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Concrete Planter – The FAQ Guide

Everybody wants to design their home with magnificent indoor and outdoor endearments and decorations, and concrete planters are one of them.

Plus, if you are a gardening enthusiast, it just adds a cherry on the top.

So, where can you find the best and durable concrete planters?

Indeed, the internet is full of concrete planter manufacturers who claim to offer the best concrete planters. So, should you believe all of them? Do they actually deliver what they say?

To get rid of all these questions, we have brought this concrete planters manufacturer FAQs guide that will answer all your queries regarding concrete planter manufacturers.

To give you a heads up, the best concrete planter manufacturers out there are, undoubtedly, Co-Arts Innovation. Why? Proceed below to know.

Let’s know more about Co-Arts Concrete Planter

1.Concrete Planter | Co-Arts

Co-Arts Innovation is a professional concrete planter manufacturers and supplier in China, we supply large and medium concrete planters for our clients and accept the customized design.

2.What are concrete planters?

Concrete planters are one of the many vessels that can be used to grow your favorite plants.

They look extremely incredible once they’ve matured a bit.

They come in different sizes and shapes. You can grow from small herbs to small trees in these concrete planters depending upon their size.

However, concrete planters are quite heavy to move around because they need to hold up the weight of the plants inside them.

Therefore, you need to place these planters in that area from where you don’t plan to move them anytime soon.

But apart from weight, concrete planters are highly durable, quite long-lasting, and add to the beauty of your home.

3.What are the benefits of concrete planters?

If you love gardening, concrete planters are a must-have. Let’s take a look at some of the benefits of concrete planters.

  • As the name indicates, the concrete planters are made of concrete which is a highly durable material so concrete planters are long-lasting.
  • They tend to survive for a long period of time and that is why they are eco-friendly.
  • All your plants remain safe in these concrete vessels.
  • They provide large enough room to support a small tree.
  • They provide ideal insulation for your plants to grow and thrive.
  • They can withstand temperature changes.
  • They are aesthetically pleasing.

4.From where can you buy the best concrete planters?

There are myriads of concrete planter manufacturers out there claiming to be the best ones. But don’t get into their trap.

If you want to invest your time and money in the finest concrete planter manufacturers, you must check Co-Arts Innovation.

Co-Arts Innovation provides you with the highest quality concrete planters that are both long-lasting as well as stylish.

You can choose any concrete planter manufacturers to provide you with your goods, but the way Co-Arts bring life to your home space is certainly matchless.

5.How do your concrete planter manufacturers come up with your concrete planters?

Co-Arts Innovation does everything to bring your product to life. We not only make eye-catching products but our products will also go a long way.

When it comes to concrete planters, they are very easy to create. Co-Arts uses the following materials:

  • Plastic containers or any other containers (to make molds)
  • Foam brush
  • Cooking oil
  • Fine concrete
  • Concrete drill bit
  • Trowel
  • Drill

Now, to prepare the concrete planters, we first add cooking oil to the containers so that the concrete won’t stick to them.

Our well-trained team then mixes the batter thoroughly and adds it to the containers. A smaller mold is then fixed into the other to give the required shape.

Once the concrete is hard, the workers tap onto it to remove any bubbles. Then they are carried out for further polishing and smoothing of the surface.

These concrete planters are then placed in the store for nearly 24 hours to dry. Once they are dried, they are further smoothed out to trim down sharp edges or uneven surfaces.

This is how you get the finest concrete planters from the best concrete planter manufacturers.

Concrete Planter

6.What are some creative ideas to use concrete planters?

Since they are heavy to move around, concrete planters can only be used for planting purposes, but that doesn’t mean you can’t get creative with them.

You can not only use them for outdoor decoration, but you can also take them inside.

A smaller concrete planter in a tea-cup shape can be placed in the kitchen or the dining table to add to the aesthetic appeal.

If you spend long hours on your study table, you can get a desktop-shaped concrete planter to liven up things a little. A plus point, you can get free space to place your pens or ballpoints.

Another way to get creative with the planters is to get hanging concrete planters in the shape of a cone or a rectangle that you can hang in the lobby or any other place you find suitable.

Such a dazzling array of colors can make everything seem more exciting and interesting.

7.Do your concrete planter manufacturers offer weather-resistant concrete planters?

Concrete planters are made of concrete which is a material used to construct buildings and houses. It can withstand any kind of temperature change.

From strong winds blowing to the sun heating up the earth to snow-capped temperatures, concrete planters keep your plants safe.

Co-Arts Innovation is the kind of concrete planter manufacturer that adds an extra layer of fiber clay to make your concrete planters much more durable and weather-resistant.

8.Do concrete planters keep your plants and succulents safe?

Since concrete planter manufacturers use concrete to make concrete planters, the safety of the plants becomes one of the biggest concerns of the buyers.

You may think that since concrete contains lime, it may increase the alkalinity of the soil and destroy your plants, but this is not the case.

Concrete planters manufacturers make your planters safe by taking them through an entire leaching process that extracts out all the alkalinity present in the planters.

If you’re still concerned about your plants, you can soak the concrete planters in water for about 2-3 hours to dig out all the lime.

9.Can your concrete planter manufacturers create eco-friendly concrete planters?

Concrete planter manufacturers utilize strong building materials to make concrete planters.

This material is also used to make a variety of eco-friendly homes.

So, yes, concrete planter manufacturers do make eco-friendly concrete planters.

Unlike wood, the manufacturers don’t have to cut down trees to make these planters.

Concrete can be easily made using some of the waste byproducts, so it’s an entirely eco-friendly process.

10.Do concrete planter manufacturers install a drainage hole in your concrete planters?

Drainage holes are very important when it comes to pots and planters. So, you must find those concrete planter manufacturers that put a drainage hole in your concrete planters.

Your plants can wither if there is too much water or too many fertilizers in the soil. That is why drainage holes are installed to remove this excess water and salt from fertilizers.

Plus, it helps to circulate air through your concrete planters so your plants can breathe the fresh air and suck up water according to their needs.

11.What are the benefits of buying concrete planters from concrete planter manufacturers?

You can make your own concrete planters, but it is better if you find concrete planter manufacturers to supply your goods.

There are a lot of benefits of buying concrete planters from concrete planter manufacturers such as:

  • You can save a lot of time and hard work
  • Concrete planter manufacturers can provide a lot of shapes and sizes
  • They can also deliver your goods to the doorstep
  • They are highly affordable
  • They can provide highly classy and trendy concrete planters to liven up your home space
  • They can make your concrete planters highly durable and safe to use
  • They can also make customized planters depending upon your preferences

12.Will Co-Arts be able to provide what you’re looking for?

When you plan on buying some concrete planters, you look for three things – high-quality, durability, and modish designs.

Co-Arts Innovation has over 20 years of experience in making high-quality pots and planters. That is why we have been able to build such strong relationships with our customers.

We provide unique designs that can rejuvenate your homes and make them more attractive and eye-catching.

You don’t have to worry about the durability of the concrete planters because these concrete planter manufacturers use the finest materials to make your concrete planters.

So, yes, Co-Arts will be able to provide everything you ask for.

13.How Co-Arts design your concrete planters?

Concrete Planters in Different Designs

Concrete Planters in Different Designs

Co-Arts has won the hearts of millions of people because all our products are customer-oriented, including the concrete planters.

Now, talking about the design of the concrete planters, Co-Arts wants to create what you want. Therefore, we will provide you with our e-commerce photos of the product first.

If they’re good, we’ll start working on the planters right away. If not, you can give the customization details to our 3D design team.

Our skilled R&D team will show you the final product image when it’s ready, and if it’s up to your mark, we’ll start working on it.

14.Does Co-Arts Innovation offer customization of your concrete planters?

Before you select concrete planter manufacturers to provide you with your concrete planters, make sure that they offer customization of their products.

You need to probe a lot into the planters before you buy them. Are they the right size? Do they go with the theme of your house? Is the shape eye-catching? Everything needs to be detailed out.

In such circumstances, if you don’t get those concrete planter manufacturers that can customize your product, you can get those products that simply don’t blend in your home space.

In this regard, Co-Arts Innovation can be your ultimate choice because this company offers vast customization of your concrete planters.

From color to shape to size, you name it, and we’ll do it accordingly.

15.Do your concrete planter manufacturers deliver all around the world?

It is essential to know if your concrete planter manufacturers deliver all around the globe.

Imagine you fall in love with a concrete planter, but those concrete planter manufacturers don’t deliver nationwide. Heartbreaking.

Here, Co-Arts Innovation comes to your rescue because this company offers nationwide delivery, from Europe to North America.

It is our rich customer portfolio that makes us want to stretch across several continents. So, no matter where you are on the world map, Co-Arts Innovation will deliver.

16.How do your concrete planter manufacturers ship your concrete planters?

As concrete planters are heavy to move from one place to another, they can’t be shipped through the air.

So, concrete planter manufacturers usually ship them by sea or by road. It depends on how far you live.

They are first packed into their respective packages and then loaded onto the containers. Then, they are dispatched for delivery.

If your order is small, it will take about 2-4 days to deliver. If you’re ordering a truckload of them, it can take about 60-90 days per se.

17.Do your concrete planter manufacturers create durable concrete pots?

If you’re buying concrete planters, you must keep durability at the top of the list.

Co-Arts Innovation wants to create long-term relationships with its customers, and that is why they don’t compromise on the quality of the products.

These concrete planter manufacturers use the most durable materials to make your concrete planters.

To enhance the durability of the products, they further add fiber clay to your concrete planters.

So, yes, Co-Arts Innovation is a company that does provide durable concrete pots.

18.Can your concrete planter manufacturers handle a bulk project?

If you’re planning to start your business of concrete planters or if you’re just a gardening enthusiast, you may need hundreds of concrete planters.

So, you need to find those concrete planter manufacturers that can handle a bulk and complex project very well and the one who doesn’t back out at the last minute.

Co-Arts Innovation has been in the business of making handicraft products for over 20 years and in this period, it has handled a boatload of complex projects, and not one customer came back with a complaint.

No matter how big an order we get, we always deliver on time and we never compromise on the quality of your products.

So, if you want someone to handle a bulk project, you must choose Co-Arts Innovation.

19.Does your concrete planter manufacturer calculate the entire project cost?

Your concrete planter manufacturers must calculate the cost of the entire project before giving it a go.

This can give you a general idea if you can handle its cost or not.

At Co-Arts Innovation, we calculate the cost of the entire project in three stages.

  • Preproduction costs:

This stage includes the costs of designing the prototype, purchasing the respected mold for your concrete planters, and testing them.

  • Production costs:

This stage includes the costs incurred during the manufacturing of the entire product. It also includes inner and outer packaging and cargo fees.

This stage also includes the cost of that product that may get lost or wasted during the production.

  • Post-production costs:

This stage includes the costs of shipping the product, its storage, and marketing. This stage also includes the cost of that product loss that may occur during the process of shipment.

If your concrete planter manufacturers don’t calculate the costs thoroughly, there is a big chance that you may exceed your budget, which can get troublesome.

So, make sure that your concrete planter manufacturers calculate the cost of your project beforehand.

20.What is the inspection process of your concrete planter manufacturers?

If you want to get rid of all your worries, you need to ask your concrete planter manufacturers if they take your products through an inspection process.

The inspection process is very important because it guarantees the good quality of the products.

Talking about Co-Arts Innovation, this company adheres to international trading for all of its orders. We have a full team of inspectors that inspect the product at each stage of the production and shipment.

Co-Arts inspect your product in six different phases which are:

  • Preproduction check

It occurs to inspect the raw materials used to make the product.

  • Initial production check

It occurs to check the production of the product after 10% of the raw materials are consumed. This phase is necessary before you go into mass production.

  • During production check

This check occurs when about 80% of the raw materials are consumed to make sure everything is going according to your specifications.

  • Pre-shipment inspection

It occurs when the products are ready to be shipped to check if the products meet all the quality specifications and whether they can be shipped without facing any kind of delay.

  • Production monitoring inspection

This phase includes the overall inspection of your products.

The inspectors of Co-Arts Innovation gather the insights of the entire production process from collecting raw materials to final furnished products.

  • Container loading supervision

This phase includes the supervision of your products when they get loaded into the containers.

The inspectors make sure that the cartons are in good condition and the correct quantity is getting loaded onto the containers.

Such in-depth inspection guarantees that we’ll provide the highest quality and extremely durable concrete planters.

21.Does the support team of your concrete planter manufacturers cooperates with you?

When you order something online, you want to make sure that everything is going alright and you’ll get your order soon.

This is where the support team of your concrete planter manufacturers jumps in which must cooperate with you anytime, anywhere.

The support team that doesn’t cooperate with you can only add to your worries, and if you have a habit of overthinking, it may lead to some sleepless nights.

However, the support team of Co-Arts Innovation remains 24/7 available for its customers because we know how much you love and anticipate your products.

We are available on each social media platform so you can reach us easily. We’ll be ready to help you at any godly hour.

22.Are Co-Arts’ concrete planters worth buying?

If you’re the one who likes to decorate the house to make it lively and more appealing, concrete planters are for you.

Concrete planters can give your home space a nicer and more stylish touch. You can also get creative with concrete planters and use them outdoors or indoors, whichever way you like.

Talking about durability, concrete is a highly durable material, and it doesn’t rot or brittle with time.

If you have kids or pets in your home, don’t worry, they can’t knock these planters down and potentially break them because they are quite heavy.

So, if you want to consume that extra space in your homes in the best possible way and make it eye-catching, concrete planters are undoubtedly worth buying.

23.Why should Co-Arts Innovation be your ultimate concrete planter manufacturer?

You can find numerous concrete planters manufacturers online but not any one of them will possess the experience and expertise that Co-Arts Innovation has.

There are a large number of reasons why you should choose Co-Arts Innovation as your concrete planter companion and these are:

  • They have been making pots and planters for over 20 years, so this kind of experience speaks for itself.
  • Their services are sprawled across all the continents, and they can deliver from China to all over the world.
  • They offer myriads of services to all of its customers, which you can’t find anywhere else.
  • Our professional and skilled team works day and night to deliver what you need, from designing your product to shipping it.
  • The values of this company have enabled it to create such a rich portfolio that fulfills the needs of its customers.
  • They make highly durable and modern concrete planters.
  • The support team of this company is always available to get rid of your queries.

We hope this guide is helpful for you. We’re certain that once you finish this guide, you will choose your concrete planter manufacturers.

If Co-Arts Innovation is your choice, feel free to explore our website and contact us if you have any questions in mind.

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