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Professional Patio Heater Manufacturer in China

Co-Arts is a China-based professional patio heater manufacturer and supplier.
We supply various gas patio heater, and offer custom design for our clients. The Patio Heaters are mainly suitable for home, shops hotels, bars golf courses, gardens, pedestrian streets and other outdoor leisure palce.
Accept ODM/OEM Quote. Mini MOQ is 20-30 of outdoor patio heater. Shipping to All over the world.

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Square Patio Heater

The special square patio heater is Co-Arts new item for the marketing. And our US Warehouse have large quantity in stock. If you have any interest, please inquiry now, We will contact you ASAP.

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Pyramid Patio Heater

Pyramid Patio Heater is traditional outdoor heater, most Pyramid Patio Heater are used the propane gas to produce heat. The patio heater can keep you and your guests warm and allow you to stay outdoors for longer.

Electric Hanging Patio Heater Pic

Electric Hanging Patio Heater

The Hanging Patio Heater use the electric to produce heat and keep your warm, so the patio heater most be used in the patio and commercial space. The Electric patio heater is quite user-friendly. And the ceiling patio heater is IP34 waterproof so it can be used for a long time in the outdoor environment.

Standing Propane Patio Heater Pic

Standing Propane Patio Heater

The Standing Propane Patio Heater are widely used in commercial & residential space. The patio heater made with aluminum, sturdy plastic, and rugged steel with a durable powder-coated finish that stands up to outdoor elements.

Patio Heater Manufacturer – The Ultimate FAQ Guide

This FAQ guide possesses almost all the information that one needs to know about Patio Heaters.

Here, you will find responses to several queries you might have about Patio Heaters.

Have a look!

1.What is patio heater?

A burner on top of a pole, burns liquefied petroleum gas (LPG), propane or butane, and directs the flames against a perforated metal screen. Heat is radiated from the surface of the screen during a circular pattern around the appliance.

A reflector atop the burner reflects heat that might be otherwise lost upwards. this is often because the reflecting hood is typically silvered which makes it a poor absorber of warmth but excellent at reflecting infrared back.

This reduces the quantity of warmth lost by conduction as silvered surfaces won’t absorb infrared. The chimenea is an alternate to the patio heater for home use, which burns wood rather than gas.

Some newer sorts of patio heaters are electrically powered radiative heaters that emit infrared energy onto nearby surfaces, which successively heat up the encompassing air.

Other sorts of outdoor patio heaters include:

Wall-mounted patio heater: fixed to a wall or structure making for safe operation.

Hanging patio heater: portable and little footprint; comes in electric only.

Tabletop patio heater: ultra-portable and great for smaller groups or outdoor dining, but it uses a little propane tank.

Patio heaters became fashionable bars and restaurants since they extend the day and therefore the season for his or her customers to take a seat outdoors.

This increase in the popularity of the patio heater has led to concerns over its environmental effects. One patio heater can produce four plenty of CO2 annually. (From wikipedia)

2.How to set a patio heater?

A Patio heater can be assembled by following the instructions in the user manual provided with the product.

It has particularization on every portion of the product.

One can easily install a patio heater if the instructions are read carefully and followed accordingly.

The following parts will be provided in the package which is to be assembled, and the heater is good to give out all the heat!

  • Cylinder housing (in which the cylinder is placed)
  • Head assembly (heater part of the unit)
  • Lower pole
  • Upper pole
  • Reflector plate
  • Reflector panel
  • Three support rackets
  • Ground fixers
  • Some hardware items such as nuts bolts
  • And a user manual

Setting up of a patio heater:

  • Firstly, all the things to be found should be checked in the package. Place everything in front of you.
  • Set the base up so the further parts can be attached. Place the ratchet with ground fixers and tighten them.
  • Attach the three support brackets with bolts, don’t tighten them yet because the lower pipe is to be attached to their heads with adjustment of holes together.
  • Now put the lower and upper pipe together.
  • Once they are joined, put the pole on these support rackets using the bolts.
  • Slide the cylinder housing to check if it fits correctly or to make any adjustments.
  • Then tighten up all the screws and bolts and make sure they are fixed and put the cylinder housing in its place.
  • The head assembly has already four bolts attached, take them out before installing.
  • Adjust the head of the unit in the upper pole in such a way that their holes come at the same point.
  • Fix the bolts that were removed before. Keep checking up with the user manual the manufacture has provided.
  • Now comes the reflector, open it up and assemble it with the nuts and bolts provided in the package.
  • In the center of it, the reflector plate will be installed. Tighten all the screws.
  • Join the reflector with the head of the unit.
  • Slide up the cylinder housing and fix in the cylinder, connecting its pipe with the unit head’s pipe and slide back the housing.
  • Turn the knob to the left till you can push it down.
  • Push the igniter till the flame starts and keep holding it for 10 seconds.
  • Keep the flame low for the first five-ten minutes.
  • Later fix the flame at the desired level.

3.Are portable patio heaters worth buying?

Patio heaters are very useful as they let you use them as they make it bearable yet beautiful to enjoy outdoors in winters too, providing a pleasant atmosphere.

Portable patio heaters are easy to be carried from one place to another.

One moment it is producing a pleasant atmosphere to sit outdoors in the winter season, the next moment it can easily be shifted and set inside.

This is one great advantage of a portable patio heater!

Primarily the tabletop heaters are portable, can be kept anywhere.

They are attractive, beneficial, and easy to store and move with their structural design, size, and built-in wheels.

It has adjustable heat controls making it easy to heat in several atmospheres.

4.How is the lasting time of a patio heater’s tank related to the BTU amount?

An average propane heater has a tank that can contain 20 lbs. or 4.75 gallons of fuel.

A tank will last for about 10 hours if the BTU amount of the heater is 40,000.

The higher the BTU amount of a heater, the lesser the lasting time of the tank. In the same way, the lesser the BTU amount, the tank will last longer.

The tank can last for 20 hours depending on the BTU amount.

5.How long a patio heater stays lit?

The average patio heater has a 40,000 BTU amount at which a 20 lbs. tank will last for about ten to eleven hours even though the flame is set at highest.

If the flame is set low, that way less fuel will be used as compared to if set at a higher flame and will stay lit for a longer period.

6.What is the best type of patio heater to invest in?

The best kind of heater to invest in is the one that carries out all the required tasks and functions.

The heating capacity, the diameter to be covered, atmosphere friendly, and safe.

Also, it should pay off the amount spent on it with its proper functionality and durability.

The pyramid style patio heater by HI land, with a dancing flame, is considered the safest and finest one to invest in for the outdoors.

It is about 7’5 feet tall with a long flame caged from all sides and provides an elegant look that will be gaining a lot of attention.

The product should be bought from a reliable and trustworthy supplier to have a trouble free relationship with it.

It weighs 65 lbs. And cover 10 square ft. The propane tank lasts between 8-10 hours while the flame is kept the highest.

Fig. 1 Pyramid Style Patio Heater
Fig. 1 Pyramid Style Patio Heater

It is designed fashionably with high-grade steel in a pyramid column shape also comprising of the weather resisting components such as rust and to withstand hottest climates.

Provides enormously high but amount ranging from 42000 to 45000 BTU.

The pyramid style makes it the safest to be kept outdoors, preventing any causes for tipping over. It contains wheels which makes it portable to be transported or moved easily.

It also has a built-in safety valve that locks down the fuel supply completely automatically if it is tipped.

Fig. 2 patio heater details
Fig. 2 patio heater details

The figure shows the safety valve that turns the heater off immediately when required.

The figure depicts the mobility of the product as there are wheels which makes it easily movable.

The shape of this heater is ideal for both commercial and domestic use.

The metal plate at the top is to ensure that the heat is directed downwards and outwards but this should be used only in well ventilated areas.

7.What key factors should be considered while buying a patio heater?

The most important factors to be considered while buying a patio heater are following:

  • The BTU amount of the heater
  • Size of heater
  • The diameter it covers
  • Safety measure

These aspects are the ones considered according to one’s need and wants that matches their interests. An eco-friendly and suitable product is selected according to the place it will be used.

It should be pleasing and comfortable, not irritant.

The brand trustworthiness is of utmost required while buying a utensil and spending money. Durability and uses being kept in mind.

Also, the fuel type of the heater, whether it runs on propane, natural gas, etc.

Co-Arts Innovation is a professional patio heater manufacturer from China, You can trust us. And if you have any project or inquiry, please feel free to contact us.

8.What is the Function of a thermocouple in a patio heater?

A thermocouple is a safety device in a heater.

It consists of two wires made of different metals and the wires are joined at one end forming a joint.

It serves to ignite the fire and keep the gas valve open by creating electric voltage in the pilot when the temperature is higher and to block the gas valve when there is no such heat.

If the pilot lights out, the voltage will drop in the thermocouple and the gas line will be closed.

When the thermocouple is out of order which may be due to any reason, the gas valve cannot function.

Its main job is to keep the furnace’s burner lit if not working correctly, the gas will surround the furnace without truly lighting and this can be very dangerous.

Thermocouple breaks the gas transmission as soon as it doesn’t sense a spark, avoiding an explosion or leakage to occur.

The replacement of the thermocouple should be scheduled beforehand and kept in check to avoid any danger or problem.

9.How can gas valve blockage in a patio Heater be cleared?

If the thermocouple in a heater is not working properly the heater will not have a strong pilot, and in some cases, may not even have a pilot at all.

This means your unit will not turn on or will struggle to turn on.

A gas valve blockage can be cleared by cleaning or replacing the thermocouple.

A thermocouple can be cleaned by using the softer side of a sponge.

It should be cleaned between the threads of the screw that connects the thermocouple to the control valve of your system.

The cleaning of the thermocouple will clear the blockage in the gas valve, and it will start working again.

The valve itself may have simply worn out or may be damaged due to outflow or submersion. You can also then try replacing a gas pipe control valve it is a permanent repair once correctly detected.

10.If the gas valve is blocked can the heater still work?

No, the blockage of the gas valve will break the gas flow to the pilot.

If the gas valve is blocked, the furnace will shut down immediately and the heater will not work. Problem creating gas valve can cause an alarming situation and should be treated.

Without gas supply, there will be no flame and hence no heat will be produced. Gas valve blockage or failure can lead to creating a fire or explosion.

If there may be any problem with the gas pipe or valve, gas will not reach the burner in any way until the pipe or valve whatever is damaged, is repaired, or fixed.

However, gas valves should be changed every ten years for the durability and effective working of the heater.

11.What is the Easiest way to light a patio heater?

First, you must turn the knob at 45 degrees to turn the pilot ON.

The heater comes with a manual, you may check it for any special instructions.

Once you are done with the knob, you need to light the pilot and avoid burning your fingers for which a lighter with candlelight is the most appropriate. Or use a matchstick to enter the Match lighting hole.

Once it is lit, the patio heater will start warming up.

You may set the temperate you require, and you are good to go!

12.What are the top kinds of patio heaters used?

A heater is considered ‘a top kind’ depending on its durability, quality of a product, functions it carries out, the body should be well enough to last for a longer time, and the power of the heater.

Everything should be worthy of the price being spent on it.

13.What is the Secure way to keep the patio heater from tipping over?

A patio heater can be secured from tipping or blowing over if it is connected to a sturdy and strong structure.

Snug it to a wall or attach a ratchet strap around the pillar and your heater so that it may have support to stand vertically and will not fall. Place it on a smooth, leveled surface or by fixing it to the ground.

Keep it away from walkways and doors so any contact may be avoided. Moving past it, again and again, may cause guests annoyance.

You can also weigh them down with sandbags or other weights to prevent their movement.

14.Do patio heaters work in rain?

No, most patio heaters do not work in rain as rain can cause damage to the burner and thermocouple, causing it to rust.

If water enters the burner, the holes will be clogged and as a result, there will be difficulty of gas passing by it and the flame will not be strong.

Rain can affect the heaters with structures made of normal steel quality.

Patio heaters cannot withstand rain unless they are designed to be worked in rain.

They can be manufactured in such a way so they may stand the snow and other outdoor moisture.

If a patio heater is not made to stand in these atmospheres, even the slightest rain can ruin it causing electrocution.

15.Can an electric patio heater cause danger?

A patio heater can cause no danger if it is used according to instructions given in the manual. The Booklet should be followed completely to avoid undesirable situations.

Following all the precautions and correct installations from the owner’s manual, there’s no doubt you will be safe and cozy.

However, there are some steps that should be taken by the user for extra safety.

  • Avoid children near the heater
  • Remove any obstacles in the way
  • Don’t sit too close
  • Maintain safer distance
  • Place it safely so that it may not tip over

And you are good to enjoy the warming effects of the heater with being safe!

They are available in a variety to be chosen from.

Wall mounted, ceiling mounted, or a heater withstand. All types are available in the markets.

16.How much energy does an electric patio heater require?

Electric heaters can be very luxurious to use.

Most electricity heaters Use 1500 watts, some may require lesser energy while some necessitate more.

The energy usage depends on every heater separately. It depends on the watts a heater requires to work per hour and multiplied by the price of units.

17.What BTU amounts do large manufacturers of patio heaters deal with?

Most large manufacturers of patio heater deals in all kinds of BTU amounts ranging from as low as 10,000 BTU TO 95,000 BTU’s.

Large companies make items with a variety of BTU amount so That they can get to know the potency stealing public attraction.

The most popular and most used heaters have 48000 BTUs that are suitable for the outdoors at home, functions, and public gatherings.

Some manufacturing companies that have their heaters in demand and gather customers attention are

  • Hampton bay 48,000 BTU patio heater
  • Hampton bay 42,000 BTU pyramid patio heater
  • Dr. Infrared heater 42,000 BTU
  • Holland aluminum scroll propane pit 42,000 BTU
  • Bromic heating platinum 500 infrared patio heater 39,800 BTU
  • Thermo tiki deluxe propane patio heater 38,000 BTU

All these products are made by large manufacturing companies, and they range from 38,000 BTU- 48,000 BTU are used normally and are in demand.

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