Top 10 Fire Pit Suppliers Near Me
Top 10 Fire Pit Suppliers Near Me

The most awaited season of the year has arrived and to make it much better you must invest in high quality, durable fire pit either to make you stay warm or to have a memorable, cosy quality time with your loved ones sitting around the fire pit.

A fire pit enhances the beauty of your outdoor space and makes the area look elegant and warm, perfect for cold atmospheres. What else do you require when you are having a cup of coffee and along with your favourite book in hand, a fire pit indeed!

The Below Content will tell you top 10 fire pit suppliers near me, and you will find your favorite.

To determine what kind of fire pit you want, you have to consider a few factors before buying it. First of all, choose a big name for buying your desire fire pit.

Co-Arts is one of the well reputed supplier.At Co-Arts there are numerous types of fire pits, including firepit below the ground and the other above ground.

Above ground fire pits are portable and smaller in size as compared to in-ground fire pits which are bigger but require some DIY work to build. Another factor is whether your fire pit is fueled by wood or propane.

Propane-fueled fire pits let you have control over the intensity of the flame and are easier to clean while firepits that require wood to light up need manual clean up and you need to bring wood to use it.

Reputed supplier like Xiamen Co-Arts Limited keep eye on versitile factors like the size and weight of the fire pit that is conveniently design for you to determine yourself by looking through many options available.

We have listed below the names and details of the most renowned and popular top fire pit manufacturers that you can consider before buying one. Below are 10 best fire pit suppliers near me.

1.Co-Arts Innovation

Co Arts Innovation 2

Co-Arts Innovation is a Chinese-based company that was founded in 2009. They are manufacturers of products used in home décor. They deal in product materials that include ceramic, metal, plastic, glass and polyresin. They have a diverse range of workforce that enables them to produce products that are innovative, unique and beautifully designed.

Xiamen Co-Arts Limited is also a professional fire pit manufacturing company where their workers have considerable knowledge about designing the features of fire pits skillfully. They have explained very well how they make their fire pits. The automated machines at Co-Arts are used to produce the gas system of the fire pits. To ensure that gas does not leak from the pipelines, they have a mechanized welding system to seal it. After all the fire pit kits have been manufactured, the well-trained workers at Co-Arts assemble all of them and thoroughly examine each detail. The kits are then brought into shapes by moulding and grouting. To improve the appearance of rough shapes, they are polished and repaired to meet the product quality standards. Finally, the fire pits are spray painted to prevent any scratches which increase their durability and are packed carefully by the workers to be delivered to the customers safely.

Co-Arts fire pits can be used in commercial areas such as restaurants, supermarkets, hotels etc.



Paloform is another company which was founded to manufacture high-quality and well-designed products to beautify the area we are inhabited in. After 20 years of experimentation and hard work, they can produce hand-crafted fire pits for outdoor spaces, fireplace mantels and tiles.

Paloform has manufactured multiple kinds of fire pits such as concrete fires, linear fires and Corten fires. Miso, Bento and Soba are concrete fire bowls that have different features. Bol and Caldera are available as wood-burning fire pits as well as in natural or propane gas. They also make fire tables in two shapes, one is a 6-foot rectangle and the second is a 4-foot square.

At Paloform, all the products are a result of extremely hard work and dedication. They believe in using local materials and producing local products.

3.Fire Pits Direct

Firepits Direct

At Fire Pits Direct, the skilful workforce manufacture fire pits that cover all the needs of the customers. They make individual components of fire pits such as burner rings, pans etc as well as a complete kit that people can easily purchase. Their fire pits can make your backyard look gorgeous in winters. Fire Pits Direct lets their customers design their fire pit whether they want big in size or small, sophisticated or simple.

Fire Pits Direct promises to provide its customers with the best customer service by helping you before, during and after the purchase has been done. They also offer a 30-day return policy to their customers.



Breeo is a company based in Lancaster County, Pennsylvania, USA. At Breeo, their management and workers believe in improving their products continuously by giving the right duty to the right person and providing their customers with the most innovative and best wood burning fire pits in the world. They supervise throughout the manufacturing of the fire pits, from beginning till they have been shipped to their customers.  The employees at Breeo come from different backgrounds and ethics which they also include during the manufacturing that is why the management holds their employees in high regard.

Breeo is famously known to produce high-quality smokeless fire pits so that their customers can enjoy their warm, cosy moments without any smoke around disturbing them. The customers can now relish the aroma of real, wood-burning without being hindered by the nasty smoke.

5.Solo Stove

Solo Stove

Solo Stove designs simple and creative products so that their customers have a great experience by purchasing and using them. They make fire pits, grills and camp stoves, gear kits, stove accessories including the individual accessories of the fire pit as well.

Solo Stove aims to have a good relationship with its customers by providing them with the best customer service. They offer free shipping if you purchase anything worth $75 or more in the US. The orders arrive at the given time so the customers do not need to wait extra for them. The best part is that if the customer is not satisfied with the purchase then Solo Stove gives them a chance to return it as well!

6.Tiki Brand

tiki brand

TiKi is another US-based brand producing high-quality fire pits for more than 60 years. They are consistently manufacturing innovative and stylish products to beautify the yards and patio of their customers.

Tiki Brand wants the best for its customers and also strives to offer top customer services. All of the products sold to the customers are 100% satisfaction guaranteed. If the customer is not fully satisfied with the product then he has 30 days for a return or refund. They also have their own customer’s support helpline as well on which you can call for any query. Brands like these that make such customer policies are very appreciated by the buyers.

There are different types of fire pits manufactured by Tiki Brand at various prices that will make your patio or backyard look elegant on winter days. Amazingly, they not only produce the best fire pits but also make parts and accessories such as fire pit poker to intensify the fire, and much more.



Terraflame was made in 2015, inspired to make fire products designed especially for your home and outdoor spaces. The increasing collection of products of TerraFlame includes Fire Bowls for soft patio lighting, fire circle gatherings.

Terraflame gives a 100% satisfaction guarantee of their products to their customers. If the customer is not satisfied with their product then they can return it within 30 days for a complete refund.  All orders are shipped within 1-3 business days which means considerably quick delivery. The orders face a delay only during the season when products are being sold quickly.

The exciting factor of TerraFlame is that all of its products are fueled by gel fuel canisters. Gel fuel is one of the cleanest burning fire fuels available that is non-toxic and secure to burn whether indoors or outdoors. It is very simple to light or extinguish and to keep your fire burning you can add more gel fuel canisters. Its benefits are that it is smoke-free which means it will not spread air pollution, and each canister burns up to 3 hours. Workers and management of TerraFlame are very passionate about their designs. They also sell fire bowls, torches, fireplaces and accessories that include rechargeable USB lighters, snuffer tools etc. All the products are available at different prices and are displayed on the website as well.

8.Outland Living


Outland living is another company based in the US founded in 2010 by two accomplished business partners. Since then, they have been manufacturing reliable and high-quality campfire products made under high supervision. They believe in making a strong bond with their customers that is why their products undergo many testing procedures so that quality is not questioned.

They design unique and sleek fire pits for their customers. They are popular for making Outland Firebowl in 2012 and many models of propane fire pits.  The fire pits are made of various sizes and weights, used for different purposes. Other than fire pits they produce fire tables, stoves, glass rocks, décor related to gardening, and torches. They also sell accessories of a fire pit, fire table and torch such as carry bag, propane tank cosy, tank tonga torch etc.

Outland gives a warranty of their products for one year if it becomes subject to any technical defects and cosmetic changes. Order can also be returned or be refunded after 30 days of purchase if the customer was not satisfied.

All products are displayed on the website and can be bought through it as well.

9.BioLite Energy

BioLite Energy

BioLite is on a mission to manufacture revolutionary products that can change the way we cook, charge and light our lives.  The owners of BioLite aim to produce sustainable products and to help people in need, in a result of this aim, BioLite CampStove was manufactured which is a smokeless stove and can also charge devices while burning. They also sell accessories of the stove such as portable grill, kettle pot, BioFuel pellets etc. Along with this they also make a FirePit Cooking kit which is very beneficial for people who go camping.

BioLite only offers returns and refunds and does not exchange products. The product can be returned/refunded after 30 days of being delivered. They also offer a 1-year warranty on their products.


Since KingSo was established in 2015, it has been providing high-quality household products to its customers. Their objective is to design products that are reasonable and can make your life easier and more comfortable.

KingSo is changing the way that people shop for their household products. Due to high support from all around the world, KingSo has become one of the top bestsellers of storage organizers, and other household products on Amazon and their products are also available in countries like the USA, Germany, France, Spain etc and customers can also purchase from their website directly.

KingSo offers a return/refund policy of 30 days after the product has been delivered while people can contact them 24/7 through their website.

They manufacture extremely well-designed fire pits used for outdoor spaces at different prices ranging from high to low.


The time has come to invest in the most durable and high-quality fire pit and above we have provided you with the top best manufacturers of fire pits near you. Co-Art is one of the fire pit makers that are reliable and every product is made with the finest materials so that the users do not need to spend money again next winter.

Suppliers like Co-Arts must remind you to not forget to read the safety instructions that come with the fire pits as these products are sometimes dangerous to use, especially fire pits that need wood to burn. Along with this read all the ways to set up the whole fire so that you do not miss out on any essential steps.

We hope that this article was a huge help to you and the fire pit that you buy becomes the source of a lot of happy memories for you and your family!

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