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Artificial christmas garland CAX0207

Material: PVC, PE

Color: Green, Red

Size: L: 183cm

Application: Christmas Decor


Christmas Garland CAX0239

Material: PVC, PE

Color: Green, Red, White

Size: L: 183cm

Application: Christmas Decor


Co-Arts Christmas Garlands CAX0582

Material: PVC, PE

Color: Green, White

Size: L: 183cm

Application: Christmas Decor



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Wholesale Christmas Garlands – A Complete Guide

If Christmas decorations were to be used as a cast of the movie, the Christmas tree would have the leading role whereas the supporting characters might be Christmas garlands and wreaths.

Without Christmas garlands and wreaths, you can never avail a whole festive look. Christmas garlands are not only used in the holiday decorations but they can also be used for any event that may come around in a year.

In this guide, our main focus will remain on Christmas garlands. By the end of this guide, you’ll know everything about Christmas garland wholesale and why Co-Arts Innovation is the best Christmas garland manufacturer in town.

Without further ado, let’s dive straight into the guide.

1. Wholesale Christmas Garlands | Co-Arts

A lot of Christmas garland manufacturers provide the facility of producing Christmas garland wholesale. But, the biggest concern of most people remains about the quality of the Christmas garland wholesale.

When you’re buying something online, you can’t actually check the quality but what you can do is to find a reliable manufacturer who has the right amount of experience needed to do the job perfectly.

Co-Arts Innovation is a company that has the ability to provide wholesale Christmas garlands without compromising the quality of any one of your Christmas garlands. No matter how many Christmas garlands you order, you’ll get them at a fair price and top-notch quality.

So From where can you get Christmas garland wholesale? Co-Arts Innovation is the best choice.

Xiamen Co-Arts Limited has over 20 years of experience in Christmas product development and custom design.

Co-Arts Innovation can provide Christmas garland wholesale without compromising the quality of any one of the products.

Therefore, if you’re looking for a company that can provide quality with quantity, Co-Arts Innovation is the one.

2. What are Christmas garlands?

Christmas garlands are complements to the Christmas tree and they serve to tie the entire festive look together.

They fill out a lot of space with all their mighty length and greenery.

Christmas garlands are also used as a platform to place abundant lights and other ornaments to complete the holiday decorations.

There is no way that holiday decorations can be completed without Christmas garlands. They are considered to be one of the oldest traditions in America.

The presence of Christmas garlands reminds us that we can find warmth and happiness even during one of the coldest nights of winter.

Christmas Garlands - Co-Arts Innovation

Figure 1:Christmas Garlands

3. What is the material used to make Christmas garlands?

Two kinds of materials are generally used to make artificial Christmas garlands. These are PVC (polyvinyl chloride) and PE (polyethylene).

Both of these materials are the reason behind why artificial Christmas garlands can be used all around the year.

These materials give the necessary strength to the garlands to keep them together as long as you want.

Plus, these materials make your Christmas garlands abrasive-resistant. So, if you want to use the same garlands next Christmas, you need to get your hands on PVC- or PE-manufactured Christmas garlands.

4. What does Christmas garland symbolize?

The very first Christmas garlands were brought to America from Europe.

They were used to lift the holiday spirits and bring cheer all around the house. They were also used to depict Christian symbolism.

The traditional Christmas garlands were circular in shape that symbolizes infinity like the love of Jesus for mankind.

Various garlands are woven together to symbolize the crown of thorns that Jesus wore when He was crucified.

Furthermore, the red berries on the garlands symbolized the blood that Jesus spilled for all the Christians around the world.

While today, when the original symbolism of Christmas garlands might be lost, it can still be used as a trustworthy signal that Christmas is nearby.

5. What kind of Christmas garland can be used for Christmas decorations?

Two kinds of Christmas garlands are used for Christmas decorations – artificial Christmas garlands and real Christmas garlands.

Artificial Christmas garlands are much more convenient to have as compared to natural Christmas garlands.

For instance, you can attach any kind of light to the garlands without having the fear of it catching fire.

Plus, you’ll get high-quality Christmas garlands that you can use for many years to come whereas natural Christmas garlands can only be used once that too for a little while.

Christmas Trees and Christmas Garlands

Figure 2:Christmas Trees and Christmas Garlands

6. What should you keep in mind before wholesale Christmas garland?

Buying Christmas garlands wholesale is a big decision and therefore, you need to act vigilantly.

One wrong step can mess up your entire order. It will not only be a waste of your money but your time as well.

Thus, before you make such a big purchase, you need to figure out these things:

  • The right size for your home space

From filling up your mantel space to covering up your entire stairway, artificial Christmas garlands come in all kinds of sizes.

When this happens, it is important for you to know how long you want your Christmas garland to be. For this, you have to measure the area you want your Christmas garland to be.

Once you’re sure of that, you can move on to the next section.

  • The right material for your Christmas garland

As already mentioned, artificial Christmas garlands come in two different materials – PVC and PE.

Now, both the materials offer their own sets of attributes and characteristics but you need to choose the one that is most suited to your requirements.

Talking about PVC-manufactured Christmas garlands, they are extremely lightweight. Plus, they are also abrasive-resistant and less expensive.

However, the way the PVC branches are shaped, they appear to be fake.

On the other hand, PE-manufactured Christmas garlands appear to be much more realistic because of the way their needles are intertwined, they appear to be more natural and real.

However, PE-manufactured Christmas garlands can prove to be a little more expensive than PVC-manufactured garlands.

  • The right ornaments to complete the festive look

If you want to complete the festive look, ornaments and other adornments are a must.

But, in order to form a more eye-catching look, you need to go with those ornaments that match your entire decoration theme.

If you don’t have a theme and you want something simple yet elegant, take a look at Co-Arts Innovation’s pre-decorated artificial Christmas garlands.

7. How can you decorate Christmas garlands?

The decoration of Christmas garlands mainly depends upon the theme you’re working on.

For instance, if your Christmas theme is snowy and white, just like a fairytale, your garlands should be decorated according to the same theme.

However, if there is no theme and you’re just going with the flow, you can use a couple of pre-decorated artificial Christmas garlands.

Pre-decorated Christmas garlands are very beautifully decorated with light bulbs, red berries, ribbons, and cones.

8. Where can you put a Christmas garland to complete the festive look?

Christmas garlands are huge and there are a lot of areas in a home where you can put them and where they can shine the brightest.

First of all, you can drape the entire garland over the mantle in any position.

Figure 5 Artificial Christmas Garland draped over the Mantle
Figure 5: Artificial Christmas Garland draped over the Mantle

The second place you can put Christmas garlands is in the entryway.
Leave all the people awestruck when they enter your house. Christmas garlands will be the first thing they’ll see, for sure.

Figure 6 Artificial Christmas Garland in the entryway
Figure 6: Artificial Christmas Garland in the entryway

These two are the main places where you can put your exotically decorated artificial Christmas garland. Other than these two, you can also place them on your porch, around the doors and the windows, and deck them all over the halls.

9. Artificial Christmas garlands VS natural Christmas garlands

We’re constantly saying that artificial Christmas garlands are better than real ones. But why should you prefer artificial over natural?

Artificial Christmas garlands are pocket-fitting as compared to natural garlands

  • They require little maintenance
  • They can be used for several years because they are abrasive-resistant
  • They are fire-resistant
  • They are free from all kinds of molds and infectious diseases
  • You can transfer them easily from one place to another because they make zero mess
  • They are much more convenient to handle

10. Can Co-Arts Innovation handle your wholesale project?

Co-Arts Innovation is one of the most renowned handicraft manufacturing companies.

With the experience of over 20 years, this company has managed to handle any kind of project.

No matter how many Christmas garlands you order, Co-Arts Innovation will never disappoint you.

There isn’t a single wholesale customer who’s unhappy with their services and products.

So, yes. Co-Arts Innovation can certainly handle your wholesale Christmas garland project.

You will get quantity as well as quality.

11. How can you clean your Christmas garlands?

People love artificial Christmas garlands for various reasons, and one such reason is that they are super-easy to clean.

There are two ways to clean artificial Christmas garlands.

First, you can fill up your bathtub or a sink, add a little soap into it, and let your garland rest in there for a couple of minutes.

After the required time, take it out and let it air dry.

The second one is the easier one. All you have to do is take a spray bottle, fill it up with soap water, and spray it all over your artificial Christmas garlands, and you’ll be good to go.

A tip: Never store your garlands unless they are fully dried.

12. Can you use Christmas garlands for events other than Christmas?

Yes, you can use Christmas garlands for events other than Christmas.

Artificial garlands can be used on Halloween to give that extra glam touch to it.

There is a Treetopia garland that is specifically designed to provide that spooky touch to Christmas.

Figure 7 Garland dressed up for Halloween

Figure 7 Garland dressed up for Halloween

A lot of people are die-hard fans of spring and they hold an entire event to welcome the spirit of spring.

Artificial garlands are perfect to use for this occasion. You can add multi-colored artificial flowers all over it to create a welcoming entryway.

Figure 8 Garland dressed up for Spring

Figure 8 Garland dressed up for Spring

Another exhilarating use of artificial garlands is that you can dress them up for a certain cause. For instance, artificial garlands can be decorated with pink ribbons, pink flowers, and pink lights to raise awareness against Breast Cancer.

Figure 9 Garland dressed up for Breast Cancer Awareness

Figure 9 Garland dressed up for Breast Cancer Awareness

You can also use garlands to celebrate holidays other than Christmas such as Valentine’s Day, St. Patrick’s Day, etc.

Co-Arts Innovation can supply various styles of Garlands for any season.

13. Are artificial Christmas garlands safe?

Artificial Christmas garlands are extremely safe to have inside your homes.

Unlike real Christmas garlands, they can’t catch fire because the materials used to manufacture these garlands are not only abrasive-resistant but also prevent the Christmas garlands from becoming a health hazard.

However, safety measures should be taken to ensure that everyone in your home remains safe.

Turn off all the unnecessary lights when they are not in use and keep all the naked flames far away from the trees, garlands, and trees.

14. Why should Co-Arts Innovation be your Christmas garland wholesale partner?

Co-Arts Innovation is one of the leading companies that can provide you with the best wholesale Christmas garlands.

It is a company that has been in the business of providing handicraft products for over 20 years and this amount of experience speaks for itself.

In this period, Co-Arts Innovation has handled abundant projects.

Co-Arts Innovation has a team of professional and well-trained manufacturers and producers who burn the midnight oil to deliver the best goods to its customers.

The prime reason behind the success of Co-Arts Innovation is that they provide customer-oriented products and services, keeping the customers as their priority.

In this way, this company has managed to build such a strong and wide portfolio that is certainly matchless.

Therefore, if you want a company to be your ultimate Christmas garland wholesale partner, it should be none other than Co-Arts Innovation.

That is all folks! Hope you learned everything you needed to know about Christmas garland wholesale and the best Christmas garland manufacturers in China!

Business feasibility of wholesale Christmas garlands

Figure 10 Business feasibility of wholesale Christmas garlands


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