A statement that the LP-gas supply cylinder to be used must be constructed and marked in accordance with the specifications for LP- gas cylinders of the U.S. Department of Transportation (DOT).
  • This appliance shall be used only outdoors in a well-ventilated space and shall not be used in a building, garage, or any other enclosed area as the instructions state.
    Installation and repair should be done.
  • How to disconnect a gas bottle?
    Turn the OFF control knob and LP cylinder valve. Turn coupling nut counterclockwise by hand only – do not use tools to disconnect. Loosen the cylinder screw beneath the bottom shelf, then lift the LP cylinder up and out of the shelf. Place a dust cap on the cylinder valve outlet whenever the cylinder is not in use.
    Storage of an appliance indoors is permissible only if the cylinder is disconnected and removed from the appliance. The cylinder must be stored outdoors in a well-ventilated area out of reach of children. Disconnected cylinders must have threaded valve plugs tightly installed and must not be stored in a building, garage, or any other enclosed area.

Are propane fire pit tables worth spending on?

Firepit tables provide Ambiance along with keeping your outdoor areas warm and heated.
It is one of those pretty features for people to gather and spend a good winter evening together while getting all good vibes.
It is very easy to install and manage and provides a plus point for providing table space.
A wide range of fire pit tables is available in the market with different price ranges, in the budget for everyone!

How to set up a propane fire pit table?

A fire pit table is already set up, you just need to get the fireplace filled with rocks or anything you like yet to make it look beautiful and attractive.
Attach a filled propane tank to the burner and put it beneath, where space is provided.
Follow the guidelines set up in the user manual, provided with the product for safe use. The pipes should be checked for any leakage to avoid harmful consequences.
You can place your table wherever you like, and you are good to use it!

What mediums for lightning can be used for a fire pit table?

The fire pit tables come in the following four mediums:

  • Wood burning
  • Natural Gas
  • Propane
  • Ethanol

The best and safe fuel for a fire pit table is propane and natural gas.
There is very little chance of an explosion with propane, also providing smoke-free heat to keep your outdoors warm in winters.

How To Light A Gas Fire Pit

A propane tank is attached to the fire or burner. There is a flame generation push button provided on the table which ignites the spark.
Otherwise, you have to light it manually with a lighter or matchstick.
While lighting, keep the flame low. You can then adjust the flame accordingly.
The following video depicts the correct method of lightning a propane or gas fire pit table:

Do propane fire pit tables generate smoke?

Propane fire pit tables are smoke-free and do not give out immense smoke while burning.
When you burn propane, water vapors and carbon dioxide are produced.
These molecules are colorless and cannot be seen with the naked eye.
Hence, they give out no smoke and burn cleaner, and the heat given out is just like the ones that produce heavy smoke.

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