Clay Pots

  • Modern Style
  • Material: Clay/Terracotta
  • Custom Colors, Shapes and Sizes
  • Should for Garden/Patio/Home
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Clay Pots CAFZ2962

Material: Clay


S: 10*10*9.5cm
M: 14*14*14cm
L: 18*18*17.8cm

Color: Tan

Application: Outdoor, Garden for Plants, Flowers


Material: Clay


S: 10*10*9.5cm
M: 13*13*12.5cm
L: 16*16*15.5cm

Color: Multi Color

Application: Outdoor, Garden for Plants, Flowers



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Clay Pots Supplier FAQs – A Complete Guide

People want to adorn their houses with a myriad of embellishments, especially clay pots.

If you’re a gardening enthusiast, clay pots are the best solution to provide a healthy environment for all of your plants.

As a result, there’s a large market out there that is getting its hands on clay pots.

Thus, if you want to grow your business in the garden, clay pots are a must-have product. But it can be pretty overwhelming when it comes to searching for the best clay pots supplier.

So, to help you in finding the best clay pots supplier out there, we’ve brought a complete FAQ guide. This guide will certainly help you in making the right decision.

Let’s just dive into it right away.

Clay Pots | Co-Arts

Co-Arts is one of the leading handicrafts companies that has been in the business for over 20 years. Since 2009, it has been providing high-quality products to its customers.

Co-Arts Innovation produces a wide range of products including clay pots. This manufacturing company has built a non-staggering reputation over the years, and it has excelled in everything it does.

The main reason why you should keep Co-Arts as your priority is that everything that this company manufactures is solely driven by what its customers want.

Therefore, the company’s prime focus is its customers.

Thus, if you’re searching for the best clay pots supplier, Co-Arts Innovation is a perfect choice.

More than 15 years’ OEM experience makes us professional. Furthermore, we have Alibaba Store: for over 13 years.

Our Clay Pots Have high-quality and we promise to fulfill orders on time. Strict Package and Fast Delivery are all our clients’ services.

Co-Arts can supply multidirectional service for our customers:

  • Professional Service: quite 20 years experience in ceramic; concentrate on color clay
  • Diversified Product: design 3000 new styles per annum, can find all you would like
  • Customized Design: a superb technique to satisfy customer’s demand; OEM & ODM are welcomed
  • Factory Direct: competitive price, low MOQ acceptance for trial order

Clay Pots Factory

Clay Pots Factory

What are clay pots?

Clay pots are usually small to large pots that are used to place a variety of plants and succulents inside or outside your homes.

These clay pots provide a healthy environment for your plants that keeps them fresh and firm. Clay pots generally come in different shapes and sizes.

Thus, giving you a variety of options to choose from.

Another pot is called terracotta pots, people always think they’re similar, but they have some differences.

The difference between clay and terra-cotta is that clay is that the staple, while terra-cotta is clay that’s already modeled and fired.

Typically, terra-cotta objects could also be made from any sort of organic clay, but earthenware clay has the brown-orange color that’s also referred to as terracotta.

Terracotta products are fired to low temperatures and end in a more porous and permeable surface.
clay pots with plants for garden

clay pots with plants for garden

Why are clay pots so special?

Firstly, if you’re a houseplant enthusiast, these clay pots provide a healthy environment for your plants. Clay pots are eco-friendly.

Thus, they not only take care of your plants but also of the environment.

Clay pots are much more adaptable to changes in weather. No matter which plant you’re using them for, they’re going to keep thriving in it. Water evaporates from these pots, so there will be no soil fungus or root damage to your plant.

Clay pots are much more durable than any other pot. Therefore, it is highly unlikely that your pots get tripped over by someone.

Clay pots are highly attractive, eye-catching, and they look lovely.

Which material is used to make clay pots?

To make clay pots, about 5 materials are typically used. These are:

  • Modeling clay, earthenware, and stoneware
  • Water and sponge
  • Pencil, toothpick, butter knife, and other tools for wood modeling
  • Wire clay cutter (this one is optional and it solely depends on how you manufacturer makes your clay pots)
  • A cutting board or any other building surface

Your clay pot manufacturer will make use of all the aforementioned materials to come up with a variety of clay pots.

How does Clay Pots Supplier manufacture clay pots?

There are a total of 11 steps through which your clay pots supplier makes up your well-furnished clay pots.

  • Preparing your clay pots starts with selecting the kind of clay that will be used to make clay pots.
  • The clay is then rolled and mixed to make it free from all kinds of air bubbles. This process is known as spiral wedging, and it also helps in making your clay consistent.
  • Then, some of the clay is thrown at the center of the wheel that keeps on rotating and your supplier makes the desired shape.
  • A string will then be used to cut out any extra sharpness or clay.
  • To perfectly trim your clay pots, it is essential that you let them dry, and this is what your supplier does in this step. The supplier places them on a leather board where they are dried.
  • Once they are dried, cover the pieces and store them for about 1-2 days.
  • If your supplier creates handicrafts products, he/she will then use his hands to trim the clay pots. This will give it a much more refined look.
  • They are stored again to dry out.
  • The supplier will place the dried clay pots in a bisque fire where they get hardened and durable.
  • Now, it’s time to glaze your clay pots. For glazing, a special kind of paint is used.
  • Once the clay pots are glazed, a final grinding is given to it. It helps to remove all kinds of sharp edges (if present).

The shape, size, and color of the clay pots will be according to your requirements and needs.

What is the price range of terracotta pots?

The price range of a simple terracotta pot is approximately $20 and it goes as high as $300.

The price of terracotta pots highly depends on the designs and patterns. If you go with the heavy design and intricate patterns, they will undoubtedly lighten up your pockets.

On the other hand, if you go with simpler ones, they will be affordable but they won’t be enough to attract a wide range of audience. Therefore, you will need different designs.

You can choose designs that are simple yet elegant and come at an affordable price.

Do Terracotta Pots Manufacturers provide durable and weather-resistant clay pots?

The durability of clay pots is the major concern of most businessmen. They can easily break if someone trips them over forcefully. But that’s very rare.

You want to protect your clay pots from harsh changes in the weather. To do this, the finest terracotta pot manufacturers use extra layers of clay to make them durable.

These extra layers protect them from the sun’s harsh rays in summer and the freezing cold winds in winter.

Furthermore, at the bottom of the pot, a drainage hole prevents water from getting stored into clay pots. This avoids various cracks from occurring in these pots.

In this way, terracotta pot manufacturers provide you with durable as well as weather-resistant clay pots.

How can you find the best Clay Pots Manufacturer?

There are myriads of clay pot manufacturers around you, but you need to extract out the best one for your business.

Searching for the most suitable manufacturer can be challenging, especially when there are hundreds of them present. But you can pen down what you want and then look for your clay pot manufacture.

You need to pay close attention to your supplier and figure out if he/she is capable of providing everything you ask them to.

Your supplier must be able to handle wholesale bulk projects. Your supplier must be able to customize the clay pots according to your requirements. Finally, your supplier must be able to deliver your goods on time.

These are some of the qualities that you must not neglect when looking for a supplier or a manufacturer.

How much time do Clay Pots Manufacturers take to deliver?

It depends on the number of products that you order. It will take about 7-15 days to give you a sample first. If that sample is up to your standards, it will take 15 days more to confirm your order.

A minimum of 200 products is generally ordered, which can take about 60-90 days in total. However, it solely depends on how big your order is. If your order contains 300 or more products, the delivery time will be set according to that.

Your location also plays a major role in how much time your order takes to get delivered. For example, if you live closer to your supplier, you will receive your order soon and vice versa.

But prepare your mind that it can take months before your order reaches your doorstep.

Can your Clay Pot Manufacturer supply all around the world?

Before you select your clay pot manufacturer or supplier, you need to check if he/she delivers worldwide.

Imagine you’re in the United States of America and your chosen clay pot supplier delivers only to Europe.

It can waste a lot of your precious time because then you will have to look for another clay pot supplier all over again.

Co-Arts Innovation is proud to have such a rich portfolio of customers that has spread around the entire world.

From Europe to North America, there’s no place where Co-Arts doesn’t deliver.

Do Clay Pots Suppliers manufacture clay pots in different sizes?

For indoor decoration and adornments, people usually prefer small-sized clay pots. On the other hand, for outdoor decoration, medium to large-sized clay pots are preferred.

Now, you need to figure out if your clay pots supplier provides the clay pots in all available sizes. Because if you select only one size, you will shrink your target audience to an alarming size.

Therefore, if you want to grow your clay pots business, you need to take care of all their needs, including the sizes of the clay pots.

It can also help in broadening your target audience. Thus, make sure that your clay pots supplier creates your clay pots in all available sizes.

Can clay pots be customized according to your specifications?

There is no doubt about the fact that you know your target audience better than your clay pot supplier. For example, you know what kind of designs it likes or what kind of colors it finds appealing.

Your clay pot manufacturer may or may not create such clay pots that fit in your requirements box.

If the answer is negative, you should be looking for that clay pot supplier who’s flexible enough to customize the product according to your needs.

Because if he/she doesn’t, it can create a lot of problems for you in the long run.

When it comes to Co-Arts Innovation, the true spirit of this business is to drive out those products that are customer-oriented. It places the needs of its customers above everything else.

All you have to do is provide them with your design or even the material. They will use 3D graphics to form a prototype of your product.

Once you give it a thumbs-up, they will start working on your sample and then on your bulk project.

Does your Clay Pot Supplier have all the information regarding your product?

Sometimes, the clients don’t send the complete information to their suppliers, and then the client faces devastating consequences.

Therefore, you need to double-check your documents or notes for your supplier before you send them off.

Make sure that you include everything there is to know about manufacturing, designing, packaging, shipment of your products. You can also provide your supplier with a 3D image of your clay pot specifying everything you want them to.

It will not only help in developing better communication with your supplier, but it will also make you realize how your product is going to look once it’s out.

So, you don’t receive anything you’re not supposed to.

How does your wholesale Clay Pots Manufacturer calculate the cost of your entire project?

Calculating the cost of the project is a very important part of the entire equation. It can either make your project or break it.

It’s imperative to calculate the project cost initially because this can help you analyze how much money you have to take out of your account.

If it’s much more than you expected, you can start looking for another clay pot manufacturer rather than dealing with him/her at the end of the project.

Now, you may be wondering if there is any clay pots supplier out there who can calculate your project cost before initiating the project.

Yes, there is, and it’s known as Co-Arts Innovation.

Co-Arts calculate your project cost in three steps.

  • Step 1: Calculate the pre-production costs

Pre-production costs include all those costs that are incurred during the creation of the prototype and then testing it.

  • Step 2: Calculate the production costs

Production costs include all those costs that incur during the creation, designing and packaging of the product. It includes the cargo fees as well. Moreover, while creating your product, some of the product material may get lost. Therefore, this step also includes the cost of this loss.

  • Step 3: Calculate the post-production costs

Post-production costs include all the costs incurred during the shipment, storage, and marketing of your product. During its shipment, some products may get lost or even stolen. This step also includes the cost of these lost or stolen items.

Will your budget allow you to hire your Clay Pots Supplier?

Every clay pot supplier has a different price, and the best one will be slightly higher than the others because it is providing superior service and quality.

But this can be considered as a one-time investment. So what you’re giving right now, you’re certainly going to receive much more in the future.

One thing that you must keep in mind is that you can compromise on your money, e.g., you can add a couple of bucks to it. But you can never compromise on the quality of the products.

The quality of your products is going to drive your business on the route to success. So, make sure you get high-quality products, whatever the price may be.

How does your Clay Pots Supplier design your clay pots?

If you want to make a good first impression, your designs must be top-notch. Your target audience is going to see what’s on the outside. Once they like it, then they’ll proceed on to reading what’s on the inside.

That is why designs are one of the fundamental things, and you must pay close attention to them.

If we take a look at the designing technique of Co-Arts Innovation, it is certainly matchless. They will provide a basic photograph of one of their own clay pots.

If you want to customize it, you can contact Co-Arts designers and detail out your requirements and specifications.

That basic photograph will then be put into 3D graphic designing, where your design will come to life. After this, you will receive a prototype for further approval.

If designing is done in the right way, it will certainly be enough to attract hordes of people. A perfect blend of colors, graphics, and patterns can do wonders.

How does your Clay Pots Supplier design your package?

Packaging also plays a crucial role in making your products attractive apart from their design.

In addition to the product’s aesthetic appeal, good packaging also protects your products from any kind of damage.

Therefore, you need to ascertain the strategies of your supplier regarding its packaging.

Co-Arts Innovation gives undue attention to the packaging of your projects. For example, talking about clay pots, they must be handled delicately because one shock can break them all up.

Similarly, if the packaging isn’t appealing to your audience, people will overlook your clay pots.

Co-Arts places the logo of your company along with a brief yet catching description on your product package that will certainly stop a lot of onlookers on their tracks.

This manufacturing company uses durable packaging to keep your contents safe. Plus, it designs the package in such a way that it becomes a soothing sight for a sore eye.

And Co-Arts can accept the customer’s package requirement.

Can your Clay Pots Supplier handle the complexity of your project?

Only experts are able to deliver your products in bulk. They know how essential it is to make each product of the finest quality and how important it is to have your products on time.

Moreover, we all know the intricacy of clay pots and how complex they can be. Therefore, you need to choose wisely.

There’s no place for mistakes. Only highly experienced suppliers can do that. To find that gem, you can look at his/her history and dealings with the other clients.

If that clay pots supplier has positive feedback, it’s a green signal for you.

Does your Clay Pot Manufacturer respond to you promptly?

If you’re hiring a clay pots manufacturer or a supplier to provide you with your goods, you always want to make sure what’s happening.

Your heartbeat jolts up if your clay pots manufacturer doesn’t answer your call.

Therefore, you need to find a clay pots supplier that promptly responds to all your queries, irrespective of the time.

Co-Arts Innovation understands this. That is why it has highly-trained and professional support staff that is always ready to be at your service.

Co-Arts is of the vision that it wants to form long-term relationships and collaboration with its clients. So, there is no room for bad customer service.

The support team of Co-Arts is available 24/7 on all media channels. No matter where you contact them, they will respond instantly.

What services can Co-Arts provide you?

Co-Arts Innovation receives a lot of praise due to its premium quality and service but what are some other reasons behind its marvelous reputation. Let’s see what Co-Arts has to offer you.

  • Co-Arts has been serving since 2009. So, it has an unparalleled amount of experience in making handicraft products.
  • It delivers from China to all around the world without any exceptions.
  • It provides a first-class service to all of its clients.
  • Its manufacturing team never compromises on the quality of the products.
  • Its values are to provide customer-oriented products.
  • The designing and manufacturing of Co-Arts Innovation are what you need if you need a perfect product.
  • It has a variety of clay pots for you to choose from.
  • The support staff of Co-Arts provides the best user experience.

That’s all, folks. We hope this guide answers everything you need to know. So keep a checklist with you and tick everything you’ve done. It will help you decide better.

We’re sure that after reading this guide, you will certainly get the finest Clay Pot Supplier.

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