Wood Burning Fire Pit

  • Material: Fiber Glass
  • Custom Shapes and Sizes
  • Accessories: Screen, mesh lid, poker, lava rock
  • Should for garden, BBQ, party
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Wood Burning Fire Pit CABZ2201-18

Material: Fiber Glass

Size: 76*76*58cm

Shape: Round


Wood Burning Fire Pits CABZ1901-19

Material: Fiber Glass

Size: 60*60*53cm

Shape: Square


Wood Burning Fire Pit CABZ1801-18

Material: Fiber Glass

Size: 56*56*47cm

Shape: Square



Fire Pits Design Solutions

firepits shapes

Custom Shapes

Fire Pit Shapes Option: Round, Square, Rectangular, or Custom Shapes, If you have any idea, tell us and Co-Arts will help you

Firepit Available Colors

Available Colors

Co-Arts offer more than 8 colors options for fire pit surface: natural white, ash, beige, light grey, brown, black, cafe, etc

firepit styles

Interior Styles

Co-Arts fire pits material is fiber glass, but fire pit surface have variety styles, like wood, stone, sandstone, smooth surface, and more

Fire Pit Gallery

Enjoy a warm and cozy time
with your family or friend around the fire pit

Backyard Fire Pits

Outside Fire Pit

Wood Burning Fire Pit for Patio

Wood Burning Fire Pit

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Wood Burning Fire Pits | Co-Arts

Wood Burning Fire Pits is not like gas fire pits that use the gas fuel, the wood-burning fire pits are a traditional fire pit and can produce smoke. Choosing a fire pit is exactly like selecting any other kind of product: there are pros and cons of each type.

Pros of Wood Burning Fire Pits

  • Easy to use by lighting the wood
  • Wood burning fire pits cheaper than gas fire pits
  • Wood burning fire pit is great for camping, beach fires, and BBQ
  • Add the atmosphere when have a garden party

Cons of Wood Burning Fire Pits

  • Can produce smoke
  • Some areas will allow the use of a wood-burning fire pit a few times of the year.
  • Co-Arts is a leading fire pit manufacturer in China, supply large-high-quality fire pits/table with custom shapes and various colors.

Wood Burning Fire Pits Accessories

Wood Burning Fire Pit Accessories

Accessories: Spark screen with poker, grill grate

  • Fire Pit Spark Screen: Virtually any fire pit may be safer together with this heavy-duty stainless steel metal mesh cupola replacement spark screen. A spark screen will help retain hot embers through sparking or swallowing out in the fire and landing upon the ground or even on loved kinds. To use basically set it above the fire pit making use of the handle upon the top of typically the screen.
  • Fire Pit Poker: Firepit poker can end up being used inside the fire pit, ring, or even wood stove. It has a comfy, easy-grip handle and is usually simple to use. Its higher heat black fresh paint finish provides extra protection.
  • Fire Pit Grill Grate: Firepit grate is established to the bottom of a fire pit so you can place your firewood on the top. This allows air to flow underneath the grate for better barbecuing of meat that may be located on an independent cooking grate or pan put over a fire.

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