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Ceramic Christmas Tree HYCCT0030

Material: Ceramic

Color: Green

Size: 4,5 Foot or Customized Sizes

Application: Home Decor/Indoor Decoration


Ceramic Christmas Tree HYCCT0001

Material: Ceramic

Color: Champagne Gold

Size: 4,5 Foot or Customized Sizes

Application: Home Decor/Indoor Decoration


Ceramic Christmas Tree HYCCT0002

Material: Ceramic

Color: Champagne Gold

Size: 4,5 Foot or Customized Sizes

Application: Home Decor/Indoor Decoration


Ceramic Christmas Tree HYCCT0021

Material: Ceramic

Color: Black

Size: 4,5 Foot or Customized Sizes

Application: Home Decor/Indoor Decoration



You should know about Christmas Tree

Our Ceramic Christmas Trees are really beauties and have the below features:

7-pointed star topper can brighten up your whole holiday
7 inched large base ensure stable placement and safe use by kids and family
Traditional hand-drawing technique and non-fading and smooth ceramic surface
Battery Operated(Cordless design for easy movement), but 3AA not included

Ceramic Christmas Tree Feature

Christmas Tree Feature

Our Ceramic Christmas Trees are really beauties: 7-pointed star topper and bulbs, large base, and cordless design

Various Colors of Ceramic Christmas Trees

Christmas Tree Styles

Our Christmas trees have more colors and styles for selection, like gold, green, black, pink with bulbs and cartoon statue

Ceramic Christmas Tree Lights and Toppers

Lights and Toppers

The ceramic Christmas trees have many choices of 7-pointed stars and bulbs with various colors

Ceramic Christmas Tree Gallery

Bring home the wonder and joy
of the seasonwith a tree so realistic it’s magical.

Ceramic Christmas Tree for Decor

Lighted Christmas Trees

Ceramic Christmas Tree

Wonderful Ceramic Christmas Tree

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Effective FAQ Guidelines: Ceramic Christmas Tree

Here is a complete guide about Ceramic Christmas Tree.

How it is made, what is its cost, what are its advantages over other Christmas trees.

From where you can have these trees in bulk and what business option do you have with Ceramic Christmas Tree.

This guide has every possible query you have about Ceramic Christmas Tree is answered in this guide.

Ceramic Christmas Trees | Co-Arts

Co-Arts, as one of the professional Ceramic Christmas Trees manufacturers and suppliers in China, have 20 years of experience in producing Ceramic Christmas Trees. We can provide a one-stop solution for your requirements.

Co-Arts Service is in charge of Ceramic Christmas Trees manufacturing and delivery, from production to inquiry, packaging to shipping. Wholesale Variety Sizes, Styles, and Colors of Ceramic Christmas Trees.

Ceramic Christmas Trees | Co-Arts Innovation

Ceramic Christmas Tree | Co-Arts Innovation

1.What is a Ceramic Christmas Tree?

A ceramic Christmas tree is an artificial decorated tree made up of ceramic which is used as a Christmas holiday decoration piece.

Ceramic Christmas trees are smaller in size compared to the traditional Christmas trees which are large and need a lot of effort for decoration.

This makes it easy to manage, you won’t have a hard time finding the perfect spot for yours as you decorate your home.

A ceramic Christmas tree will be the perfect addition to be able to your holiday interior decoration, beautifully hand-painted together with a glossy finish.

And the multicolored bulbs and a 7-pointed star topper can brighten up your whole holidays, furthermore, The ceramic Christmas Tree is a good gift for your friends or children.

2.What are the dimensions of three sizes: Small, Medium, and Large of Ceramic Christmas Tree?

Dimensions of three different sizes of ceramic Christmas tree:

1.Large Ceramic Christmas Tree: (15.5″ H including the star X 9″ Dia.)
2.Medium Ceramic Christmas Tree: (11.5″ H including the star X 6.5″ Dia.)
3.Small Ceramic Christmas Tree: (6.75″ H including the star X 3.5″ Dia.).

3.Co-Arts Ceramic Christmas Trees

Ceramic Christmas Trees

4.How to enhance the quality of a Ceramic Christmas tree decoration?

The most important thing is material finishing how smooth its surface is made.

Secondly, the quality of paint used plays a great role to make the tree look good in quality. and, quality depends on how perfectly it has been painted.

Thirdly all matters are how the lights are placed and the color combination is selected.

Further, the star on the top adds more attractions with few other quality décor items.

How to make ceramic Christmas trees?

1.Development Mold – 2.Product Stereotypes – 3.Spray Painting – 4.Product Coloring – 5.Product Decoration

Firstly, Our workers mix the liquid clay well it is poured into a plaster Christmas Tree mold. Second, Then we very carefully remove the Ceramic Christmas Tree from the mold altogether and set it on a flat, hard surface to dry. Thirdly, Our Worker began to paint it to fix the white background. Our trees get 2-4 coats of paint, each based on the color and style. Each coat of paint must dry before the next is applied. Last, Our Worker will install the lights in the holes of Ceramic Christmas Trees.

How to make a ceramic Christmas Tree

How do you light a Ceramic Christmas Tree?

Steps to light Ceramic Christmas light:

Step 1: Lift the Tree Top Off and Remove the Incandescent Bulb.
Simply lift off the ceramic tree part, unscrew the 7W incandescent bulb inside the tree base

Step 2: Replace the Incandescent Bulb with the LED Bulb.

Step 3: Add Some Additional Lighting Effects by using different colors of the incandescent bulb.

The advantages of a Ceramic Christmas Tree

1. In general, ceramic Christmas trees are smaller in size compared to the normal Christmas tree.

This makes them easy to manage, you will not have a tough time finding the right spot for your Ceramic Christmas trees as you decorate your home.

2. Furthermore, cleaning this ceramic Christmas tree is straightforward.

It is less costly than a traditional huge Christmas tree.

3. Ceramic Christmas Trees are fire-resistant.

This is often easy to light them on and keep them anywhere with no fear of been caught by fire.

4. Ceramic Christmas tree lasts for several years and you’ll keep them anywhere with no harm.

What are the specifications and features of your Green Ceramic Christmas tree and why it is liked the most?

  • Green ceramic Christmas tree: This features a light that will make it bright and beautiful. There is also a star on the top which adds magical attraction.
    It is 15in (38cm) in height and 9.4in(25cm) in diameter.
    It is available in three different colors: yellow, white, and green.
  • Glossy finished: size 15” including star topper and multi-colored bulbs is perfect for your dining hall or kitchen.
  • Multi-colored bulbs: multi-colored bulbs and point star toppers that will create a magical effect.
  • You can put on 3AA batteries and can enjoy multi-color lights.
    These bulbs create rainbow lights.
  • Holiday decorations/gift: this vintage tree has bright lights for Christmas holidays decorations which will be loved by your friends and family.
    It is a special gift for family and friends.
  • Batteries required: No.
  • Item weight: 3.52 pounds.
  • This is liked the most because it is cute, came with extra lights.
    It was packaged great and delivered in perfect condition.
    As it is 15.5 inches and of good quality.

Green Ceramic Christmas Tree
Green Ceramic Christmas Tree

Are ceramic Christmas trees worth money?

Yes, Ceramic Christmas Trees are Making Holiday Decor very easy.

Old fashion always comes back and those tabletop trees in storage could be worth way more than you think.

Ceramic Christmas trees can go anywhere from $40 to over $100 on home decor sites.

Even the good quality and more decorated Ceramic Christmas trees worth more than $100.

What business options do you have for Ceramic Christmas Tree?

You can start your own business on the following E-commerce Platforms:


Also, you can have stalls in different public places e.g. shopping malls, museums and outside of parks.

Further Facebook and Instagram play a vital role in an advertisement for your business and for earning better.

Co-Arts Innovation Relying on the global supermarket supply chain system to serve your BUSINESS AND BRANDS. If you have any interest, please contact us. Co-Arts is your best partner and supplier.

Business options for Ceramic Christmas Tree
Business options for Ceramic Christmas Tree

Why choose us as your Ceramic Christmas Tree supplier?

Co-Arts are provided to the customers are higher quality products, improved planning that everything will be provided on time according to schedule, improved product development that ends users will get satisfied, greater supplier support and value that best resources will be allocated, and lower cost will be charged per piece, some staff will be required to serve the relationship and reduced working capital cost will be there.

Incentives as a customer
Incentives as a customer

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