Outdoor Water Fountain Manufacturers

  • Outdoor Fountains have different styles
  • Various Materials: ceramic, metal, resin, stone,etc
  • White, Black, Brown, Mutil-Color of Fountain
  • With light, led light and no noise
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Large Outdoor Garden Water Fountain CA19-0501

Material: Made from a frost resistant, lightweight polyresin

Color: Multicolor

Size: 28.5cm*24cm*54cm or custom

Application: Outdoor, Garden, etc


6 Tier Rock Water Fountain CA2210004

Material: Made from a frost resistant, lightweight polyresin

Color: Rock Color

Size: 42cm*32cm*80cm or custom

Application: Outdoor, Garden, etc


5 Tier Wood-effect Water Feature CA2210012

Material: Made from a frost resistant, lightweight polyresin

Color: Wood-effect

Size: 44cm*39cm*101cm or custom

Application: Outdoor, Garden, etc



Outdoor Garden Fountain

Fountain Color: Black, Grey, Brown, Blue, Red, Multi-Color
Fountain Material: Bamboo, Ceramic, Metal, Plastic, Polypropylene, Resin, Stone
Fountain Design: Barrel, Column, Sculptural, Sphere, Tiered, Urn, Waterfall
Fountain Height: Up to 0.9 Feet, 1 to 1.9 Feet, 2 to 2.9 Feet, 3 to 3.9 Feet, 4 to 4.9 Feet, 5 Feet & Above

Fountain Material

Fountain Material

Water Fountain has many materials: like the Ceramic, Metal, Plastic, Polypropylene, Resin, Stone

Fountain Style

Fountain Style

Animal Style, Heart-shaped, Windmill Shape Fountain, etc

Fountain Height

Fountain Height

Different Fountain has a different height, like the 26 cm, 37 cm, 41.5 cm, 54 cm

Outdoor Garden Fountain Gallery

Garden Water Fountain for Decor

Outside Fiberglass Fountain

Designed Resin Water Fountain for Garden

Outdoor Patio Fountains

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Outdoor Water Fountain Manufacturers – A Buyer and Importer Guide

If you want to find a professional Outdoor Water Fountain Manufacturers, you can read the article.

In this complete buyer’s guide, we are going to unleash everything you need to know about outdoor water fountains, outdoor water fountain manufacturers, and why Co-Arts Innovation should be your ultimate outdoor water fountain companion.

You will know more about the outdoor fountians knowledge and find you trustly water fountain supplier.

1. Outdoor Water Fountain Manufacturers | Co-Arts

Co-Arts Innovation is a professional water fountain manufacturer and supplier from China, and delevope more outdoor water fountains for our clients every year.

Our clients are worldwide, among the USA, UK, Canada, the Middle East, etc.

If you want to find a trustly outdoor water fountains manufacturers, you can contact us.

If you’re looking for reliable and trustworthy water fountain manufacturers, Co-Arts Innovations is the one.

There are a lot of reasons why you should choose Co-Arts Innovations as your outdoor water fountain manufacturers.

We have the right amount of experience.

Co-Arts Innovation has over 20 years of experience in the field of making water fountain products.

This kind of experience is enough to speak about the viability and reliability of these manufacturers.

Having this kind of experience makes sure that you’ll get high-quality products.
China Water Fountain Factory

Figure 1 China Water Fountain Factory

We deliver all around the world.

Co-Arts Innovations delivers from China to Europe to the United States, and in this way, it covers the entire world.

As mentioned earlier, it doesn’t matter where you live; Co-Arts Innovations will come right at your door with your perfectly-intact package.

We have an efficient manufacturing team.

The entire game of making high-end products depends upon the manufacturing team of the company.

You’ll be delighted to hear that the product manufacturing team of Co-Arts is unparalleled to any other product manufacturing team out there.

Every process is inspected and monitored at every step of the way to ensure that you get the finest quality products.

We can even customize your order.

There can be several products that you won’t like, or there can be some products that you may want to modify.

In that case, you can send in your designs and modifications, and the design team of Co-Arts will develop a 3D structure.

If you are satisfied with it, the manufacturing team will start working on it.

We have a very cooperative support team.

Whenever you order something online, you remain very concerned about it. A lot of questions circulate in your mind, even before placing an order.

At that time, it is very important if your outdoor water fountain manufacturers have a cooperative support team.

The support team of Co-Arts Innovations is available 24/7 to help you out in case of any query.

That’s all,  We hope this guide proves to be helpful for you and you find the best outdoor water fountain manufacturers out there.

2. Which material is used to make water fountains?

Figure 1 Outdoor Water Fountains

Figure 2 Outdoor Water Fountains

There are a total of five materials that can be used to manufacture indoor and outdoor water fountains. Let’s discuss each one of them.

Cast Stone:

The outdoor fountains that are made from this material are extremely sought-after in the market out there. However, these fountains can prove to be a little hard on your budget, but the quality is top-notch.


Metal water fountains are extremely common. These fountains come in a variety of designs and styles. So, you get to choose the best one for you.
Metal water fountains are also very sturdy and robust. So, if you want to see your water fountain for a longer period of time, this is the one you should go for.


Ceramic is usually used to make cascading fountains, and you know how captivating they can be. Ceramic is also sometimes used to make spouting fountains.
It is mainly used for its robustness and longevity.


Fiberglass is a very fine material that manufactures very neat-looking water fountains. If you want to add some elegance and beauty to your home garden, you need to go with this material.
While looking at the fiberglass designs, you will find plenty of unique and distinctive designs that will certainly leave you astounded.

Lightweight Resin/Plastic:

As the name indicates, the water fountains made from this material are extremely lightweight, but this doesn’t mean that this material isn’t rigid enough as others.
You just have to be a little more diligent with this material, and that’s all. It can provide the same aesthetic appeal to your home as the rest of the water fountains.

3. Are outdoor water fountains hard to maintain?

Outdoor water fountains aren’t very hard to maintain. There are a few things that you need to take care of.

The first one is that you need to check the water level regularly, and the pump should be fully submerged into the fountain.

During winter, you need to cover the fountain and drain it fully to avoid any kind of damage to its texture and functionality.

Also, you need to add fresh water to the fountain a few times a year.

4. Which outdoor water fountain manufacturers should you go for?

You should go with those outdoor water manufacturers who have the capability to deliver high-quality goods.

There are a lot of outdoor water fountain manufacturers who are ready to rob you at any given a chance, but you have to be vigilant.

To choose the best outdoor water fountain manufacturers, you need to look for customer reviews and, most importantly, see how long these manufacturers have been in this business—the bigger the experience, the better the quality.

Also, you can search in the google to find the reliable outdoor water fountain manufacturers.

5. Will Co-Arts Innovation as a outdoor water fountains be able to provide what you want?

Co-Arts Innovation is a company that has been in the product manufacturing business for over 20 years.

Since its arrival, it has made its mark on the market, and people have shown a tremendous amount of love and appraisal for their products.

This company hasn’t left a single customer unhappy and is ready to deliver everything you wish for. So, when we say that Co-Arts Innovation will provide you with what you want, we mean it.

And if you have any question about the water fountain, please contact us directly.

Figure 2 Outdoor Fountain Manufacturing Progress

Figure 3 Outdoor Fountain Manufacturing Progress

An outdoor water fountain splashing water everywhere isn’t attractive. It can create a lot of mess, and it is just not appealing to the eyes.

Co-Arts Innovation is a company that manufactures outdoor water fountains that not only complete the whole outlook of your garden but also refrain from splashing water everywhere around your garden.

Thus, if you’re looking for such an outdoor water fountain that doesn’t splash water everywhere, Co-Arts Innovations is your go-to.

Co-Arts Innovations uses high-quality materials to manufacture outdoor water fountains that provide the necessary strength and robustness.

Such outdoor water fountains can tackle any weather or temperature change. Their color doesn’t rust, and they keep on shining like the day you bought them.

The manufacturing team of Co-Arts Innovations is highly skilled and will leave no loopholes when it comes to quality.

6. Various outdoor water fountains by Co-Arts

Xiamen Co-Arts Limited, as a professional outdoor water fountain manufacturers can supply custom design. And now, we have design over 100 styles water fountains.

Below are our popular outdoor water fountains from Our clients feedback.

Figure 3 Popular Outdoor Water Fountains by Co-Arts

Figure 4 Popular Outdoor Water Fountains by Co-Arts

Whether you want a heart-shaped outdoor water fountain or an animal-style or windmill-shaped, Co-Arts Innovation will deliver.

Tell us what kind of design you want, and we’ll turn your raw vision into reality.

If you need something better than the designs Co-Arts is offering, you can even provide your designs.

The design team will work on it and provide you with a high-quality outdoor water fountain, just the way you like it.

7. How to install an outdoor water fountain?

Installing an outdoor water fountain requires a little or a lot of work, depending on how easy you understand things.

If the water fountain is just for your home garden, which means it will be of a smaller size, you can easily check out the manual and install your fountain.

However, if it’s a larger, landscape outdoor water fountain (5 feet or more), professional help will be needed. You can ask your outdoor water fountain manufacturers to send an installation expert.

8. Does your outdoor water fountain come with batteries?

Batteries can prove to be quite hazardous, especially in the case of water fountains where there is water involved.

Outdoor water fountains usually come with a plug that you can attach to any socket. However, some outdoor water fountain manufacturers manufacture solar-powered outdoor water fountains.

9. How long will your outdoor water fountain last?

Outdoor water fountains last longer than 4 years if they are taken care of properly.

You can prolong the life of your outdoor water fountain by keeping the pump running.

Constant on and off can disrupt the proper functioning of the entire motor.

Plus, keeping the motor running can also keep your water clean.

10. Do your outdoor water fountain manufacturers install a very loud motor in the fountains?

Imagine having your guests around, and the motor of your outdoor water fountain startles all of them. Not a very good first impression.

A water fountain provides a sense of serenity to your mind. So, a loud motor won’t be able to contribute much to it. It will only ruin the peace that you already have.

Thus, you need to get an outdoor water fountain that makes no noise.

Co-Arts Innovation takes care of the needs of its customers, especially peace and happiness.

That is why the outdoor water fountains manufactured by Co-Arts don’t have loud motors and are certainly one of a kind.

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