Top 10 Terrariums 2020

Terrariums are gradually becoming a must-have in most homes, for a variety of reasons.

Terrariums are also attractive and can serve a wide range of purposes, one of the factors behind their astronomical popularity.

However, because of the avalanche of terrariums in the market, choosing the most appropriate for your home may be difficult.

This article gives you a list of the top 10 terrariums you should consider adding to your home.

These terrariums are available in different sizes, shapes, and specifications. Check the list out:

1.NCYP Geometric Terrarium


Credit: Nymag

This is an elegant geometric terrarium that is made of sodium calcium, giving it the ultra-clear appearance.

Measuring some 6.89 * 6.89 * 5.9 inches in size, the terrarium will be a great addition to your home.

The versatile and simple terrarium with its globe shape can also be used to make a fashion can serve a wide range of purposes at home.

It can be used as a holder for plants or other objects in addition to being an excellent and stylish centerpiece.

As a display, the brass glass geometric terrarium can be used at parties, weddings, home balcony décor, or for holidays.

As a copper decoration, it can be used to decorate the kitchen, living room, coffee shop, bedroom, or hotel.

You can also use it as a holder for small plants, succulents, airplants, cactus, and a host of decorative objects.

The multi-purpose and attractive brass glass geometric terrarium is not only attractive and multi-purpose, it is affordable too.

2.Canopy Closed Garden Terrarium

garden terrarium with plants

Credit: Gardenillustrated

This is a special terrarium from LSA International, a reputable name in the terrarium industry.

100 clear and handmade recycled glass are used to make the special terrarium, giving it its crystal clear appearance.

The garden terrarium is available in small and large sizes and the former measures 16.5cm and 24 cm in height.

On the other hand, the large size measures 22 cm and 31 cm in height and width.

The terrarium comes with a cord lid while it is packaged in a box made of recyclable material.

The terrarium is pretty easy to clean and maintain, ensuring its longevity and general appeal as a domestic decor.

Wash it in warm, soapy water and use a soft cloth to dry it to keep it as clean as possible regardless of the years of use.

More so, the recyclable organic material makes it an environment-friendly terrarium, another benefit of using the terrarium.

3.NYCP Open Geometric Terrarium Box

Open Geometric Terrarium Box


Credit: Countryliving

The open geometric terrarium is another masterpiece from one of the leading names in the industry, NYCP.

The terrarium is a product of ultra-clear sodium calcium glass and a copper frame whose durability is second to none.

Weighing 1.32 pounds, it measures 7.87 inches * 7.87 inches * 7.87 inches, making it a portable item for domestic use.

This model combines elegance with efficiency, two attributes that make it an excellent addition to every home.

If you wish to showcase some votive tealights or candles, you can count on this art-piece to be the ideal for such purpose.

Not extraordinarily large, the terrarium is ideal for airplants, succulents, fern, cactic, moss, and a variety of other plants that require easy maintenance.

You can open the terrarium from the side to give you easy access to it when you wish to put your plant inside it.

In addition to being ideal for creating an attractive visual interest at home, it will also make a good gift.

4.Mkono Glass Terrarium Planters

Glass Terrarium Planters

Credit: Pinterest

If you want a terrarium that is ideal for both office and home decoration, Mkono glass terrarium is it.

The portable terrarium is teardrop-shaped and measures 7.5 inches in height,3.5 inches in width, and 1.75 inches, opening diameter.

This is a durable terrarium, thanks to its high silicon heat resistant glass, a factor that contributes to its durability.

It comes with a flat bottom that makes it ideal for a tabletop to beautify your home with some flowers or plants.

The top loop is designed to make hanging with rope easier.

Thus, you can choose an appropriate location: hang it or place it on your table for the desired effect.

It can also be used for decoration during parties, festivals, wedding, and other important occasions.

You can create a warm and romantic atmosphere at home or elsewhere than by decorating the place with this attractive terrarium.

If you want a terrarium that can add beauty and elegance to your, consider this model.

5.Sungrow 3 Hanging Glass Terrariums

Hanging Glass Terrariums

Credit: Dodomy

The three glass globes from the stable of SunGrow are designed to turn your garden or home into a beauty to behold.

These glasses are also heat-resilient, an important factor when they are used in the open where they are exposed to the sun.

It also doesn’t matter if you live in a scorching environment; the sturdy terrariums are designed to withstand the extreme temperature.

With your favourite plant in them, you can hang the orbs in your bedroom, kitchen, or living room to decorate them.

They are not maintenance-intensive, thanks to their greenhouse effects, in addition to their ease of use.

If you are considering giving a friend or a relative a good gift, it is commendable to include this pair of terrariums.

With the terrariums, they can create a DIY garden of their choice to beautify their homes with attractive plants.

The affordable terrariums weigh 6.4 ounces and measure 12.28 inches * 4.65 inches * 4.09 inches each.

6.Ferrisland Glass Terrarium Tabletop

Glass Terrarium Tabletop


This is a geometric terrarium that is ideal as a centerpiece in your living room or bedroom.

If you wish to raise fern, moss, insects, or reptiles, you have one of the best terrariums to raise any of these things with ease.

The attractive terrarium offers you a simple means of adding a visual effect to your home, thanks to its appealing looks.

You can also present the awesome geometric terrarium tabletop as a gift to your colleague, family, or friend.

With this terrarium, you can create your fairy story or a dreamy world, depending on your creativity.

It is not bulky  but measures  just 9.3 inches in length, 7.5 inches in height, and 5.3 inches in width.

When you desire to create a fashion atmosphere at home, consider using this geometric tabletop terrarium to achieve that goal.

While it is an excellent terrarium for holding decorative objects, putting it on your windowsills or shelves will give your home a modern look.

It will also serve as an excellent display box for parties, weddings, offices, holidays, and other festivities you think of.

7.Oriminal Pack of 6 Glass Planters

Oriminal Pack of 6 Glass Planters

Credit: Pinterest

Rather than scatter your plants at home, pack them in the Oriminal pack of 6 glass planters.

The pack comes with six glasses of hinging planters and the same number of nails to nail it to the wall.

Each glass plant pot is 4.7 inches in diameter and weighs 1.6 pounds.

The lightweight glass planter is 16.6 inches * 9.9 inches * 5.8 inches in measurement.

Hanging the planter isn’t tricky. It comes with a hole at the back for that purpose.

Use the accompanying white nail to hang the planter without harm to both the glass pot and the wall.

You can use the hanging platter for water plants, air plants, and other relevant items.

It is also perfect for tabletop plants, thanks to its flat back that makes placing it on tabletops easy.

For decorations, the terrarium is great for wedding decorations, birthdays, favour parties, housewarming, and a host of others.

What is more, you are guaranteed 30-day money-back guarantee for the item.

This is an assurance that you can return the item if you are not satisfied with it within the stipulated day.

8.Exo-Terra Natural Terrarium

xo-Terra Natural Terrarium

Credit: Petsathome

This natural glass terrarium is a perfect terrarium for raising amphibians and reptiles.

It is specially designed to serve that purpose, its raised bottom frame is proof of that uniquedesign.

The bottom is also waterproof, preventing water from damaging the awesome glass terrarium.

With a raised bottom glass panel, mounting a heat cable or a substrate heater is easier.

Thus, you won’t have issues with heating accessory problems that are common to some other type of aquarium-like terrariums.

You don’t have to bother about your amphibian or reptile pet’s possibility of escaping.

The terrarium is designed with escape-proof door locks, a design that guarantees its absolute security.

The dual front door natural glass terrarium can easily be opened for misting, maintenance, and feeding.

You can keep one of the doors closed while cleaning the terrarium to prevent your pet from escaping.

The safety of the pet is also guaranteed by the reliable lock that prevents unauthorized people from accessing the animal.

The top is made of a full screen that allows infrared and ultraviolet rays to penetrate the terrarium.

The full screen isn’t permanently fixed but is removable to give the owner easy access to the item during cleaning or decorating.

The terrarium measures 7.9 inches * 11.8 inches * 7.9 inches in dimension with 7.2 pounds shipping weight.

9.Deco Glass Geometric Terrarium

glass terrarium in garden

The Deco glass geometric terrarium is a sphere-shaped terrarium container that can serve multiple purposes.

It is a sizable terrarium that can serve as the planting holder for moss, succulents, cacti, air plants, and more.

You can decorate your home with this sleek terrarium for any décor purpose. Its gold brass accent will make it a great décor.

Alternatively, you can consider giving one as a gift for your loved ones, especially those who are interested in DIY gardening.

The lightweight terrarium can be placed anywhere in the home for the best effect, especially, to maximize the impact of its gold accent.

More so, this Deco product is an affordable model for all classes of users, irrespective of their financial status.

10.Garden Trading Tabletop Terrarium with Cork Base

Garden Trading Tabletop Terrarium

This terrarium is an art piece, a glass terrarium carefully placed on a pyramid-shaped metal frame.

At a little below 1 kilogram, the terrarium measures 19 cm * 19 cm * 20cm, making it a perfect terrarium for domestic use.

Beautify your home with the terrarium by hanging it in your living room or elsewhere it can do a good job.

Its geometric shape also makes it ideal for planting or displaying dried specimens, air plants, and several other plants.

It will also make a perfect t gift for a wedding, holiday party, housewarming, and other events.

As a decorative piece, it is perfect for air plants, cacti, and succulents.  You can also use it to hold candles and a whole lot of other items.

The terrarium isn’t bulky. This KooK terrarium only weighs 1.54 pounds and the dimension is 6.3 inches * 6.3 inches * 8.2 inches.

Irrespective of the reason why you are considering getting a terrarium, you can always find one that meets your needs.

If you are unsure of what you need, you can take a look at the listed terrariums in this article.

They are some of the best and most affordable terrariums around.

You can choose any one of them with the right features that meet your specification.

Whether you are into DIY gardening or you wan to decorate your home, these terrariums will make a great addition to your home.

You can as well give your friend, family, or colleague a great present with any of these affordable and attractive terrariums.

More so, you don’t have to break a sweat when considering how to keep them in perfect condition for long, thanks to their ease of maintenance.

If you have no idea of the best terrarium plants, check this YouTube video of the Top 10 Terrarium Plants.

25 Beautiful DIY Terrarium Ideas provide some ideas to help you turn your terrarium into beautiful home décor.

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