Wicker Fire Pit

  • The Surface is like the wicker
  • Use the metal for the body of fire pit
  • Hideway Tank Holder
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Wicker Fire Pit CA-FP1001

Material: Metal


Heat Output: 50000 BTU

Application: Outdoor/Garden/Patio



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Wicker Fire Pits – The Ultimate FAQ Guide

Are you looking for an outdoor living room fire pit or coffee table? Enjoy the convenience and value of the Wicker Fire Pit with its elegant surrounding.

A Wicker Fire Pit table can enhance outdoor and indoor living with elegant style and versatility. You will get all the warmth and ambiance with no wood, no smoke, and no cleanup!

Wicker Fire Pit is an excellent solution for a good heat source while enjoying the beauty of nature with aesthetic appeal.

Continue to read this guide for Wicker Gas Fire Pits to get to know the Wicker Fire Pits, their working, advantages, and features.

1.What is the Co-Arts Wicker Fire Pit?

Co-Arts Innovation is a professional fire pit manufacturer and supplier in China.

The Endless Co-Arts Wicker Fire Pits offers traditional top-of-the-line furniture with its tile and stainless-steel mantle.

A propane tank or a gas tank and a control panel are effectively concealed on a decorative basis, making it a beautiful focus of your outdoors.

Without needing to maintain ashes, you may enjoy the whole atmosphere of a conventional fire. This unit adds to elegant lava rock, which accentuates its flames wonderfully.

Magnesium oxide is specifically processed with machinery to make a well-crafted wicker surface. The wicker surface is further crafted to make a durable Wicker Fire Pit.

Wicker Fire Pits are additionally provided with a tempered glass sheet tabletop with an attractive decorative arctic fire glass and an attached gas hose with a regulator.

With Wicker Fire Pit, you need not worry about any maintenance.

All you have to do is place the fire pit in the center of your room or anywhere outdoor and enjoy the fun, entertainment, and relaxation.

Your every morning and evening will be delightful with the adequate heat of Wicker Fire Pits.

Unique hand-crafted Wicker Arts Fire Pits will make your backyard bonfire more special than ever. Each fire pit is an art piece.

2.What are the Components of the Wicker Fire Pit?

Wicker Fire Pits are of super high quality with manufacturing components that assure you of having this functional art for many years.

The main functioning components of Wicker Fire Pits are as follow;

  • Burner

Stainless steel Wicker Fire Pit burner is designed to withstand the rigors of regular use. A tampered glass tabletop covers the burner. This gives an elegant crystal view of burning flames.

  • Wicker Frame

The frame is made of high-quality magnesium oxide processed wicker surface, with stainless steel boundary and tempered glass, which holds the burner in place. It also determines the style and elegance of the pit.

  • Regulators

With propane or gas Wicker Fire Pits, pressure regulators are compulsory to regulate the pressure. They make the optimal performance of fire pits excellent.

3.What are the Features of Wicker Fire Pits?

The beautiful way to heat your backyard is to adorn it with the perfectly crafted art of Wicker Fire Pits. These fire features are designed beautifully for indoor and outdoor purposes.

Literally, Wicker Fire Pits exist in almost any form, size, and design that you can imagine.

Some Wicker Fire Pits models appear like a campfire, while high-end ready-constructed models are the height of elegance.

These beautiful elements of the Wicker Fire Pit also create a place to meet and socialize with friends.

Sit in the courtyard in a circle, sip some drinks, roast up some mushrooms and settle in the warmth of your elegant heating Wicker Fire Pits.

Wicker Fire Pits with rare and exotic stones give it an elegant, classy look that enhances your house’s beauty and gives an air of elegance.

Different unique designs, versatility, and durability add to the features of Wicker Fire Pits. These fire pits produce a real burning flame with an efficient amount of heat to keep you warm.

4.How Many Types of Wicker Fire Pits are Available?

The type of Wicker Fire Pits depends upon its style, shape, design, and versatility.

The burning component of the fire pit also defines its type. Usually, the burning fuel of Wicker Fire Pits is propane gas. It acts as a focal point in your backyard or home.

Round table Wicker Fire Pits are also one of the most stylish and contemporary designed fire pit tables that adds beauty and elegance to your house.

Wicker Fire Pit Table Package Includes:

I. 8mm Black Tempered Glass Tabletop
II. 3-Ft Gas Hose with Regulator
III. 15 pounds of Decorative active Fire Glass

5.What is a Propane Gas Wicker Fire Pit?

You must build a pleasant and appealing atmosphere to enhance the enjoyment of your living area outside. For this, a propane gas Wicker Fire Pit setup is compulsory to enhance the beauty of your house.

It is available in beautiful gorgeous designs with elegant styles.

The propane gas Wicker Fire Pit’s thermal output is sufficient to keep you warm and up to raise your aesthetic feelings.

The warm glow of flickering flames adds happiness and personality to your space. It creates a peaceful and relaxed ambiance environment with the additional feature of heat.

Moreover, extra features of propane gas Wicker Fire Pit such as rock-tumbling lava, glass guards, realistic logs, and even colorful glass crystals offer unbelievable adaptability for the perfect aesthetic for your room.

6.Are Wicker Fire Pits Eco-friendly?

Wicker Fire Pits are eco-friendly as they do not emit harmful substances. They are free from smoke and dust.

They work by clean-burning principle casting no harmful material in the environment.

Eco-friendly is a key feature of Wicker Fire Pits. They emit fewer toxic substances compared to other traditional fire pits.

They can be used for minimizing and controlling the risk of air pollution by maintaining air quality.

Wicker Fire Pit is maintained easily as they do not produce dangerous particles or gases. Therefore, the air quality is maintained.

Their ash and soot are not left behind, and it is difficult to clean up and corrode the fire pits.

7.How Versatile are Wicker Fire Pits?

All of the above qualities highlight the versatility of the Wicker Fire Pit. It is available for all kinds of areas and spaces.

Keeping you warm is only one of the features of the Wicker Fire Pit. The sparkle of its beauty and its warmth illuminates your room.

Wicker Fire Pit is a lovely addition, enhancing your room versatility and possibly raising your home’s worth.

They are not fixed to one position. They are portable. You can freely move them from your room to the lounge or your garden.

The contemporary styling and unique design of Wicker Fire Pits make them a perfect addition to enhance the interior design of your home and give a modern look.

8.How are Wicker Fire Pits installed?

It is easy to install Wicker Fire Pits. They do no requires any installation of pipes or construction and renovation.

As the gas tank of the Wicker Fire Pit is already installed in it. So there is no need for further connections.

The only thing that needed to be done is to place and remove the gas tank when it is finished.

To ease this, too, metal pull rings attach to the pit are used to open the shelf that holds the cylinder. Thus, making it super easy to replace the old tank.

It’s just as easy to light the fireplace. This table includes an auto igniting function where you can just press a button and turn a knob. The adjustable flame also enables you to control the output.

9.What is the Working Principle of Wicker Fire Pits?

The working principle of the Wicker Fire Pit is ignition or spark.

To initiate the fire, all you have to do is press the button or rotate the knob. A small ignition lights the burner.

Now you can enjoy the warmness of the flames.

Usually, it takes 10 to 20 minutes for a burner to achieve maximum thermal output.

When you switch the gas on and press the button, the electrical spark mechanism ignites the gas quickly. Then the flame level may be controlled using a knob on the tableside.

10.Are Wicker Fire Pits Portable?

Wicker Fire Pits are lightweight and completely portable.

Wicker Fire Pit’s versatility enables you to move them from one place to another with ease.

You came to these stylish Wicker Fire Pits easily from inside to outside. Wicker Fire Pits give you freedom and ambiance.

Wicker Fire Pits are durable.

Many of the Wicker Fire Pits come with wheels making it easier to move them around.

11.Are Wicker Fire Pits Suitable for Both Indoors and Outdoors?

The versatility, durability, and reliability of Wicker Fire Pits are beyond imagination. They are designed to be used both indoors and outdoors.

Indoors Wicker Fire Pits enhances the beauty of your house with elegant designs and boosts its worth.

While outdoors, they create a soothing warm environment that makes the evening memorable and joyful.

12.What are the Advantages of Wicker Fire Pits?

Wicker Fire Pits come with several advantages. Some of these advantages are:

  • Wicker Fire Pits are safe for you with wood-free and smoke-free features. There is no need for cleanup.
  • They are a lovely addition to your home. With versatility, it increases the worth of your home.
  • Propane gas Wicker Fire Pits maximize the thermal output.
  • Wicker Fire Pits are suitable for both indoors and outdoors.
  • The installation of a Wicker Fire Pit is inexpensive and affordable.
  • They are easily portable.
  • They are durable and unique available as a round table or coffee table.

13.What are the Disadvantages of Wicker Fire Pit?

A Wicker Fire Pit is a classy and beautiful addition to your house or backyard. But it also comes with a few disadvantages that you cannot ignore.

Some of these disadvantages are:

  • Wicker Fire Pits run out of fuel if you use them frequently. You have to refill fuel tanks (Propane) regularly if you want to enjoy the warmth of the Wicker Fire Pit in your backyard.
  • Regular maintenance of Wicker Fire Pits is required in order to keep them operational.
  • Although Wicker Fire Pits are an extremely entertaining addition to your house, they possess some safety hazards. You need to pick a safe location to install your Wicker Fire Pit in order to avoid fire hazards.

14.How to Light Wicker Fire Pits?

Wicker Fire Pits comes with an auto-ignition feature which makes the lighting of fire pits super easy.

You can light your Wicker Fire Pit by following these steps:

  • Turn on the gas valve of your propane tank.
  • Press the electronic igniter button, which creates the electric spark to ignite the burner instantly.
  • Switch the control knob to “ON”.
  • Release the electronic igniter button when the flame ignites.
  • Adjust the level of flame by using the control knob.

Wicker Fire Pits allow you to adjust the level of flame; thus, you can control the heat output.

You can increase or decrease the heat output according to your desire.

This adjustable heat output feature makes Wicker Fire Pits a perfect choice for your backyard.

15.What is the Price Range of Wicker Fire Pits?

Wicker Fire Pits are stylish, crafted with elegant material to enhance your place’s beauty and provide you with warmth.

You can organize an evening party in your backyard. You can have fun with your family and friends by sitting around the Wicker Fire Pit.

Wicker Fire Pits are affordable and convenient to use. Wicker Fire Pits come in several styles and features, such as Rectangular Wicker Fire Pits, Round Wicker Fire Pits.

The price range of Wicker Fire Pits depends upon the styles and features of the Fire Pit. The larger Wicker Fire Pit is quite expensive, while the smaller Wicker Fire Pit is affordable.

If your budget is high, you can easily manage to afford a large Wicker Fire Pit. Otherwise, it is better to go for a smaller Wicker Fire Pit.

Wicker Fire Pits set ranges from $250 to $4000. Wicker Fire Pits are popular and give warm, ambient, and a fabulous look to your backyard.

16.What is the Minimum Order Quantity for Wicker Fire Pits?

Manufacturers and suppliers usually deal with B2B business, which implies that they will only sell their product to other business holders to resell and usually requires purchasing a bulk quantity of products.

It is crucial to concentrate both on the production pace and the manufacturer’s experience. The customer response of the manufacturer is necessary to consider.

Different manufacturers have different requirements regarding their minimum order quantity depending on their rate of production.

These manufacturers deal with both small-end and high-end business holders. Thus, the standard minimum order quantity for Wicker Fire Pits ranges from about 20 to 100 sets.

17.What Makes a Wicker Fire Pit the Right Choice for You?

Wicker Fire Pits offer an attractive and durable addition to your backyard. This wicker is resistant to sun and weather to extend the lifetime of your Wicker Fire Pit.

Wicker Fire Pits keep you warm with easy ignition and have a heat output control feature for flexible flame settings. They are safe to use.

Wicker Fire Pits are quick and easy to light and produce heat instantly. They can be turned off immediately.

There is no need to waste your time igniting a Wicker Fire Pit. They can be ignited automatically as they possess an auto-ignition feature.

The tabletop is covered with tempered glass that enhances the sleekness and durability of the Wicker Fire Pit. You can use the rest of the Wicker Fire Table as a coffee table.

The tank storage compartment of Wicker Fire Pits is easily accessible. The tank can completely fit in the frame of the Wicker Fire Pit with a handy door for quick and easy access.

There is a diverse variety of Wicker Fire Pits with varying shapes, sizes, heights, and exterior material.

The installation of Wicker Fire Pits is affordable and inexpensive. They are suitable for both indoors and outdoors.

You can enjoy the warmth, ambiance, and convenience of your Wicker Fire Pit with no mess, no wood, no smoke, and no cleanup.

18.Do Wicker Fire Pits Keep You Warm?

Yes, Wicker Fire Pits are designed to keep you warm and comfortable with their radiance.

The wicker style of Wicker Fire Pits gives a sophisticated look to your lounge or backyard.

The sole purpose of fire pits is to generate heat and keep your surroundings warm in the cold evenings of winter.

The amount of heat produced by your Wicker Fire Pit depends on the size of the pit, the size of the flame it produces, the type of fuel you use, and the kind of refractory materials used in the pit to generate radiant heat.

If your lounge or backyard is spacious, you need to go for a large-sized Wicker Fire Pit to make your place comfortable with the warmth of its flames.

If your lounge or backyard is not spacious, you can go for medium-sized Wicker Fire Pits to enjoy its warmth.

The average heat output of Wicker Fire Pits ranges from 30,000 to 60,000 Btus (British Thermal Units).

This varying heat output depends on the size of the Wicker Fire Pit you choose for your backyard.

19.Are Wicker Fire Pits Safe to Use?

Yes, Wicker Fire Pits are completely safe to use.

Propane or natural gas fire pits made with safe and durable materials are the safest fire pits to use domestically and commercially.

The right choice of material is crucial to keep your fire pits safe. Some materials, including river rocks, pea gravel, concrete blocks, which are used to make pits are capable of trapping water inside and becomes explosives.

Wicker Fire Pits are made up of durable material which is resistant to the explosion. Moreover, Wicker Fire Pits offer clean burning.

Wicker Fire Pits use smoke-free fuel and do not impose any negative on the quality of air. Thus, Wicker Fire Pits are environmentally friendly.

20.Can You Customize Wicker Fire Pits?

Yes, you can customize Wicker Fire Pits.

Wicker Fire Pits offer you many advantages; customization is one of the significant advantages of Wicker Fire Pits.

Customization increases customer engagement, brand awareness and helps you to stand out from the competition.

Customization and personalization will allow your consumer to have the option of selecting the product that fits their taste.

You can also customize your Wicker Fire Pit to have a unique combination of safety and warmth.

It is necessary to keep the demands of your consumer in your mind while making the customizations.

Wicker Fire Pits are easily customizable, thus come in a wide variety of designs.

You can customize the size, color, and features of your Wicker Fire Pit and add your artistic ideas to it in order to increase its appealing look.

21.What are Precautionary Measures You Need to Take While Using a Wicker Fire Pit?

When installing your Wicker Fire Pit, make sure to follow all manufacturer’s instructions properly.

It will help you, your family, and your friends enjoy the warmth of your Wicker Fire Table safely.

Wicker Fire Pits are easy to operate and safe to be around. But there are some precautionary measures you need to keep in mind. These are:

  • Place your Wicker Fire Pit at least 10 feet away from any combustible substance or surface.
  • Wicker Fire Pit should be placed on stable and level surfaces.
  • Check the direction of the wind and avoid windy conditions.
  • Keep children and pets away from Wicker Fire Pits.
  • Always keep a fire extinguisher nearby.

22.What is the Estimated Warranty Period for Wicker Fire Pit?

The warranty period of Wicker Fire Pits depends on the material used by the manufacturer.

The average warranty period for Wicker Fire Pits lasts between 1 to 5 years.

You should opt for products with the longest warranty period as it instills a healthy relationship between the supplier and the client.

The warranty period offers a free repair to any damage found in Wicker Fire Pits.

Manufacturers would repair any product that fails due to a manufacturing defect, regardless though it has been used extensively.

The manufacturer will compensate for all defects found in the production of Wicker Fire Pits within the warranty period, either free of cost or at a very low cost.

23.How can Wicker Fire Pits Upgrade Your Business?

Wicker Fire Pits are stylish, enhance the beauty and charm of your backyard or lounge. Everybody wants to adorn his backyard with a great piece of a fire pit.

Wicker Fire Pits can add value to your business because of their cozy look and warmth.

Wicker Fire Pit allows you to host a party and enjoy the evening with loved ones. Due to its extensive features, the demand for Wicker Fire Pits is increasing day by day.

This increasing demand offers you a step forward to success and can bring more profit to your Wicker Fire Pit’s business.

You can stand out from the competition in the marketplace by adding extra features to your Wicker Fire Pits.

As a supplier, it is your job to keep in touch with the needs of your customers and offer them trending and versatile products, which is why Wicker Fire Pits are an ideal product to start a business with a good profit margin.

24.What are the Points to Consider While Buying Wicker Fire Pits from Manufacturers/Suppliers?

While Buying Wicker Fire Pits from manufacturers or suppliers, make sure to consider Wicker Fire Pits that offer versatility, effectiveness, and safety.

Consider the following features while purchasing Wicker Fire Pits from a manufacturer:

  • Ease of installation
  • Adjustable flame
  • Minimum maintenance
  • Weather-resistant
  • UV-resistant
  • Corrosion-resistant
  • Affordable
  • Versatile
  • Safe to use

We hope this guide helped you know about the features, advantages, disadvantages, and working principles of Wicker Fire Pits.

You can get back to us if you have any further queries. We can also assist you in choosing the right kind of fire pit for your house or backyard.

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