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Co-Arts Pots and Planters Manufacturing Progress

Material Mixing

Material Mixing

The worker stirs and mixes the required materials to produce the mold
paste mixed material mould internal surface

Paste Mixed Material

The worker paste the mixed material in the mould internal surface
Add Fiber Glass

Add Fiber Glass

When the mixed material is evenly applied to the mold surface, the worker adds glass fiber on it
Loose Mould

Loosen Mould

The workers are dismantling the mold and then leaving the model
Polishing and Repairing

Polishing and Repairing

After the flowerpot model was left to dry, workers began to polish the surface
Spraying Color

Spraying Color

Next, the workers began to paint the flower pots

How to approach a manufacturer with your product idea

Custom Design for your Business

Xiamen Co-Arts Limited has custom pots and planters for indoor and outdoor projects. If you want to improve your business with special pots and planters, you can tell me your requirements. Regardless of whether you’re considering making a custom size product or developing your own product line, we provide flexible manufacturing solutions at competitive prices. Co-Arts will help you build your custom projects.

Outdoor Planters Design


We all work with Scenery Architects and design and style professionals to manufacture products for hospitality and commercial landscape projects.

Indoor Pots Design


Co-Arts can supply custom pots and planters for home decor if you want to design your home, patio, garden, welcome to contact us and tell me your requirement.

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Indoor Pot Planter for Decor

Outdoor Garden Pots

Pot Planter Set for Indoor

Pots with Plants

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Professional Pots and Planters Manufacturer In China

Xiamen Co-Arts Limited is a professional pots and planters manufacturer and supplier in China.

Large Flower Pots

Large Flower Pots

Co-Arts have manufacturing large flower pots with high-quality and best price,  Large Flower Pots – Perfect for front porch, driveways, poolside, patios, stairway landings, or decks.

Terracotta Pots

Clay/Terracotta Pots

The clay pot is made from top-quality clay and baked at high heat, each terracotta pots feature great durability. All packages have passed the 3-foot drop test to make sure the pots stay intact during delivery.

Ceramic Pots

Ceramic Pots

High-Quality Ceramic Plants Pots, Co-Arts Use the commercial glazes on our ceramic pot which making the pieces food-safe, microwave-safe, oven-safe and dishwasher-safe. So No special handling required. But need avoid high temperature.

Concrete Planters Pic

Concrete Planters

Concrete Planters use quite high-quality material – concrete, the concrete is quite solid, and can custom any shapes & sizes. Co-Arts Planters are cast out of quality concrete materials and are designed to face up to the outdoor elements year-round with proper care.

Cement Pots

Cement Pots

Co-Arts use the Premium Cement Material to produce products. Cement pots are a distinguished choice for outdoor plantings.

Resin Pots Pic

Resin Pots

Co-Arts is a Resin Pots manufacturers from China, our resin pots are durable and trendy in the market. If you have any inquiries, We also make the customized designs as per your requirement.

Plastic Pots

Barrel Planters & Plastic Pots

Plastic Pots are a good choice for plants and flowers outdoor and indoor. Plastic Planters can arrive in an interminable number of sizes and shapes. Co-Arts can custom plastic plants and flower pots.

Ceramic Flower Vase

Ceramic Flower Vase

Ceramic vases reflect the broader tabletop trends, you can put the trust or artificial plants, flowers in it. It’s the best decoration for home. Co-Arts can supply high-quality ceramic flower vases and pots with mini MOQ.

Planters with Stand

Planters with Stand

Co-Arts Innovation supplies various planters with stands, stylish and modern pots with stands that display your favorite indoor greens, flowers, or ferns in style. This cement planter with a stand complements your home’s modern look.

Metal Pots

Metal Planters

Co-Arts Innovation supplies high-quality metal planters from China, product style, color, surface effect, pattern logo, can be customized by customer. If you have any interest, please contact us.

Woven Basket

Cement Woven Basket & Bamboo Pots

The Woven Basket & Bamboo Pots Use Cement Materials, Which can use a long time and quite like natural woven and bamboo, Co-Arts Innovation as a professional planters supplier in China can accept custom design, customization such as patterns, sizes, or colors are available. More than 10 years’ OEM experience makes us professional. You can trust us.

Pots & Planters: A Complete Buyer’s Guide

Here is the complete guide about Pots and Planters.

What are their types, what are they made up of?

What are the best Pots and Planters, what are their pros, and cons and what is their usage?

What are few things you should keep in your mind while buying Pots or Planters for your house and garden?

What are the few tricks to keep your flower pot looking great?

This guide has every possible query you have about Pots and Planters is answered in this guide.

What is a Plant Planter?

A flowerpot, flower pot, planter, or plant pot is a container in which flowers and different plants are developed and shown.

Historically, and still to a considerable degree today, they are produced using plain earthenware with no artistic coating, with a round shape, tightening inwards.

Following are the examples of Pots or Plant Planters:

  • Plastic pots of Lightweight: These are made up of different plastics and can be painted if desired.
  • Black plastic Planters and Pots: These are made up of plastic and are spray painted black.
  • White Polystyrene boxes: These are made of polystyrene
  • Terracotta, concrete, and ceramic pots: These Planters usually have one hole in the base as the name states these are made of ceramic terracotta and concrete.
  • Clay Planters and Pots: These are porous, breakable, and have a lot of pros and cons.
  • Stone Planters and Pots: Some planters made of stone have a lot of character, look attractive, and are very ornamental but are very expensive and heavy.
  • Self-watering Planters: These Pots are made of plastic, so; one should consider the environmental impact.
  • Hanging and wall-mounted baskets: Hanging baskets takes less space and can provide shade and privacy.
  • Wooden planter boxes and containers: Wooden containers are attractive and have maintenance and environmental issues to keep in mind.
  • Metal containers: Metal containers can add character but be aware they heat up too if in direct sun during hot weather.

Garden Pots with Plants and Flowers

Garden Pots with Plants and Flowers

Plant Planters and Pots are made up of? and which materials are the best?

Here is a breakdown of the different materials planters can be made from to make it easier for you to make the best choice for your needs.

Where you want to keep the potted plant, your climate, aesthetic value, and ease of maintenance and cost are all factors you need to consider before you make a decision.


Ceramic containers, or stoneware, are produced using finely finished, light-hued dirt and afterward coated.

These containers are terminated at a high furnace temperature, which diminishes the pot’s permeability and weakness to the components.

Nonetheless, if an artistic pot is abandoned climate it can in any case break.

The drawback to this strength is that the pots are very hefty, albeit this factor settles on them a decent decision for plants that will develop to be awkward.

Likewise, Ceramic Planters will be costly, however are accessible in a wide assortment of shading coatings and plans.

They arrive in a wide assortment of shapes and sizes, with huge dishes being among the most well-known.

Figure_13 Ceramic Pots
Figure 13: Ceramic Pots


Concrete planters can look incredible, particularly whenever they have matured a bit.

While concrete is a useful decision for enormous plants that may require the counterweight to uphold against the breeze on account of its sheer weight, that weight likewise makes the Planter hard to move.

Subsequently, on the off chance that you intend to utilize solid containers for anything, ensure you know where you need it and don’t plan to move it.

Then again, nobody will at any point take it or play a trick and move it.

Concrete is a solid cover and will secure the roots in any event, during seasons of huge temperature changes.

Figure 14: Concrete Planter


Terracotta is a kind of earth that is regularly utilized in making pots and Planters of different sizes and shapes.

Terracotta pots can be just about as little as two crawls in distance across or tallness, and as extensive as the maker’s creative mind.

The shapes and sizes of containers from this material are everlasting, so they are very flexible.

It is commonly a warm ruddy earthy colored tone and offers a natural appeal to groundskeepers.

Terracotta additionally will, in general, be promptly accessible and reasonable, which settles on it a famous decision among grounds-keepers for indoor and open-air use.

Two parts of earthenware that you should know about are that it is more delicate than a portion of the other planting choices, and that earthenware is by and large sold unglazed and is consequently porous.

This implies that the pot can lose dampness, and absorb dampness from an external perspective.

If you find that you can’t stay aware of the water needs of a plant that is generally flourishing in an earthenware holder, at that point you propose fixing the inside of the pot with a brush or some plastic to restrict the measure of water that escapes through the pot.

Make sure to leave some waste openings in the plastic on the off chance that you decide to line a pot or experience another arrangement of water-related troubles.

If you live in a region with freezing winters, it is critical to store any earthenware pots topsy turvy and inside to keep early annihilation from the components.

Terracotta Clay Pots and Planters PIC

Figure 15: Terracotta Clay Pots


Fiberglass planters are made from a mix of pitch and Glass Fibers.

These pots will in general be shaped to look like earthenware or stone pots.

As a matter of fact, a few producers have added some limestone of mud to the pitch mix to make a superior surface.

While this decision probably won’t be the most environmentally amicable, it has many preferences.

Fiberglass planters are lightweight, strong, and look a lot like the materials they are formed to mimic.

These containers needn’t bother with any unique storage.

They can deal with any normal climate without being taken inside.

Fiberglass Planters PIC
Figure 16: Fiberglass Planters


Plastic containers can likewise be made to appear as though different materials, however, are less practical and sturdy than the fiberglass Planter.

Most plants that you buy in a store or at a nursery will return home with you in a plastic container.

This is on the grounds that it is the least expensive holder for business producers to utilize.

Thicker variants of plastic Planter can be made to look like stoneware or earthenware pots, yet they don’t weigh the genuine article.

Plastic Planters can arrive in an interminable number of sizes and shapes.


Metal containers are incredibly solid, and on account of case iron, amazingly weighty.

Metals, for example, aluminum can offer landscapers the strength of metal with a lighter weight, making the planting and moving of pots considerably more functional.

Aluminum doesn’t rust, needn’t bother with painting, and costs not exactly some other metal choices.

Other metal decisions incorporate copper-covered treated steel, zinc, lead, and copper.

Metal Planter Pic
Figure 17: Metal Planter


Wooden Planters can glance extraordinary in pretty much any outside or yard setting.

These containers will in general be square or square in shape, even though there are some bent containers accessible also.

Wood isn’t probably going to break in a chilly climate and is delayed to dry out.

The solitary genuine risk with wood compartments is decay accordingly, I propose fixing a wooden grower with plastic to forestall this issue.

Simply make sure to leave a few openings in the plastic for seepage.

Wood Planter Pic
Figure 18: Wood Planter

Will Co-Arts offer color customization for pots?

Before making a selection for the types of pots you buy, it’s important to ensure that the style and colors of the pots match with and blend in with the overall theme of your household.

It is due to this that over here at Co-Arts Innovation, we do indeed offer color customization for pots.

Interested buyers can get in touch with our team and convey their thoughts and interests regarding the type of color they want for their pots.

Our team is extremely skilled and highly experienced and will be able to guide you towards the right color selection for your pots.

Once done, the pots will then be crafted out in the color you have picked out. Customization such as patterns, sizes, or colors is available.

More than 10 years’ OEM experience makes us professional. You can trust me, Xiamen Co-Arts Limited is your trustworthy planters supplier in China, any inquiry, please contact us.

What are the best Pots for planting plants?

Pond Pots is the best plant compartment for any lake.

Pond Pots are made of a permeable geo-material texture that inhales, allowing water to go through and circulate air through the dirt, which means better, better Pond plants

Peat pots are pleasant because they biodegrade, normally in a season.

They frequently say you can simply relocate them into the nursery like that, yet you need to ensure the pot breaks down before the plant roots need the space in any case your seedlings will be worried.

At the point when you use peat pots, you will in general eliminate them from the pot and afterward throw the peat pot into the manure.

Will Co-arts offer color customization for pots?

Before making a selection for the types of pots you buy, it’s important to ensure that the style and colors of the pots match with and blend in with the overall theme of your household. It is due to this that over here at Co-Arts Innovation, we do indeed offer color customization for pots.

Interested buyers can get in touch with our team and convey their thoughts and interests regarding the type of color they want for their pots. Our team is extremely skilled and highly experienced and will be able to guide you towards the right color selection for your pots. Once done, the pots will then be crafted out in the color you have picked out.

How to pick a planter for your plant when visiting a planters supplier?

When visiting a planters supplier, you need to keep a few things in mind before you pick out a planter for your beloved plants. One should always make sure that the pot they purchase from a planters supplier is at least 1 to 2 inches larger than the pot your plant is currently placed in.

When choosing planters, it is always recommended to pick out the ones that have drainage. One thing that is generally overlooked by buyers is the type of material the planter is made out of. To ensure that your plant grows in a healthy environment without any complications, ask your planters supplier to provide you with porous pots. Planters made out of ceramics, such as terracotta, are an excellent choice as they dry evenly.

Lastly, the weight of your plant itself will also impact your choices. If you feel as if your plant is large (more than 8 inches in diameter) and extremely heavy, fiberglass planters will be the perfect option for you. Durable and requiring low maintenance, these planters are an excellent choice for larger plants.

What are some DIY planter ideas?

After you’ve purchased your desired planters from a planters supplier, you can get creative with them to make them look even more beautiful. One way you could DIY craft your planter is by attaching laces onto them. This will give them a chic and grunge look, which would be perfect if you’re placing your planters on the windowsill.

However, if you’re someone who wants to give your planters a more rustic feeling, you can wrap ropes around your planters. This will give off an earthy ambiance, making your home resemble a cottage near the countryside.

More than often, our planters end up breaking, which is one of the main reasons why we purchase new ones from a planters supplier. In case you have any broken planters or pots lying around, you can arrange them in such a way that they resemble a fairy garden or a gnome house.

What are the different types of planters you’ll find at a planters supplier?

Although there are various types and varieties of planters that are available at a planters supplier, a few common ones are:

  • Ceramic planters: Available in a wide range of colors and sizes, are extremely porous, and have excellent drainage.
  • Concrete planters: Aesthetically pleasing to the eye, concrete planters are one of the best choices for plants that are heavier, and larger.
  • Plastic planters: Long-lasting and affordable, these are some of the most commonly used planters and can be found at every planters supplier.
  • Metal planters: Weighty and neat-looking, metal planters can add a more rustic look to your home.
  • Fiberglass planters: Stylish and extremely durable, these long-lasting planters are the perfect option for large and bulky plants.
  • Wooden planters: Affordable with excellent drainage, wooden planters are perfect and look extraordinary, both indoors as well as outdoors.

While buying a planter from a planters supplier, do you have to keep in mind the size?

Yes, the size of the planter is indeed important if you’re looking to purchase one from a planters supplier. Picking out the right-sized planter for your plants can be tricky, but it can be easy if you keep the following tricks and tips in mind.

To choose the perfect size of your planter, you should always go for the planters that are only slightly larger than your actual plant. This will give room for your plant to grow and will help with drainage as well. An extremely large planter may end up causing complications, which will affect the health and growth of your plant.

A large planter should only be bought in cases of repotting or transitioning your growing plant to another pot. In such cases, your plant must have around 2 to 4 inches of additional space in the planter. The height of the planter should also be only a few inches above the soil line, as a planter that is too tall may hinder the growth of leaves.

planters supplier

planters supplier manufacturing pots

Does the planter need drainage?

When it comes to the health of a plant, it is critical to have drainage in your planters. However, if you come across a planter that you like but unfortunately does not have drainage holes, you can still use it for your plants. But it is to be noted that planters without drainage holes are to be used with extreme caution.

Planters can be used without drainage holes by creating a drainage layer. This means adding rocks, pebbles, and stones into the planter before adding to the soil. Creating a drainage layer inside of the planter will allow any excess moisture or water present in the soil to seep out more quickly. For watering, always remember to only add in water ⅓ of the planter’s size.

In planters without drainage holes, a little water goes a long way. Adding too much water can be detrimental to the health of your plant’s roots. However, if you do think you’ve added in too much water, you can simply tip the pot over and drain out any excess water.

With a little bit of care, you can indeed use planters without drainage holes for your plants.

What are the benefits of keeping planters in your landscape?

There are a few benefits that come along with having planters in your landscape, other than changing the overall look of your home space and making it appear more attractive.

Planters can beautify and make the overall look of your house more appealing. Keeping planters in your landscape in a way that is different as compared to your neighbors can thus increase the resale value of your property.

Such planters will make passersby react positively to it, increasing the general value of your property. If there are planters that are kept in the landscape of a business, it might just attract more customers. Customers will be more inclined to go to a building that looks well kept, polished, and beautiful.

It is due to this that many homes and offices place planters outside on their landscapes, rather than placing them inside of their homes.

What are some creative uses of planters?

Planters don’t necessarily have to be used for only plants. If you try to think outside of the box, you can come up with multiple creative uses of planters that you have purchased from a planters supplier.

Planters can be used as a way of safekeeping towels when you go to the beach.

You can also add ice inside of a metal planter and use it as a cooler for wine and other drinks during a barbecue.

Out of plates to keep your napkins and utensils? You can use planters to safely store away your napkins, condiments, and utensils during a picnic, or at home.

Planters can be treated as containers, and ways to store any materials that can be found around the house. In fact, you can even use a metal planter as a toolbox in your garage or shed if necessary.

Are the pots offered by the planters supplier frost-resistant?

Yes, the pots that are offered by planters suppliers here at Co-Arts Innovation are indeed frost-resistant. Generally, the affordable plastic planters that are offered here are frost and weather-resistant and are the perfect option if you’re looking to place planters outdoors.

Fiberglass and stone planters are also weather-resistant, and will not be damaged due to the changing weather. Although terracotta may end up cracking in the winter seasons due to repetitive expansion and contraction, glazed terracotta planters will be able to survive the cold and winter season.

Not every type of pot that is offered by the planters supplier will be able to fully resist frost, which is why you should always purchase planters based on the type of weather that frequently prevails in the area that you reside.

What’s the difference between a planter and a plant pot?

Most people make the mistake of thinking that a planter and a plant pot are the same things; however, there is a vast difference between the two.

The main thing that sets apart planters and plant pots is the fact that plant pots are comparatively smaller, round, and are generally only used for housing a singular plant.

Planters, on the other hand, are comparatively larger, are available in multiple shapes, and can house one plant or more if required. Plant pots are also commonly used indoors, whereas planters are generally used outdoors to change up the appearance of a home.

How can you maintain your outdoor garden planter?

To make sure that your outdoor planters fully serve the purpose of beautifying your home bringing life to it, it is important to regularly maintain them and make them look neat. Watering your planters frequently is a given, as this will allow your plants to retain moisture and appear greener and livelier.

Fertilizing your plants regularly will also boost the growth of the plants, and make them healthier. A healthier plant will naturally look more beautiful as compared to one that is deprived of water and nutrients.

To make sure that your plants look lush and green, any dead flowers, browning leaves, or leggy stems that can be found in your planter should be prized and removed. Taking out the colorless and damaged foliage from your planter will make it appear more colorful and attractive, and draw more positive attention towards itself.

Where can you place planters?

Given their versatility, planters can be placed anywhere around the house. If you’re looking to change up the overall look of your home, you can place planters all around the house, or at the entrance of your home.

This type of arrangement will work particularly well with sun-loving plants.

If you have plants in a planter that prefer shade, you can arrange them in a specific design or pattern under the tree. This will allow the plants to get the type of growing condition that they prefer, all while changing up the overall look of your home.

What should you do if you get a damaged pot from a planters supplier?

If you are in dire need of a new pot and end up receiving a damaged one from your planters supplier, there’s no need to worry. Over here at Co-Arts Innovation, we understand that mistakes can happen, and if the mistake is from our side, then we must fix it. All you have to do is simply bring back the damaged pot along with the receipt, and we will be able to replace your pot accordingly.

However, if you’re not willing to go through with all that, there are several DIY projects that you can carry out with a broken or damaged pot you may have received from your planters supplier. Plant pots that are damaged parts can be turned onto their sides to create a more interesting look around your house. In fact, this will add a sort of rustic aesthetic to your house, making it look more unique.

Broken pieces from pots can also be placed inside of other pots to be used as drainage. Yet another useful use of the pieces from broken plant pots is by making creative and interesting-looking mosaics to further beautify, and add depth to your home.

After buying a planter from a planters supplier, can you send it to someone as a gift?

If you know someone who has a green thumb or loves having plants around the house, then it is an excellent choice to send them a planter from the planters supplier as a gift. A very common fact amongst plant owners is that you can never have too many planters and pots. Pots and Planters tend to wear out due to weather conditions, and receiving a planter as a gift might just make your loved one’s day!

Make sure to wrap your planter carefully, and to have it transported securely and safely. This will ensure that the planter does not get damaged during transportation, especially if it’s made out of materials such as terracotta or concrete. Don’t forget to add a thoughtful note along with the gift, to remind your loved one that you were thinking of them while purchasing the planter.

Is it possible to get an environmentally-friendly planter from a planters supplier?

Given the fact that we live in an era of global warming, it’s important to find alternatives to plastic pots and go towards more eco-friendly planters.

Terracotta planters are a classic example of what it means to purchase environmentally-friendly planters from a planters supplier. These planters are porous, have drainage holes, and are perfect for all types of plants.

Concrete planters are generally made out of recycled materials, such as crushed stone. They’re also quite resistant to harsh weather conditions, such as frost.

It is possible to get such environmentally friendly planters from a planters supplier.

What are the advantages of buying Terracotta, and ceramic pots from a planters supplier?

Terracotta and ceramic pots have a few benefits, which is one of the reasons why they are such a popular purchase at a planters supplier. Terracotta pots are porous and allow for moisture and air to pass through. They also come with drainage holes, which is a necessity in plant pots.

Ceramic pots, though usually do not have drainage holes, are perfect for those types of plants whose roots prefer more moisture. Ceramic pots are also quite porous, though not as much as terracotta pots. Ceramic pots, however, are always glazed and have a beautiful outward appearance.

Why should you buy self-watering planters from a planters supplier?

Self-watering planters are life-changing, and an inventive way of gardening and taking care of your plants. There are multiple benefits when it comes to self-watering planters, which is why most plant owners end up purchasing them from planters suppliers.

  • They allow for minimal water wastage, utilizing any excess water as a way of watering themselves, making them the perfect type of planters to be used in the day and age of global warming.
  • Self-watering planters can be placed anywhere and everywhere, which allows for flexibility in the growth of plants.
  • The roots in these planters are constantly moisturized, tackling the problem of stunted root growth that is common amongst most plants.
  • In such planters, there is always a consistent supply of water available to the plants whenever they require it, tackling the problem of moisture fluctuations that most plants suffer from.

Can you purchase a planter from any planters supplier?

Yes, planters can be purchased from any planters supplier. Here at Co-Arts Innovation, we offer the finest quality planters to our customers at affordable prices.

The planters that are provided here by our planters supplier are stylish and unique, rejuvenating your home space and changing its overall look.

The planters here are available in multiple designs, shapes, and colors. The texture, color, and design of the planters can be customized by the customers as well, allowing them to select planters that match well with the overall theme of their house.

You may be able to purchase planters from any other ordinary planters supplier. But if you’re looking to purchase durable planters, of high quality, and can bring life to your home space, then you should check out the planters that are available here at Co-Arts Innovation.

How does a planter brighten up your garden or your home?

Most homeowners do not realize it, but planters are an excellent way of brightening up your home space and making it look more interesting and eye-catching.

Square planters that are provided by planters suppliers are an excellent way of giving a modern touch to your home space, making it look more stylish and chic.

In fact, planters with geometric designs are perfect for making your home space look more dynamic and appealing to the eye.

A simple arrangement of planters on the side of your house, or at the entrance to your front door is enough to brighten up the overall look of your home.

How long does a fiberglass planter last?

Fiberglass planters are durable, weather-resistant, low maintenance, and the perfect option for larger and bulkier plants.

As compared to planters made out of other materials such as plastic or terra cotta, fiberglass planters last for a much longer time period.

Made out of the same high-quality resources that are used to manufacture outdoor products such as boats and cars, fiberglass planters will outlive their competitor material planters, looking as good as new after every passing season. While other planters may end up cracking, breaking, or getting damaged after a while, fiberglass planters will firmly hold their ground for multiple years.

Instead, with proper care and maintenance, fiberglass planters can last for several years.

If you’re looking to purchase high-quality pots that can go years without replacement from your planters supplier, you should opt for fiberglass planters.

Their durability does have a price, but it is worth it in the long run.

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