How to find a better Christmas snow globes wholesale supplier? Always Is the problem of snow globe importers practical concern!

Do you want your home and office yard to look attractive on this beautiful event of Christmas? Are you in search of the best Christmas decorations that you can use to décor your home and offices? You may look for attractive and classy snow globes for your home.

Everyone wants unique decorations on the event of Christmas but you know it is not easy to choose the high quality products. Finding a reliable company is another difficult task so, if you want to get high quality Christmas decoration products including custom snow globs, Co-Arts Innovation is the leading company that is offering you all décor items at cheap costs.

We pay special attention to our clients requirements and provide them with high quality custom products. You are welcome to discuss your ideas and we would love to help you choosing best items.

Christmas Snow Globe
Figure 1 Christmas Snow Globe

Why Choose Co-Art Innovation As your Christmas Snow Globes Wholesale Supplier?

Co-Arts Innovation can make your Christmas event memorable. Here is what makes us different from our competitors:

1. Expert team:

We have been in the industry of Christmas décor items for more than 20 years. We have a team of expert manufacturers that produce the best handicraft items. As a professional Christmas snow globe manufacturers, Co-Arts can help clients complete their design and project.

2. Delivery Time:

We don’t make excuses when it comes to delivery of products. We have a discussion with our clients before making a commitment and we do whatever it takes to 100% timely delivery.

3. Quality:

We never compromise on the quality as client satisfaction is our top most priority. We use the highest quality material to manufacture our products.

4. Customization:

In addition to ready to purchase products, we provide customised products.

You just have to give us a call and let us know what kind of products you need, considering clients’ requirements, our professional team converts your ideas into reality.

If you are looking for custom snow globe manufacturers, we can be your first choice as our best and most demanding item is a wholesale snow globe that people like to buy on the upcoming Christmas event.

Christmas Snow Globe Manufacturing Progress
Figure 2 Christmas Snow Globe Manufacturing Progress

Custom Christmas Snow Globes Wholesale Suppliers FAQs

Q1: Where do we manufacture our snow globes?

Our purpose-driven specialized manufacturing team is based in China and comprises some of the best professionals working in arts and crafts teams. In addition to this, we also have some of the best super talented sculptors, painters, engineers, and assemblers.

Q2: How do we ensure quality output?

Being a custom snow globe manufacturers, WE, here at CO-ARTS possess all of the prerequisites and guarantee a product that not only is free of any defects but also long-lasting.

The output quality is ensured by making sure that our employees are paid the highest wages and working conditions are friendly. We also provide regular pieces of training to our production staff, be it hand assembly staff, hand painting staff, or hand sculpting staff.

This, at the end of the day, ensures the best quality product for our consumers. We, here at CO-ARTS make sure to maintain a working relationship with our employees to ensure the highest quality output for our end users.

We can proudly say you won’t find custom snow globes of better quality other than from us. The reason we say this is because manufacturing custom snow globes require precision, super unique engineering coupled with some high-end equipment to ensure that there are no bubbles in the globe and the end product is a watertight long-lasting globe that should last a lifetime.

Q3:Are the SNOW GLOBES we manufacture available for purchase?

We manufacture custom snow globe designs in direct partnerships with our clients. What this means is that if a custom snow globe design is up for sale, it would be at the discretion of our client, and we here at CO-ARTS do not reserve any rights in this regard.

The snow globes in such a case will be sold only by our clients. If you like the product that has been designed for some other client, we’ll design that product for you.

We deal clients with bulk orders. That being said, if you are looking to purchase any of the globes in our project gallery, you must let us know. This way, you can get the snow globe of your choice.

Additionally, if you want us to manufacture a custom snow globe, you are more than welcome to reach out to us through the email address listed on our website. We here at CO ARTS take pride in being one of the best custom snow globe manufacturers.

Q4: How do we ensure smooth deliveries of our shipments?

All of our snow globes are packed and handled with utmost care to prevent any potential damage to the product during the manufacturing as well as transportation process. Irrespective of where you live, CO-ARTS packaging team make sure that your package is handled with utmost care.

By any chance, if the product arrives with any sort of damages or defects caused due to mishandling during transportation we provide an equivalent replacement without any additional charges.

In the wake of such events, all you need to do is retain all of the packaging and the damaged snow globe as well, this way, it gets easier for us to make a claim with a related courier at our end as well and makes the process a lot more smooth.

Q5: Are your snow globes prone to air bubbles?

Being a custom snow globe manufacturers, CO ARTS INNOVATIONS take immense pride in providing our customers with the best after-sales services.

Naturally, there is a high probability that snow globes may develop air bubbles over the course of time. In normal circumstances, when a snow globe is manufactured without any air bubbles, it tends to stay that way for years to come.

Things, however, might change when snow globes are projected in bright sunlight or are kept constantly under high temperatures.

In addition to this, very low temperatures can also cause water molecular movement to cease, this at times can also result in the formation of temporary air bubbles.

However, in such cases, the bubbles are more likely to disappear as soon as the globe is returned to normal temperatures.

Snowman Globe for Holiday Decor
Figure 3 Hand-painted Christmas Snow Globe

Q6: Can air bubbles arise once the shipment delivery has been made?

There’s no second opinion to the fact that temperatures differ a lot across the globe, due to which globes at times tend to develop air bubbles post-delivery. This eventually is followed by the rapid growth of such air

bubbles. Most of the time it is because they are subjected to direct sunlight or higher temperatures, or sometimes cold temperatures, which causes water contractions, eventually resulting in air bubbles.

We are fully committed to sending the best quality snow globe your way. Before shipping the snow globes, we make sure that your snow globes are free from any sort of air bubbles.

We ensure this by letting the snow globes rest post-manufacturing phase for a few days prior to shipping. There are times when bubbles develop during this phase, but we take care of it by filling them.

We, here at CO-ARTS take immense pride in providing our customers with a zero bubbles guarantee, something you won’t find at any of our competitors.

Q7:Can a music box be incorporated in our snowglobes?

Being a custom snow globe manufacturers, you would be thrilled to know that WE, here at CO-ARTS strive hard to keep our customers satisfied.

Custom music boxes coupled with several other cool features such as auto snow blowing, rotating settings can easily be incorporated. Having said that, there’s one thing you must know.

Music boxes usually have very limited music options, owing to potential copyright claims. If a music box isn’t already produced, you will be required to provide us with music notations along with copyright releases to get yourself snow globes fitted with custom music boxes.

Q8: How long does the delivery take?

We ensure that our client’s snow globes are shipped within the two days of completion once the complete payment is received. Be assured that WE, here at CO-ARTS always make sure to communicate with our client over the receipt in order to make sure the entire delivery process runs smoothly by making our client aware of the probable delivery date.

So, if you are looking for custom snow globe manufacturers who can deliver your products in a couple of days, contact us, you will not be disappointed.

We also provide our clients with a tracking ID, this way it gets easier for our clients to track the delivery at their own convenience. Also, note that delivery at times can get delayed due to certain unavoidable circumstances I.e strikes, public holidays e.t.c

Q9: Step by step overview of our manufacturing process.

Here at CO-ARTS, being a custom snow globe manufacturers we follow a diverse and detailed production process just so that we can provide you with  some of the best custom snow Ball globes. Our detailed production process contains the following steps, due to which the end result is a finely made custom snow globe

Step # 1- The Idea

Step # 2- Design Evaluation with the client

Step #3- Order Confirmation

Step#4- Start of production

Step#5- Final confirmation of specimen

Step#6- Delivery

Step 1- Idea:

Idea evaluation can be a challenging task sometimes. This is why we discuss our client’s idea in detail. This makes it easier for both us and the client as to which idea should be put to test and which ones to keep as a doomsday plan. The idea evaluation helps us a lot when trying to understand exactly what are the client’s requirements.

Step 2- Design Evaluation with the client

The second step of our diverse production process is design discussion.  Once we have discussed the idea in detail, it’s time for design evaluation. At this stage, we provide our clients with a mockup digital design and seek the client’s input. During design evaluation, we focus on elements like style. This is crucial because every client has its own preferences which must be incorporated into the end product

Step 3- Order Confirmation:

Once we are done with the idea evaluation and design discussion, we then proceed to payment transfer. This is done by simply arranging a wire transfer. Once it’s done, we then proceed to the production phase, where a team of qualified professionals starts working in your order

Step4- Start of production:

Once the payments have been made, we begin the production phase. Being a custom snow globe manufacturers, we at Co-Arts know that how important it is for clients to get regular updates from time to time.

During this stage, we send regular updates to our clients. This includes us sending them images from the production phase for further confirmation. Also, please note that you can ask for amends or changes during this stage without any additional charges.

Step#5- Final confirmation of specimen :

This is the second last but a more critical stage of the production phase. At this stage, we present the specimen to clients and seek their input and final go-ahead. Once the client gives the final go-ahead, we then proceed to actual large scale production

Step#6- Delivery:

Once we are done with the production of your snow globes, we then ship the globes directly to your doorsteps. We at Co-Arts provide our customers with the choice to choose the courier of their own choice. Rest assured, the shipments are made within two days of completion. We at Co-Arts always communicate with clients on their receipt and provide them with a tracking ID, so that they can conveniently track their shipment at their own convenience. However, there are certain unavoidable circumstances at times due to which the shipment may get delayed.

Custom Christmas Snow Globes Wholesale
Figure 4 Custom Christmas Snow Globes Wholesale

How About Co-Arts Christmas Snow Globes Wholesale?

Product NameSnow Globe
Size10cm*10cm*12cm & Custom Size
Manufacturing ProgressHandmade/Gold plating/Gloss oil
OEM/ODMYes and Welcome
Lead Time30-40 days (depend on order quantity)
Package1) Standard and safe export packing
2) Bulk packing/color box
3) As customers’ designs and requirements


As a professional Christmas snow globes wholesale supplier from China, Xiamen Co-Arts Limited can custom various styles and sizes of snow globes. If you have any projects or inqury, feel free to contact us, We will try our best to complete your orders.

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